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The Dream:

bl**d rushed through her veins, hot and thick with lust. She was in the strong arms of a man with a mask and his naked skin glistened with a thin sheen of sweat as he pulled her close. Sharp fangs pressed against her skin followed by the hot wetness of a tongue, tasting the juncture of her neck and shoulder; her sweet spot. She was wearing a sheer silky slip edged in lace that left nearly nothing to the imagination, her heavy breasts bouncing gently with each shuddering breath she took, her taut rosy nipples pulling the fabric taut, pulling the neckline down ever lower on her breasts. Strong hands teased and touched her body as he sucked on her neck and kissed his way up to her ear, teeth gently nibbling her earlobe.

"You will do anything for me..." The low rumble that was his voice was strong and firm; he wasn't asking. When she didn't answer, he pulled his hands away from her, taking away her sweet pleasure, yet his lips remained at her ear. One strong hand clamped down on her jaw and f***ed her head to nod. His smile was wicked but oh so seductive and sexy...

"Yes..of course." Her lips trembled as she f***ed the words out. They felt unnatural and she had the eerie feeling that she didn't really speak them, as if he were in her mind.

"Good, now please, my sweetest Josephine...wake up" His fingers faded to black smoke and she gasped and turned to find nothing but black silk covering her face, suffocating her.


Josephine sc****d the sheets away from her face and breathed heavily, the bl**d pumping through her veins had yet to slow and she felt as if she wasn't yet fully awake. Swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, she pulled her body up like a marionette, her limbs moving stiffly as if pulled by strings. She shuffled to the bathroom and splashed cool water over her face then looked into the mirror. Wet crimson curls framed her pale round face. She opened her long lash shadowed, almond-shaped eyes wide and examined her iris. They had been changing steadily for a year now, the whiskey colored centers fading and shrinking into a feathered ring around the pupil and surrounded by a jade green. She liked the idea of having green eyes and loved the way that, in the right light, the whiskey and jade would mix to create a liquid honey effect. She dabbed on some chap-stick to keep her plush-lipped mouth silky smooth and wiped away the smeared remains of yesterdays makeup and pinched her cheeks for color. As she pulled back to examine her body she began to wonder when she started doing this to make herself look so pretty in the mornings, there was no one in their large house except for Josephine and her father.

Lifting her black polka-dotted tank top she examined her belly. It was slightly rounded but not obscenely so, with a cute belly button and a tiny waist that most girls would kill for. The bottoms of her breasts showed and she glowered at them. Most girls want theirs at about a C cup. Josephine would like that too, but for a different reason. The fabric of her top pulled up higher and she examined the hefty globes that she was cursed with. At such a small size around and a large cup, she was f***ed to buy sexy bras at lingerie shops because no one but her was a 36F without implants. A loud sigh escaped her rose petal pink lips and she dropped the tank top down and brought her hand down and touched her smoothly shaven mound beneath her black boy-short style panties. Her middle and index fingers brushed against the dampness between her legs and a slight blush crept onto her face. Turning, she took one last look in the mirror at her adorable, at least she thought it was adorable, ass. The bottoms of the pale cheeks were showing and she fixed her panties so that it wouldn't show off too much. Ever since she turned eighteen three weeks ago, Josephine had been relishing in her new found adult freedom. She'd bought twelve "adult" books and even a tiny vibrator that she has yet to come up with the courage to use, but she'd be damned if she wouldn't sl**p and walk around her own home the way she wanted.

In the Kitchen:

Lucas Dylan sat at the kitchen table with one hand around his cooling coffee and the other clicking away at the computer. Over half of the table was littered with receipts, reports and business memos that he'd printed, emailed, made copies of and faxed at least twice since the moment his alarm had gone off. Lucas worked from home most of the time, only going in to the office for a meeting or to meet with high-profile customers. It was hard work keeping everything straight, but it was worth it to see his darling Josephine every day. Lucas was a tall man with broad shoulders and the trim muscular body of a runner. His hair was an uncanny shade of brown that seemed to incorporate every shade of brown in the forest, including a few brown-gray hairs at his temples. With ocean-blue eyes that had a splash of whiskey around the pupil, he was a handsome man with high-cheek bones and a strong jaw.

As he stared into the 2-D depths of his silver laptop he thought of his ex-wife. She had fire-red hair and a thin impish body that, though was the envy of every model from L.A. To Paris, had never truly made him lust after her. What made him fall in love with her, though, was her smile and the way she laughed. If lightning were lavender in coloration and silver could be liquid without burning, that beauty and all the beauty of modern-art rolled into one wouldn't come close to the beauty within her laugh. She had thin lips but a large grin that showed how truly happy she always was. However, the laughter and smiles didn't last long. When they'd met, both Lucas and his wife had been eighteen and starting college. Two months into the relationship and a pink plus on a pregnancy test made the engagement for them. When Josephine was two, though, Laura, his wife, had run off with her art-history professor and the divorce was handled quickly and neatly as she had effectively cut them out of her life and was now living in Reno with the professor who just happened to his the jack-pot while playing roulette. That woman infuriated him.

The squeak of a floorboard brought him back to the hear and now and it took him a moment to realize that the bodacious rump that was settled in front of the coffee maker was his little girl. As she stretched up to get a mug from the cabinet, Lucas could swear he saw the slick outline of her pussy through the stretchy black fabric of her panties. His cock twinged and his red-plaid boxers suddenly seemed a whole hell of a lot tighter. Rubbing a hand across his stubbly jaw, he wiped away the surprise on his face and screwed on his best I'm-the-dad face and waited for her to turn around so he could scold her, yet again, for being half naked in front of a man.

Josephine must have heard his sharp intake of breath, because she sighed loudly, shoulders slumped, and poured her coffee. "I know what you're going to say, so save it."

A wry smile teased his lips. "Oh really, then I don't have to ask you to go upstairs and put some clothes on, you'll just do it? Because I would love the amount of time that that would save me."

She turned and rested a hip against the counter and sipped her coffee and grimaced at it's lack of sugar or cream. "No, but we can both save time by agreeing to disagree and you letting me do what I want because I'm your little princess." Sticking out her bottom lip and batting her eyelashes like a little girl, she looked at her father in a nearly sincere good-girl pose for nearly five seconds before she started laughing. A large slosh of coffee spilled out of her mug and onto her chest.

