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With hot Booty wife

Mr.M had been in touch with me for quite a while,exchanging emails with me after he has seen my posts in one of the forum. He was consistent in all throughout the exchanges about his fantasy of seeing his voluptuous wife being taken care of by an expert cocksman. He wanted so badly to give Mrs.M the pleasures of a darksome pecker but appeared to be unable to approach the subject with her. Though he has hinted it to her,she never really thought he will take it to a serious level. Let alone finding a discrete and ready Bull to aid with his dream. . He appeared to be nervous as he attempted to ask me if I would be okay with him filming us,when it happens. I replied “no problem, as long as you are willing to me show me some of your captures”. He said he would be more than willing to share some of the pictures but not video as it would compromise their identity.I said fine by me.

I felt it's my duty to step up and give wings to Mr.M’s fantasies and the pleasures to Mrs.M. The first time I heard her voice, it trickled of pleasant sweetheart with her sweet seductive sound. We started out with the occasional miniature talk on the phone and then escalated into a mild flirtation. As our conversations became more frequent we began to feel the raunchy tension build between us. What began as husband’s dream became evident that his wife was much more than what husband painted it out to be.

Then it was decided that they would spend their vacation in Chennai and later to Ooty for 3 days. Mr.M promised me to make her meet for a drink and see how things work out between us,during their stay in chennai. Our initial plan was just to meet and greet as the husband didn’t have high hopes that his wife would be convinced in the first meet and at least it would be some start to meet for dinner. On the evening we met,husband had to step out couple of hours and I met with her during that time,though I was in constant touch with him through texting.

She was wearing a red tops and a tight ass hugging black skirt,highlighting her prominent of features. We started talking and the chemistry was there as we continued talking over drinks. The flirting became unbearable and it became evident by the looks of my trousers. I asked if Mr.M was at the room and would like to meet him,though I know he was not.She was getting tipsy and asked me to follow to their suite. I was thanking my stars! I texted the husband to return to the suite if he doesn’t want to get left alone. I started feeling her up while in the elevator and things were heating up even before we reached the suite.

When we reached the room,she exclaimed Mr.M must have stepped out,like I did not know that, and I can wait for a while if i want to! There wasn't any other place I wanted to be! She was going through the table in front of me flaunting her sexy ass to me.I could hardly keep control and approached her from behind,hugging her all of a sudden pressing my erection against her smooth Butt.I was smelling her up from behind breathing on her neck and kissing on her earlobes.I turned her forward and kissed her.She began to respond to my kiss, it was only a slight return pressure,but it was enough of a positive sign for me to move on. Kissing her more firmly I opened my mouth a little and pressing my tongue to her lips in a demand for entry. Her chin moved and gave way to my demanding tongue. That excitement grew when I put my right hand over her shoulder, with slow stroking motions I slid it down onto her right breast which I gently began to rub and squeeze through her clothing. A pin dropping in the room would have sounded like a cannon going off,I could feel her breathing quickening.I started to pinch at her nipples through the thin material of her dress which made her breathing a little heavier.My left hand moved onto her lap, my fingers pressing into the material over her pussy to rub gently at her mound.Then I heard her give a gentle sigh and her legs, which up to that point had been firmly together began to slowly open giving me more freedom to stroke at her pussy. Of course with me being able to arouse her pussy with greater freedom meant her legs parted further and so on, the point came where she stood there with her legs spread wide while I rubbed at her through her dress using my whole hand. We proceeded towards the bed stumbling and ripping our clothes one by one.She was on her brassiere and panties and I was on my shorts within the time we reached the bed. The heat was on.Peeling her panties off I viewed her soft pink love button. That babe watched as my face moved between her legs to inhale her scent.She was clean shaven and smelled how horny Hotwives ought to smell! She started to groan loudly and tightly embrace the back of my head as my mouth touched her clitoris. That babe moved as if her cum-hole was on fire. One time my tongue found her lovely spot, I knew just how to keep her juices flowing. As I drove her to the limit, I watched as her body quivered and that babe began to flood my throat with her warm juices.

