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The Date that changed our marriage Part 2

...The night air was musty and smelled of sex as my newly ordained SLUT WIFE was behaving like an absolute a****l, making sloppy wet sounds and moaning with that big cock in her mouth. She was mastering the art od throat fucking as she kept trying to get his dick deeper in her throat. He was slamming his cock so hard into my little wifes face that I could see his balls slapping into her chin and she was grabbing his ass and pulling him harder and faster with each thrust.In between thrusts I could hear her say " I need a big cock, I want this big cock in me... Honey, I want to fuck this gorgeous cock in front of you! I know you want me to be your slut wife! I know this is one of your fantasies. I am ready to be the slut that you want me to be! Oh my God! I want this cock so bad inside of me" Just then she got up out of the car and told me to get in the seat where she was sitting then she turned and lifted her dress as I was getting in the car. She turned to the guy and said " Go slowly, take it easy, It's bigger than anything I've ever had. I had my pants off completely now and sitting in the seat as she started to get ready to put my cock in her mouth I could see the guy stroking his cock with his spit and started rubbing the head on my wifes lips. Her legs were spread wide as she stood there with her high heels on and black silk stockings shining in the moon light. I could see the anticipation on her face as she tried to back up onto his dick.
Suddenly there was the sound of a door slamming and a light went on from across the lot. There was someone coming out of the restaurant and walking towards the car. I pannicked and said "SOMEONES COMING, GET IN THE CAR!"
I jumped over the center console as my wife jumped into the passenger seat. I told the guy " GET IN, HURRY UP AND CLOSE THE DOOR" I had the car started and in gear already, as the car door closed I was speeding off and out of the lot. As we pulled onto the road and drove away, we all laughed a nervous laugh and tried to regain our composure.
My wife said that she wanted to finish what we started. She said " I'm so fucking hot right now!" So she climbed into the back seat where the guy was. and she said as she grabbed his big cock " there you are I need to have you right now" I could hear her muffled moans and sloppy cock sucking taking place behind me. I then heard her say "OH YES!, PUT FOUR IN!" I turned around quickly and saw that the guy was fingering her pussy. He had three fingers in her and she wanted more. For that split second, I could see her eyes and knew that she was past that point again. She grabbed his wrist and started fucking his hand and trying to fit the four fingers in, she was a total slut and didnt care about anything but getting her pussy stuffed. I had a huge hardon again and was trying to concentrate on driving, but obviously, couldn't. I saw a hotel up on the right side of the highway coming up so I signaled to turn in and told them" I'm going to get a room for us." The smell of sex inside the car was so fucking hot. I could hear my wife starting to climax again as her breath was short and her moans were deep. I told them to get ready as we drove into the parking space. I got the rest of my clothes on and watched them straighten up.I told the guy to wait in the lobby as we check in. My wife and I walked to the front counter and she had a look on her face that was priceless. Her hair was a little messed and her make up was a little smeared. She just wreaked of SEX and anyone could tell, but that didnt matter anymore.
We got the room key and headed for the elevator and I signaled for the guy to follow. As we walked past him I put up four fingers, mouthing to him " fourth floor" we got in the elevator and he would come up on another one. My wife grabbed me after the door closed and she fell to her knees saying" You know you love this, well youre going to get what you really want tonight baby!" as she literally fell to her knees she undid my pants and searching for cock. As she started to pull my dick out of my pants I heard the "DING" of the elevator. It had stppoed and we were on the fourth floor. The door opened and there were two of the coolest looking, well dressed, dark skinned, tall black guys standing there looking as my wife was trying to get up and hide my dick behind her as she got up. The black guys were looking at my wife getting up and her dress was not covering both breasts, she tried to cover up but it was too late. Then looked at each other and then at me and said, "you guys look like you're having a good time" just then the other elevator door opened and "the guy" from the parking lot was standing there. He stepped out and tried to pretend that he didn't know us and started to walk away. I don't know what came over me but I felt this warm wave of pure lust come over me and I called out "Hey, it's okay these guys are cool, come back" The two guys introduced themselves, Jaz and Calvin were their names. The guy from the lot came back and he said "How ya doin?, I'm Dan" I asked Jaz and Calvin if they wanted to party with us. In a flash we were all headed to the room. I was shaking in anticipation as we walked. My wife was holding onto my arm and she looked back and smiled at the three men following us. We walked down the long corridor looking at each number on the doors. 415, 414, 413, 412, and I heard one the black guys say " look at that ass, we could have real fun here" finally room 411. "Here we go" I said as I inserted the key card. We walked in and saw how big the room was, actually a suite. The hotel was pretty booked so I had no choice. The room went straight to the large plate glass windows all the way at the end, there were floor to ceiling glass windows and you could see the cars and commotion down below very easily. I turned back and saw the guys had already open the bar and took out champagne, my wife's weakness. They poured out some cups and drank from the bottle as well, my wife guzzled her cup quick and took the bottle for another swig when I saw Jaz come up to her and lift her dress. Then Calvin followed and pulled down her dress top to expose her d cup breasts and long hard nipples. He caressed her tits and lightly pinched her nipples. Jaz was playing with her sopping wet pussy. Then I saw Dan taking off his pants and shirt, he walked over to us and just stood there watching along side me. We were amazed at the sight of these two black hunks totally engulfing my sweet little white wife. Next is the removal of clothing, all of the clothes came off at once, every bodys. This was all on display in front of that huge window while all the lights were on in the room . My wife loves to be an exhibitionist. She said "look honey, they can ALL see" referring to the people on the highway and the people on the street as well. Dan pulled up a chair and sat in it and started to stroke his cock. My wife wanted that cock again, I could hear her gasp as she bent over and grabbed it to put in her mouth. I remember hearing that lovely sound of her feminine moan as she swallowed that cock. At that point Jaz was hard as steel when I saw him walk up behind her saying " you gonna love this ride honey" He started to rub his huge black cock on my wife's pussy lips This made me hard as steel myself and I was just watching. I remember looking at his cock before he was hard and thinking to myself, " Oh my God, his cock is turning me on, it was just so big and so dark. He had a big swollen head and his balls were just as big swinging to and fro, neatly shaven I might add. Well, Calvin must have seen me salivating at the sight of that big cock because the next thing that happened would change me forever.