Lucas was out of his chair in an instant and pressing a towel to her chest and taking the mug from her. Some habits die hard, and hot liquid on his little girl just hurt him on the inside to watch. "Are you okay honey?"

Josephine nodded and let out a disgruntled noise before dampening the towel with cold water and trying to blot out the coffee stains. "Yeah, I'm fine, just making a fool of myself, like usual."

She made her way to the door of the laundry room and muttered a quick "Don't look" as she stripped off the tank top and dropped it on the floor in a damp mess. "I'll go get dressed..."

As she walked away, shoulders hunched, in only her panties, Lucas' cock once again stirred in his boxers and he thought for certain that she would be the death of him. After all, what kind of girl walks around in such a sexy get-up in front of her father? One that didn't know how to grow up, that's what kind. One of these days he'd have to explain to her that she needed to act like an adult... but first he'd have to convince himself that he was ready to lose his little girl.

Slowly walking up the steps, Josephine caught a glimpse of her father and she could almost swear that she could see a lump in the front of his boxers. She mentally chastised herself and told herself that if she was going to start thinking like that about her father then she'd need to release some sexual tension some how.


After closing and locking her door, Josephine rummaged around her underwear drawer and pulled out the little three-inch neon blue vibrator, still in the original packaging. Her face flushed with warmth at the thought of doing something that she'd always considered so naughty but she had to try it, what good would it be if she didn't try it. Though it was cheap, she still hated wasting money. She read the description and the directions on how to work the multiple speed vibe. As soon as she turned it on, a soft buzzing came from the device and her fingers tingled. She giggled like a little school girl then lay back on her bed and touched the vibrator to her panty-clad pussy and felt her pussy grow wet. She moved it up and down along the black fabric, trying to figure out where she was supposed to put it then felt it brush against her clit and a jolt of pleasure shot through her and before she knew it, she was slipping down her panties and writhing on the bed with her legs spread wide and the vibe pressed against her clit. Her thighs began to tremble as she heard her fathers voice calling up the stairs for her. The muscles in her belly tightened as she climaxed, her juices flowing and covering her fingers and the vibrator. Images of a man burying himself deep within her as she climaxed, teeth against her neck, her back arching and her breasts pressing against his chest and her nails clawing down his back. She imagined herself kissing this man, but when he pulled away she recognized his face all to well but she just pulled him in closer and kissed him more passionately, more feverishly. Daddy? She quickly turned it off and closed her eyes as she waited for the little aftershocks to subside, it was the most intense thing she'd ever felt. But what was with the image of her father kissing her... fucking her...? She told herself that it was just because she heard his name, it was a lie, but she didn't want to admit to herself that she had just gotten off by thinking of her father.

Lucas knocked on Josephine's door and for an instant thought he heard a vibrator and heavy breathing, but quickly dismissed the thought, not wanting to face that very real possibility. "Honey?"

"Yes Daddy?" Her voice sounded shaky and breathless when she spoke, and she hadn't called him daddy for such a long time.

Lucas shrugged it off as a fluke and leaned against the door as he spoke. "I've got to run into town for a meeting and it'll run late... I was wondering if you'd like to run around the mall for a bit when I go then we'll go out to eat dinner, maybe catch a movie, wasn't there one out you wanted to see?" He hoped that this would help make up for how embarrassed she felt for spilling her coffee earlier.

Josephine quickly slipped on her white lace boy-short style panties and her white lace bra then stood next to the door and cracked it open a bit so that she could look at him. "Do I get to decide where we get to eat?" She raised an eyebrow and smiled when he did.

"Of course sugar! I'll even buy you an iced coffee, with whip cream...and a lid" He winked at her and she laughed and, in a streak of bravery, threw open the door and wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tight then quickly disappeared back into her room.

Lucas was stunned for an instant. Seeing Josephine like that, having her press against him while she still faintly smelled of sex made his cock instantly hard and he shivered at the thought of her pressing just a little bit closer. Something has to be wrong with me, he thought, no way in hell am I lusting after my daughter... I hope.

The red dress she picked out was perfect for a day like this with her father, it was bright red with big white skulls and anchors. She was still giddy after doing something so naughty, but she couldn't help it, she needed to do it and she would never ever do it again, at least that's what she told herself. After zipping the dress up, she slipped on her red stilettos and fluffed her hair in the mirror then applied a light layer of smokey-shadow and thin eyeliner with mascara to make her eyes pop. She looked gorgeous.

Back Downstairs:

As soon as she stepped downstairs and into the living room, she knew that she'd done well. Despite her love of skulls and black and red, she always managed to look adorable and sweet despite what she wore. Lucas smiled and motioned for her to come sit next to him on the couch. She snuggled up to him as he watched the news and she didn't even notice that it was near three-o'clock when her father stood and stretched and told her it was time to go.

In Town:

Once they were in town it was nearly four-o'clock and he dropped her off at the door to the mall with fifty dollars in cash and his credit card. For the next three and a half hours, Josephine found nothing of interest except for a set of lingerie, that she really had no good use for, and a black European-style bikini that just barely fit her lovely bust. For the hell of it, she bought both.

After the Meeting:

The meeting ran a half hour longer than expected and by the end Lucas was a much richer man for it, yet that didn't change how tired he was feeling. Sitting in a small room around an oval table wearing a suit was not his idea of a good time, at least he had his time with his daughter to look forward to.

"Hey Luke!" Jack Sanders slapped Lucas on the back, a big cheesy grin on his face. "Good work today! It was you we have to thank for landing us that deal!"

Lucas smiled politely and nodded. "Yeah, but now I'm late for dinner with Josephine. She spilled coffee on herself this morning and I figured I ought to do something to make it up to her."

Jack's eyebrows rose in surprise. "Well, I would have thought that a cute girl like her would want to be out with some young stud on a Friday night rather than hang out with her boring old dad." He laughed loudly as they stepped into the elevator, obviously making a curvacious Latina maid uncomfortable.

Lucas' smile faded. "Josephine doesn't date..."