We heard the door opening and we were sure who it was.But we didn't bother to stop what we have started.After a couple of minutes, I noticed Mr.M standing at the entrance slack-jawed and in shock. Mrs.M said, “Oh honey, you got back fast. I want you to meet Vikram.” I lifted my head up from between her legs and sheepishly said, “Hey dude.” I went right back to eating his wife out. His wife started whimpering. Obviously Mr.M was shocked at the pace this debauchery had progressed!.He was expecting a meagre Meet and Greet between us.But it has turned into a fully blown sexcapadae! He had come to terms on how slutty his wife had been and his intentions towards her were rightly motivated! All she wanted was the little push and encouragement from her husband who has to take the blame for whatever transpired that night. Within about five more minutes, she started bucking her hips into my face while groaning. Her body was tense and stiff for about a minute straight, until she released her death grip on the sheets and stopped arching her back. My assumption was that this certainly was not part of her daily routine!

I grinned at her and then looked at Mr.M, “You can join in if you want.” Yes,me inviting Husband to have sex with his wife. He walked a little closer to the bed and just stood there. Mrs.M was holding holding out my cock and told him, “Do you see that thing?”. He responded saying that’s why I was there in the first place! Then he got busy setting up the camera in one corner of the room.

Mrs.M leaned up to kiss me and we started making out passionately. Her sexy hands were gripping around my cock while slowly stroking it. I started rubbing the head of my cock down the center of her labia, it was fully hard like an Iron rod. Mrs.M was bucking her hips trying to get my cock to stuff inside her. When I pressed my dick at the entrance to her opening, her vagina looked way too small for my thick cock head. I gently pushed the head into her pussy. She raised up and positioned her right hand on my abdomen to slow me down. Even though I was eager to explore, I knew how to be gentle with a woman and take it in slow progressive steps.

With my dick about a quarter of the way in her, I stopped pushing it in, and just focused on rubbing her thighs and legs down. I massaged, rubbed, and kissed her meaty legs everywhere. She was literally melting into the bed sheets. And with no waste of time I thrusted my whole cock into her tight dripping pussy and she let out a big “Ahhhh”. I knelt in front of her motionless and allowed her to grind herself the rest of the way on my penis. When she finally pushed my dick completely into her body, my face beamed from the pleasures she was giving me. We stayed connected like without moving for at least a couple of minutes. I was letting her vagina fully adjust to accommodate my still bulging cock.

I noticed her body glistening with the little sweat on her body. She gripped my arms and whispered to me that she was ready. I slowly withdrew my shaft from her – almost slower than when I penetrated her. Her labia gripped my penis as I pulled out of her. I didn’t completely pull out. I never let the thick mushroom head of my cock come out of her pussy. I paused again to let her adjust. Her legs were bent at the knees yet stayed somewhat stiff. It was like she was doing her best to stay as still as she could while I drilled deep into her. I pushed it back inside her a little faster this time, and even though her pink pussy lips were glued to my cock, I could tell it was starting to get easier for her to take in full length and girth. I waited a couple of seconds to start sliding back out of her pussy. This time I pulled out of her all the way and hovered my cock inches from her puffy labia. A little string of her cum kept us connected as I stared into her eyes. She was still open-legged and motionless as I pressed the head of my dick at her opening again. This time I was a little more abrupt, and her hand shot straight up to my abdomen temporarily stopping my motion. I continued with a constant pace exploring the walls of her wet pussy. As I slowly pulled back up, there was thick white sticky goo about an inch from the base of my cock. Neither one of us had orgasmed yet, so I was puzzled at seeing the sex juices already thick and gummy. Her pussy was creaming with excitement.

She said she was okay, and I took the cue and started getting into a rhythm with my strokes plunging deeper into her. Husband was found himself stuffing his hand into his boxers to touch himself. Meanwhile, I was being squeezed by his wife’s serpentine legs,pulling me in deeper and deeper, as I settled into the missionary position with her. Her bright red toenails and smooth white skin were in stark contrast to my darker tone. I started to notice her attention was going towards her husband who is jerking his cock ,looking at his wife getting fucked. She was was beginning to feel little discomfort because of her husband being let alone but to me it appeared like the husband enjoys the view more than actually to get served. So I told him to put back his clothes and his time would come later. He understood it and obeyed. He said he will step out of the room for a drink and asked me to continue,as if I am going to stop! I could really feel her relaxing and getting cozy and intimate as soon as husband has left. Kisses started flying and she was sucking on my lips and tongue and offering me her equally to chew on.

