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Nice Breakfast and lunch

It had been about 3 weeks since Bob had sucked my cock. Then one morning I came back from the shower to find him laying on his back with his head hanging over the edge of his bed. I dropped my towel and was getting ready to get dressed when he said "come over here." When I got close enough he reached up and pulled me closer so that I was straddling his head. He then started sucking on my balls. After a few minutes he released my balls, reached up and guided by hard 6" cock into his mouth. My cock head soon vanished and then more and more of my shaft disappeared down his throat. He held me like that for several seconds and then slowly started pushing me back until just the cock head was in his mouth. He then repeated this until I was again buried down his throat. This time he left it up to me to withdraw. I stood there for several seconds as he sucked my cock. I would slowly push my cock down his throat and then just as slowly withdraw it. After doing this several times I then started fucking his mouth to his great pleasure. I fucked him for several minutes when I felt my balls tighten and removed all but my cock head from his mouth. I short stroked him until I flooded his mouth with 4 or 5 spurts of warm cum. After I finished and softened he sat up and said "That sure was a good breakfast." We both got dressed and headed for work.
We both got off work at noon and as soon as we got back we headed for the shower. I got back to the room first and was already getting dressed when he came in. He dropped his towel and said "snack before lunch?" I leaned over and took his soft 4 incher in my mouth and held it there. I felt it start to grow and within a few seconds it was fully hard. His 7 inches was just the right size to fit down my throat. Being curved the way it was it was easy to allow it to slide down my throat. He slowly started pumping his cock in and out of my eager mouth. After about a minute we heard a knock on the door. Since my mouth was full of his cock I couldn't answer and he asked who it was. I was one of my buddies. He withdrew and started getting dressed. I opened the door and talked for a few minutes. I told him I would meet him at the club later since I had to check my mail and pick some things up at the store. When I came back in Bob was taking his pants off and his semi hard cock was just waiting for more attention. I looked to ensure that I had locked the door and then told him to sit down. I got on my knees in front of him and slowly took his cock back into my mouth. Slowly I swallowed him again until my nose was buried in his black hair. I stayed there for several seconds as his cock continued to grow. When I came up he was fully erect once again. I started bobbing and stroking him. After a few minutes I sucked first one and then his other ball into my mouth. His balls were big and I could only get them in my mouth by taking them in one at a time. After doing this I looked up and could see Bob leaning back in the chair. I then took his cock back into my mouth and started bobbing him. I loved to feel his cock sliding in and out of my mouth and throat. I bobbed him as fast as I could and would take him fully down in my throat every minute or so. After several minutes I felt his cock swell and removed all but his head from my mouth. His first spurt completely filled my mouth. Just as I finished swallowing his delicious cum I got a second, then a third and finally a fourth mouth filling spurt. I had to swallow after each of these spurts. Cum just slowly oozed from his cock after that for 10 to 15 seconds. Bob would always cum a lot. Usually 4 or 6 mouth filling spurts. After he finished his asked me if my lunch was as good as his breakfast.

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