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I married a woman with three teenage daughters. Take a word to the wise from a now-experienced professional in the subject - don't try this at home!

Mabel was thirty-two years old to my thirty-three. When we were married, she had three daughters; one was eighteen (Jill), and two were s*******n year-old twins (Jessie and Jassie) at the time we were married. Yes, I did the math there, too. She conceived during her eighth year of school and again barely a year later. I was only fifteen years older than her eldest daughter.

Before I asked Mabel to marry me, I asked her what she thought about having one or two babies with me. She all but insisted that it be two or three.

After we were married, we just had fun for the first couple of years before I began thinking about becoming a daddy in my own right; only to run headlong into her fervent assertion that there was no way she was going to subject herself to getting fat again and losing her figure. It seems I'd stepped into a trap, and it only got worse.

Unlike their mom, her daughters had made it into high school; but were years behind their peers because they were lazy; and, following their mother's example, they were relying solely on their looks to get them by. They either skipped or slept through their clsases, had boys do their homework for kisses, and stole the answers to tests they managed to fail anyway.

Mom was a stone fox, no doubt; and so were all three of them. Regretably, also taking a page from dear old mom, all three of them loved to play 'dumb sexy blonde' to the hilt. All four of them had 'pet rocks' for a very good reason...they could bond with their pets better than a boy and his dog.

They only dated the hottest hunks, sports team captains, and highest scoring stars; but at that time, all three together couldn't have reasoned themselves out of a wet paper bag if they'd had machetes.

They would have never thought to just rip it open and step out. Their motto is, "why think when you can find a 'big cock jock' to do it for you?" Of course, none of their boyfriends would have figured it out either.

It didn't take me long to figure out that all three of them were sexually active too; and likely to be mothers themselves long before they graduated, let alone old enough to take good care of k**s by themselves.

Their mom had been remiss on that subject in particular. She hadn't taught them one damn thing about sex. In fact, she seemed to want to avoid any discussion or knowledge of that subject at all costs.

The girls didn't know anything about anything, just reacted. If it felt good, they did it. They didn't know their cycles were on a predictable schedule. When they bled, they used tampons. When they weren't, they didn't. They just always kept two or three in their purses. That was the extent of it.

They knew women had babies, but had no idea of how it was accomplished; dittoe on diseases. As a result, they fucked anybody at any time, bareback.

It's a miracle that they hadn't gotten pregnant already. I had to do something immediately. I tried talking to my wife, their mother, but she just shrugged her shoulders and said "What will be, will be". I had to take matters into my own hands, or end up stuck raising three bastard babies while momma watched soap operas and the girls just partied on.

I got busy and found out exactly what they were doing, when, where, and with whom. I tracked everything about them. There wasn't anything they knew about themselves that I didn't know, and I knew more than they did on virtually all subjects.

But, I didn't tell their mom. I figured the whole house might have blown skyhigh in that argument. I took the smart route and took it to the girls, one at a time, oldest first.

I decided I needed to instruct the girls before they got into trouble. I knew their 'boyfriends' had no clue about sex other than the old reliable "stick it in, pull it out; push, pull, pop a nut; wham bam, thank you ma'am".

That was my way in the door. After trying for weeks to explain the pros and cons of sex at their ages, it was abundantly clear that not one word I'd said had stopped between the ears it went it and the ears it went out.

If I was to avoid the problem of raising three babies on my own, a radical new approach was required. I looked forward to raising k**s from birth through college, but I'd be damned if I'd diaper someone else's at 3am. Fortunately, by this time, all three girls had passed their eighteenth birthdays, and I had a little bit more room to maneuver.

I waited for the right opportunity before I moved on Jill. Trying a new approach to the situation, I pointed out that her boyfriend didn't have any idea of what it took to please a 'woman'. I knew the 'woman' reference would play to her lack of self-confidence and esteem about still being a 'girl'.

"Jill, your boyfriend is nothing more than an inexperienced little boy playing with his pee-pee and only making himself feel good by squirting in you instead of a napkin. He doesn't know or care if you enjoy it or not."

"What you need is someone a little older and wiser in the sexual arts, who can make you scream for more until you go hoarse and pass out from the pleasure."

I went for her jugular. "Jill, has any boy ever given you an orgasm that made you quiver and you just had to ask him to keep going and do it again?"

"Well, no, not actually."