Jack nudged Lucas with his elbow and nodded. "Right, and she doesn't have sex, drink or smoke pot either?"

Lucas wasn't amused. "No, she doesn't. She is a good girl and I'm not sure I like you talking about her that way..."

Jack threw up his hands in temporary defeat. "Hey, all I'm saying is that an attractive young girl probably has some boyfriend she doesn't want you to find out about. Hell, she probably has lingerie and some sex toys stored away for when he sneaks in at night, with the way she dresses I bet she'd into whips and collars and fun shit like that." A dangerous sparkle in his eye sent Lucas' temper to the boiling point.

He turned and looked straight at Jack. "Listen, you don't talk about Josephine that way, she is my daughter, not some hot young slut for you to fuck in the supply room, okay? Next time you talk that way about her I will rip out your heart and feed it to you, got it?"

The doors opened and Lucas turned and left without so much as a thought as to what Jack was thinking or doing. If he would have looked back, though, he would have seen a red-faced monster in a nice suit. Jack was lucky that Lucas didn't know about all the times that Josephine had come to see her father at the office and fled, crying, because Jack had felt her up or slipped a hand under her dress between her thighs despite her cries of protest. Even though Lucas knew Jack was an asshole and an idiot, what he said still got to him. How well did he really know his daughter? It was possible that she did all those things and just didn't want him to find out, she was a gorgeous girl...

Back at the Mall:

When he walked into the food court Lucas saw that Josephine had two bags with her, one from one of the department stores and the other from a store that sold sexy lingerie and other little naughty things. He smoothed his face and tapped her on the shoulder. "Well hello there pretty lady."

Josephine looked up at him and smiled brightly. "Hey you, ready to but me that coffee now?"

At the Restaurant:

Josephine sighed and dropped her napkin over her half eaten plate of fettuccine Alfredo. "What's wrong? You haven't eaten barely more than a bite and you look like you've seen a ghost."

Lucas snapped his attention back to his daughter and frowned. "Nothing, why would you think that?"

She shook her head and nibbled at a bread stick. "I changed my mind about the movie, I'm not in the mood."

Lucas opened his mouth to object then thought better of it. He wasn't feeling all to well either, faced with the terrifying possibility of Josephine being a slut. Though he had no proof and was simply feeling the effects of Jack's suggestion, he couldn't shake the feeling like she was interested in some guy and the bag from the lingerie store didn't help that.

Back at the House:

"Josephine, could you come here-oh, and bring those bags!" Lucas shouted from the living room and rubbed his sweaty palms nervously on his jeans.

Josephine walked in and sat down at the edge of the couch, the bags at her feet. "Okay...what is this about?" She chewed on her bottom lip nervously and Lucas couldn't help thinking about how sexy he always thought it was when women did that.

"What did you buy today?" Leaning back in his chair, he tried to make himself look calm and nonchalant.

Arching an eyebrow at him, she shrugged and pulled out the swimsuit and tossed it to him and frowned. "That's what I bought..." She did not like the way that this was going. "I don't see why you care, I'm eighteen you know..."

He knew all too well and wasn't one damn bit happy about it, but he ignored her question and pointed at the other bag as he touched the sexy bikini he held in his hand. "And that one?"

She sighed and leaned back and crossed her legs, giving him the tiniest flash of white lace panties. "Just some new bras and panties, stuff that I really don't think you need to be looking at."

Lucas scoffed and leaned forward, eyes pinned on her. "Oh, really? Is that why you traipse around here showing off yourself to me? Maybe Jack was right and you are a hot bl**ded little slut!" As soon as he said it, Lucas wished that he could take it back. The wounded look in her eyes hurt him, but there was also something else in her eyes that he didn't understand, then as soon as tears started to stream from her eyes he knew what that look was; fear.

"You!" Her voice was accusing and the feral look in her eyes made her look all-too much like a hurt a****l trapped in a cage. "You would dare listen to that...that r****t rather than your own daughter!?" At this point she was standing in front of him and pointing an accusing finger straight at his nose. "That bastard has been trying to get in my pants for two years and you accuse me of being a hot-bl**ded slut!?"

Lucas was shocked at her reaction, but slowly as the news sunk in, his shock turned into hot anger and his bl**d sizzled through his veins. "...He what?" His voice was calm, deathly calm.

Her bottom lip trembled and he saw a glimpse of the little girl she used to be. "Every time I came to your office he'd try and grope me o-or he'd touch me if I wore as skirt and you-you believed him when he told you I was a slut..." With voice cracking and tears dyed gray from her mascara, Josephine was breaking his heart.

"Oh God, baby..." He reached out to her and felt so relieved when she let him pull her onto his lap that some of his anger dissipated, but a whole new fire was roiling in his belly as he learned what Jack had done to his little girl. Lucas smoothed her hair and held her close and wiped the tears from her eyes and kissed her cheeks. "I'm so sorry...I had no idea. He just suggested that since you were such a pretty girl that you probably just had some boyfriend you didn't want me to know about and you..." His words stuck in his throat and he rubbed her back, some of the anger from earlier returning and only adding to the fury he felt within.

Josephine shook her head and buried her face in his bare chest until her breathing returned to normal, except for a few hiccups. "No...never. I know you wouldn't want me having sex, I'm saving myself for the right man and...and there isn't even a boy that has caught my eye."

Relief washed over him and soothes the fiery anger within him. "Trust me, baby girl, that asshole is going down." He pressed a kiss to her forehead and noticed that it was getting late. "Go to bed and take your new clothes with you.

Josephine nodded and headed upstairs with her two bags and left her father to think about what had just happened. He heard the shower turned on and he hoped that she would sl**p well after this whole messy ordeal.

Needless to say, he was furious about what Jack had done, but if he were to go over to Jack's house and actually murder him, he'd never see his little girl again. Lucas sat up late, just thinking about ways to make that asshole pay for what he did to his little girl.

In the Heat of the Night:

Lucas had finally given up and gone to sl**p after realizing there was nothing that he could possibly do tonight. His door creaked open and as he squinted through the dark, he could have sworn he saw a Goddess. Dressed in her thin black silk robe with the Japanese cherry blossoms, Josephine slipped into her father's room and nervously stood a few feet away from his large King sized bed with it's red silk sheets and soft downy pillows.