My wife had a big black cock rubbing up her slit and she was sucking a strangers cock in front of all the people below to see and the thing that turned me on the most was the thought of that black cock in my mouth. I've been with a guy before but we were k**s and I just remembered the sweet musky taste and smell of cock as it all came back to me in a flash. Calvin had a huge dick also and walked up to me and said" You like dick, don't you? You want to put that dick in your mouth boy, don't you? I couldn't say a word, I felt like I was totally busted. My wife was in the throws of passionate sex and didn't hear what was said. I was just dumbfounded and looked at Calvin and said nothing. He walked closer and said " hold it, hold my dick" and with said, I put my hand down and wrapped it around his huge black cock. It was smooth as silk and hard as a rock. I slowly stroked it as he said, "yeah, I knew you wanted it, come here" He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the bed where he sat down at the edge and told me to get on my knees. I did as I was told and fell to the floor. He was cupping his big balls and told me to open my mouth and take care of him. I was so fucking hard, I thought my cock was going to tear skin. I grabbed his big dick and put my open mouth to his balls and tried to take them into my mouth, but they wouldn't fit. I could only fit one and It was awesome, I rolled it around and stroked his dick while I did that. The he said " You re my bitch now and you'll do whatever I say, now suck my dick like the bitch you wannabe
' He was right, I discovered that I loved the smell, taste and feel of his cock. Before long, I was sucking on that bull like a slut. I even tried to swallow him down my throat, but it wasn't happening. He then stood up and told me to stay down. He told me to relax my throat muscles and calm down, and go slowly. He said that we have all night. I looked over at my wife and saw her ass in the air as she was throat fucking Dan. I wanted to do the same After a few attempts and some gagging I finally got the cock in a little deeper. He pulled and then went down deeper as he grabbed my head with both hands and held me there. I was gagging and drooling, spit, saliva whatever you want to call it was pouring from my mouth. He pulled out again and shoved it in a third time when I felt like something just opened up inside my throat, I was now getting face fucked. His big sweet smelling black balls were slamming on my chin as he fucked my face hard and fast. I was a total cock slut bitch, I could not believe what was happening to me but I did love it, I mean I really loved it. I didn't care what my wife thought either. As I was embarrassed a few seconds ago, worried what she might think. Well that all didn't matter now, she was a slut wife getting tucked by a stranger and I was sucking cock. HOLY SHIT !! This is amazing!, I thought. Dan was the first one to notice me sucking Calvin off and said, Wow dude, you guys are really hardcore! That's when my wife saw me and said Honey, you're a cock sucker!, but not in a negative way, she then slid her pussy away from Jaz and took Dan's cock away from her face and walked to me and said " You look amazing sucking this cock" and grabbed it from my mouth and took it into hers. She then told me that she wanted to put a little twist on it and turned to face the other guys and at once sat down on Calvin's cock. She got off his cock and told me to lick her pussy juice off his cock. I obviously did. I felt so sexual, so dominated, it was awesome.
Calvin then slid up on the bed so he was laying flat on his back and asked my wife if she wanted to sit on his dick. Before he finished asking she was already on his massive cock trying to stuff it in. I thought she was going to tear her pussy trying to squeeze that monster in. She told me to take care of Jaz's cock as Dan was fast approaching the bed. She did work that fat cock into her as she writhed in ecstasy and slowly went up and down, real slow to stretch her pussy. It didn't take long for her engulf that big dick it her little twat. Soon after Dan was on the bed and she was sucking him off again. Calvin told me to get my head between her legs and get her ass hole wet. I knew that would be a problem because my wife's ass hole has always been off limits. I hesitated and my wife said " "Come on put your tongue on my ass hole." Wow, ok!
I was licking her ass hole as she slid up and down his pole I watched as her pussy was being stretched in front of me. Calvin told me to get her ass loose and ready. I don't think my wife heard that or maybe it didn't matter because once I put my pinky into her ass hole I heard a deep groan as she pushed down on it . She was fucking a big black cock and I was fingering her asshole simultaneously. I pulled my pinky out and stuck my middle finger in my mouth to wet it. I then let some spit fall from my mouth and onto her hole. I slid the finger in. I don't even think she felt it, so I rammed my finger into her as she fucked Calvin. She was wriggling and breathing crazy when I saw Jazz come and told me to move out of the way. He wet his cock and stepped closer to my wife's ass as she was really fucking Calvin like a machine now. Jaz said that he wanted to play also, then he rubbed his dick head on her ass and she suddenly said "NO!!" Jazz didn't listen and Calvin just put his arms around her to keep her from getting off. When Jaz saw this he told her to relax and don't worry because she would like it. before you knew it his cock was popped into my wife ass as she screamed and said. "NO WAY not in my ass!" then he pushed in a little more and stayed there while Calvin held her down. She finally relaxed and said, not to do it again, but hadn't realized that it was still in her. She started to move up and down when she just gasped and shuddered with pain/ pleasure. She had a look of amazement on her face, and said "REALLY?, Oh my God, I have a cock in my ass!……, and one in my pussy too!…. at the same time! Holy Fuck Baby, this is great!, look at all this cock I have!!"I was jerking off while standing on the bed and I could see ALL the people walking on the sidewalk looking up at us waving and cheering…………more to come, still not finished!

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