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A night in Derby (part 1)

I recently spent a very entertaining night in a Derby hotel with a special friend (lets call him "P"). Anyway we had spent the day visiting the local area, when we got back to the room i was feeling very horny. To cut a long story short, P was lying naked on his front on the bed, looking relaxed after having a shower. Now i had the perfect opportunity to give him some serious attention. I too had showered but rather than relaxing i wanted him badly, i started massaging his back all over with baby oil, judging from the sounds he made, he was enjoying this. So i started to go lower, sliding my finger down between his arse cheeks. To my delight, he did'nt move which gave me further encouragement. I was now rubbing my oily fingers up and down just like when i play with myself. I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment, how far would he let me go? Oops one finger started to enter his little hole, god it felt damn good being in control. I grabbed some lube and squirted a little of the cooling liqiud onto him, slowly and gently working it into his opening. P was now making moaning noises and slowly lifting himself off the bed. I pushed him back down and rolled him onto his side. His cock was already getting very hard. I grabbed his cock and started to move my hand up and down the shaft. As my hand was still covered in lube, it glided up and down very easily. I was alternating the firmness of my grip, but as it looked so hard and swollen i changed my mind, i wanted it in my mouth. I began to lick and suck with my mouth, not for too long, just enough to get him dripping wet. My clit was starting to throb, should i play with myself for a little? No i wanted to play with his body more than my own. I went back to playing with his puckered hole, but this time i used his own juices to lube him and i told him so. Pulling his arse cheeks apart i slowly lowered my face, i could feel my own hot breath on his skin. I was so wet by now that i could not stop myself. Very slowly i started to explore this hidden part of him with my tongue, gently swirliing and licking, i entered him with my tongue, there was no resistance, i started to probe him as deep as i could, how long could i keep this up for?

Ok i thought, this is nice how can i make it even better. That's when i started pushing my finger into him. Sometimes just a little sometimes all the way, P was was really enjoying being abused by me and i told him what a dirty bitch he was. Looking over at the bedside table i spotted my bullet vibrator, that will do nicely i thought to myself. Withdrawing my finger i started to wank his cock with my left hand while coating the bullet with lube with my right. I dont think he was expecting what i did next. Turning the bullet on i circled his hole with it, after about a mintue i pushed it in, then started playing with his cock again. He was getting so worked up i thought he would come any second but i released my grip on his cock just in time. This happened several times over the next five minutes, each time i would not let him come. I pulled the bullet out of his ass, this made him wimper, so i rolled him over onto his back and put my finger back in. I started to fuck his ass with my finger and at the same time i was wanking his cock with my other hand.

Who would have guessed that he liked being fucked in the ass. He was begging me to finish him off. All the time this was happening, his heavy breathing was starting to worry me a little that and along with the shaking of his whole body, i could almost picture the police having to contact his missus about a heart attack. Getting faster and faster with my finger fucking and wanking i wondered how long could he last. Do you want to know? Well this is the honest truth, he was trying to speak but i could'nt make out all of what he was saying due to the moans, groans other noises that i did'nt think a man could make. What i did understand was "dont stop, please dont stop, i too have muttered the same words just as i was on the edge of having a orgasm. He grabbed my hand that was pumping his cock and started to move it faster, i decided to release my grip and let him pleasure himself so i could concentrate on his ass. All the time i was fucking him faster and deeper with my finger, i could tell he was about to come. I positioned myself so that i could still fuck his ass and lick his cock at the same time. I wanted to taste him, but i only caught a little as he shot his load with such f***e that i swear it nearly covered his face. I stopped and removed my finger just as his body went limp, man you should have seen the smile on his face, but that was nothing compared to me. I had got so aroused abusing his body that i too had an orgasm just watching his, my pussy was soaked. My breathing was hard, my head was spinning so i gave in to exhaustion and collapsed onto the bed!

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