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August 17, 2004 - I stood naked, hidden, watching intently as Maria Celeste Molloy, or s****r Maria as she now preferred to be called, slowly disrobed, unaware of my evil intentions, unaware she would soon be thrashing under my hard unforgiving body, pierced by my throbbing cock. I had taken the young woman, soon to turn 22 years old, out to dinner in one of the nicer French restaurants in Cleveland and then e****ted her back to my home where we had spent the rest of the evening reminiscing as we sipped a fine Californian white wine. At eleven thirty she had decided to turn in and I was now watching her as she prepared for bed.

As she slipped the habit slowly from her shoulders and her white unblemished skin was exposed to my view, I gasped audibly, the bl**d immediately rushing into my awakening penis. She had always had the power to sexually excite me, ever since she had spent her last year of high school living with our f****y, my daughter Samantha's best friend. Turning, she approached the full length wall mirror, behind which I hid unsuspected, and quickly slipped of the virginal white bra and panties she now wore.

Nun's underwear, I thought to myself smiling, knowing it would always be impossible for her to camouflage her beauty, her incredible allure. Her full breasts still rose proudly from her tall torso, topped by dark aureoles and fat suckable nipples. After lightly brushing her long dark tresses back from her face and over her shoulders, her hands continued downwards, softly caressing her round globes, squeezing them and tweaking each of her nipples before continuing downwards. Slowly crossing her stomach they separated and moved outwards over her protruding hip bones before slowly coming together again atop her lush, dark bush. With her right hand holding her left wrist, she slid the fingers of her left hand insistently up and down over her now exposed slit. As her middle digit disappeared and was slowly pumped, I laughed, thinking to myself that the little Nun still craves something in her pussy.

As her sighs grew in intensity and pace, she all of a sudden pulled her finger out, saying aloud, "What are you doing Maria, you're a Nun for gosh sakes," a girl still unable to take the Lords name in vain. Turning rapidly, she moved to the bathroom, where she entered the shower and let the water course across her taut body. Soaping herself, I could see that she didn't spend any time at all on her breasts and hairy mound, clearly not wanting to reawaken her lust, that huge hunger that still lay waiting just under her skin. After drying herself she moved to the stool across the room and sat, grabbing the hairbrush she had been using for five years. Watching her brush her hair had been a ritual of mine for the full year the girls had once shared this room.

Her hair was even longer now, the thick, rich, black silky strands now reaching down her back and across her round, firm ass; maybe the nuns didn't want to spend any money on haircuts, I thought to myself quickly as the brush rhythmically moved. I was momentarily tempted to rush out and take the brush, but quickly held myself back, wanting to wait before violating the young beauty. Never having liked air-conditioning, Marie had turned on the overhead fan, which rotated quietly while cooling the room and making her soft hair dance in the disturbed air currents. I could see her breasts reflected from the oval mirror she sat facing, her nipples hard, something that had always happened when her hair was brushed. I shook my head sadly, thinking of the past three years she had spent with the nuns, her perfect body never touched by a needy man. Fleetingly, I wondered if the nuns satisfied themselves in Sapphic rituals or if perhaps some horny priest had taken the young Maria, rutting away in her hot channel.

Finally she turned away from the mirror and moved towards the king sized bed set under the large window. At first she stooped to pick up a simple cotton nightgown, but I could see her shake her head and then drop the garment before slipping naked onto the silk sheets. As she stretched languorously atop the soft sheets I guessed she hadn't slept on a bed like this or between such fine sheets since she had left three years ago. As she lay stretching, her knees placed wide apart, I could easily see her bright inner pinkness surrounded by her dark pubic hairs. Turning languidly she clicked off the bedside lamp and then lay back sighing. She was still easily visible to me due to the illumination provided by the backyard lighting which softly lit the room. The girls had always wanted a little light when they slept and I knew from watching her over many nights in the past that she would soon be in a deep sl**p.

Eventually I left my hiding place cleverly set behind the wall and moved to my area of the large house, wanting to shower and shave before I went to her. As I showered under the hot, beating water my excitement grew, my anticipation of what was to come making my heart race. Proudly naked, my 6'2", 195 pound muscular body tingling, I moved down the hall and moved confidently into the sweet young nuns room and approached her sl**ping form spread on top of the silk sheets. Lying next to her on the bed I let my fingers rove over her already hot skin. Gently caressing her cheeks, her soft breasts, her firm nipples, nipples that cried to be sucked, and then finally I moved my hand to her moist centre. Lightly running my hand through her thick bush, and then gently probing her pussy, I found her already lubricated, her wetness a testament to her nighttime dreams and desires.

My big shaft quivered as I spread her thighs and placed his fat, bright red head at the mouth of her cunt, ready to drive deeply into the body she had promised to God. For a second I hesitated, wondering why it had come to this, why a rich, successful 40 year old f****y man, a Christian, was willing to **** a beautiful god fearing nun, a young girl he had promised to protect. As I smashed brutally through her non existent defenses, my hands pinning hers above her head, my thick eight and a half inch penis filling her completely, her first scream of protest rising from her lungs, a burst of reflection exploded through my brain, a memory of how it had all started.........

THE PAST - On September 6th, 1995, my daughter Sam arrived home from her first day at her new school, a prestigious private institution, 'Miss Prigg's Academy', the best woman's high school in Eastern Ohio. Both Sylvia, my wife, and I had been anxiously waiting, worried about how Sam would do in her new school, so we were both happy to see the broad smile lighting up her young face. "Mom, Dad," she cried, "I've found my twin s****r; she goes to my new school." As she pulled another teen into the room she added, "This is Maria Celeste Molloy, and she was born at exactly the same time as I." It turned out the two girls had been born on September 7th 1982 at 4:32 in the afternoon, in hospital rooms 5 miles apart in Cleveland.

You might say they were fated to be best friends, their birthday just the first of many things that drew the dark haired Maria, a daughter of a Spanish-American mother and an Irish-American father, and the blond, blue-eyed Samantha Eileen Burns, who had a Scandinavian mother and an Irish-American father, together. At first view the two seemed quite different; Sam was an outgoing athletic type, a girl whose brain power was easily missed at first, while Maria, or M-C as Sam took to calling her, seemed more subdued, studious, her shyness hiding her impishness, her love of fun. After talking to the girls awhile, I drove the two of them to Maria's house, a large Colonial on an acre of land about two miles from our house. Maria's Dad, John, was at 44 years old, a senior executive for Cleveland's biggest multinational, and it was only because he had been transferred back to Cleveland only recently that we hadn't run into each other before.

Sam and I stayed for a few minutes visiting with the Molloys, also a one-c***d f****y, before inviting them all over for the following day to celebrate the 'twins' birthday. The party was a great success, and the girls became inseparable. Over the following years M-C probably slept over at our house 90 nights a year and Sam spent a good 30 nights a year at the Molloys. The only reason the two spent more time at our house was because we had an in ground pool in our backyard, a backyard that fronted Lake Ontario, and because Sylvia and I were probably a little laxer in our supervision than the Molloys. Mrs. Molloy, Yvonne, was an incredibly kind and giving person, but also had a deep spirituality, a strong belief and adherence to Catholic dogma, that sometimes made it hard for the two girls to relax when around her. The girls dressed a little more daringly, used more makeup and were much more rambunctious when at the Burns.

And yet I know Sam liked and benefited from her time at the Molloys, a chance to be a part of a second f****y, a f****y that had a somewhat different view of the world. Sam's only worry was for Maria, as Mrs. Malloy often suggested to her daughter that she might want to become a nun some day. It was a soft sell that was often present just under the radar, and although none of us could see Maria ever becoming a nun, the fear of losing her best friend to God was unnerving to a thirteen to fifteen year old Sam. Our idyllic existence continued through the nineties, my company was prospering and I was wealthy beyond any human desires, Sylvia was teaching at the University, and our two girls (and we truly saw them as our two daughters) seemed to succeed in everything they did, whether at school or play. But it all ended for me on May 27th 1999.

Has anyone ever heard of 'flesh eating disease'? Does anyone know anyone who ever got this fucking stupid disease? Sylvia Annika Burns, nee Sundstrum, my dear wife, died at thirty-six years of age, the flesh literally stripped from her body, an ugly death for an incredibly good woman. She had been the only woman I had ever dated, the only woman I ever made love to, the only person I needed. We had met at McKinley High School when we were both fifteen, started dating almost immediately and I had made love to her for the first time on a cold Thanksgiving weekend in her Dad's boathouse at his property on the lake. As our bodies arched together in ecstasy, her virgin bl**d tricking down her legs, we both knew we had found all that we would ever need in life. Sam wasn't conceived that day but within weeks Sylvia was pregnant with our c***d. Just a month before I turned nineteen I was a father, and we were the proudest parents anyone could imagine.

