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A to Z Fuckstories – D is for Double Damn!

Sorry about the wait. I lost the file with the first half of the story, so I started over. Then I found the file, so I wasted a couple days on a different story. I found it though! I've already started work on "E".

After supper, I retreated back to my fortress of solitude that is my bedroom. I remembered, without jacking off, the great day I had had. Holy shit, I had fucked two hot girls, and they both blew me. How much better could my life be right now?

My question was answered as I looked at my phone. It was a text from Catherine. She was busty, easily double D bra size, and she had a nice set of legs like Alex’s. She had a pretty face too. Only problem is that she’s a hardcore catholic girl. She and her boyfriend read the bible on a date once. That’s one major reason I’d fantasized about her before. Forbidden fruit and whatnot.

“I heard what you did to jessica and cassidy today.”

I sent her one back. “oh yeah? and what was that?”

I didn’t have to wait long before she replied. “you fucked them.”

I didn’t have any idea where she was going with this. “whats your point? its not like any of us cheated on someone. were all single”

Once again, a quick reply. “i want what they got. tomorrow after school in my car. ill drive us, i have a condom.”

A quick “okay” and I was off to sl**p. I wasn’t going to waste any energy or loads that could be deposited on her lovely breasts. That night, I dreamt of all the things that I could do to those tits. My mouth devouring her nipples, my cock sliding quickly between the flesh mounds while she licked my tip as it got to her mouth, plowing her from behind while I groped her amazing tits. It was an amazing dream, one I shan’t soon forget. And tomorrow, that would be mine.

Needless to say, I woke up with a stiffy and had one all day. Alex grabbed it as she walked by in the hall, Cassidy “accidentally dropped her pencil, and bent over to pick it up right in front of me. She was wearing a skirt, and I ran right into her backside. She moaned in pleasure as my cock made contact with her still-sore rear end. It was like every girl in school was trying to get me off before Catherine did! Even the amazingly hot freshman, Morgan, was. She never wore shorts, but today it was like Alex had made her a pair. AND she wore converse to go with her large C’s. I was in heaven just looking at her!

The day snailed by. FINALLY, it was time. I bolted out the doors and to my car. I shot Catherine a text. “where are you parked?”

“right beside you.”

I looked to my left and bam. There she was. That was unexpected. I got out of my car and into her van. Yes, this could be awesome. She drove off out of town, east, though her house was south. I was a little confused, but when she reached over with her hand and snaked it down into my shorts, I didn’t complain. She slowly stroked me until we turned into the park. Down a winding road to the river we went, she still hadn’t said a word.

Finally, she pulled into the empty parking area, unbuckled her seatbelt, and moved to the backseat. Except there was no seats. Just empty space. She wasted no time and had already removed her shirt and bra before she noticed my stunned silence.

“What are you waiting for? You’ve seen tits before, now get back here. I’m horny.”

I scrambled as fast as I could to the backseat, removing my shoes and shirt as I went. Her cotton shorts were already off when my shirt cleared my eyes. She was wearing white panties with blue polka dots. A condom was tucked into the waistband.

“Get your pants off, stop staring. Geez, you act like you’ve never seen tits before.”

“None that big.”

“Well, if it gets your cock out faster, here.” Without warning, she grabs the back of my head and pushed it between her boobs. I move my face around a little bit before I’m able to suck a nipple into my mouth. She moans and her hands move to my pants to begin removing them. I switch to the other nipple, because it’s just rude to not give them both attention. As I lick one nipple, I rub the other between thumb and forefinger. I switched and did the same.

And suddenly, the tits are gone. And it was replaced by the sight of her bobbing head on my cock. What happened to the good little school girl?
“Holy shit, this is nice.” Her tongue swirled my head as she came up for air.
“Yeah, my boyfriend enjoys it too.”

“Wait, you guys have sex?”

“Oh yeah, all the time. “Read the bible” is code for oral. Sometimes he reads the bible, sometimes I read it. Then we go pray. And THAT is sex. Sometimes we pray in the church.”

“What’s that? Anal?”


I grabbed the sides of her head. “Let me help you read the bible.” I stuck my cock into her mouth and facefucked her for a couple minutes. Of course, the cross necklace bouncing up and down on her tits made it hard for me to forget this is the “praise Jesus” girl. I blew in her mouth.

“Aren’t condoms against church rules or something?”

“So is premarital sex.”

And with that, she rolled the condom onto my cock. Her panties were gone in seconds and she laid down.

“I’ll have to give you a raincheck on a tit-fuck. I just need that cock inside me.”

And so it was. In and out, in and out, for several minutes. I didn’t exactly look at the clock when we got there, but I estimated it was about 3:30 when we got there. Probably another 10 minutes for her sucking me, and me fucking her mouth, and then this. So we started maybe somewhere around 3:40 or 3:45. It was now 4:45. Somewhere around 4, she had taken the top. And it was pleasurable, but not enough to make me explode. She rode me to two of her own orgasms, but I never reached one.

Until I went to pray in the church.

I flipped on top and pounded a couple in before pulling out. She moaned in pleasure.

“Well, now that that’s over, how about that tit-fuck?”

“I was thinking something else.” And I quickly shoved into her ass, with her own juices as lube. Man, was that tight!

Her screams were either pleasure or pain, I couldn’t tell.

“I was joking! I’ve never been buttfucked before!”

Apparently pain.

“Well, now you have been.” This was the second girl who’s anal virginity I had taken, and I planned on taking Cassidy’s at some point. But for now, the catholic girl would do.

I pounded into her ass for five or six minutes before it became too much. I blew into the rubber, and pulled out, whereupon she immediately collapsed onto the floor of the van.

“That…was…amazing!” she proclaimed breathlessly. “We WILL do that again sometime.”

“We will?” I asked, a sly smile on my face. My cock twitched back to existence.
“Oh yes. And it will involve a tit-fuck first.”

“Well, okay. You win this time,” I laughed inwardly. She was about to be tit-fucked now, not then. I flipped her over, placing my newly erect dick between her large mounds of flesh. “Ah, a perfect fit.”

“Hey, stop. I don’t want this right now. I’ll read the bible if you want.”

“No, you can have this. I think it’s time to…” I pause, unsure of what to say. “I’m taking a trip to Bethlaham.” I snicker to myself as I begin pumping between her breasts.

After three or four pumps, she goes along for the ride and pushes her breasts together. Her creamy skin looks gorgeous covering my cock. As my purple head pokes through the top, her tongue darts forward and licks it. Damn, that’s nice.

“Mmm, your tongue is nice, Catherine. It’s so warm and moist.”

“Mmmm. *slurp* yeah.”

And with that slurp, I blew. The first load was when I was driving myself back towards her face. My cock was still between her tits, so it made a mess between them. The second one, my cock had cleared the cleavage and it spewed onto her waiting tongue. The third, I held it there and it went onto her face. The fourth was between her tits as I pulled back between them. She quickly pushed me off so she could roll over and clean my deflating penis off.

“Oh, that was nice. I love jizz between my tits!”

I collapsed back down, exhausted. And it was only 5:30!

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