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Tracy & Me - Pt. 2


A few months have passed since mine and Tracy’s d***ken encounter and not a word of it has been mentioned. At least, not that I know of. Stacy and I are still together and Tracy has moved in to her own place. She was still single. Lately she had been depressed because she was still single and spending so much time with Stacy and I was making her jealous. Tracy had no recollection of what happened and I put that memory deep in the back of my mind. We had now taken on a sibling like relationship. She complained to me about guys and asked me for advice. I even hooked her up with a friend of mine, but that didn’t work out. When she would get depressed she would call or text me and ask me what was wrong with her, why wouldn’t guys talk to her? I would always reassure her that she is absolutely beautiful and guys were obviously intimidated and not turned off. Sometimes I would wonder if she was calling me just to hear me tell her she’s gorgeous. We had become such good friends now I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship, as well as my relationship.

One day she texted me and asked if I could come and fix her laptop. It was about 10:30 am when I got to her apartment and she answered the door wearing some sexy sl**p shorts and a tank top. I followed her to her bedroom where her laptop was. I sat down at her desk and she sat on the bed across from me. She sat Indian style and her shorts were loose enough around the thighs that I could see her pussy. It was just a pretty as I remembered. We sat there and chatted while I worked on her laptop, taking quick breaks to look up her shorts. It was very hard for me to keep my composure and maintain our sibling like relationship, but I did. I was able to improve the performance of her laptop but I wanted to take it to work with me to run some diagnostics and maybe make some more improvements. She was okay with it so I took the computer and left.

A few days later she texted me:
Her: hey u
any luck w/my comp??? :)
Me: yup! Almost done.
Upgrading ur OS, network card and RAM.
Her: okay? Dnt know wat that means..but thnx! Lol :)
Me: u can cum by the apt any time and get it
Her: I shouldn’t hav 2 get it. u should bring it 2 me ;)
Me: ok I will. 2morrow
Her: Thnx! <3
And I hope u didn’t look at my naked pix!
Me: Huh?
Her: j/k lol ;)
Me: No ur not…now that u mentioned it im gonna look! Lol u must want me to look or else u wouldn’t have told me…smh

After that I didn’t get a response. I waited about 10 minutes until I texted her again.
Me: j/k, I wouldn’t look at your personal stuff

After about 5 minutes she finally texted me back.

Her: Well, it’s not like it’s something you haven’t seen before

My heart felt like it skipped a beat when I read that text. She obviously lied about not knowing what happened that night after the club. She knew exactly what happened. I tried to act like I didn’t know what she was talking about.

Me: What are you talking about? What is that supposed to mean?
Her: you know what that means. Don’t try to act dumb lol.

I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything. About 20 minutes later she texted me again.

Her: so when r u bringing me my computer? I’ll be home in 20 minutes.

I still didn’t respond. I was having mixed feelings. Now that I knew that she remembered what happened I was worried she would feel guilty and tell her s****r. But then I wondered, why hadn’t she said anything yet? I knew the likely answer. Again, I didn’t respond to her text. I just showed up at her place after about 30 minutes.

When I got to her house I hoped I would see her wearing those short shorts again, but to my surprise I got an even better view. I stood outside ringing her doorbell for about 10 minutes until she finally answered. I knew she was home because her car was there and I could hear her TV was on. I rang the doorbell a few more times and she still didn’t answer. Just when I turned to walk away I hear the door creak open. She stuck her head out and said
“Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were coming. Come in”.

She stepped back and opened the door enough for me to go inside and then she closed the door behind me. It wasn’t until I turned around that I noticed she wore nothing but a small towel. I sat the computer down on the coffee table and sat down on the couch.

“Okay, show me what you did”. She said as she bent over and opened the laptop.

She was only bent over slightly, but I could see right up her towel. I starred at her pretty little pussy as she stayed in that position waiting for the laptop to start up. I thought to myself, I must have interrupted her shower before she could shave, because I could see her pubic hair was starting to grow back. I was so horny I wanted to eat her out right then and there, but I kept my composure. At the same time I thought she must know her vagina was in my view and I was in fact looking. Maybe she’s waiting on me to make a move. Being uncertain, I waited for her to make a move and it wasn’t long before she did.
When the laptop finally opened to the home screen she went to sit down on the couch. She made it seem like she didn’t realize I had been sitting down right behind her and she sat directly on my lap. My semi-hard dick slipped perfectly between the grooves of her backside. I grabbed her waist and she quickly retreated, but not before grinding her ass into my cock.

“I’m sorry”. She said as she stood up. “I didn’t realize you were that close.”

“Don’t be”. I replied. “It’s your house. You can sit wherever you like”. I said with a grin, hoping she would sit back on my lap.

“Uh, I’m gonna go put on some clothes”. She said quickly. “Be right back.”

When she came back she had on a thin, loose fitting, pinkish dress, or maybe it was a night gown. It came down only a few inches below her ass and I could see her nipples poking thru the thin material. She sat back down and I showed her the upgrades I made to her laptop. Reaching for her purse, she leaned over, across my chest with nearly her whole body. When she sat back her leg was now d****d over mine. We both just ignored it.

She said “So, how much do I owe you for this?”

“Oh, don’t worry about it”. I said.