We were lucky, both sets of our parents were great, and Sylvia and I had great support as we set out on our journey of married life. My Dad, who had started a successful company forty years earlier, insisted that his son and daughter-in-law continue school, wanting me to be the first of the Burns to graduate from university. He loved Sam, being old (mid forties) when I had been born; he had feared he'd never see a grandc***d. After graduating I went to work for Dad and we made a great team, the young aggressive buck and the experienced old stag. We were happy, Syl and I, our only sadness due to the fact Syl couldn't have any more c***dren due to complications during Sam's birth.

During the weeks following Syl's death I think I would have killed myself if it hadn't been for Sam and Maria Celeste. Only thirty-five, I felt my life, my happiness was over and without those two sixteen year olds whose grief was as real as mine and which demanded help that only I could provide, I would have quit. Even though I tried to rally, I know looking back that I was a shitty boss, a poor friend and a lousy Dad for a good year, only brought back to humanness due to two events. The first grew from Maria's Dad being transferred to Paris in the summer of 2000, just over a year after Sylvia's death. The Molloys wanted Maria to finish high school at Miss Prigg's, not wanting to hurt her academic future by moving her to France. Samantha quickly insisted that M-C, instead of boarding at the school, should stay with us for the year, a proposal I supported and we quickly convinced the Molloys of our idea.

I spent the summer converting our top floor, a previously unused attic space, into a perfect world for two high school seniors. After eighty thousand bucks spent on renovations, the girls had twelve hundred square feet, virtually a separate apartment, complete with modern bathroom (including hot tub and sauna), a small kitchenette for parties etc., mirrors everywhere, two twin size beds, an exercise area, study area, living room etc., all looking out through giant picture windows at the Lake Ontario shoreline. And I included a secret, something the girls never learned about. I used the most high tech electronics available to wire the area, six cameras and microphones monitoring every move the residents made. I also built in a secret passage, a passage which allowed me to stand just feet from my daughters, able to watch them through specially designed mirrors. Oh, at the time I easily justified it to myself; I was just trying to protect my innocent daughters from the world. I'd have to monitor them to make sure they weren't doing d**gs, or doing things with boys they shouldn't, etc, etc. Even then I knew my thinking was bullshit; in my deepest recesses I knew what I was doing was wrong, that spying on c***dren wasn't protecting them.

The room was finished the end of August and the girls moved in on September 5th, the day Maria's parents left for France and three days before the start of school. The second event that changed me occurred on the girl's birthdays, two days later on the seventh. I rediscovered my sex drive! I hadn't fucked a woman since my wife had died; I had gone some sixteen months without putting my penis in a pussy! Looking back it seems incredible to me that I could have gone so long without it. Syl and I had always been highly sexed, and for the 17 years of our marriage we had made love incessantly, this talk of married couples doing it only once a week had never been a problem of ours. We did it often and we loved experimenting, willing to try anything and everything. And yet for sixteen months I basically had gone without a hard-on, the only evidence of any sex drive the stains I'd find on my sheets two or three mornings a week. And something so innocent woke up this sl**ping dragon.

As I was reading the paper by the pool, the two girls playing noisily in the water, I just happened to look up as Maria Celeste's top was pulled of by Sam during their play. She has breasts, I gasped to myself, when the fuck did they grow? As I surreptitiously watched from behind my sun glasses, I saw both girls glance my way and seeing no life from the old man, they continued their play, Sam's bra top soon joining M-C's at the bottom of the pool. Jesus, look at my daughter, I thought, her pointed cones standing proudly, a perfect contrast to Maria's round, black tipped orbs. My cock leapt in my shorts, finally showing a sign of life, throbbing in its new found eagerness. How old are these two? Geeze, I wonder if they've made love yet? She's my daughter for Christ's sake! When did this happen? All these questions sped through my mind as I watched the two play. Finally they rushed up the stairs of the pool, hands barely covering their hard tipped bouncing breasts. As they passed me giggling, I said, my arm held up to slow them, "Hey wait a second you two, just because you've turned eighteen today and Maria's parents are in Europe, doesn't mean you two can run wild, baring your bodies to anybody in the area."

As the two stopped in front of me, still giggling, drops of water falling from their nubile young bodies, their breasts still shaking, their hard nipples poking out at me, Sam finally gasped out as Maria stood blushing beside her, "Yeah sure Daddy. This isn't exactly in public and I seem to remember that you swim naked most mornings." As they flounced off towards the house, I watched their wiggling rear ends, again surprised that somehow those thin boyish legs and hips had magically been transformed into sexually alluring womanhood. They must have pubic hair, I thought stupidly, my mind slow to accept what had clearly been occurring over the last year or so. For their birthdays, I had promised to take the girls to 'Le Circle', Cleveland's number one bistro/restaurant, and when they appeared dressed two hours later I knew I would never look at my two daughters as little girls again. Both had their hair up in styles I had never seen them in before, eyes and lips and cheeks made up exquisitely, a subtle, sexy perfume luring my olfactory senses, their bodies d****d in lovely silk dresses, their cut revealing a eye attracting cleavage, a hint of thigh exposed through artfully placed slits. "What happened to you two?" I muttered, as the two sashayed towards me. God, they don't have bras on, I noticed, completely astounded and overwhelmed by what faced me.

"Thanks for the compliment Dad!" she said sarcastically, "Not 'you ladies look beautiful tonight, it's going to be a pleasure to e****t Cleveland's most eligible young debutantes this evening.' No, 'what happened to you two' is your idea of a compliment," Sam carped, clearly enjoying my surprise and bewilderment. She then leaned over and kissed me on my cheek, her perfume further befuddling me.

"You look very handsome tonight Mr. Burns, that's a lovely suit you're wearing," sang Maria, also kissing me on the cheek.

"Oh God no," I protested. "Please don't tell me you two are going to start dating, going out with boys, dressing up, using perfume, parties, dancing, sex and d**gs. I don't think I'm ready for it," I said half joking. "No wonder you're parents went to Paris. Are you sure you don't want to put on some more clothes, some underwear for example."

"Daddy!" Sam hissed as the two grabbed my arms and led me out.

And we had a great night! We ate and drank and talked and danced and I found I had two interesting, fun, intelligent, beautiful women living with me and knew the next year would probably be the most interesting of my life. And I was stunned to realize I wanted to make love to both of them. As I danced with each in turn, their hard tipped breasts pushing insistently into my chest, I had to fight to keep my hands from caressing their firm rear ends, to keep my hardness from their innocent thighs, my lips, my tongue from their painted mouths. As we sat and the two moved and leaned across the table, continual flashes of full breasts greeted my eyes, the excitement their hard nipples demonstrated a compliment to an older man. We arrived home after two in the morning, all of us a bit giddy on the wine and excitement. Before leaving me for their attic penthouse, they each turned and gave me a hug and kiss, kisses full on my lips, a fleeting touch of tongue probing quickly through my lips.

Stripping rapidly in my room, I showered, stroking my throbbing shaft, but then sped out, knowing I had to watch the two girls before I slept. Slipping quietly into my secret nook I immediately spied young Maria, her dress already off, just a small, lacy, black thong covering her lush body. I watched rapt as she lowered the zipper on Sam's dress, and as the silk slipped over my daughter's breasts and then her golden bush I stroked my now rampant penis, the first stream of sperm itching to start its explosive voyage.

"Sam, you slut," cried Maria, "You didn't wear any panties!"

"Well excuse me," said Sam laughing, "like you're wearing a lot of clothes." As the two giggled, Sam stripped the silk thong from Maria's thighs, exposing a luxuriant, long black bush, a pubic covering thicker than I had ever imagined existed. "God, you're hairy M-C. Look at my little blond bush; you can see my pink lips, my clit through its light hair."

"That's because you're clits so long, you slut, I think you must have the longest nipples, the longest clit of any girl alive," exclaimed Maria, now giggling harder than ever. And as I watched, I couldn't help but notice how my daughter's nipples stood out. Her breasts weren't huge, but they were good sized, cone shaped and standing proudly out, her areoles small, almost boylike, her nipples thin but a good three quarters of an inch long, little erections waving in the wind, ready to lure in any passing male.

