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House Party

This story will be short and to the point. Last weekend, the wife and I went to a house party of a friend's. We live in Montana and so there are plenty of isolated places in Montana our friend's house is out in the country so its pretty isolated there. There were about 10 different couples at the party and as all house parties go there was a bit of drinking and eating going out.

We had been there for about 3 hours when a friend of mine was spending a lot of time talking to my wife Trish. It seemed to me they were getting pretty friendly as well, smile. My wife came over to me and told me she was going outside to get some fresh air and she winked at me.

I knew right then and there, there was more to it then just going outside to get some fresh air. I was right when she went out John followed her. I waited for just a short bit and i went outside as well. Looking around I could see them standing behind John's car which was out away from the house a bit and hard to see from any where.

I was able to get behind a car to where i could see them pretty clearly. John was so interested in my wife he did not see me at all. John pressed my wife up against the trunk of his care and began to feel her up and kiss her. Trish then spotted me and made eye to eye contact with me.

It was not long and John had turned my wife around and pulled up her skirt and opened his pants. He took out his cock and began to fuck my wife very very slowly over the trunk of his car. I was rock hard watching. I had to take my cock out and stoke it, as i watched John fuck my wife. People started to come out of the house so John finished the job quickly and emptied his hot cum into my wife. The two of them straightened out and join the crowd as though nothing happened. I joined them as well and my wife just smiled at me.

till we got home and i was able to get some delightful sloppy seconds.

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