When I looked back over at her, with her leg dangling over mine, I could see up her dress and she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. By now our sexual attraction was obvious as we looked into each other’s eyes. With my hand on her thigh, I leaned over and kissed her soft lips, without tongue at first, but then she stuck her tongue into my mouth. I rubbed her inner thighs as I spread her legs apart, our tongues still locked. I played with her clit for a while before sliding two fingers inside of her. Her pussy was so wet and tight. I started to remember the feeling I got the first time this happened. My dick was already rock hard and now it was throbbing. We decided to get into a more comfortable position as she lay flat on her back and I was on top. Considering how unlikely it was that this would ever happen again I decided I would see just how far it would go. I’m gonna find out just how far she’s willing to go. She was being submissive so I decided to get a little rough. I yanked down the top of her dress revealing her beautiful breasts. I sucked on her nipples, nibbling a little as she moaned with pleasure. She reached down and started unbuckling my belt. I kicked off my shoes as she unzipped my pants and started pulling them off. I stood up to take off my pants and then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head toward my dick.

She giggled and said “Ooh. I like it rough” and started sucking my dick. She licked from the bottom of my shaft to base of my head before wrapping her lips around it and taking in as much as she could. Her mouth was so moist and warm. She jerked my cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. I grabbed her head and shoved my dick into her mouth until she gagged. I let her suck some more and then she started sucking my balls. She was sucking my balls and jerking my cock and I was ready to pop. I pulled her head back and shot my load over her face. I slapped her face with my dick a few times before she grabbed it and started sucking it again. She stopped for a second and asked “why didn’t you cum in my mouth?” That turned me on even more.

I pushed her down on the couch and pinned her legs up by her shoulders. I went down on her and her legs clinched the second my tongue touched her clit. I spread her lips apart, licking up and down before sinking my tongue into her pussy. I tongue fucked her and played with her clit as she moaned, her body trembling. Soon she was screaming “I’m coming!” She let out a quick high pitched squeal, her legs tightened around my face. Her entire body froze in one position for a few seconds. Then her whole body started to quiver and she let out a stuttering moan each time. I kept playing with her clit with my tongue and she snapped my head back away from her pussy. She closed her legs and rolled over, her body still quivering. She was so sexy. I slapped her on the ass a few times and she moaned.

“What you doing?” I asked sarcastically. “I’m not finished with you yet.”

She was laying on her stomach and I leaned over and spread her ass cheeks. I licked from her pussy up to her ass hole. “Oh my God!” she said loudly. She sound like she may have been shocked. I kept licking her ass. “that feels so good. Oh God that feels so good.” That’s all she kept saying while she was grinding her ass in my face. Eventually I slid my tongue into her ass and started fucking her slowly. She moaned louder and harder than I had ever heard any woman. As I started going faster and deeper she moaned louder and harder. She reached back with both hands and spread her ass open.

“Fuck my ass baby! Your tongue in my ass feels sooo good” she cried.

“Mmmm, you like that?” I asked as I paused for a second.

“I love it.” She whispered. “Don’t stop. You’re making me so horny. Nobody’s ever done these things to me, made me this horny.”

By then I was probably hornier than she was. My dick rock hard again, without even thinking about a condom, I grabbed her waist and pulled her to me. Her face was still down in the couch and her back was arched just right so my dick lined up perfectly with pussy. I spread her lips with the head of my dick and slid inside her wet pussy. It was very tight, but it was so wet that I slid into her with no problem. I started pounding her from behind, slapping her ass and pulling her hair. She came at least twice before I started playing with her ass hole again. I lubed my finger with some her pussy juice that was all over my dick and slid the tip into her ass. While I was still pounding her pussy I started slowly fingering her ass and she loved it. Eventually she was coming again.

We switched position and she rode me reverse cowgirl. I played with her clit as she bounced on my dick. The harder I rubbed her clit, the faster she fucked me and the louder she moaned. Her pussy was so wet I could feel it dripping down my balls. That made me think about some porno’s I’ve watched and I wanted to see if I could make her squirt. As wet as she was getting I knew it could happen. I grabbed her waist and fucked her like a mad man. She moaned, gasped and dug her nails into my thigh. I pulled my dick out slapped her pussy with it. Just as I imagined she sprayed everywhere. Her legs weakened and she dropped to the floor.

“Oh….my….God.” She said with shock, still trying to catch her breath. “what the fuck was that?”

I laughed. “that was you coming.”

“I never came like that before. That felt…..amazing!”

Now I was as horny as I’d ever been and ready to blow another load. I laid her down on the floor, put one leg over my shoulder and the other around my waist. I was going to fuck her pussy but I decided to try for the ass.

“You like dick in your ass baby?” I asked.

“I never had anything in my ass until you put your tongue and finger in there.” She said. “And I liked those so let’s try.

I fucked her slow at first but eventually she opened up and I could fuck her harder. I was in heaven. I was having my first anal and my first squirting experience. I told her to play with her pussy while I fucked her ass. I fucked her hard and fast until she was squirting again…and again…and again. It was like she couldn’t stop. Each time she did I came closer and closer to blowing my load. I remembered what she said and when I was ready to cum I stuck my dick in her mouth and she sucked out every drop and swallowed it without even taking my dick out of her mouth. She just laid there with a big smile on her face.
I reached down between her legs and her pussy was still very wet. I rubbed her clit for a bit and before we knew it she was moaning hard and squirting again, so we fucked some more. The sex was fast, hard and rough. One minute she was telling me how she’d never been fucked this good and that I could do whatever I want with her. The next, she was practically passed out. I kept fucking her until I came, right inside of her. After I caught my breath I got up and cleaned myself up. I tried to get Tracy to get up but she was too exhausted. She just wanted me to leave her laying there. I don’t remember how long I was there but I know it was far longer than it should have been. I hurried and got dressed and was out the door. It wasn’t until I got in my car that I came to the realization of what just happened. Guilt set in.

Stay tuned for part 3…what happened next?

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