"Will you suck them," Sam begged, drawing Maria toward the bed. "It makes me so hot when you touch them, kiss them. Oh fuck, I'm so horny."

"Me to," whispered Maria. "I loved it tonight, all the men looking at us. I could see they all wanted me, to put their fat cocks in my little pussy. Oh and when your Dad danced with me, I felt his penis against me, he was hard, he tried to hide it but I felt it three or four times. He's sexy and I think your Daddies got a big one Sam. I'd like to see it some day."

"You liked Daddy? I've seen it you know. He swims sometimes early in the morning naked and I've seen it a couple of times. It wasn't hard though, it didn't look that big. But how would we know, neither of us have ever seen a hard cock. We're both going to have to find boyfriends this year s*s."

"I know my beautiful s****r. But for tonight let's just sl**p together in one bed and suck each others nipples."

I watched them for an hour, their hands, their mouths bringing little yips of pleasure from the other, the joy these teenagers felt bringing two explosions of sperm from my heavy shaft. As I lay in bed that night, still wondering how I had missed their passage into womanhood, I was secretly pleased that so far they hadn't lost their virginity. I knew my spying, sick or perverted as it may be, would allow me to follow their sexual journey, an adventure I knew I would revel in watching.

My days that fall were full, and I ended up constantly rushing from one thing to the next, my busyness allowing me to face life happily for the first time since Sybil's death. Working hard at the office, I was no longer the grouchy boss; I was again the respected leader. The sex drive I had rediscovered I satisfied by using the young bodies of two college girls I had found selling their bodies over the internet. Jill and Sue shared an apartment on the edge of campus, just a half mile (an easy walk) from my office, and I made an exclusive arrangement with them to service me during the weekday afternoons. Big sexy girls who loved fucking, they were perfect for me, happily doing whatever I wanted and enjoying it while getting paid. My evenings I spent with my daughters, trying to get home every night to have dinner with them. And then late at night, watching them secretly, either in my hidden niche or in my private study equipped with screens that could display images from all six cameras while my sound system delivered every sound in stereo.

And what I saw and heard! Yes I know it was wrong, even perverted, but any one who has slipped into a voyeuristic situation understands the lure, the addiction I fell into. While days earlier I had been stunned to realize how mature, how sexy the two had become, soon I realized how backwards they were for girls of their age and time. They were eighteen year old seniors in the internet era and yet were surprisingly naïve, still unkissed let alone made love to. I finally realized that the two girls, with no siblings and who spent hours each day studying and playing sports while going to an all-girls school just hadn't had any time or opportunity before for boys. But they had finally woken up to their bodies and now spent much of their hours before bed discussing sex and boys, and how to get some. That fall they started to attend the monthly dances 'Miss Prigg's' held in conjunction with some of the private boys prep schools in the area.

Watching their nightly rituals was a dirty old mans dream. All through September and October they only had each other to satisfy their hunger and so I spent hours watching them thrashing together in bed. Samantha was a screamer; just a few licks of Maria's tongue on her long nipples would set her off, the room shaking with her yells. I laughed contemplating the first boy who got her in bed; her shrieks might give him a heart attack. The two would spend minute after minute on the others breasts before finally curling into a soixante-neuf, burying their dancing tongues deep in burning, pink pussies, their hands firmly holding the others ass even harder as they rolled over and over in ecstasy. As the weeks passed their knowledge grew as they clearly were asking girlfriends for information as well as surfing the net. I had to laugh as they moved through screens showing sex in all its forms, read stories of every sexual desire. Always one of them would ask the other, 'is it possible?' or 'do you think that's really true?' or 'should we try that?'

Being the only male on the premises, almost the only male they knew, I often became the center of their talks, their speculation, even their interest. They wanted to see me naked and especially hard and naked, and they also wanted to know about my sex life. One night as I sat watching, Maria asked Sam, "Do you think your Dad's got a girlfriend, I mean he must go out with someone. I mean he's still pretty sexy for an old guy."

"He doesn't seem to ever date, he's almost always home at night. Unless he's doing it during the day I don't know what he's doing. Maybe he's got a problem, needs Viagra or something."

"I think we should spy on him," Maria finished, as I wondered what her reaction to my spying would be.

The two also started visiting me on Saturday and Sunday mornings, days I liked to sl**p in on. A least one day a weekend and often both, they would both appear at my bedside before nine a.m., dressed in little, thin nighties, nighties that showed off their charms very well but were just acceptable to wear in front of me. Often carrying a tray of coffee, toast and orange juice they would wake me while dropping onto the king size bed next to me. I quickly understood these trips were for three reasons, one, to display their bodies to a man; two, to see as much of a man's body as they could; and three, to ask me questions about sex while I was still dozy. Being able to hear their analysis of their trips to my room through my spying I was easily able to anticipate them and their desires.

I always slept naked and one of Sam's questions to me the first morning had been, "Daddy, do you sl**p naked or do you have pajama bottoms on?"

My sheet, already lowered to mid stomach, my chest bare, hid little, but I quickly lifted it five or six inches and peering down told them, "I always sl**p naked sweetie, how about you two?" Looking up I could see both their gazes centered on the edge of the sheet, now just above my pubic hair.

"We both sl**p in nighties, Mr. Burns, ones like these ones," Maria finally answered, leaning over so that most of her breasts were visible to me. "But we'd like to sl**p naked, the sheets are so soft, we but don't know if its okay, what others would think." Silently laughing to myself, knowing they spent most nights naked in each others arms, I told the two that most people enjoyed sl**ping naked and they should do what they liked.

One Sunday in late October as the two lounged on my bed, continually giving me glimpses of their bodies, Maria said, "You're lucky Mr. Burns, this bed is so big and comfortable. It's much larger than our twins." Lying back, stretching languorously, her nightie taut against her round breasts, she spread her knees widely before quickly clamping them shut, leaving an image of her black bush burned into the back of my eyes.

Having heard their plan the night before, I played along. "Oh if you girls want King Size beds I'll get Marg (my secretary) to order them this week."

"I don't think we'd have room for two," Sam quickly interposed, "But maybe one would be nice. We could share it, what do you think Maria?"

"But you girls wouldn't want to share a bed?"

Lying next to Maria, Sam stretched and said, "There's lots of room, can we try it Dad?"

After arguing the merits of having just one bed, I agreed, and ordered their new bed that same day, eager to see them naked in their big King Size bed.

A Saturday morning in mid November I awoke to a question from Sam, who couldn't help blushing as she asked, "Daddy, do you have a girlfriend? I never see you with a woman; I hope you're not worried about what I'd think. I just want to let you know I have no problem with you having sex at your age."

Fighting to keep a straight face, and while nodding my head slowly, I answered gravely, "Thank you Sam, but don't worry, your Dads been keeping pretty busy in that area."

"You have?" the two both almost shouted in unison.

"Yes thanks. And what about you two? I haven't seen many boys around the house. I want you both to know that if you have anything you want to tell me about your orientation I'll be here, I'll always love you no matter what your inclinations."

Later that night I heard their complaints, each one grousing. "He thinks we're lesbians, for gosh sake," cried Maria. "We want to see his dick and he thinks we're dikes. It's probably because he knows we're sharing a bed."

"Yeah, but who is he sl**ping with?" asked Sam, "I can't believe it. I'm going to go in tomorrow and get some details, I promise you that."

The next morning I rose early and watched them as they prepared for their visit. I could see Sam insisting to Maria that they both wear their sexiest nightgowns, thin ivory colored silk jobs, low cut over their breasts and riding high on their thighs, their areoles, nipples and pubic bushes easily visible through the thin fabric. I lay on my back, feigning sl**p, the sheet thrown to the side, my penis rising proudly from the dark hairs at its base, hard and pulsing in the air. The girls entered, Maria leading, carrying a tray with three large OJ's, followed closely by Sam. She was almost at my bedside before she saw my big erection, seeing it she screamed and came to an immediate stop, and as Sam banged into her back, the tray flew upwards, the orange juice splashing over me, Maria and the bed. Rising up, now truly surprised, I yelped, "What the fuck is going on?"

"Oh, Mr. Burns, I'm so sorry, oh gosh, please forgive me," Maria pled, as she grabbed the edge of the sheet and started to daub it over my penis, apparently trying to dry it.

"What are you doing Maria?" I thundered, my glee hidden behind a stern countenance. Mumbling and sputtering she rapidly backed away and out of the room, followed by Sam after she had taken a good look at my organ.