Her voice was faint and husky as she spoke. "Daddy..."**d pumped through his veins releasing a hot lustiness all throughout his body. He must be dreaming, but as he felt the silk sheets against his skin and bumped his head against the headboard as he was sitting up, it seemed less and less likely. "B-baby girl?" His voice was hoarse and as his eyes adjusted to the dark, he began to see her pale skin and the outline of her body.

Lucas wasn't sure, but he could almost swear that he saw her nod. "Yes Daddy, its asked me what I bought today and..." The tension in the air was almost so thick he could see it. She untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. Both breasts were framed by red and black lace that laced down the center, just barely obscuring the nipples. The lace met just above her belly button then separated again to wrap around her belly and meat again to cover her pussy yet the sides were left open and laced at the sides. Lucas took in the sight of this gorgeous woman in just a sexy teddy, bearing herself to him, and since the woman was one which was so...taboo, he couldn't help but grow instantly hard, her hard prick bobbing against his belly as he took in the sight of her. "You are the only man that I've ever wanted and the man that I want to give myself to..."

Since he didn't say anything, Josephine began to feel shy and uncomfortable. "If you want...I can just leave and we wont talk about this ever again..." Her voice wavered. She was on the verge of tears.

Lucas pulled back the covers and offered her his hand. "Come here baby girl." She took his hand and pulled herself up onto the bed and sat up on her knees in front of him. He took her chin between his thumb and forefinger and f***ed her to look up at him, even in the poor light he could tell that she was blushing and he kissed her; warm, hard and on the lips. Her shock gave way to lust and slowly, she began to kiss back then let his tongue slip into her mouth to taste and explore her.

They broke the kiss with a desperate need for air. The room seemed to be over a hundred degrees and getting hotter by the second. This time, when Lucas spoke, his voice was rough and lusty. "Close your eyes sweety."

She closed her eyes and he kissed her neck, teeth grazing her hot skin, as his large rough hands working at stripping her naked, her teddy falling in a lacy puddle on his floor. She straddled him, his cock pressed against her belly as she ran her fingers through his hair. His lips found her breasts and kissed, sucked and teased until she was begging for him to stop. Lucas buried his face in his daughter's cleavage and moaned. "God baby girl, how is it that you have these big gorgeous tits?"

She laughed and her breasts rubbed and jiggled against his face. His lips once again fastened around her nipple, his teeth squeezing and teasing as his tongue moved in a circular motion against her nipple as his hand imitated these movements on her other nipple. He murmured against the soft skin of her breast. "You taste so sweet..." While one hand worked her nipple, the other slipped from the small of her back down to her ass, his fingers brushing along the cleft.

A throaty gasp escaped her lips and her hips instinctively bucked forward, forcing her clit against the hard length of her father's penis. "Please stop, I can't take much more..."

A moment of disappointment flashed across Lucas' face then was quickly replaced by a wicked smile. "If your nipples taste this good..." He dragged his tongue across her left nipple for emphasis. "Then I must find out what that sweet little pussy of yours tastes like..."

As he pushed her onto her back, she didn't resist, she'd always wanted to know what it felt like to be eaten out and as his tongue slipped across her full swollen pussy lips she knew that she'd love it. Licking her opening and pushing the tip in, kissing all along her swollen lips up to her little clit and sucking then down to her little pink rosebud of an asshole, he licked her and smiled wickedly as she bucked and moaned. He nipped and kissed along her outer lips and began to suck her clit as he slipped one finger into her wet slit and sucking harder as her tightness wrapped around it.

Josephine blushed gently, her cheeks flushed pink with arousal as she watched her father lick her pussy, her fingers tangled in his hair as she pushed him closer and closer to her wet slit. As he sucked on her clit, her pussy tightened and he moved he lips to her opening, sucking and licking until she climaxed and a wave of her juiced drenched his face as he drank her cum. Lucas crawled over his daughter until he was looking into her gorgeous lust-glazed eyes. "Kiss me." He said, his voice hoarse and commanding.

She kissed his lips and chin, her little pink tongue darting out to lick her own juices off of his face. He kissed her hard and grabbed her by her curly hair and f***ed her to look him in the eyes. "This is going to hurt a lot. Are you sure you want this?"

Josephine nodded and kissed him hard and nibbled his bottom lip. "Of course, as I said, the man I was saving myself for was you."

Lucas spread her thighs with his knees and pushed her head to the point where his neck met his shoulder and spoke in a gruff voice. "Bite me, this will hurt a lot."

Lucas was a big man all around and his cock was no exception, at seven and a half inches long and thick, his daughter's tight cunt was no match for his massive dick, but he wanted her and she wanted him. There was no turning back. Positioning himself at her slick opening, Lucas pushed hard and felt the head just barely slip in. Josephine bit down hard on his skin and a load rumbling moan rocked through his chest. Pulling out, he heard a small pop and Josephine let up a bit as her small cunt once again tightened. "It's not over yet baby doll."

Once again, Lucas pushed into his daughter and felt her teeth sink deep into his flesh, his cock already aching for release as it went even deeper. Slowly, he began to rock back and forth, pulling out slightly, then pushing back in farther and father until-POP! Her cherry popped and Josephine gasped and her head fell back onto a mound of pillows. Lucas kisses her cheeks as tears began to trickle from her eyes. "Shhh baby girl, you're alright, you'll be fine..."

Pushing in deeper until he found himself buried all the way inside her, only then did he begin to slowly pump in and out of her. The ache subsided and she slowly felt him inside of her, the hot hard length of him inside her, pumping in and out, his hands positioned on her waist for support as he leaned down and took one of her nipples into his mouth and began to nibble and suck.

Cum rose in his balls and it was all he could do not to cum right then and there, but he needed her to orgasm again, needed to feel her tighten around him. Pumping ever harder and faster, he lifted her calves onto his shoulders and listened to her gasp each time he hit her cervix with the head of his cock. Every muscle in her body tightened as she climaxed, her juices flowing out from inside of her. With one last thrust, he pushed all the way inside her and came, shooting wave after wave of his hot cum inside her, so much so that it gushed out along with her juices and the bl**d from her broken hymen in a thick pinkish liquid that drizzled over her tight ass like icing on a hot cake. He collapsed on top of her, breathless and shuddering from the aftershocks of his own orgasm.

