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A Reluctant Four Way Boi Toy...

I thought that Daniel had the biggest cock any man could have, his cock is ten inches long and as thick as a cucumber. Charlie was next with a cock that's about eight inches long and as thick as a bratwurst sausage, Bruce had the smallest cock of the three of them, he was just normal size, about six to seven inches and as thick as a regular smoke sausage.

Before their sexual assault, I didn't think it possible for two males to have sexual intercourse and never would have even entertained such an ideal. I knew that boys and girls had sex, I hadn't yet and was looking forward to it some day. But I never thought that I would find my self being attacked by three horny adolescence boys while cutting class.

If I had reported them, it would have became known that I had been fucked by the three of them so I kept quiet. I didn't know that they would take my silenced as approval of their assault and they would continue to do so at will.

Daniel, Bruce and Charlie had taken me over to their cousin Jerome house and allowed him to assault me sexually. Jerome had the biggest cock I had ever seen, he had just been released from prison and was used to having sex with the other males in prison.

My three assailants took me over their to show their appreciation to Jerome for during seven years in lock up and not squealing on them. The four of them sexually assaulted me all day taking turns with me.

Jerome was a savage, the four of them ripped my butt apart, filled my rectum with so much of their spunk that it flowed from my anal orifice like a stream of water. Jerome would not let me get off the bed and clean myself he said 'keep that cum in your pussy, let see if you get pregnant'.

About two o'clock the four of them allowed me to drift off into peaceful rest, but not for long. I was awoken by Daniel turning me over to my back and lifting my legs.

With the hollow of my knees locked in the well of his elbows Daniel slid his huge cock head into my very sore anal opening causing me to whimper in pain as he slipped into my well oiled butt hole.

Daniel slowly grind his huge cock deep into my rectum till his pubic hair was crushed against mu testicles. Whimpering with each painful movement of Daniel's monstrous cock, I gripped his shoulders desperately trying to keep him from getting all the way in my butt, it was an act in total frustration.

Jerome stood by the bed stroking his extremely elongated cock, from it's head to his crotch. I watched him as he stroked it and realized that he was applying lubricant to his snake sized cock. My body started to tremble all over as Daniel continued till he unloaded another load of cum in my butt hole.

Daniel slowly pulled from my ruptured anus, my hips and thighs aching as I tried to lower them to the bed. Jerome replaced Daniel saying 'bitch, no one told you to put your legs down, lift them back up, let me see that pussy'.

I tried to speak 'nnooo, I'm tired let me alone', Jerome pushed up my heels and said 'get hold of your feet bitch or I'll get the boys to come and hold them for me'.

Reluctantly I slowly lifted my legs and hands to hold my thighs, Jerome poised his enormously huge cock head at my anal opening and smiled at me saying 'that's they way I like my bitches to act. Do just what I tell you and we'll get along just fine'.

As Jerome pushed against my yielding anal opening I began to shudder so violently, that Jerome placed his huge hands on my thighs pushing them back against my stomach steadying them as my outer anal sphincter muscle ring slipped around his massive penile head.

'OOOONNNNNGGGHHHMMMFFF', I groaned as Jerome slowly worked his cock head around in my anus. 'HHHUUUNNNFFF,HHHHUUUUNNNFFF', I grunted, Jerome said to Daniel 'yeah this is some good pussy, this bitches ass grips my dick like a vise. Damn it feels good'.

I let go of my thighs and gripped hold of Jerome sides and tried to hold him back off of me. I glanced down between my thighs, and our bodies, and saw this huge, monster, size cobra snake of a male sex organ, fucking back and forth in my anus.

My outer anal sphincter muscle ring gripping the sides of this gigantic cock as it slid in and back out. The huge cock head just below the lips of my anus straining to exit, yet sinking back down into my bowels. The pain was so intense that the muscles of my body, involuntarily, convulsed in pain.

Jerome seeing that my muscles was contracting and relaxing so violently took advantage of them and dropped the weight of his entire body down on his long cock. 'AAAAAHHHHHHEEEEEIIIIIEEEEEEEEAAAHHHHH', I yelled as Jerome sunk his entire thirteen inches into my rectum.

My body trembling so violently, I scratched anxiously at Jerome shoulders and back as he grind his massive fuck tool deep into my convulsing body. My head arched back till the top of my head was lifting my upper bod up off the mattress. Daniel wasted no time in inserting his flaccid cock into my gaping mouth, I almost swallowed his cock head.

Gagging and gasping for breath, I was helplessly impaled on the two largest cocks I had ever seen. The two of them fucked me till Daniel flooded my mouth and Jerome flooded my butt with their substance.

I thought that I was going to choke to death, as I had no alternative but to try and swallow as much of Daniel's spunk as I could. Jerome huge cock twitched and throbbed so strongly in my butt that me anal muscles reciprocated in like fashion.

Jerome told Daniel 'damn this bitch like this. I tell you the bitches ass is coming too. I can feel it'. Once Daniel pulled from my mouth I swallowed and gasped for air, Jerome laid on top of me emptying out his spunk till he started to pull form my twitching anal opening.

Jerome pushed my legs back exposing my anus for inspection. 'Daniel, come look at this bitches pussy, man it's gaping and twitching like wild'. I could not help it my body was going wild, muscles were during what ever they wanted.

Bruce and Charlie came back in, and they took hold of my ankles and poked their fingers into my poor aching anal opening. Charlie climbed between my legs and started to fuck me again saying 'this bitch really is getting off on this. I can't believe what this bitches boi cunt is doing.

As soon as Charlie spent his load Bruce entered my butt and bounced around in me till he too shot another load. When they let me go I turned on to my side and quivering I went into a fetal position. Trembling so hard that the entire bed shook with me.

Some thirty minutes latter I was still quivering and trembling involuntarily.

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