I immediately turned the camera monitors on, not wanting to miss a second of their conversation, the first words that came through were Sam's, "What did you do to Dad, you birdbrain?"

"He was asl**p when I went in, no sheet, his penis up, hard, oh you know, erect.....crikey, did you see it? It was bl**dy huge! Fuck! He's going to think I'm an idiot."

"What did you do with the sheet?"

"Oh darn, I was going to dry him off. I didn't even think, I just started rubbing it."

"You rubbed his penis? What do you have for a brain girl?" Sam ended, and then started to laugh wildly.

"What's so darn funny?" Maria asked. Sam answered by turning her friend so she faced the wall length mirror and seeing herself covered in orange, her sexiest nightie ruined, Maria couldn't help but join her. Sam then led her friend to the shower, and after stripping the clothes from Maria's body, slowly washed her, lathering every inch of the beautiful girl. The wash soon turned to caresses and kisses and I watched entranced for the next hour as the girls pleasured each other.

At their next school dance, the girls finally met some boys they liked and who liked them. At the dance there was a group of boys from St. Peter's, a local prep school, and after the party a group of the k**s ended up at one of Sam's classmate's house. Tom and Rick, two jocks from St. Peter's, became the objects of the girls first crush, and for a couple of weeks the boys were all they talked about. With Christmas approaching, the girls only had a chance for one date with the boys before everyone went their separate ways for the holidays. However, that one date was enough, for in the following nights watching them through the mirror I heard endless rehashes of their first kisses with a member of the opposite sex.

For Christmas, Maria was going to Paris to be with her parents, leaving the 16th and staying until the 26th before flying direct to Miami to join Sam and I at my condo on South Beach. The girls had been looking forward to the ten days we were going to be staying in the sun; they loved swimming in the ocean and were also hopeful that they would be able to party in the famous South Florida hotspots. As we set up on the beach the first day the girls were amazed at how many women were topless, and finally Sam turned to me and asked, "Daddy, what's going on? Isn't it against the law to bare your breasts like that? This is America isn't it?"

"This isn't Cleveland sweetie. A lot of these girls are European, it's normal for them."

"Is it OK for me to go topless?"

"Are you old enough to vote?" Seeing her quizzical look, I added, "If you're old enough to vote Sam, you're old enough to go topless."

"Yeah but I'm not old enough to have a drink in this country though," she finished, and then defiantly undid and threw off her bra top, her breasts proudly popping into view. A minute later, Maria shyly followed suit after asking me again if it was okay.

"Thank you girls," I laughed, "you've made my day."

"Please Mr. Burns, I'm nervous enough, don't make fun of us."

Lying between them, two perfect sets of tits glowing in the sun, erect nipples demonstrating their obvious excitement at this daring deed, I felt my penis start to stretch, and knew his impatience to take part. Both Sam and M-C knew I was watching them and were both proud of their sex appeal but unsure in my presence. Finally, I grabbed a tube of sun tan lotion and said, "Listen girls, I just have to warn you, I've been told by more than one girl that there's nothing worse than sunburned tits."

"Daddy!" Sam shrieked, as I squeezed a large gob of lotion from the tube and let it fall onto her left breast. Slowly I spread the white cream, rhythmically moving my fingers in a circular motion, cupping and squeezing, then pulling her incredible long nipple to its full length. Finishing the left, I moved my hand to her right, Sam hardly breathing as she watched my fingers move, but as I moved to her second long nipple and stretched it, I heard a loud involuntary gasp. Finishing I pretended to have not noticed her hunger but as I lay back I couldn't help saying, "Sammy, I've seen a lot of breasts in my life but I've never seen nipples like yours." Blushing a deep red, Sam rose and ran into the water, leaving Maria and I giggling at her discomfort. Then, with the tube of lotion still in hand, I turned to Maria and said, "You too lovely, we don't want those beauties burned."

"No, No, Mr. Burns, I can do it myself," she protested, reaching to take the tube from my hands, but I could sense her eagerness to feel a man touch her and so I squeezed a large dollop into my hand. Seeing it drop she lay back, her hands placed over her head, not only accepting me but showing me she was defenseless, that I could do as I wished. After looking and locating Sam, and seeing that she was well down the shoreline, I turned back to Maria, now eager for her to feel a real man's hands and fingers on her young body. She trembled at my first touch, her dark nipples seeming to double in thickness as my thumb and finger took the fat nub and squeezed and pulled. For minutes I worked her full breasts, and as my fingers moved we watched each other, our eyes locked together. Finally I moved my hands away and fell back, and as I did I heard a deep, guttural moan escape from her lips, and knew without looking that her bikini bottom now sported a large wet spot.

"You're the first Mr. Burns, the first man ever to touch my breasts. Gee, it's different than I thought, better than I imagined. Gosh, what's sex going to be like?"

"You know Maria Celeste; I think you're going to like it. You're going to find some nice prep school boy who'll make you very happy. Now, one other thing."

"Yes Mr. Burns?"

"Now that you've spilled orange juice all over my naked body and I've touched your lovely tits, isn't it time you stopped calling me Mr. Burns. How about Daddy or Handsome or Joe or Old Man, just no more Mr. Burns, okay sweetie?"

"Yes Mr. Bu......, sorry, gee, I don't know what else to call you. Hey Sam," she called, seeing Sam coming towards us, "What can I call your Dad, he says he's tired of Mr. Burns."

"If he keeps k**ding me I'm going to find you a new name for him all right, like assho...."

"Samantha!! Look I'm sorry honey," I said, standing and giving her a hug. "You know I love you sweetie, you and Maria are the two loveliest girls on this beach, and your nipples are perfect. Now if you promise to obey my rules I've got a present for you guys."

Blushing at my compliment she asked, "What rules? What present?"


Finally Maria said, "Okay, okay Mr. B, we promise, I'll vouch for Samantha."

"Okay, the rules are simple. One, you look out for each other; two, no d**gs; three, no driving with anyone who's being drinking; four, you've got cells, let me know if you're going to be late or going somewhere different; five, use your heads; six, stay together. Here," I finished, tossing each of them a plastic card.

"What is it? Oh God Daddy, where'd you get these? Are they legit?" she said, a huge grin covering her face.

"You didn't think I was going to spend all my vacation trying to amuse young girls did you? I have a social life you know," I said laughing, knowing that armed with ID's that showed them as 22 year olds they'd be able to party in the famous South Beach nightclubs. "Just don't take advantage of too many of these Latino boys."

The next day I had had a large breakfast, read the paper, called the office and spent an hour and a half on the beach before the two girls straggled down to join me around noon. Laughing at their appearance, I started to tease them, "Gee I thought you sophisticated Cleveland belles would be able to party all night, play all day. One night on South Beach and you look like death."

"Please Daddy, not today, oh am I tired, gosh my head hurts."


"It was ..... Oh..... just perfect..... just a little better than my best dream. Oh, the sexy boys, gosh tell him M-C."

"It definitely wasn't Cleveland Mr. B."

We spent the afternoon sunning and swimming, the girls clearly trying to rest up for that night's party. But as we lounged, I felt I had to ask them some questions. "Girls, you do understand about safe sex don't you? What condoms are all about?"

"Daddy!" "Mr. B!"

"I'm sorry girls; I just want to make sure 'Miss Priggs Academy' had a sex education course. You've heard about AIDS, you do know where babies come from?"

They quickly marched off, not willing to be further embarrassed by their Daddy and I was relieved, not having relished the idea of discussing the ABC's of sex with the two. However, before they left for the bars that night, I slipped a six pack of condoms in each of their purses, knowing they would discover them sometime during the evening. Better safe than sorry, I thought. Horny as hell, I went out around ten and after a drink picked up a Latina hooker in the bar. She took me to her apartment and quickly relieved me of 600 bucks and about a pint of sperm, easing the pressure my two topless teens had been building in me for three days.

As I entered the lobby of the condo at 1:25 am that morning I saw Maria sitting alone on a sofa, her cell phone at her ear. "What's up Maria? Where's Sam? You're home early."

"Oh gosh, its you Mr. B." After watching the clearly anxious girl for thirty seconds, she finally added, "I'm sorry sir, we got separated, I don't know where Sam is. Gee, you told us to stay together, what if Sam gets into trouble?" I quickly questioned the nervous teen, and after ascertaining Sam had been with a group of fairly respectable American university students, I led her upstairs telling her not to worry. "I'll stay up, Mr. B., I feel responsible for her."