When he got back, his wife’s legs were on my forearms, and I was f***efully pounding on her pussy by pinning her down. Mrs.M was breathing really heavy with occasional whimpers, grunts, and light squeals. I was sure her husband had never heard her make such noises like that before. It was very primal like how a caveman and cavewoman might have done eons ago. She was quite the Hottie and horny and her pussy was ever wet dripping juices constantly assiting my pentration, his wife was definitely at my possession.

Husband positioned himself behind us at the foot of the bed. I know he was watching, which I never mind but the wifey also obviously didn’t seem to mind as long as I kept my dick pounding inside her,showing her heavens. She has certainly lost all of her earlier inhibitions and willing to put a show for her husband,just like he wanted. Husband was exclaiming and commenting on how big my balls were and how fast they were slamming. As I plunged into his wife my ball sac was yanked back and forth slapping his wife’s ass and thighs adding to her quick sharp moans,filling the suite.

To our surprise, without warning, she started grunting and moaning mixed in at the same time. Her fingernails dug into my back for a moment, and then she dropped her hands down and grabbed the bedsheets. Her whole body was vibrating and her inners were getting all mushy soaking up my whole dick. Her orgasm triggered an a****listic response from me. I yanked his wife’s legs up to my chest and then leaned over her. When she turned her head left or right, all she could see was at her own ankles.I started rough fucking his wife to and she was holding her her ankle exposing her full juicy pussy. Her face was red and almost grimacing in pain, but in a good way. If someone walked in on us it might seem like I was r****g her except for her occasional dirty talk asking me to fuck her even harder and faster.

My legs started twitching and had that familiar feeling in my loin. Within seconds, I voiced it. “Oh god, I’m going to cum. “. I didn’t really give his wife a choice of where I was going to cum. But she did respond saying “Oh..yes..Fill my pussy up.Take it deeper and cream it!”. My balls started to suck up to the sides as I plunged deep into his wife’s vagina. I stopped thrusting into her as I rested my penis balls-deep inside his wife. The area between my balls and ass started to pulsate rapidly ejaculating spurts of hot thick cum dropped deep inside her wet pussy. I was inseminating my seed deep inside his wife’s womb. All she could do was bite her teeth and rub my forearms as I dumped load after load into her.

I held her like that for a couple of minutes as the pulses slowly subsided. Even after I was done cumming inside his wife, I kept her with her legs wedged over my shoulders. His wife kept lovingly rubbing my arms and hands. After a couple of minutes like that, I lowered myself onto her missionary style and rested with my dick still jammed inside of her.I positioned my head next to her with my face in the pillow. She wiped the sweat on my forehead and kissed the side of my face and whispered into my ear that was the best she ever had. Even after about five minutes of us positioned like that my cock was still hard and inside her. Her husband was starting to wonder when we would break our genital sex lock. I only started to get up when she told me she needed to go pee. As my dick pulled out of her, our thick white sex juices started oozing out of her puffy little vagina. When I rolled over on my back, my dick was soaked but resting as it was losing its hardness. Mrs.M kissed my sex-covered cock saying she will get back to that and then made her way to the bathroom. She took some time in cleaning out the pleasant mess she just received. Meanwhile, I asked Mr.M,if this was what he had in mind and he had no words but only a grin on his face. He was telling me how he thought she never had it in her and to see her act out like this was a pleasant surprise! I wouldn't disagree! She was one natural horny fuck!