He pulled out carefully and pulled his daughter into his arms and kissed her forehead. Moving a stray lock of curly red hair from her face, Lucas promised his daughter that he would forever be her faithful lover for as long as she would have him.

They fell asl**p this way and didn't wake up until noon the next day, sore and well-fucked.

Good Morning Starlight:

Sunlight streamed in through the cracks in the cream white blinds. Long drawn out slats of lemony early morning light fell upon the tousled black sheets that shimmered and shined in the dim room. Streaks of light fell across her face as she slept, causing her sweet dreams to fade into starlight and sparkles in the back of her mind, ready to pick up where they left off soon as day turned to night and she closed her eyes yet again to rest her sl**py golden eyes. As those golden eyes opened, rimmed in slightly smudged makeup, and took in the room she found herself in, all signs of groggy sl**piness disappeared. Grey walls stared back at her with a broad face of stripes that alternated between glossy and matte. A large oval mirror reflected the room behind her with the black wardrobe, dresser, nightstand and desk. The mirror also reflected her pale body tangled within the sheets of her father's bed. Long deep red curls were sprawled out across the red silk pillows and there was a note left on the pillow beside her head. With long pale hands, she reached out and took the note into her hand.

The Note:

My Dearest Josephine,

When you are ready, come downstairs. I should be making breakfast by now. We have a lot to talk about and it is important.

Love, Dad

Meanwhile in the Kitchen:

Lucas turned on the radio and started the coffee maker with the fine dark chocolate hazelnut grog that he usually only pulled out on Josephine's birthday. With the radio playing classic rock from Billy Joel, Queen and The Doors, he opened the refrigerator and looked at what all he could make for his beloved baby girl. The eggs and milk were fresh and there was a half bottle of authentic maple syrup sitting on the top shelf. He scooped the ingredients up as well as a box of blueberries. Though she liked to watch what she ate, Lucas assumed that she'd burned off enough calories last night that she wouldn't mind having something a little bit fattening for breakfast. He reached into the cabinet and pulled out the flour, oil and, on a whim, a bag of chocolate chips.

Upon pulling the large stainless steal frying pan out of the cupboard above the stove, things went sour. The handle came with his hand but the pan went with gravity and fell straight onto his little toe. He let out a loud keening yelp and bit his knuckle. Lucas had an extreme tolerance for pain, but no matter how manly a man, dropping something on your toe hurts like hell. He sucked it up and tossed the pan and handle into the sink, for lack of a better idea of what to do with them. Behind him, Josephine stifled a giggle then winced as she noticed how her father was slightly favoring one foot rather than the other.

"You okay Daddy?" She whispered, trying not to surprise him too much and make him even angrier.

To her surprise, Lucas turned to face her with a look of pure relief and happiness upon his face. Within a few quickly hobbled steps he picked her up, spun her round and hugged her so tight she was gasping for air. Lucas placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back gently and took the sight of her in. At some point in time Josephine had dressed in a simple white lacy night gown that brushed her thighs and was slightly see-through, something that wasn't usually a problem since she usually wore underwear while wearing it, but today she seemed to have left those off and the effect wasn't lost on Lucas. Already, his cock was stiffening inside his boxers. Her hair was still messy and sexy as ever, a few curly strands falling forward and emphasizing her golden eyes, high cheek bones, petite nose and lush lips that were the perfect pink. Without thinking it through, Lucas pulled her close to him and kissed her with a hard passion that shocked Josephine. When she didn't move to kiss back, Lucas pulled away and turned away from her and pushed his hands down on the counter with a f***e that caused a loud smacking sound to reverberate through the quiet house. He was so excited and happy that she hadn't rejected him after last night that he didn't bother to think that maybe she didn't want to even acknowledge what happened and didn't want him.

Josephine watched her father and mentally chastised herself about not kissing him back. She wanted to, oh God how she wanted to kiss him back and fall into his bed again, but she was just so shocked and now he was feeling guilty over it. Resting a hand on his bare shoulder, Josephine kissed his cheek and then wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her chest against his back.

"I'm sorry about that. About making you feel guilty about the kiss, not the actual kiss itself. I loved the kiss. I also loved last night and I don't regret it at all. Do you?" Her cool cheek rests against his hot back and goosebumps raised up along her flesh as she awaited his response. He didn't say anything. He turned around and took her chin between his thumb and forefinger and kissed her softly, sweetly, on the lips then looked deeply into her eyes and smiles broadly. She loved his eyes. Blue eyes with a splash of yellow-brown in the middle around the iris. Today she saw more than just his ocean blue eyes. She saw passion and beauty and protection. She also saw love.

Lucas wrapped his strong arms around his daughter's waist and pulled her close. Pressing his lips to her forehead, he whispered. "Listen baby, this is going to be hard and you know it. I love you and I have suspicions that you feel the same exact way, but no one can know about this. To everyone, this is wrong. We can make this work, I know it, but promise me that you will be faithful to me, and trust me, if you aren't, I'll find out, after all, I am your Dad."

Josephine smiled and looked up into his eyes adoringly. "I love you too. And of course I will be faithful to you...Daddy."

As she said it, that simple, sexy, i****tuous title, caused his cock to harden and press against her belly. With a slight smile, she kissed him softly then whispered in his ear. "Tell me... What is it like to..suck this...?" Her long fingers with their baby pink painted nails rubbed his prick through the thin cotton of his boxers and a low moan rumbled through his chest.

One large rough hand tangled in her curly hair and he tapped her lips with the index finger of the other. "Mm... Well, for me it feels pretty good, although I'm not sure you'd like it... Have you ever done it before?" The question lit a fire in his belly and he knew that if she said yes that there just might be one less horny teenage boy in the world.