"I'll stay up Maria, you need some sl**p, get to bed now."

She disappeared into her room but five minutes later I heard her call. Entering her dimly lit room I asked if she had called. "Yes sir, I wonder, would you tuck me in?"

"Of course sweetie," I said and sat down next to her on the bed. I saw she was naked, her sheet just covering her legs and stomach, her lovely breasts proudly in view. Lifting the sheet gently, covering her to her neck, I tucked it in around her and then said, "Can I tell you something?" and seeing her nod continued, "You are a beautiful girl Marie Celeste, and I'm so happy you're in Sam's and my life and I love you as much as anyone in the world." Kissing her tenderly on her cheeks and then lips, I stood and said, "Now get some sl**p, I'm waking you early tomorrow to take you to the beach, I know we can't count on Sam."

"Yes sir."

I entered Maria's room at nine thirty the next morning and found her sprawled face down and naked atop the sheets, her firm butt jutting up in invitation. "Wake up, sl**py head," I whispered in her ear, while giving her a gentle slap on her bum.

Slowly rousing, she finally saw me sitting next to her, but it took her seconds before she realized she was lying naked and that I had touched her ass. "Mr. Burns! What are you doing! I'm naked," she shrieked, moving away and curling into a ball.

"If you want to come to the beach with me you've got to get up now. Breakfast will be served in ten, so get your little butt into the shower," I said laughing. "We're going to a beach up the coast, about a half hour drive, so bring everything you need."

"What about Sam? When did she get in last night anyway?" she asked. As we both looked over at my sweet daughter sprawled across her bed, we knew she wouldn't be going anywhere for hours.

The beach I led Maria to an hour later was famous in South Florida. Just north of Miami Beach, across the causeway from the shops of Bal Harbour, Haulover Beach was clothing optional, a beautiful stretch of sand where nudists ruled. I hadn't warned Maria in advance, and as we stepped through the dune vegetation and emerged on the beach, I heard a sharp intake of breath from the young lass. "Oh, Mr. B, what is going on?" she finally gasped, "Everybody's naked. Oh gosh, look at that," she said pointing at two naked males', their equipment swinging freely, just yards away.

"Well Maria, you and Sam told me you hadn't ever really seen any naked men before, any penises, so I figured that it was time you did." Seeing her start to laugh I asked, "What's so funny?"

"Wait til Sam hears whats she missed. She is going to be major pissed off with you Mr. B."

After setting up our chairs, towels and umbrella somewhat apart from the main crowd, I stood and quickly stripped. Seeing the color that rose to Maria's cheeks and her obvious confusion as to where to look, I almost felt sorry for her, and wondered if she'd dare to strip. As I sat down and stretched on my towel, she finally asked, "Do I have to get naked too?"

"No honey, if you're not comfortable, just leave your suit on. Go for a walk, see whats out there."

"I think I'll sit here for a while sir," she said grinning. "I got to admit though, you got me today Mr. B, you really got me. I'll go topless, but I don't know about my bottoms." After sitting topless for about twenty minutes, watching the endless parade of swinging pricks, she turned and said, "Gee whiz sir, they come in all sizes, don't they? How much bigger do they get when they're hard anyway?" Knowing that once she started asking questions, I wouldn't get any rest, I jumped up and drew her down into the warm ocean waters. After frolicking in the waves, I took her hand and walked with her down the beach, giving her a chance to see and be seen by the hundreds of nudists present. When we got back to our towels, she bent and pulled her little bikini bottom off and then quickly flopped down on her stomach. Looking up at me she said, "Mr. B, just don't say anything, okay?"

As she lay quietly, hardly breathing, I took the tube of lotion and straddling her legs, started kneading the white cream into her smooth back. Trembling under me, she stayed silent as my fingers moved across her back. Her body jumped nearly six inches when my hands first touched her two rear cheeks but still she was mute, but a deep groan escaped her lips as I ran a finger back and forth along her crack and lightly felt her anal opening. As I caressed the lotion into her muscled thighs, she raised her hips off the ground and spread her knees wider, giving me a perfect view of her pink insides. Feeling the rush of bl**d to my shaft, I moved from her and lay on my stomach, my body, my head just inches from her. After minutes of silence she finally looked at me and asked, "Would you like me to do your back?"

Smiling I said, "I'm about to turn over M-C, could you do my front instead?"

She knew I was teasing and challenging her, but wasn't about to back down and let an old man get the best of her. "I'd love to Mr. B," she said and picked up the tube. Tentatively her hands moved over my chest, so lightly that hardly any cream was being spread. As she touched me her confidence grew and her movements became more assured. After finishing my chest and arms and stomach, she moved to my feet and started upwards. Watching her eyes, I could see the doubt and indecision she had about how she was going to take care of my cock and balls. Finally, with her eyes half closed, she lifted my sack and started to massage my balls.

"Gently Maria, very gently, a man's balls can be very sensitive honey," I told her as she increased the pressure on my balls, clearly interested in exploring. Then grasping my soft shaft in her small, cream covered palm, she slowly stroked up and down, a grin spreading across her face as I fattened and lengthened.

"Oh wow, that's neat," she exclaimed, "He looked so innocent before but gosh, look at him now, all red and big and hard. I think he likes me," she laughed. Knowing that if I didn't move out of her reach soon, I'd bath the little tease in a different white cream, one with no UVA protection, I rolled away from her now insistent grasp.

"That's fine thank you, I think you got me all covered now," I groaned.

"Do you want to do my front now Daddy B?" she asked, smiling broadly.

"Later honey, your Dads going to have a quick dip first," I answered as I rushed toward the waves, my big shaft swinging wildly as I ran. We spent the rest of the day tanning and swimming and touching, and I was constantly bombarded by questions from the curious Maria Celeste, most of which I tried to deflect, telling her to ask her Mom or Sam.

That evening, when Maria told Sam about our day at the beach, I thought my beautiful daughter was going to have a heart attack. "Why didn't you wake me," she wailed, "Can we go tomorrow?"

"I can't tomorrow, and New Years is Saturday night, so I don't know, maybe next Tuesday or Wednesday," I offered.

"But we're going home Wednesday night Dad. I want to go tomorrow," she said pouting.

"Why don't you get your Latino boyfriend to take you, what's his name, Juan?"

"Daddy! I can't believe you'd want me to go with a boy my age, it's indecent, what would Maria's Mom think if she heard you were encouraging your daughters to go on dates at nude beaches? C'mon Dad, get real!"

New Years Eve the girls insisted I e****t them for the evening, insisting they preferred me to the boys in the night clubs. At midnight, all of us having d***k too much, I kissed each of my girls, and unlike the night of their birthday, this time our kisses were long and tongue filled. As we danced they both felt my full hardness, learned how it felt to have a man's hands on their asses, his body grinding against them. We somehow got home around four in the morning, the more sober girls supporting their staggering old man. I stumbled as we approached my bed and lay half on, half off as the two stared at me. "C'mon M-C, we got to get his clothes off," sighed Samantha. After undoing first my shirt, then my shoes and socks, the girls finally grabbed my legs and struggling, pulled my slacks down, my shorts coming with them. "Look Maria, he's still hard."

"He smells too. We better get him in the shower. C'mon Sam, he'd do the same for us."

"Okay, okay. We better get naked if we're going to get in the shower. No point in ruining the dresses."

Though not sober, I was aware of their young bodies as they washed me, their soapy hands relentlessly moving over me, the three of us squeezed into the small cubicle. As Maria stood behind me, her breasts pressed into my back, she reached a hand around and caressed my chest while the other slid over my ass. Meanwhile, my innocent daughter facing me kissed one of my nipples as her soapy hands stroked my penis eagerly. Seeming unable to stop her hands, it was only Maria's cry of "Cripes Sam, that's enough! You're going to pull it off," that slowed her down, awakening her from her sexual reverie.

"I was just making sure it was clean Miss Molloy! Lets get him dried and into bed." After getting me comfortable, I could feel both of them on the bed, watching me, and could sense their excitement, a naked man so close. "I think I better stay Maria, Dad may need me tonight," Sam began, "Why don't you go to your room, I'm okay here."

As I felt Maria's soft body move in against me, she said, "It's probably best Sam if one of us is on each side of Daddy, we don't want him to fall out of bed." They were both giggling as Samantha took up her place on the other side of me, and my last memory of the night was hearing Sam's voice whispering to her friend, "It's so big. Do you think we could ever fit it in? Do you think Dad would mind if we touched it a bit?" I awoke the next morning, surprised to find the two naked teens curled over me, and wondered just what they got up to while I slept.