"What is the best you ever felt when you were with a boy? Did he eat your pussy until you arched your back and sprayed your girl cum all over his face? Did he ever eat his cum out of your pussy after he filled you, or did he always just leave his big mess for you to wear home in your panties? Tell me, I'm interested how good it really was."

"N-o-o-o, none of them did that for me. I hated those wet panties. They got cold and clammy, yuck. And I guess the best I ever felt was when he was sucking on my breasts and made my nipples tingle so much I could feel it in my pussy."

"Girl, that's barely to second base, and an almighty poor start. Good Lord, you don't have a clue about what what a man can give a woman, do you? Honestly now, tell me."

"If you're saying there's more, then I guess not. But I don't know anybody who can show me what you're talking about."

"I beg your pardon? You most certainly do. All you've ever had to do is ask me. I can show you everything you've never even known exists around you and inside you. You've been blind all your life, and now you have a chance to see."

"Will you show me?"

"Yes, of course, now that you've asked. It wasn't something I could just up and offer. You had to want to know first. Mom and your s****rs aren't going to be home for another couple of hours, so if you want to start now..."

"Oh yes, now...right now. My panties are already wet thinking about it."

We began with the same kind of makeout session she was used to in a car seat and worked through the standard progression of feeling each other up outside our clothes, then inside our clothes, then in full view of my chest and her breasts. They were quite pretty to look at with firm upswell and pert coral nipples.

I moved to release her belt and get her jeans down. She raised her hips up and kicked off her shoes to make things easier. Then she did the same for me; until we were both sitting naked on the couch.

I reached over and began to caress her thighs, moving higher and higher until she had to spread her knees for me to continue. At the same time, I felt her small hand exploring my lower region and finding the objects of her interest.

A little re-positioning allowed us more freedom of access to each other and we progressed to her stroking me and fondling my nuts while I nuzzled her breasts with my lips and lathered her up with her own juices and my fingers.

I was intentionally avoiding her clit, but it was time to crank it up another step. As I slowly pulled away from her, I began to explain.

"Foreplay is everything to a woman. Her man has to take as much time as his woman needs and do everything he can to build her anticipation to the point when she demands something different from him. Sometimes her body will tell him and sometimes she will say something."

"A man will never know when a woman is in need of shoe-shopping; but if he's paying attention to her in this, he will know when and what she needs and is demanding of him."

I moved around to the floor between her knees and began kissing my way up each thigh.

"Even then, until he knows her very well, he should merely ease off the pace and continue to pleasure in much the same way but in a more playful manner. Her actions and body language will give him the answers he needs about how to make the most of this for her. His turn will come later. All he can hope is that she is as patient and thoughtful of him as he is of her."

I tongued her back hole and the small strip separating it from her pussy.

"A woman has dozens of places on her body that, at different times and in different ways, can be pleasured to further build her excitement and anticipation, even if it is her first time and she doesn't know what to expect."

"The second-to-last place on a woman to be pleasured is her clit. It must not be approached to soon; and when it is time, her clit must be approached slowly and carefully in full appreciation of the role it plays in her physical well-being and emotional balance."

Shuffling forward a little more on my knees, I leaned forward to blow warm air over her puffy mons, her shaved outer labia and slim inner lips.

"There is much to be said about having a variety of techniques to use on each of a woman's erogenous zones. Some respond much better than others to a particular one. Some places prefer firm manipulation, others featherlight caresses, some even strong probes, or come alive to lips and a tongue, others to the mere brush of chin or cheek."

As I talked, I was demonstating each thing I said on her innermost thighs and all around her pussy except directly on her clit.

"Direct stimulation all around your pussy and even as far away as your nipples is indirect stimulation of your clit. The foreplay and avoidance of direct contact with your clit builds a bridge between your emotions and your physical feelings."

"At the same time, by continuing to use one or both hands to touch the other places on your body, I am reassuring you that I'm still thinking about all the other pleasure centers your body has, and enjoying them as well. A woman needs to know that her man enjoys her as much as she does him."

I kissed, sucked, laved, and used my fingers every other part of her pussy; with occasional forays up and around very close to her clit but not against it. My other hand continued to gently handle her breasts and ribs and tickle her bellybutton, her ribs and calves, elbows and the backs of her knees...and everywhere else I could reach.