When she shook her head and a shy blush added a cute pinkness her cheeks, Lucas was relieved but also a little unsure. Virgins were usually the worst at giving head, but he figured that he could let her try, maybe she wouldn't be too horrible and even if she was, he knew that there was somewhere else he could put his cock that just might satisfy them both much more... "Alright baby girl, that's good. All you really do is get on your knees... Open your mouth, suck, and take a little but more into your mouth when you're ready... Oh, and using your tongue and hands wouldn't be a bad idea either." Winking and shivering with excitement, Lucas couldn't believe that this hot young thing wanted to suck his cock, or that she was his daughter.

As soon as Josephine's knees touched the cool linoleum floor of the kitchen, Lucas' cell phone rang. "Shit, hold on a moment sweety..."

"Hello." The side of Lucas' mouth turned down as he listened to the caller identify herself. "Oh, Hey Sarah." Josephine frowned at the mention of her aunt's name. In her mind, her aunt was a hypocritical bitch and she knew that her father agreed with her one hundred percent on that. Josephine sighed and rubbed her cheek along Lucas' thigh and mouthed the word "Daddy" and pouted. Lucas ignored her and continued to talk to his s****r. "Yeah, Josie and I are doing well. She just graduated from Northern Pine... Yes, she is a very smart girl, I'm so proud of her."

Lucas smiled down at Josephine. The interruption was allowing Lucas to go soft and Josephine didn't want that. She hooked her fingertips under the elastic band of his boxers and pulled them down until they were around his ankles then pulled on them until Lucas gave in and stepped out of them. Curiously, Josephine ran a fingertip along his balls and listened as her daddy grunted in approval then fumbled to give an explanation to her aunt. "Yeah, stubbed my toe today while trying to make breakfast... No, that isn't why I have a daughter... No, I really don't have anything better to day with my time and you shouldn't either. Your girls should be the most important thing in your life and you have them for a reason other than cheap labor... Fine, it's your life. Now, does this call have a point, I'm in the middle of something!"

Josephine ran her fingertips along the length of her father's large cock and wrapped her hand around it. Slowly, she straightened herself until her mouth was level with the head of his prick and slowly, hesitantly, stuck out the tip of her pink tongue and licked the head and probed the tiny little hole that was already starting to ooze precum. Lucas bit his bottom lip to keep from moaning. "Wait... You want them to stay for the summer? I do have a girl of my own to watch over, and aren't Anna and Liz around twenty, why would they come here for the summer, they should be in college."

Lucas gripped the counter hard and pushed his hips forward as Josephine twirled her tongue around the edge of his head then flattened her tongue and licked the oozing precum off of the glistening pink head of his prick. His hips bucked and pushed his head into her mouth. As the tight wetness of her mouth enveloped him, he was fully hard and almost ready to cum, the only problem was the heinous bitch on the other end of the phone call. "Right... Took a year off, but why here?" Lucas stifled a groan of pleasure as Josephine started sucking and pushing more and more of his cock into her mouth. "Looking at going to a few schools around here... Okay, fine, I'll call you back later and we will set it up, but I've really got to go now. Bye."

With her tongue swirling around his cock, Lucas couldn't hang up fast enough. The hand that was tangled in her hair pushed her head closer as he pushed his hips forward. Within seconds, Josephine's bottom lip rested against his balls and she was gagging on his cock. "Shh baby girl, relax."

As she relaxed, she stopped gagging and his cock was in her throat, squeezing the upper length while her mouth sucked and her tongue twirled and her lips squeezed the base of his prick. Lucas' hand tugged on her hair and pulled her head gently back then pushed it forward. Quickly, she got the hang of it and was bobbing her head up and down on his cock and he could already feel his balls swelling with hot cum. One pale hand wrapped around his balls and gently massaged them, her fingers squeezing and occasionally her fingernails gently scr****g them. His hips moved frantically, fucking his little girl's mouth, then as he pushed all the way in and she gave a subtle squeeze to his balls, he came.

Wave after wave of his thick hot seed spurted into her mouth and she guzzled it down like a pro. He pulled out of her mouth just as the last wave hit and he spurted a long stream of the milky glaze onto her breasts which had popped out with the vigorous motion in which he'd fucked his daughter's sweet little plump mouth. "Holy...fuck..."

Lucas' head dropped back and he stared at the ceiling, both hands pressed down on the counter to keep his legs from buckling. Josephine giggles and dragged a finger through the sticky glaze of cum on her chest and licked her finger. "Was that good...?"

Lucas' chest heaved with every breath and once his legs were stable he stood tall and looked down at her with amazement in his eyes. "I thought you said you never did that before!?"

Josephine smiled back proudly and nodded. "I didn't, but I can do this..." She opened her mouth and formed a clover with her tongue.

As Lucas untangled his hand from his daughter's curly hair he helped her up from off the floor and kissed her hard, the taste of his semen still on her lips. Her body melted against his. When they finally pulled away they were both panting and out of breath. Lucas pulled his daughter's night gown down and stared at her heavy plump perfect breasts, thin waist and wide hips and thighs, the perfect hourglass. Her legs were shapely and long and as he stared, his cock once again began to harden. "Well, there, now we're both naked..."


They both helped with breakfast and because they couldn't fry bacon naked, Josephine ended up wearing nothing but a frilly pink apron with hearts all over it and Lucas wore his white "Kiss the Cook" apron. Josephine repeatedly followed the apron's advice and kissed her daddy over and over again. The fresh blueberry chocolate chip pancakes tasted amazing with the dark chocolate hazelnut coffee and crisp bacon. Everything was fantastic, especially because it was cooked with love.

As Josephine stood to clear the plates, Lucas took her hand and sighed. "Listen sweety, we weren't very safe last night... I ran into town last night after you were asl**p and bought this, it's a morning after pill, I also made an appointment later today for you to go get some birth control..."

Josephine's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Daddy...I am on birth control... Remember how last year I had to stay home at least two days every month? That was because of my period. I was losing so much bl**d I was anemic so Dr. Jill put me on the pill." She smiled brightly then hugged him tight.

"Oh..." Lucas felt ridiculous for not knowing that earlier, but he was glad that he wasn't going to be a father and a grandfather anytime soon.

Josephine sat on his lap and kissed him softly and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Let's do something fun this summer!"

Lucas nodded. "Alright, so, what do you want to do? A vacation to someplace fun, maybe go to an amusement park?"