We went back to Haulover on Monday and it was impossible to control the two girls, Sam watching and commenting on every man that passed. "And you girls complain when men treat you as sex objects," I complained, but was ignored by my little daughters; they now knew what they wanted in life. As we ate a late dinner, on the front terrace of one of Collins Avenue's landmark restaurants, Sam ran on and on about the sights she had seen that day, but then surprised me by saying, "You know Dad, of all the bodies I saw today, all the pricks," (and each time my daughter said cock or prick that night, I cringed, quickly looking around me to see which of our fellow diners had heard), "you were the main man, you're pretty good for an old man. Isn't that right M-C?"

"Big Daddy is certainly big, Sam, as big as I saw," Maria said laughing, clearly enjoying my embarrassment.

We returned to Cleveland and soon settled back into a more normal life, with the girls spending long hours on their studies and preparations for the S.A.T. exams coming up in early March. Although excellent students and athletes, and already both having received various scholarship offers, they still wanted to excel and they were having a friendly competition to see who would get the highest marks at Miss Priggs. They each dated most weekends in January and February but from my secret spying knew neither had gone much beyond necking and petting. During those weeks they satisfied their sexual hunger in the arms of the other, although I still got my early morning visits peppered with questions about my sex life, an unending source of discussion between the two girls.

In mid March I decided to give the girls a glimpse of my sex life and organized a charade that I hoped they would fall for. I arranged for Jill, one of my college lovers to call the house when I was supposedly out, following a script I had given her. "Mr. Burns please," she started when Sam answered the phone in her room. Hearing I was out, she continued, "Oh, this is Jill, Jill Brown, his friend from the University. I wonder if you could give him a message for me. Could you please let him know I can't make the appointment tomorrow at 12:30? Tell Mr. B that something has come up that I can't get out of, but that I'd like to reschedule, either Wednesday or Thursday."

"Where would you like to meet Mr. Burns?" asked Sam, clearly intrigued by this obviously young girls call.

"Oh, either at my apartment or if he prefers, tell him I can come to his house. I'm free both afternoons."

"Does he have your number?"

"Yes Miss, he can call or e-mail me. Have you just started working for Mr. B? I don't recognize your voice, where's Marg today?"

"I'm just filling in today, Marg's sick," lied my devious daughter, "Can you give your e-mail so I'm sure we have it."

"Sure, its, and please make sure he gets back to me today."

I was hidden watching the girls when the call came and loved seeing the excitement it caused.

"Maria, some young hooker just called Daddy. I think she thought she was calling the office. I'm serious; yes she called to schedule a rendezvous., Christ what do you think she is? Turn on your computer, check out her site. She's trying to set up a date for Wednesday or Thursday."

As the two poured over the site, finally finding Coed Jill, available for discreet afternoon liaisons, their excitement grew. "I can't believe your Dad. Why's he using prostitutes? He's good looking enough to get a girl without paying. Listen Sam, we've got to stay home and watch him."

That night at dinner Sam casually told me that a Miss Brown called and that she wanted to reschedule. "I think she meant to call the office Dad, it didn't make much sense." Trying to heighten their curiosity I acted a little nervous and guilty, then excused myself, saying I had to make a call. I gave them a minute to reach an extension and then dialed Jill, who was waiting for the call.

"Jill, why did you call me at home?" I complained as soon as she answered the phone, "And how come you can't come tomorrow? God, I haven't touched your beautiful body in days."

"Sorry Mr. B., my sociology prof called me to a meeting and I can't afford to miss it. I'm already having enough trouble in the course. Can't we spend Wednesday together? I miss your big prick so much. Can I come to your house; I love it when you fuck me in front of those big windows in front of the lake."

I heard a soft gasp from Sam, who realized Jill was talking about her bed, a bed she had clearly already visited. "Sure honey," I finished, "I'll see you Wednesday at noon, make sure you're well rested, I'm feeling very horny."

Later I listened to the two as they discussed the call, Sam more upset that a hooker had been frolicking in her bed than the fact that I was using one. "God, M-C, I can't believe it, he's been screwing some little slut in our bed," she ranted, "Wait til I get hold of this bitch." I watched them testing several locations from which they could see the action, the two finally settling on a large cupboard with louvered doors, just feet from the bed. They even went so far as placing two beanbag chairs behind the doors, Sam saying, "Who knows, they might be at it for hours, we might as well be comfortable." The next day Sam went to the local spy store and bought a fancy camera, digital and small enough to hide, and spent the evening making sure it worked properly.

"Do you really think we should film your Dad," asked Maria finally.

"It's our room and we can do whatever we want," Sam replied, "Besides you want to see it as much as me."

Jill and I put on an inspired performance, the knowledge that the two teens were watching us an added inducement. Over a four hour period I came three times in Jill's soft pussy, once in her ass, once in her mouth and once over her breasts after tit fucking her. We employed a Kamu Sutra like number of positions, continually commenting aloud, almost giving the girls a running commentary as we fucked. After we finally finished, and I had e****ted the obviously sated coed to her car, I threw myself into the hot tub, trying to recover while eagerly anticipating watching the taped reaction of the girls. And I laughed later that night as I heard the girls rave; the performance clearly had amazed the youngsters. "She took it into her mouth, the whole thing, golly, did you see it Sam," Maria gasped. "God, how big do you think it is anyway?" "Fuck, I could never swallow something that big." "I think he came six times, six times!" "Ugh, she let him put it in her ass, it must have hurt," "She seemed to like it Sam. What a slut she was." "I think Daddy's too big for my cunt, but my ass, oh boy, neverrrr." "What do you think it tastes like anyway? That little bitch seemed to like it an awful lot." "Do you think she was acting, pretending to like Daddy? She's a pro." "Oh she liked it Sam, that slut has a job she definitely likes." "Oh fuck, I want a cock in me. If only he wasn't my Daddy." "We should go into his room some morning and give him a blow job," Maria said giggling. "I promise you M-C, I'm going to get laid soon. I think its time I slept with Tommy."

The comments and conversation went on for hours and when I finally went to bed I was happy, knowing that in the coming weeks and months the action from the girl's room would be interesting. Immediately their reaction to me changed. Although there had been a powerful sexual attraction between the girls and I for the past year, now it was changed as the two u*********sly fought to compete for my attention. Whenever one of them was in my presence, innocently she would touch me or rub against my body, pressing a firm breast into my arm or putting a hand on my arm or thigh to emphasize some point. It was like being in a room with two cats, purring loudly as they rubbed against your legs, demanding to be caressed. I could see their eyes continually drift downwards to my groin, my big penis they had seen easily master Jill, now a central part of their dream life. Before they had been just curious, now they knew the joy, the ecstasy a cock could deliver. On Saturdays and Sundays when they visited me in bed, I took to leaving my sheet loose, allowing their hungry eyes repeated looks at the sl**ping monster, and even from time to time leaving him fat and erect as we talked.

In late April, Maria surprised me, arriving home one night with a present for Sam. "What is it?" she asked, "How come you're giving me a present now? What's the occasion?" A girl who loved presents, she attacked the gift wrapping impatiently, and as I watched from my hiding place, was amazed to see her jump back when she saw what it was. "What the heck is.... My God M-C,.... Oh shit, you are bad s****r, very bad, what do you want me to do with this anyway."

As I watched the two, Sam's back to me and the present between them, I couldn't see at first what the commotion was about, but did see Maria bend down and open the box and offer the contents to Sam. "Try it on," she hissed, "I want to see you in it." As Sam finally accepted the gift and slipped her feet into it, watching from behind I thought it might be a fancy thong or edible panties but when she turned and faced the mirror, Maria smiling at her side, I gaped, stunned by the sight of a long plastic prick leaping outwards from my daughter's pussy.
"You slut," laughed Samantha, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

"I want you to take my virginity; I want you to fuck me with it."

"What, are you crazy? Why?"

"I've decided, I'm going to have sex with Rick soon, maybe next week. I want my first time with a man to be good, not to have to worry about pain. I want you to bust me."

"But Maria..."

"Please Sam, who else can do it," she begged and then moved her mouth to Sam's already hard nipple, knowing how hot her friend would become as her lips pulled insistently on one while her hand stroked the other.

"Oh stop you slut," wailed Sam as Maria moved her back towards the bed, pulling her reluctant friend down on top of her.

"Fuck me Sam, fuck your little s****r, c'mon give me your big prick," urged Maria, her fingers now clamped painfully to Sam's breasts.

