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Late Arrival to a Party All Ready Started

Though I do like a drink, sometimes I abstain totally and act as the good samaritan to drive my friends from the town where we live into the city. One night I went with my then girlfriend and some of her mates. The night started on a pretty strange footing. I met up with them at her house. Her parents were away so I just walked straight in expecting to find them all sitting in the living room, drinking vodka and giggling. As per usual on nights like these. They weren't in the living room but the TV was on. I assumed they were all still upstairs trying on dresses or finishing with make up. So I walked up the stairs as quietly as I dared thinking I'd surprise them. As I got about halfway up the stairs, three voices burst out laughing and what sounded like her best mate Susan giggling and saying "stop it!" I crept carefully up to the top of the stairs, and tried to see into the room without being spotted. As I was doing this the conversation was a bit strange:

Susan (18): What's so funny?
Kelly (20): You've never made him go down on you!
Marie(20): You Should ALWAYS make a guy do that. Their tongues are so much more fun than your own fingers *giggle*
B (19, my THEN gf): XXXX isn't too bad at it but its more that he keeps trying than he ever gets anywhere
Kelly: really? Hasn't he got quite a long tongue anyway?
Marie: Yeah, he always sticks it out in those photos when he's d***k.
B: That doesn't mean he's mastered it yet though.

Although she had told me all this earlier in the week I got really upset she was telling her friends this. So I decided to interrupt, act like I hadn't heard them and get on with the night. So I knocked on the door, heard the stifled screams of surprise and went in. Susan was naked in front of the mirror, Kelly was kneeling on the bed with her arms round Marie's neck and B was behind Susan trying to finish her make-up. Susan instantly screamed and ran into the en suite bathroom and locked the door. the three remaining girls just laughed and told me not to worry about it. They were always really harsh on Susan. She was cute: small tits, nice arse, face that vaguely reminded me of some Disney actress. I was blushing a bit. B walked up to me, made "awww, your sweet" noises and gave me a long lingering kiss. I realised pretty quickly that one of her hands was in my belt. I could hear her two friends giggling like two ten year old schoolgirls. I tried to pull away but she pushed herself against me and the next thing I knew another pair of hands was removing my belt. Kelly threw it away and pulled my trousers down.

I heard Marie muttering something about my backside before two seperate pairs of hands that weren't B's grabbed at me. One on my buttocks and the other around my shoulders. B's hand, with no belt or trousers in the way was rubbing at my caged cock. I was rock hard in seconds. B pulled away and pushed me onto the bed. She always got a brilliant look in her eyes when she was horny. It made her look absolutely filthy and it always got me turned on. Her two friends pushed me down onto the bed so I was lying flat with my feet on the floor. Kelly and Marie started to peel off my shirt.

B: We heard you come in babe.
Kelly: We've been talking about you a lot tonight.
B: sssh
Kelly: Well We have!
Marie: Its all been good.
Kelly: B's good at describing things to us
B: I try to do it justice
Marie: She's not lied about size.

As Marie said that she pulled by boxers down so my cock and balls were on show to all. As she began to massage my balls, B didn't even protest. I stammered something about "why". B just put a solitary finger to her lips as if to keep me quiet then Kelly kissed me almost as passionately as B had done. B slapped her friends arm. "Only I get to Kiss him" she hissed. Then she got the dirty look back in her eye and said "at least with my mouth" Kelly slipped out of the party frock she had on to reveal nothing underneath. My mouth was open. She was at least a size 14 compared to the 12 of B, and I supposed Marie, and Susan's supposed size 10. Suddenly and horrifyingly realised that Marie had tied my ankles to the foot of the bed. Just as I tried to protest Kelly ran forward and grabbed hold of my dick, which had shrunk somewhat as all this went on around me. B pulled up her red dress and showed that she had no panties on. She sat down on the table in front of the mirror, spread her legs and began to gently and slowly rub her clit. "This is just as much for me as it is for you, babe" she chuckled. She closed her eyes and shuddered.

All of a sudden the bathroom door flew open and a girl dressed in the sexiest black lace and corset strode out in black boots. Kelly kept stroking my cock with a finger but cackled as she saw Susan. I realised the reason Marie had disappeared was because she was lying on the floor under Kelly. Kissing, Licking and flicking at Kelly's shaven pussy. Susan strode up to the bed, knelt over me and shimmied up the bed so that her pussy was right over my mouth. A Nail dug into the base of my dick's shaft and Kelly said "what's stopping you" I got the hint and started to lick at the new Susan. She moaned and groaned, clawing at her own ass cheeks and chest as she grew first moist and then wet. The world became sound and sensation. My vision was obscured as Susan sank lower and lower onto me, almost suffocating with flesh and almost drowning with her juices. Just as Susan began to grind on me, Kelly began to suck. Her lips closed around my dick whilst her tongue flicked away inside. B was better but she'd clearly been the one giving Kelly lessons. I could tell how good Marie was as Kelly gasped and momentarily stopped her own task. We all sat like that for at least five minutes. B moaning and seeing to herself. Marie fingering herself with one hand and pulling Kelly closer to her mouth with the other. Kelly sucking on me as Susan ground herself into my face so that I could barely breathe. I tried to tell them I was going to cum, but B had seen my leg trembling and before it happened Kelly, Marie and B were crowding round my crotch. Susan didn't move but kept riding my face, sweat and juice running down my face into a sticky mess that tasted sweeter than any piece of milk chocolate. I came more than I had ever done. The ecstasy I felt was indescribable. Susan rolled off me and I saw the sweaty mess that surrounded us. B and Marie had not just used their fingers. I knew this because I saw that B had brought out her box of toys. Two dildos and a vibrator; colourful, wet and slippery. Well used.

As we lay there in one of the most amazing post-coital glows I have ever known, they told me how B had described me to them. Everything we had done and we had ever talked about doing. Eventually they had asked to watch meaning a video or an "accidentally left on" webcam. B went one better and out of her many fantasies. One we had all enjoyed. Her friends left one by one. Last to leave was Susan. I had showered and got dressed by then. B had headed into the shower. Susan didn't say a word as she left but she gave me her email address and her cell number on a piece of paper. When B moved away, we hooked up and she was even dirtier.

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