"There is one more place a woman enjoys being stimulated, and some respond in a remarkable way. This place is hidden and can only be located by the touch of a fingertip. It is not very far inside your vagina, a small area on the top just inside your pubic bone. It's like a second clit. The two can be stimulated separately or at the same time."

I located the rough-skinned place that was her G-spot and began to massage it with one then two fingers. At first, I just toyed with the area but then began to work it more insistently, building up intensity. I switched to a 'come here' finger motion over it and began rapidly moving my hand in and out of her pussy an inch or so.

At the same time, I used my free hand to begin massaging her mons and the upper parts of her outer lips, changing pressure on each pass. Then a series of fast, firm circular passes; followed by another series of slower, more gentle ones.

"I can tell from your body that you are building toward an orgasm, but you're not quite ready yet." A full-on assault of her G-spot brought her right to the verge of eruption.

"Now it's time to show you why I was so careful to avoid your clit for all this time. I'm going to use it to connect together all of the places I've touched and loved on your body, and then connect the center of you to the center of the universe."

With that, I eased off her G-spot a little and began to make love to her clit with every technique from the most gentle to the most aggessive, with fingers and tongue, in a progression that slowly increased in speed and energy. When I had reached the pinnacle that would have taken her over the top on its own, I again attacked her G-spot like a demon, without letting up my clitoral assault.

"Baby, have a nice ride."

She exploded into a billion little pieces...spraying me three times times in the face over the next five minutes until she finally seemed to be drained of energy.

I slowly eased off the stimulation and helped her come softly back to Earth before I slowly leaned up and away. When her breathing had come near normal again, I was ready to get her reaction; and she was examining the liquids dripping off my eyebrows and chin and running down my chest.

"Well, Jill, was it close to what I described? Has your boyfriend, any of your boyfriends, ever done something like that for you before?"

"To the first question, No, you didn't nearly begin to describe it. As to the second question, those toads don't even know that other universe exists. My gawd, I never even dreamed a human body had feelings like that inside, or that there were so many colors I've never seen before and feelings I've never felt."

"I'm glad you had a chance to experience it at least once in your life. Now, maybe you can teach that to your boyfriend."

"That worthless piece of shit, I'm not about to waste my time. He could never learn it anyway, and he's too selfish to use it if he could. It's been there for me all this time and he just used me for his little dingy cum dump. Like an ashtray."

"I'm sorry about that. Maybe he's just young and he'll learn; but it's far more likely he'll just fumble his way through life trying to make his pee-pee happy like the other tens of millions of macho ignorami in this country alone."

"I hope someday, you'll find somebody else who can take you to that place again. But that's the end of the lesson. Everybody else will be home soon."

"Soon? But you said they'd be at least two hours. Can't you show me some more?"

"Jill, it's been two hours. You haven't been watching the clock."

"Oh wow, it seems like it was just a few minutes, and forever at the same time."

"That's the way it is sometimes. Time flies when you're having fun, huh?"

After that, I knew she was going to push and push and push me; and finally just throw me down and fuck me until she passed out. I could wait. I had two more girls to get to this point first. And I could use Jill's help in making that happen, so I threw her a bone while we were getting dressed.

"Jill, I have a favor to ask of you. Your s****rs are both in the same boat you were until the last couple of hours. They need to know, too; or they're going to end up with nobody's for the fathers of their illegitimate babies. Can you help me teach them, give me an opportunity to help them like I've helped you?"

"I agree. They just have to know how such big losers their boyfriends are and what they're missing out on. They are going to go so NUTS when they find out. I would just love to see their faces when they cum like I just did."

"Not the first time, not with either of them. But I'm not saying we can't explore the group thing at some point, once everybody has had a little practice at one-on-one. Is that okay?"

"Okay, I'll wait...but not for too long, please?"

"We'll see how fast the three of you progress. It wouldn't be fair leaving one of you behind, now would it?"

"No, I guess not."

"Mum's the word. They're home."

"Not a peep until we're all in bed tonight."

"Keep the giggling to a minimum. If your mom gets suspicious, everything will have to stop right then and there."

"Right...Hi mom, hi guys."

The remainder of the afternoon and evening went as usual, with nothing more than the normal dinner conversation and TV chatter before bed. I didn't hear any noise before I drifted off to sl**p, having been denied sex by my wife for the nth time in a row this month.

The next day, Mabel went shopping a-g-a-i-n; and Jill took Jassie along to a mutual girlfriend's house for a few hours, leaving Jessie and I at home alone.