"Oh, you bitch, that hurts," Sam cried, 'And then in anger rammed the penis deep inside her friend, yelling, "So, how do you like this."

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, oh fuck, oooooooohhhhhh God, oh Sam it hurts, stop, oh my God please stop."

Coming to her senses, Sam paused, the penis half in, half out of Maria's now distended lips, bl**d slowly seeping down Maria's legs, but then resumed a slow rhythmic stroke. "We have to finish sweetie, I can't stop now." Slowly Maria's groans of pain, her protest, were lost in a new feeling, a tingle of pleasure that started deep inside of her. As Sam recognized the new sounds, the little yips Maria had always made when her clit was sucked and her orgasm approached, she picked up the pace of her penetrations, smashing harder and deeper with each stroke, finally rewarded with Maria's final surrender, a long primeval scream of pleasure. Resting back against the wall, my huge ejaculation coating the glass in front of me, I watched the two teens on the bed, lying back now, panting, both obviously moved by their illicit, artificial coupling.

"Jesus H. Christ," finally exploded from the little Catholics mouth, "I just hope Rickie can fuck as good as you s****r."

"Are you OK honey?" Sam asked worriedly.

"Oh shit, I'm sore now. You're going to have to wait for a few days before you fuck me again Sam," Maria finished, laughing at her friend.

"Ha, ha, ha. If you keep that up I may make you eat it slut. How would you like to swallow my big cock baby," she said before the two of them tumbled into each others arms giggling almost maniacally.

In the weeks that followed, the new toy became the center of their games; so much so that I worried they'd never get around to men. First, a couple of days after Maria's deflowering, Sam lay back and let her friend pierce her, and my daughters screams of passion almost brought the walls down. When I asked the next day what all the noise had been the night before both teens turned crimson and stammered out some lame excuse. With a book of sexual positions in hand, they continued to explore their sexuality together, even finally working up to anal penetrations and attempts to swallow cock. As they lay in bed one night, exhausted by their play, Sam said, "You know Maria; this thing we've been using fills us pretty well, and its seven inches long. How big is Rick anyway, do you know?"

"He's six and a half inches. I asked him on Saturday. He pulled it out and I played with it for awhile. He's so horny; he wants it worse than I. He came almost before I touched it. We're going to do it next Friday night; his parents are going to be away. What about Tommy."

"I haven't seen it yet but I've touched it through his pants. I think he's smaller than this, I should be able to get him all inside my mouth," she finished giggling, and then brought the plastic prick to her open lips. "Maria, can you imagine if it was Daddy who was going to fuck us, with his big prick."

"I wouldn't be able to walk for a week. I think he'd split me in two. I still don't know how that hooker was able to take him all and like it so much."

"It'd be fun to try though, wouldn't it?" my sweet little teenage daughter said, a greedy smirk on her face. "In fact I think I'll go back to your store and get the bigger attachment for this next week," she finished, her tongue licking her top lip.

"Boy, my Mom would kill me if she knew what we were doing, what a little bitch you were to lead her poor little daughter astray."

It was Memorial Day Weekend when my two beautiful daughters got fucked for the first time, each succumbing to their boyfriends on the road so to speak, but of course I got a blow by blow description later as the two girls talked. They had been practicing and anticipating the big event so long that the actual lovemaking was somewhat anticlimactic and disappointing. "It was good," started Sam as she talked to Maria, "but it happened pretty quick, five or six thrusts and he was coming. For all his talk he didn't really know what he was doing."

"But he did it more than once didn't he?"

"Yeah he came three times on Saturday night, but once was when he was in my hand and I was licking him. I wanted to tell him what to do, you know, give him instructions, but he thinks he knows everything. How did it go with you and Ricky?"

"About the same, gosh I loved it when he was in me but he was too excited. Do you think we could send them copies of the movie we made of Dad?"

"I don't think those two are ever going to match what we saw Dad do. I think though I'll just stay with Tommy this summer and then when we're at Stanford next year we can go wild. Just imagine baby, two hot experienced Cleveland babes free in Californiaaa"..... The two had both accepted the offers that had come from Stanford the week before, wanting to play in their high level soccer program while going to the best school in the west. The news had hit me hard and coming on top of their deflowering I was at a loss. While wanting the best for my two loves, I finally had to face the prospect of living alone, the joy these two had given me now gone virtually forever. As the weeks passed and their departure approached, so did my lust for them, an a****l desire to have them before they left. All year I had fought the urge, the poisonous hunger they created in me, but had been unwilling to break the promise I had made to Maria's parents to protect her, or the taboo of i****t that my daughter made me wrestle with every day.

The third week of August, just ten days before the girls were to leave, we left Maria at home and Sam and I flew to New York for a last chance weekend shopping spree. It was only as we flew back towards Cleveland that I decided, I was going to have these two before they left, no matter the consequences. I was smiling as our taxi pulled up in front of the house, knowing I'd ride the nubile bodies of my two loves that night, having somehow overcome my unease at the enormity of the act. As my sweet Sam and I skipped up the front steps, neither of us knew it would be one of the last happy moments we would have for years. Just two envelopes, one addressed to Daddy, the other to Sam, but the contents devastating to us both. "I'm sorry but I can't go to Stanford with you my lovely, dear s****r," started Sam's, "I can't explain why to you easily, but I've decided to become a nun and am leaving today for the Motherhouse. I'll write more later, please forgive me, I love you so, Maria Celeste."

We of course immediately tried to find her, to contact her, but had no luck, and her Mother refused to tell us exactly where she was, only telling us that Maria couldn't talk to anyone for the first year of her studies, but that she had promised to send Sam a longer letter by Christmas. Sam finally agreed to go to school but I knew her heart wasn't in it, devastated as she was by the loss of her only friend. Sam got a longer letter just before Christmas but it really didn't add anything and we both moved through a now dull world, a world devoid of light. It was two years before she agreed to see us again, during a three day trip home to see her Mom, herself back in Cleveland for a quick visit. She saw Sam a couple of times and then came over to visit me for an hour on the last day before her departure. She was still beautiful, her long black hair cascading over her habit, but their was a sadness, a refusal to fully interact with us that was gut wrenching. After she left, Sam lay sobbing on my shoulder, her simple words, "Why Daddy, why is she so unhappy? She knows we love her so much."

And then this summer, just arranged weeks ago, an agreement to visit us for a week, and we hoped that perhaps this time we could somehow reach her. She had arrived last Saturday, the 12th and Sam and M-C had spent the following five days together, trying to rekindle their feelings for each other. Sam had been interning that summer for a big bank in Chicago, a company she hoped to work for after graduation, so when she was called on Thursday morning and requested to get back to Chicago a.s.a.p., she felt she had to go. After quickly explaining and apologizing to Maria, she packed but as I drove her to the airport, Sam talked, "Oh fuck, Daddy. Why won't she talk to me, Christ she refuses to explain, I know she wants to but she just won't. I know she likes sex, men, we've talked about it for years. Now she wears those stupid black things and prays. Shit, she could do so much with her life; she'd make a great mother." When we got to her terminal and just before jumping out of the car, she turned to me, gave me a quick kiss, told me she loved me and then added, "You know Dad, if I was a man, I tie her to the bed and fuck her until she begged for it, begged to be taken back into our f****y, begged to be my wife, god I love her so much, miss her so much." And as Sam walked from the car sobbing I decided that was just what I was going to do..........

...... "Noooooooooooooo, oh God, no, please not again, ooooooohhhhhh noooooo," exploded from Maria Celeste's lips as I rammed into her burning sheath, my cock a sword knifing into her centre. Hers cries, her sobs, her wails of desperation didn't break my resolve; I knew I had to finish this. Finally recognizing me she redoubled her efforts to break free, thrashing wildly, even manically to escape my thrusts. "Mr. B., I'm promised to God, don't do this, oh please stop, stop now, don't defile me, oh please." Relentlessly I worked her, intent on breaking her will, on making her body awaken to its true hunger. And of course her body did start to respond, her hips unbidden rose to meet my hard thrusts while her sweet cunt clamped on to me, unwilling to free me until I had spilled my seed, let her reach her orgasmic release. I lay on top of her, my cock still hard and embedded in her, and softly caressed her wet cheeks, wanting somehow to express my true love to her. "Get off, you bastard," she hissed, "you've had your fun, now get the fuck out of here, God, I hate you."

