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My Sex Life - Part 19: End of Uni Pt1

This is part 19 of my ongoing exploration of my sexuality as I grew from the age of 4 onwards. Please check out my other stories and feel free to comment. All of the events described herein are true and actually happened.

When I entered my last year at university I had even more time on my hands than ever before. I was supposed to use this time for study, outdoor fun was always more my thing!! I started to use my car to visit more and more daring places to have fun with myself.

Near Lambeg, on the outskirts of Lisburn, there was a brand new nine hole golf course at Aberdelghy. One afternoon I parked my car in the entrance to a field just beside part of the course, climbed the fence and snuck through the trees alongside a fairway. It was the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the week, so there were not many people about, playing golf or otherwise. As I headed up towards the green I took my cock out of my trousers and began to masturbate as I walked.

When I got level with the green I stripped off all my clothes and then kept masturbating naked under the cover of the trees. I could see a couple of people back on the tee and I decided to stay and watch them complete the hole and masturbate the whole time they were playing it.

It was a par four hole and both of their teeshots landed on the fairway. I kept myself hidden behind a tree as I watched the two of them walk up the course towards me, wanking my cock the whole time. They played their second shots - one landed short of the green but the second one landed on the side of the green and I thought it was going to bound right across it and into the trees beside me! But on the second bounce the spinning ball gripped the green and came to a stop about 10 yards away.

As the two figures walked up the fairway towards where I was hiding I could now make out that they were both men. I snuck back slightly further out of view and kept masturbating my cock as first one and then the other completed the hole just yards in front of me. When they had continued on to the next hole I crept out of my hiding place and onto the green.

I had never felt such soft and springy turf underneath my feet naked before! It felt like walking on a warm cotton towel. It felt so nice that I lay down and stretched my naked body out full length on it to feel its lovely sensation over every inch of my naked skin. Then I took the flag out of the cup and I lay down at the hole and, sticking my cock into the empty cup, I began to fuck the green!

At this point I could see another group of players walking towards the tee at the far end of the fairway through the trees. So I knelt on the green and grabbed my cock and masturbated furiously until I came into the cup. I did not have time to replace the flag before I raced back into the trees and grabbed my clothes. I do not know if they saw me or not, and much though I wanted to hang around to see their reaction when they pulled their cum-covered balls out of the hole, I decided that on this occasion I had better not hang around, just in case.

Another place I visited was the car park at Bartins Bay on the shore of Lough Neagh, near Aghalee. I had heard that an early form of "dogging" went on there - where people who want to be seen having sex would go in their cars to make out. If they wanted people to come closer to watch or join in they would turn on their internal light, if not and they just wanted the excitement of having sex with other people about they would leave their light off.

I drove there one Friday night. When I arrived there were only a couple of other cars already there and neither of them had their internal light on - all was in darkness. It was a bit exciting knowing that there were other people in the cars making out and possibly having sex, but equally frustrating knowing that they could just as easily be voyeurs come to watch a show that hadn't started yet!

I was wearing sexy lingerie - stockings, suspenders and a thong - under a knee-length floral print dress and my favourite strappy high heels, and I had brought my favourite 10" inch flesh coloured dildo. I parked my car about 10 yards away from the other two and facing them so that i could see when anyone else entered the car park. I moved over to the passenger seat and pushed it back as far as it would go. I hitched my dress up around my waist and started to rub my cock through the thin silk of my thong.

I moistened the tip of my finger with my tongue and, pulling my thong to one side slightly, I began to rub the wet tip over my puckered up little arsehole. As I slowly inserted my finger into my warm, moist depths I could just see in the darkness that one of the other cars was starting to rock gently on its suspension springs - there were people having sex in that car!

The thought drove me wild! And I grabbed my dildo and thrust its full length right up my ass in one huge lunge - what a feeling! To be suddenly filled to bursting with no warning! My hole felt like it had been ripped open and I let out a cry of pain. I took my dress and thong off, knelt on the seat and began to thrust that dildo in and out of myself as fast as I could go.

At that point a couple of other cars entered the car park and I am sure that the occupants must have seen me as their headlights swept across the front of my car. They parked at various points near the first two but also kept their internal lights off.

I was getting really turned on by now and decided to try something that I had been wanting to try ever since I had a read a story about it in a porn mag. I knelt in the car with one knee on either front seat, straddling the gearstick. I lubed up my arsehole with plenty of saliva and slowly but surely lowered myself down onto the big, fat, bulbous head on the gearstick.

I felt the top of it go in but then it felt like it was just too fat to go in. I relaxed my ass muscles as best I could and slowly pushed down some more and then suddenly - plop - it was in! I began to move up and down on its huge head slowly at first - the feeling of having it pulling at my arse ring as I slid back up on it was incredible!

The hand brake was getting in the way - just like in the story I read! - so I eased it off. Luckily the car park was on level ground so the car did not begin to move (unlike another time - more of that in a future story!). With nothing now to impede me I began to buck up and down on the gearstick faster and faster until my car began to rock on its springs too!

I now had my back to all the action behind me so I looked over my shoulder to see that another few cars had come into the car park and one of them had its internal light on! From my position I could only make out a few shadowy forms in the car but I could see that there was a group of men stood around the car with their cocks out masturbating them.

This was an exhibitionist's dream. I turned on my internal light while I kept fucking the gearstick with my ass. My hole was so wet now that the knob was sliding in and out really easily and there was a puddle of ass juice collecting in the base of the gearstick. I saw some of the men turn and head towards my car. Oh my god!! I was going to be watched by complete strangers while I rode my car gearstick in my lingerie!

As the men stopped by my car and started to watch me I grabbed my hard cock, which had been dripping copious amounts of precum, and began to masturbate while fucking my gearstick. I was moaning and groaning in pleasure and wishing that the whole world could see me! I wound down my window and the man on that side of the car stick his cock in through the opening. I grabbed his hard, rigid, warm length in my hand and I turned as far as I could in my seat but I could not quite reach it with my mouth while still riding the gearstick.

So there I was, being watched by one man while fucking my car gearstick with my ass and masturbating myself and another man at the same time! I was in heaven! The man's cock started to jerk and twitch in my hand and he groaned as huge streams of creamy white cum spurted out of its tip all over the seats of my car. This excited me to the point of orgasm myself and my ass tightened up painfully around the gearstick knob as my balls pulsated and squirted what felt like gallons of cum all over the inside of my car!

The men left to watch another car which had its light on. When I had recovered enough to be able to slide my ass up and over the huge gear knob, I joined them. There I was, wearing just my heels and stockings, standing beside two other men wanking as we watched another couple fucking in their car. What a night to remember!

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