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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch14/P1)

Sir Thomas, The Red Knight, yelled to his crew to get underway. The crew scurried around the deck, releasing the ropes and soon The Sun Dragon was on it's way. The flames blew the big balloon to life, lifting the grand ship up into the clouds. Dorothy placed her hands on the rails watching the ground disappear. The land of Oz opened up to her eyes. It was night but even at night the countryside was beautiful. Sir Thomas walked up beside her.

"It's beautiful isn't it. Every time I take off Oz reminds me how special it is."

"I've been away for so long I forgot how magical it was."

"But something is on your mind Dorothy?"

"I should never have come back. If I had stayed in Kansas this would never have happened. It's my fault Leandra is as powerful as she is. I helped kill her mother and I was their when her father was overthrown."

"Its not your fault, it never was. Her mother tried to kill you, you had to defend yourself Dorothy. Her father was evil and would have controlled Oz like a tyrant. She would have done what she's doing now, with you here or not. Her plan all along is to kill Queen Ozma and rule Oz. You came back not to start this war your here to stop it. I might speak for myself but I'm glad your here with us."

"If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go to my chambers."

"Goodnight Dorothy."

Dorothy went below deck acknowledging the crew as she got to her room. She changed into a white night gown and sat on the edge of the bed. Looking out her window, the stars blanketing the pitch black sky. She got up from her bed and left, walking down the creaking hallway. She got to Sir Thomas door and opened it.

"Sir Thomas I'm so sorry for being rude with you. I didn't mea......oh im sorry."

Dorothy stood in the doorway looking at a naked Sir Thomas. He spun around at the sound of her voice. She turned her head away but not before she got glimpse of his sculpted body.

"My apologizes. I should have knocked. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for my manner on the deck."

"It's ok. Come in, I was just getting ready for bed."

"No its ok, I should back."

"Atleast share a glass of wine with me."

Dorothy walked in shutting the door behind her. Sir Thomas handed her a poured glass and raised his. "Here's to killing that bitch of a witch." Dorothy laughed and took a sip of wine. It slide down smooth like ice tea her Aunt would make on warm days.

He sat down in chair, taking another sip. Dorothy sat on the bed. She looked down as he sipped, staring at his cock. It dangled off the chair, almost inviting her to touch it. It was magnificent. It was the first black cock she had ever seen, thick and long. When she looked up, she realized she had been caught.

He said nothing but continued to drink, giving her a grin. Dorothy stood up and undid the strings infront of her gown. It slowly slide off, showing Sir Thomas her pale, curvy, full breasted body. He put his glass down and stood up. He walked over to her and leaned down giving a gentle kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her. The kiss this time was much more passionate. They slide their tongues into each others mouths. Their tongues explored, moving over one another, tasting each others saliva. Sir Thomas pulled away and laid down on the bed. Dorothy climb up on the bed after him, turning her body into a sixty-nine.

Sir Thomas looked up into her moist hairy bush, and proceeded to devour it. His tongue slide in with vigor, flicking up and down those wet lips. Dorothy moaned and returned the favor, grabbing his cock and pushing her mouth down it. Her mouth began to moisten his rock hard dick, pushing her mouth deeper with each inch she took. The two moaned, the tingle of pleasure flying up their spins. They both matched each other, as he eat away her pussy, Dorothy pumped her mouth on his rigid cock. Spit oozed out the corners of her mouth, spilling down the length of his cock to his rather large balls. She massaged his balls with her spit, feeling his cock leap in her mouth. Sir Thomas on the other hand, put his lips over her pussy and began to vacuum her juices into his wanting mouth. His mouth began to be coated with the nectar of Dorothy cunt.

She pulled her mouth off and stuck her tongue out. Slapping his cock on her tongue, precum flying out. She caught some and tasted it. It was just as good as the wine, even better. Sir Thomas pulled his cock away and kept Dorothy on her hands and knees. He got behind her and rubbed his tip on her pussy, teasing her

She looked back at him. "You know, this is my first time with a black man." Sir Thomas smiled. "It might be your first but it won't be your last." He pushed his cock head in, then shoved in, offering her pussy the rest. She moaned out, her hands gripping the sheets. He slapped her cheeks and began rocking his hips. He could feel her pussy trying to pull his cock in deeper, so he gave it to her. Plowing his whole dick into her.

"Oh fucking god Thomas, its so fucking deep." He stood up on his feet on the bed and mounting her, driving his cock in and out. He held her hips, fucking her pussy open around his big black cock. She spread her knees and his cock slide in more.

"Fuck me fuck me, make me take it all." She screamed, making Sir Thomas work up more of a sweat. He reached up with his right hand and pulled on her hair. Yanking her back, burying his cock in that pussy. He gave her a few more pumps, before he slide out. He leaned down and lapped up at her pussy. Her pussy was so wet it was making a pool on the bed. He sat back up and put his cock between her cheeks. He pulled her cheeks together and began dry humping her cheeks. His dark black cock sliding up and down between those pale white cheeks. Dorothy looked back over her shoulder enjoying the show. He pushed his cock through those cheeks and his cock popped out and exploded. Strings of cum shooting up into the air and all over her smooth back. He squeezed her cheeks around his cock and pulled his cock back. Squeezing the cum out his cock with her ass cheeks.

He emptied his cock on her back and sat back. Dorothy turned and placed her finger on his cock head, scooping up left over cum. She sucked it off her finger and swallowed.

"I want more."

Sir Thomas laughed and showed her his cock was still rock hard. "I want to give you more."

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