"Daddy, Jill told us about what you guys did yesterday." She was very hesitant.

"I figured she would. What did she tell you?"

"She said it was something from out of this world, like a holy vision or something."

"I'm glad she felt that way. It's the way it's supposed to feel."


"It's not the same everytime; each time is a little different in its own way, but each can be as good as the others."

"Will you show me like you showed Jill...please? I'll do anything you ask just to feel what Jill told us about. It was as if she was still with you as she talked about it. She had a dreamy look in her eyes like she didn't want to come back here again."

"Are you sure you want to go there? It's a big step; you aren't going to look at things the same anymore, especially not your boyfriend or any of the other boys at school, your classes or anything else. It's the portal into an entirely different world than you've ever known. You will never again find where you are now."

"If it's that good, daddy, I have to know what it's all about. If all it costs me is the loss of my ignorance and a lousy boyfriend who's never done anything for me, then what am I really losing, even if I don't gain a thing?"

"I guess not much."

"Mom is shopping and you know she won't be back for hours yet; and Jill and Jassie are over at Terri's house and won't be back before dinner. Can you show me now, please?"

We began much the same way as Jill and I had; starting with what she was used to, going slowly and letting her explore me as I began to show her what her own body was capable of feeling.

I made adjustments as I went along and discovered their differing responses to everything. Jill's breasts are as sensitive as her nipples, but with Jessie it was all about her nipples and she liked them tweaked much harder than Jill had.

Two hours later, give or take, I got the same worn out little girl who swore off losers forever on penalty of suicide. I made the same deal with Jessie that I'd made with Jill. With both of them working on Jassie, it shouldn't take long. It didn't.

The next morning, with Mabel off to some ladies event like a Rose and Garden show and an afternoon tea social, or something; and Jill and Jessie off someplace for a few hours, Jassie and I found ourselves alone.

"Now, daddy?"

"Yes, now, baby girl."

Round Three with Jassie went pretty much the same as with her s****rs. I was beginning to appreciate the difference in how each of them reacted in different ways to different things. What got one hot might not do so much for the other two, or vice versa. I used what I could discover to custom-tailor the experience for Jassie. The results were even better than with her s****rs.

Jassie, it seems is not only multi-orgasmic, she can sustain a single orgasm for minutes at a time; up to five minutes or more for one unbroken orgasm, during which she might squirt like a garden hose five or six times. I would have to mask the scent and explain the soaked carpet somehow. A spilled drink and some Febreeze ought to do it.

Again, the end result was much the same. Jassie was done in, and there was no question about her dumping her boyfriend as soon as she had the strength to get to a phone. For her, little boys were no longer on the list, no matter if they were the State Championship Football Quarterback, or an NBA prospect.

I didn't take long before all three of them were at me about Lesson Number Two. They didn't have any idea of what that might be, but then they didn't care. Whatever it was, it had to be at some new height, they just knew it.

But it was something they had not expected in the least. In their still-selfish minds, they assumed it would be just more pleasure for them. Well, they were wrong. The second lesson was all about the flip side of the coin, and again it would be one-on-one.

Lesson Number Two was how to get a man hot enough to explode, but not let him cum. Later, I would teach them the lesson about what happened if they left him hanging.

As the oldest, Jill took the lead. As soon as everybody was gone, we got right down to it. She was a little surprised at first, but understood that sex is a give-and-take thing. If you don't give, you don't get.

By the end of our available time, she had developed a variety of HJ and BJ techniques but was still to be unable to handle a deep-throat. I told her to practice on a peeled banana with chocolate sauce until the next time we were together. I knew she'd go for the chocolate part, if nothing else. Now she had the perfect excuse.

Jessie and Jassie's lessons went about the same, except they'd each developed a technique or two that was unique to them.

At our next opportunity with Mabel gone, I got all three of them together and had them take turns showing off their techniques. We'd gone through a year's supply of chocolate sauce, but all three of them had been able to get my cock down their throats, a first for me.

That was the first time I was really disappointed that they refused to get me off. By the time it was over, I was dying with a monster case of blue balls. I was definitely going to demonstrate the consequences of their lack of consideration for the man's sensivities. The toilet took a real lamblasting that night, after my loving wife once again turned me down.