Josephine shrugged and kissed his forehead. "Let's talk about it later, if I'm not mistaken you are supposed to talk to Sarah again..." She grimaced at her aunt's name. "I'll clean up here, don't worry about it."

Lucas nodded reluctantly and kisses her once again and let her cook the dishes as he grabbed his cell phone and walked into the f****y room and called his s****r.

The Kitchen:

Usually, people came to the front door and rang the doorbell, unless they knew Mr. Dylan and his daughter, in which case, they would simply walk along the stone path that curved along the house and up to the backdoor where they knocked then just walked in. Today, one person who knew Lucas and Josephine had come walking up that stone path. When the knock came, Josephine quickly shoved her father's boxers into a drawer and maneuvered her dress up her body under the apron just before her father's coworker, Jack Sanders, walked into the house wearing a yellow and white striped polo and khaki colored cargo shorts and sneakers that obviously cost a pretty penny and were never used for exercise. Jack was an average sized man who was naturally trim with dark brown eyes and hair. He was tall but not as tall as Lucas, who was just above six feet three inches tall.

Last night, before Josephine had walked into her father's room wearing nothing but lacy lingerie, Lucas had found out about Jack sexually harassing his daughter. Every time Josephine would come into the office to see her father, Jack had tried to feel her up or f***e her into doing sexual favors for him. Josephine, always being a good daddy's girl, had refused. But now, as she was faced with the monster that haunted her dreams wearing a short sexy night gown and frilly apron, she felt all the more nervous, and she very well couldn't call her dad in to help since he was currently in an embarrassing state of undress.

A dangerous lust flickered in jack's dark eyes as he took in the sight of Josephine standing before him in such a cute skimpy state. He slowly sauntered over to her and rests a hand on the counter to the side of her, somewhat trapping her. "Hey there darling." Glancing behind her and spying the coffee pot he smiled wickedly. "How about getting old Jack a cup of coffee...?"

At the moment, Josephine couldn't think of much of anything to do. "Are you sure you don't want me to get my dad? We just finished breakfast and I'm sure he's expecting you..."

He smiled and raised his other hand and twirled a lock of her curly red hair around his finger. "Nah, I tried to call him to tell him I was on my way over to bring by some paperwork for the new account, but the line was busy. You can tell him in a minute. Now don't be rude and just turn around and get me some coffee, please."

She nodded, her mouth dry and her legs shaking. She didn't want to be considered rude but she also didn't want her daddy to be upset at her for letting Jack put her in this position, but at the moment, she didn't have much choice. Josephine turned and stretched up and opened a cabinet and grabbed a clean white mug for his coffee. Jack's hands moved to her hips and her skin prickled with revulsion. As she bent forward and poured his coffee, she could feel him grinding the hard lump in his shorts against the cleft of her ass. One of his hands slipped down the front of the apron and onto her thigh then began trailing upwards.

"Please stop... I'm really really uncomfortable with this." Josephine swallowed hard and tried to pull away but Jack pulled her back against him with the one hand as the other hovered just below her naked sex, still wet from sucking her father's cock earlier that morning.

His lips pressed against her neck near her ear. "Aren't you going to ask me if I want cream or sugar in my coffee?"

Fingernails bit into her hip and she gasped in pain and surprise. Jack had never been this adamant about trying to get in her pants before. She fumbled over the words. "Would you like c-cream or sugar in your-...your coffee?"

With a low husky voice he replied. "With lots and lots of sugar..." His hand pressed against her naked sex and a happy grunt told her that he was pleased with her lack of panties. She pushed against the counter and tried to spin but he held fast and pressed his lips to her neck and sc****d the skin with his teeth.

"Oh what a naughty girl you are, I told your daddy that you probably had someone on the side, or maybe you're just naughty because you thought I'd come over today? I know you want me and I don't blame you. Well, good news, I want you too and I am going to have you..." His fingers rubbed along her pussy. One finger pushed into her as he ground the heel of his hand against her clit. When her daddy touched her it felt good, but this hurt her and made her feel dirty.

"Stop it, I'll call my dad in here if you don't stop it... I'm not afraid of you anymore!" Josephine pulled forward then managed to twist herself out of Jack's hold.

Lucas, who had heard Jack's voice in the kitchen, quickly grabbed his robe from one of the hangers in the laundry room that abutted the f****y room, rushed in to find Jack pushing Josephine over the counter and pulling up her nightgown. "Bastard!"

Jack looked back at Lucas and his face drained of all color. "Whoa Luke, she begged me to do it, I swear." He raised his hands in the air and backed away. Josephine rushed to her father and cowered behind him.

Luke's voice was low and angry. "Josie, is this true...?"

Josephine shook her head and buried her face into the back of her father's plush blue robe. "No, he's a liar!"

Jack glowered at her, his voice growing gruff and his face turning red. "Bullshit, she's a hot bl**ded slut and you know it! I've seen her fuck plenty of guys in the store room when she supposedly came to see you, don't blame me for taking advantage of that!"

Lucas stepped forward and looked down at the man-if you could call him that-that stood before him. "I know for a fact that my baby girl is a virgin and she told me the truth about you last night, how you tried to fuck her in the store room and how she'd run home crying every time because you took advantage of her!"

Jack's mouth was agape as he realized that his dirty secret was out. He backed toward the door and glared at the two of them. "This is bullshit. It's not over. I'm going to have her one of these days and you're not going to be there to protect her, hell if you get lucky though, I might let you watch." Jack backed out of the door then ran all the way back to his car.

Lucas almost ran after the bastard, but Josephine's sobs kept him from leaving her. It took him a while to notice, but he had known that she had been crying ever since he'd come in and now as he looked at her, sitting on the floor and covering her eyes, that Jack had gone way too far this time but he wasn't sure that it could be actually considered ****. Scooping her into his arms, Lucas knew that he had to do something about Jack, and fast. Eventually, after some consoling by her loving father, Josephine stopped crying.

"Daddy...are you ashamed of me...?" She looked so sad and alone that he almost couldn't help himself from scooping her up into his arms and telling her he loved her more than anything in the world.

Lucas shook he head. "No baby girl, I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself there, but you should have done it sooner..." He kissed her forehead and wiped away the last of the tears on her cheeks.