When she came out, I was sitting on the side of the bed. She had taken a fresh shower which I can sense from the wet hair-ends,sticking to her shoulders,adding to her beauty.She had changed to a even more sexier Black tops and a Black Thong,tightly hugging and tucked in between her awesome deep ass cheeks. I commented how lovely she was and asked the husband if he could take some snaps for my blog. He was game and the wife had no inhibition in flaunting her mark-less sculptured body and booty. I wanted her to wear a stockings but she said she had to locate it one of the bags she packed and would take time! I decided to skip it. We clicked some pics after that some solo and some with me cuddling her. She knelt between my legs and kissing my abdomen. It didn’t take much to figure out that she was going to suck my dick and thank me for the a****listic sex she just had. Her hands were wrapped around my back presumably massaging my lower back and ass. She worked her way down to my inner thighs at which my dick started to twitch back to life. Within seconds, my cock was fully engorged and hard like a rod. She spent a considerable amount of time licking and nibbling my huge balls. She had one hand wrapped around my ball sac and other stroking the shaft, and it looked kind of like she was milking my balls the way she caressed it back and forth. Gradually, she licked and kissed her way to the head of my penis. She toyed with the hole on top of the cock with her tongue. She grinned up at her husband who was watching her from the side as she slowly lowered her mouth down onto my shaft. She got it in half way and held it for a moment. She quickly pulled my dick out of mouth and commented on how thick it was and filling her mouth entirely.

She then wrapped one of her meaty soft hands around the base of my cock while the other hand cradled my large nuts. She started working my dick with her mouth pausing every few strokes to vacuum suck the tip. Husband could see by her cheeks that she was sucking incredibly hard and teasing the underside of my cock with her tongue. The whole time I stared down at her,Horny married wife,sucking and savouring my cock. After a couple of minutes of letting her take control over my cock, I held her head back and motioned for her to stand up. Once she did, I kissed her full on the lips, and then swirled her around until she was bent over the side of the bed. Her pussy was noticeably swollen and reddish from the marathon fuck session we had earlier. She half-heartedly tried to position herself back down to complete the blowjob, but I had other plans . I started rubbing my thick cock all over her heart-shaped ass and the back of her creamy white thighs. I have to admit that his wife looked amazing bent over our bed like that with her legs together and pussy peeking out between her legs. I asked her to spread her ass cheeks for me. It was more of a command than asking, but it didn’t really matter. She instinctively reached back and positioned her red fingernails inches from her puckered little butthole. I rubbed my dick up and down her inflamed labia and at the door of her sore vagina. I played a little while around her butt hole and she herself stick her hands down her thighs to hold my cock and direct it to the lower pussy hole.

I guided my cock back into her pussy and let his wife control the penetration process. She gently worked her back into me, and I patiently let her accept my thick shaft. About half way in, it was clear that she wasn’t doing much to get the rest of my penis inside her. That was when I took over. Without much warning, I gripped her hips and some of her ass. I f***ed my full length into her with one quick thrust. She yelped and tried to jump forward, but I held her down. As I held my dick balls-deep inside her,seeing my cock shaft disappear into her hot ass round apple cheeks, asked her if she was okay. She meekly responded yeah and asked me to keep going.
Rather than take it slow and gentle, I started from the get-go to pummel his wife’s pussy. My thighs slapped her ass with each thrust. All I could hear was the ‘smack’ ‘smack’ ‘smack’ of my skin crashing against her spotless body. She grabbed handfuls of the bedsheets and danced around on her tip toes as my hands dug into her back flesh. Just when the husband thought his wife couldn’t physically handle the pounding she was taking, she yelled at me, “Fuck me deeper. Deeper. Smack my ass. Deeper.”

I responded by spanking her ass and lower back. I could tell she liked it by the way she started violently bucking back into me. I smacked her ass about five or six more times before he pinned her down and jammed my cock in her to the hilt,pumping her in doggie style. It was quite a view to see this wife’s hot ass jiggle and her whole body rocking back and forth in sweet fuck rhythm. I was hitting the deepest part of her pussy and churning out her juices angling my cock to rub against the top side of the pussy.She had her orgasm and I continued my pounding for a while. Then I started groaning as I exploded inside his wife’s pussy. My entire genital region was throbbing and pulsating as I drained my balls in wife’s vagina. When I was done, I leaned forward and kissed the wife right on her ruby red lips. She slid right onto the bed resting on her tummy with me behind her,still mounted on top of her. We stayed like that for a while till our breathing cycle got back to normal. She broke the ice with husband asking him, “You okay honey?” . She said, “I did it for you, baby.”.Then I removed myself from her to wash myself and told her what a lovely experience that was. As I passed the husband, heading out the bedroom door, I said, “She all yours, dude.” He said, “No problem. Thanks.”


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