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What I want to do to you

If I could have y way, this is what I'd do. your body is Stunning, 1,70m with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Your tits are small but firm with small pink nipples on them, you ass is amazing, toned from the hours you spend at gym. out pussy I can only imagine will be as great as the rest of your body.
will it be shaved? or hairy, will it have big puffy lips or small dainty ones.......

You walk into the room and I'm already turned on by the sight of your sexy body, you come and lay down on the bed next to me and we started kissing, our tongues entwining and playing with each other. My hand slides over your body and down your shirt, I inch and lay with your nipples and feel the weight of your boobs in my hand, it isnt long before your top is off and im licking and sucking your perfect nipples into my mouth.

I slide my hand over your tight ass and the down your firm stomach into your pants,I feeel a slight covering of hair but as I move to your pussy it is bare. my hand slides up and down your lips as if I'm teasing you, I slide my hand to the opening of your cunt and I can feel the heat on my hand, the dampness engulfs my fingers as I moisten tehm before teasing your clit.

I pull your pants and thong halfway off your legs and start kissing up your thighs until I Reach the destination I was destined for. I inhale the scent of your womanhood before burying my tongue deep in your pussy, I tongue fuck your hole for a while before I move to your throbbing clit and suck and nibble it till you're about to cum, I dont stop but at the same time I moisten a finger and slide it up the ass, its so tight, but you start screaming in ecstasy as waves of pleasure engulf every morsel of your body, your body tightens and your butt clenches as your body squirms in pleasure.

I'm so hard for you and after recovering for a while you grab my cock and start sucking on it as if your life depended on it, It doesnt take much for me to cum the first time but you swallow every drop, I start to get soft, but you suck me t full hardness again, you tell me to lie back and i do as told. You lower your pussy onto my cock rocking back and forth but not letting me in, until u drop down and let me feel the warmth and pleasure of your pussy, you ride up and down as my cock plunges into your virgin cunt. your pull up and my cock is soaking from your wetness, you get on all fours and ell me to take your ass from behind, I slide my dick to your ass hole and spit on your asshole, i rub it round a little bit with the tip of my dick before slowly guiding y dick into the tightness of your ass! its so tight and you moan with pleasure as you have your second earth shattering orgasm and your contractions milk the cum out of me in seconds.

I cant wait to for tomorrow night

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