One of these days, I was going to find out why she kept doing that. I was all but positive I already knew; but to be honest, I no longer cared what the reason was. Now that I had three horny hotbodies chasing me around, the fact that I also had one cold saggy fishwife avoiding me didn't seem all that bad a trade-off to me.

The girls and I continued the lessons into the more esoteric aspects of the visual, audible and touching in the flirting, seduction, foreplay, and post-coital elements. Finally, there was only one thing left...the biggest thing of all, and the only one that really required some serious timing and a much more difficult emotional shift for all of us. It would be for all the marbles.

Each of the three girls was thinking that she was going to usurp her mom's position, by herself. As young women just looking out to the big wide world, to each of them it was a 'take no prisoners' thing. That is exactly what I would have expected and I wasn't disappointed.

However, I had different thoughts and feelings about that matter. To me, each of them was a unique person who brought her own precious qualities into a relationship, indeed into a f****y. Whether or not they realized it yet, the three of them together was much stronger and better than any one alone. I certainly realized it.

I knew what I wanted to see happen, but making my dream come true seemed to be a long way off, if not impossible. I wanted all four of us to stay together after Mabel was out of the picture. I wanted all three of them to have my babies.

My idea was to take Jill as my official 'on the records' wife and Jessie and Jassie as wives just as equal in all respects, except they would be 'off the records'; and let the babies fall as they may. My name would be on all their birth certificates. We weren't related, so if somebody took a notion to take a personal offense, they had better reconsider their position.

While I pondered how to approach the three of them, I went to work on the last piece of the puzzle – Mabel. I sicced a PI on her.

I decided to take matters into my own hands, regarding the girls. It was time for their final lesson.

The PI got me everything I needed in less than a month. She was sl**ping with the guy who'd been her boyfriend before me; and the evidence showed that she had been with him non-stop throughout our marriage. There were also notarized affadavits from outside parties attesting that she'd had more than a few other affairs and one-nighters. There were dates, times, names, everything.

I took that information to my attorney and he recommended I talk with a lawyer friend of his who happened to be the baddest divorce lawyer within 500 miles. How could I refuse? When the divorce and alienation actions were ready to go, I had to take it to the girls.

"Girls, I asked to get you all together today to tell you that I'm divorcing your mother for her incessant adultry. I would think you would have suspected it as much, as I did. But, that was the easy part of my decision."

"The part that is a lot more stressful for me is what I'm about to say."

"You know that I love each of you as much as the one beside you. I don't want to be without you; but I can't just pick one of you and leave the other two behind me. I just can't do that. So I've decided to leave all of you."

"You will have each other for support, and I will survive. I did before I knew you, and before your mom. I can do it again, as much as I will regret having to do that. I've said my piece, and it's only fair that you each get a chance to put your thoughts out on the table."

Her s****rs always deferred to Jill, so she jumped in first.

"Daddy, I don't want to be without you. Nothing would ever be the same. I don't like or love mom, anymore than you do; but I love you and I love my s****rs. I can't be without you and I couldn't be without them either. I would be happy if things just stayed the same forever."

"Honey, there is one thing you may not have considered. I am still young enough and I want to have a f****y of my own, my babies, of my bl**d. How can I do that, if things stay the same?"

Jill thought for a moment. "Daddy, I will have your babies. I want to have your babies in my belly, at my breast, and in my yard in the summer."

Jessie fell right in. "Yes, daddy, I'll have your babies; whenever you want, and as many as you want. I want to feel them grow inside me, to feel my breasts swell and leak with their milk, to brush their hair and patch their sc****s. What are a few stretch marks and cellulite compared to what we already have? Babies in the house would only make it better."

Jassie didn't say anything for the longest time. What she said floored all of us.

"I don't want to have your babies. I don't want my belly to swell. Nor do I want my breasts to leak, brush my c***drens' hair or patch your wounds nor theirs. No, I do not WANT any of that, or a thousand other things."


With that, she cleared both of her s****rs, the coffee table and about six feet of intervening air space without touching ground to land in my lap.

"Daddy, why don't you marry Jill? She's the oldest and wisest; Jessie and I will be your other wives. If the Mormons can do it, why can't we?"

Before I could open my mouth, I had three squealing girls in my lap; and a couple of court actions to initiate.

Mabel moved out and in with her boyfriend. The divorce action, heavily favored in my direction because of the marriage-long duration of the adultry, was final in six months; by which time all three girls were starting their third trimester.

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