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Mother in law the next morning.

I woke up the next morning with a hard-on. I knew I hadn't been dreaming when I felt the crusty cum on my chest. There was low sound from the room next to me. I squinted at the clock and saw it was almost ten a.m. Eddie was long gone to work at the Better Business Bureau. That got me wondering if Darlene was awake. I moved to the door, still naked and hard and opened it slowly. It always makes this little squeak.

"Hey loverboy! Come in here and see your dear sweet mother in law." Grinning I walked to her door. Darlene was on the bed. The sound I had heard was her moaning from an orgasm. Her legs were wide apart and her cunt open and very red. She looked at me in the doorway, grinning at the sight of my hard cock throbbing up and down.

"Did you hear Eddie fucking me last night? I figured you had to be hearing us. All he knew was that I was really horny which made him very hot. I whispered in his ear telling him sexy stories that he thought weren't true. I told him that it would be so hot to fuck Peter sometime. That's when he started pounding me really hard. Taking the story to its conclusion I whispered in his ear "Fuck me hard Peter...fuck me with that young hard cock.'

Darlene continued "It was kind of funny because Eddie said I felt like I had already been filled with cum...then said he loved it when I got in one of my moods like this. He shot a bigger load in me baby than he had in years. I whispered to him, "Peter, take your cock out slowly so I can stay filled with your cum. He did that and when I said I wanted to clean off his cock he seemed to be surprised at how much cum was coating his cock. I held his balls with one hand while I took his entire cock down my throat. When I had sucked him clean he said it looked like Peter had left some of his cum on my lips. He kissed my mouth, cleaning the cum from it."

Darlene told me then she asked Eddie to clean up her cunt...said she was so messy down there. "You should have seen him. He had his hands on my ass, his mouth open wide over my cunt, his tongue deep inside of me. He took all the cum he left and the cum that was still there from you. When he was done he kissed my mouth and we shared the semen. That's when he fucked me again baby. My cunt still has some of his cum. Please stir it up for me baby."

I looked down at Darlene's cunt. Her forefingers were holding her lips wide apart. I could see the traces of jizz inside of her. I knelt on the bed and slowly slipped my prick into her. I slid into the most slippery cunt I had ever fucked. When I pulled up after bottoming out in her, I grinned at all the white cum coating my shaft. Darlene put her hand on my shaft, jacking it with the slippery semen. She brought her palm to her face and licked it clean, leaving smears of cum on her lips and chin.

"Fuck me now baby, fuck me hard, stir up all that semen inside your mother in law." I pounded into the juicy sloppy cunt, the sound and smell filling the room. Darlene reached behind me and slipped a slippery finger into my ass when I had bottomed out in her. It was then the phone rang.

Darlene looked over at the phone, let it ring several times, then picked it up. "Hi Baby, how are things at work? Uh yeah that WAS a great fuck. We haven't played like that in years." She listened for a while and then said, "Well, yes! As a matter of fact he is fucking me right now." Darlene winked at me...I was horrified, but kept fucking her though slowly now. "Of COURSE not honey! I am fingering my cunt and was when you called. Just remembering that fuck last night...and pretending that Peter was fucking me." A pause and then, "Really? That would be understandable? You mean if Peter fucked me you would be understanding about would love that?"

Darlene grinned up at me, covered the phone with her hand and whispered, "He thinks I need to fuck you sometime!" She went back to talking to him asking if he would be turned on watching us fuck. "What if I told you he was fucking me right now Baby? No...not a fantasy...really fucking me right now...what if his cock was all the way inside of my cunt...what if his cum and your cum was all over his shaft? Are you in your office Baby? Can anyone see you right now? Good! Peter has his cock buried inside my cunt...he's pulling on my nipples."

I shook my head unable to believe all this. She covered the speaker on the phone again and whispered. "I want you to fuck me hard now Peter. Fuck me hard and cum inside of me." I nodded my head, gripped her ass and was really pounding her sloppy cunt. Darlene said, "No...not a fantasy...he is REALLY fucking me...Listen to this baby." She put the phone down by her cunt and I kept fucking her hard. The juicy sloppy sounds were incredible and unmistakable.

Darlene moved the phone to her ear again and said, "There, does that prove it?" She laughed, "Yes, I WOULD do something like that to make you think that. Do you want to talk to him?" I shook my head no, but didn't stop fucking her. Peter, Eddie wants to hear your voice. He likes the fantasy of all this, but would love it if it was real. Tell him please right now what you are doing to your mother in law."

She held the phone up just below my face. I kept pounding her cunt. When I started to cum I growled, "Eddie I am cumming in your wife's sloppy cunt. She is such a great fuck. You are a very lucky man. Fuck...her cunt is loaded with cum."

I had pulled out and the semen was flowing from her lips to the sheets. Darlene had the phone at her ear again. "Yes, he fucked me last night just before you got home. I don't know...let me ask him...Peter, Eddie wants to watch you fuck me tonight. Would you uh be UP for that?" I nodded my head then pulled on her brown nipples hard. She squealed and said, "Eddie get home as soon as possible tonight Honey. We are having a party tonight!!"

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