Nodding, her voice in a whisper and a small smile playing at her lips she replied easily. "But then you would have come in saving me naked and then you'd be in big trouble..."

The corner of Lucas' mouth raised in amusement. "Listen honey, if I would have come in naked earlier, he wouldn't have lived to get me into trouble."

She hugged and kissed him as he lifted her up off the floor and onto the table. Unbeknownst to them, Jack was telling the truth about the papers and was about to put them against the back door, knock and run away again, when he looked through the window and caught an eye full of something that was so taboo and naughty he couldn't help but think of all the ways he could use it to his advantage. He stood there and watched Josephine and her daddy kiss for a long while...

Lucas kissed Josephine hard and didn't ever want to stop, but with some begging for him to touch her where Jack did so she didn't feel dirty anymore, he'd stripped her of all her clothed and was pumping his middle finger in and out of her as the heel of his hand rubbed her clit and excited her to dripping wetness. Jack was watching all of this and even recording some of it on his phone as he masturbated. He'd tried to watch Josephine before when she was in the hot tub out back or swimming at one of the company cook outs. He'd even seen her half naked as she changed into a bathing suit before, but nothing like this. As soon as Jack grunted and came on a nearby rose bush, he saved the video and headed home.

By the time Jack was already driving back home, Josephine was orgasming on the kitchen table with her father's tongue lapping up her juices as she came. His cock hard and wanting, Lucas was just about to push into his sweet little girl's tight cunt when his cell phone rang. "What the hell is with people blocking me today...!?"

"Hello?" Lucas was more annoyed than ever at being interrupted and his fuse was already cut short. Now, as he heard Jack's voice he was infuriated and his temper had risen to the killing edge. "Jack you son of a bitch, what the hell do you want now!? I swear I'm going to kill you if I ever see you again!"

In an instant, Lucas' face went from red to white. " what? ...No, no, no, you must be mistaken, I'd never-... Y-you have a video? ...shit..."

As he set the phone down on the table next to Josephine's hip, he was shaking and limp. Josephine sat up and put her hands on the sides of her father's face, worry evident in her eyes. "Daddy, what's wrong? Is someone hurt?"

Lucas shook his head and put his hands over hers. "No. Jack stopped by again to drop off paperwork then leave but when he looked through the window... He saw us. Now we can't call the police or even try to get him fired at the company without there being one hell of a scandal."

Josephine's eyes grew wide. "'re telling me that he basically could black mail"

Lucas nodded and rests her forehead on her shoulder. "We're fucked... but not completely, I guess, he still m*****ed you so it's a double edged sword."

Josephine nodded and sighed. "So, what do we do now? We can't let this ruin our summer..."

He nodded and looked into her eyes. "Well, he said that if I didn't say anything or do anything about today or the other times... That he wouldn't bother us again..."

She smiled, though it didn't reach her eyes. "See...not all bad..."

Nodding, he kissed her forehead and smiled. "So, what was it you want to do this summer?"

Josephine shrugged and hugged him. "I like the vacation idea, when could we go? I say, the sooner the better."

Groaning, Lucas turned and smacked the heel of his hand against his forehead. "Not until late July, your cousins, Annabelle and Elizabeth are staying for a month. Then there is the company ball...!" He quickly ran out of the room then returned with two tickets, grinning like a little k**, some of his color already returning. "I bought two tickets for it, it's a masquerade ball!"

Grinning broadly, Josephine squeaked then jumped up and hugged her father. "Brilliant! I can't wait! I've always wanted to go to a masquerade!" Suddenly the dream she had the other night flashed before her mind's eyes and she remembered the sexy, powerful and fearsome man she'd dreamed of in the mask. Would he be there and who was he? If she were afraid of him it could be Jack and if she were in love with him it could be her father. All that she knew is that what happened that night would spell out the rest of her love life forever.

Later that Same Day:

Josephine knocked on the door to her fathers room. "If that's you Josie, you can come in without knocking..." Her father's voice made her smile. She walked into the room and leaned against the wall. When he looked up to see her standing in front of him with damp hair, a fresh face and nothing but on of his larger shirts on, he knew he was in love. Leaning back, Lucas pat his lap and smiled.

Once she was situated on his lap and comfortable as ever, Josephine finally asked what she'd been wanting to since that morning. "Alright, so there are two things I need to know. Number one; When are Anna and Liz coming. And number two; when can we go shopping for the ball. Oh, I guess there are actually three things. Also, where do you want to go for vacation?"

Lucas smiled and leaned back in his chair. "Well, baby girl, the last two are up to you. I'll be picking your cousins up on Monday morning so if you want to fool around a bit we only have tonight and tomorrow..."

She grinned and pushed him playfully. "Right, and what do you suppose we ought to do to enjoy ourselves tonight?"

"Hmm..." Resting his back against the chair, Lucas suddenly remembered that yesterday Josephine bought a new swimsuit and he touched her rapidly drying hair and curled a damp lock around his finger. "How about we go out to the hot tub and you show me that new sexy little swimsuit you bought yesterday? Oh, and put your hair up so that I can see your gorgeous neck..."

Josephine's cheeks turned pink with flattery as she nodded and scampered off to slip on her new swim suit. The suit was jet black and covered just enough to stave of public indecency. The bikini was a wide black piece of fabric with tiny little straps arching up to surround her neck, the bottoms were the same style, with the straps coming to a tie at the sides of her hips. She pulled her hair up loosely and clipped it with a large pin.

When she stepped out into the backyard she noticed the wet black shorts at the edge of the hot tub and giggled. Sitting in the hot tub, sipping from a long neck bottle. When her father noticed her, she could tell that he definitely approved of her swimsuit. "Oh sugar, you are beautiful and..." He bit his lip and smiled. "Get over here and sit on Daddy's lap."

With a nod of her head, she walked over to the hot tub and slipped into the hot bubbling water. It felt fantastic. Lucas wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her too him. His lips kissed along her shoulder and up her neck then back down to the place where her neck and shoulder met. As his teeth bit hard into that one sweet spot, a loud sweet gasp escaped her plump pink parted lips. Josephine couldn't resist the way that that made her feel.

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