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My being taught to have a girly orgasm

My being taught to have a girly orgasm
one of the first times I was taught by a boyfriend how to have a girly orgasm. it went something like this.

"Ok, you cute little sissy girl, time to have your pussy introduced to some serious play. You loved my fingers, and this will be better, I promise. It may hurt a little at first, but, let that pass and U'll be in girlie heaven." and I feel some lotion being applied to my pussy, as his finger slides all around my girlyboi pussy, making it nice and slick. His finger invades my pussy, twisting, turning, making me moan. Then two fingers, giving me even more pleasure. Next, I feel a harder object at my entrance, wanting inside, quite persistently, pushing, pushing, as he says, "Push out like your going to the bathroom, pretty girl." I did, and felt my pussy being invaded as slowly but surely, he pushed his cock in to me slowly.

It hurt going in, my body tightening in pain, but, once in, I was able to get used to it. I tensed and he stopped, knowing my little sphincter was stretching to accommodate that large intruder. Once I calmed down, he slowly pushed it in, sliding deeper just a little each time, until he was buried deep in my inner self. The whole time, he's ever so slowly sliding his hand up and down my tiny soft sissy clit, rubbing the underside on each soft, easy stroke. "Oh, girlie, your doing great, your clit is so soft and feminine, your nipples are all hard and taut, and your pussy is full of my cock, giving you pleasure.

We'll have to get your first orgasm, soon, won't we. Your sweating some, too, so I know you like it. Feel this girlie, feel this in your pussy." He slid in and out, in a loving but firm fucking motion, making me scream with pleasure, twisting my body on the bed, pushing back on his manly invader, wanting more. The electric shocks are back, too, on each stroke of that cock, sending shivers thru my body, causing me to yell out in pure pleasure. He slowed down, sensing my orgasm was very close. Damn, I need to cum. Again, slowly caressing my clit, slowly fucking me with that wonderful firm cock. Then, hard and fast, till I almost blow, and he slows down. He does this multiple times, driving me crazy with lust, and a need to cum. This seemed to go on for hours, but, I'm sure it was just a few minutes. He'd get me right to the edge and stop, letting me calm down, only to start again. Making me squirm and want more.

"Grab those nipples again, girl, twist them, scratch them, make them glow with need. your clit isn't hard, but it's twitching, I'm not going to touch your clittie anymore, now, so, You'll have to cum, from the pleasure and sensations of my cock in your pussy. It will hit all the right spots, and you'll have to concentrate on the feelings and senses created to have your girlie orgasm."

With that he took his hand away from my clittie, and began some serious fucking with one hand on breasts, rubbing them and caressing my nipples touching me in places that have never been touched, making me feel things that I've never felt, wanting me to cum, in a way I've never cum. "Oh, please make me cum, please, I need to cum, so badly. I'm so close, please." He continued his assault on my pussy, saying, "You need to concentrate on your pussy, not me, not your mind, and not your clit, just your pussy. Your a girl now; Feel the movement inside, feel the rubbing, feel it's control, feel it's power, moving you closer and closer to an orgasm. Only think about your pussy, get everything else out of your mind, just think about the cock in your pussy, giving you so much pleasure, don't be afraid of it, it happens to all girlies, go with it, let it happen, get your cum from the cock in your pussy." He made that cock move even faster and with more diligence, as I did feel something begin deep inside me, as I did as he said, thinking only of the pleasure I was getting in my pussy, think only about the cock in my pussy giving me so much pleasure, think about my orgasm coming from that cock in my pussy, oh, yes, that cock is giving me so much pleasure, I need to cum from that pleasure. It's hitting my spot, making me squirm, making that wonderful deep feeling get a little closer to the surface. "Oh, yes, your cock in my pussy, feels so good, getting me closer and closer, almost now, yes, keep it up, keep fucking my pussy, keep it up, almost I'm gonna cum, gonna cum, almost oh, please don't stop, please don't stop, I'm almost there, almost there, fuck me ,yes, fuck my pussy, my pussy, Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My body convulses as I shot out a blast of of hot cum hitting me in the face. The next one was almost as strong, but more volume, as I watched each shot eject from my soft un touched clittie. I continued shooting cum, almost endlessly, covering my upper body. Oh, my, I just had the most intense orgasm of my life, from a cock in my pussy. My pussy?...oh, he's got me saying it now. Ah, what the hell. The orgasm was worth calling it anything he wanted. the afterglow was wonderful, feeling his cock soften and fall out of me and some of his cum leaking out slowly.

just remembering it makes me glow inside


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