"Fuck you too, Maria, you don't think one quick fuck and off you go back to the fucking Motherhouse do you? You're not that bl**dy stupid. You're not leaving this bed until you talk to me, until you tell me why you decided one day to destroy Sam's life, my life. Oh, you're a fucking perfect little nun in your penguin suit, aren't you, bringing goodness to everyone in the world except the people who love you. Well honey, do you feel me, do you feel my big cock," I yelled, "You always wanted it, do you remember when you lay on my bed hoping to get a peek, or when you held it on the beach, your body trembling in desire." I covered her mouth with mine, her protests trapped, and slowly made love to her, making every pore on her body tingle, her body thrashing now in desire as we both came. And then I started again and this time her body was arched a foot off the bed when my sperm flooded into her.

As we lay panting, our bodies bathed in sweat, she started, her voice sad and hollow, "I left because I loved you and Sam, oh, I loved you both so much. I lay hurt and dirty, soiled in my very soul and thought of all the things I could do. I knew the nuns would help me, protect me, accept me........ I just felt so dirty, so lost.... No, don't say anything Mr. B., let me talk, just let me talk. The night you and Sam left for New York I went out with Rick, good old Rick... God, I don't want to cry when I tell this, I've cried enough already. We were in his basement, watching TV, Tom and two others came over..... we had a couple of beers and then ..... the four of them ****d me and beat the shit out of me......"

"I'll kill the bastards, I'll fucking kill them," a ferocious hate instantaneously born deep within me.

"That's why I left Mr. B., I knew you and Sam would actually kill them. If I stayed I knew I'd have to tell you, and I knew what you'd do. I hated them so much I would've helped. As much as I hated them, I couldn't take four lives, ruin your life."

"Oh sweetie, we could have helped you, we love you so much." We talked for hours, softly whispering, her tearful cheek lying on my chest, her body hugging mine. As dawn arrived I woke her with my lips, playfully sucking her dark, fat nipples.

"Oh you evil man," she said grinning while she stretched languorously, "I'd have thought an old man like you would only be able to do it once a week."

"Ha, ha, ha. You should know better. Don't you remember sitting for hours in that cupboard watching me, and then telling my lovely daughter, 'Oh Sam he's so big, he's so sexy, I could never take your Daddy, he'd split me in two'. How often did you and my daughter watch that film anyway?"

"You knew? You bastard, you set us up," she yelled and then pounded on my chest. Grabbing her hands and rolling her over I laughed and entered her, pinning her to the bed. "Gosh you fill me Sir, I never knew... You're big.... I feel you everywhere........ so fucking tight."

Smiling, happy at last, I fondled her hard clit as I pumped, knowing from a year of watching that her rising chorus of yips was a prelude to her orgasm. After withdrawing, I held my semi hard dripping cock and offered it to her, "Come here my little nun, taste me, suck your Daddy's fat prick, taste his spunk, swallow his seed."

Giggling, she licked him from stem to tip, savoring each white drop she found, and then popped his head in her mouth. As she licked and sucked I hardened, growing big against her tongue. Spitting him out for a second, she mumbled, "He's too big," and then took his head back in as her hand stroked the shaft insistently. She continued to milk me after I came, swallowing every drop. "Jesus, how did that slut, coed whatever her name was hooker ever get that whole thing in her mouth? I think I'm going to have to watch that movie again..."

"Then there's also your tight little bum my hot little nun," I said laughing.

"No way, no fucking way Daddy." Hours later as she lay in my arms she asked tentatively, even nervously, "What are we going to do, I mean the future, you know?"

"You mean after you quit the nuns. Or after you marry me. Or after you have my c***dren. Or do you really mean when am I going to get Sam, bring her back and both of us make wild love with her."

As a radiant smile broke out on her face, she shrieked "Oh Mr. B., you mean it! The three of us together! Oh, I love you. Have you ever slept with Sam," she asked, now clearly ecstatic.

"We've been waiting for you. Now pick up the phone and tell Sam you're leaving the nuns and moving in with me and then hang up. How long do you think it will take her to get back here anyway?" Laughing she dialed, spoke rapidly and dropped the phone back in the cradle. "OK Mr. B, I think we have little time, Chicago's quite a ways away, do you think you'll be able,"...... and moved her fingers to my already eager cock. I t had been six in the afternoon when we had called Sam and we figured she'd be in her car in fifteen minutes and in Cleveland by midnight at the latest. Wanting to be ready for Sam, I slept and woke refreshed at eleven, and then after putting clean silk sheets on her bed, I showered and shaved.

I was standing on the second floor landing when I saw the car lights slide across the front of the house, a towel around my waist, droplets of water still beaded on my body. She came in, disheveled, her hair uncombed, dressed just in t-shirt and jeans. Seeing me at the top of the stairs, she asked, the plea, the hope clear in her voice, "Is it true Daddy? Is she still here?" As she talked I let the towel fall and opened my arms. "Daddy, oh Daddy", she cried, and then kicked her sandals off, pulled her shirt over her head and started up towards me, working the zipper of her jeans as she came. Halfway up she impatiently stopped, kicked off her pants, and then rushed toward me, leaping the last four feet into my arms. "Where is she Daddy?"

"Later Sam, first it's just you and I," I said joyously, lifting her easily into my arms and carrying her toward her bed.

"You really want me Daddy? ..... I've always wanted you ....... Since Mommy died I wanted to come to you ......... I wanted to make love with you so bad ......I wanted to be your wife .....your little slut ..... God when I saw you naked I yearned for you in me ...... You're so handso.....

"Shhhh, sweetie, my little love," I whispered setting her gently on the bed, my hand cradling her head, our cheeks curling together. "Oh Sam, I love you so much, God I've loved you from the first second I saw you." The gentle meeting of our lips soon gave way to unashamed hunger, our tongues penetrating the other, interlocking in a dance of lust. Our hands moved easily, feeling, exploring, caressing, reading the body of the other, anticipating the others need.

In just minutes Samantha was writhing, the smell of her sex almost overpowering in the room, and finally pled, "Daddy please, pleassssssssse, I need you in me, now Daddy, now, oh Daddy fuck your daughter, make me your woman, your wife, your lover, put it in, I want to be filled.......

Kneeling between her legs I grabbed her smooth ass in my hands, and lifting her up as I plunged into her, I immediately felt her lubricated pussy welcoming me deep, stretching to accommodate my length, my thickness. "Oooooooooohhhh God yessssssssss," she yelled, just the beginning of a chorus of howls and screams and moans that rent the air as I moved to please her, to prove my manhood, to claim her love. Our first coupling was short, quickly consummated, but as we lay apart after, panting, our orgasmic juices dripping, we were both smiling idiotically, replete, completely satisfied. A second time I made love to her, this time slower, our orgasms coming slower, every nerve ending in my prick, her cunt tingling as we finally came.

Later, as we lay cuddling, whispering, joking, I lifted my fat prick, and asked, "Who you like to suck me honey, lick me?"

"No he's too big; I want you to fuck me again Daddy."

"Marie Celeste was able to swallow him honey, oh, she has wonderful lips."

"That slut nun! Where is she any way? M-C, M-C get in here you little bitch."

Quickly Maria appeared; sliding out from the secret passage she had been watching us from, naked and laughing. Leaping on top of her s****r, she grabbed her head and French kissed her, then sat back and grinning said, "You're calling me a slut and you're fucking your Daddy, my future husband? And your Daddy does taste yummy," she laughed as she grabbed me and popped me in her mouth. For the next ten minutes two little tongues, two sets of lips fought over my prick and balls, but when my sperm flooded out, they shared, and ended with their mouths locked together, white cream sliding down both their cheeks.

For hours we lay together, talking and laughing and loving, telling stories and secrets to each other, baring all our hopes and desires. Watching the two of them together in my bed, and knowing they would be my partners forever, it was a relief to know I'd never have to go looking for another woman, and that I'd only be sl**ping with people I truly loved, who truly loved me. I looked forward to taking their virgin butts. I could hardly wait for my babies these two would produce, c***dren we'd nurture together. I looked forward to my sweet Sam's long nipples in my mouth, engorged and full of milk for her baby and Daddy. In other words I welcomed the future......... but ........but there was something I knew I'd have to do, something I knew Sam would help me with, for after Maria Celeste had fallen asl**p, Sam, curled in my arms, had whispered as she fell asl**p, "Daddy, we're going to have to do something about those fucking r****ts, just you and me Daddy."

"Yes Sam, we'll definitely have to do something to those four," I promised.

The end

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