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I started wanting my Mom just after my 18th birthday in my last year of high school. It happened when I became acutely aware of her legs while watching TV. I was sitting on the floor, leaning back on the couch with my legs stretched in front of me under the coffee table. Mom was sitting on the couch at the end closest to where Dad was reading in his Lazyboy. He did this every night and usually dozed off until Mom woke him and sent him up to bed. She would usually go up with him and change into her nightgown and housecoat before returning to watch a late movie and drink a little wine.

Our living room has two Lazyboy chairs with a love seat in between against the end wall of the house. My Dad sits in the one by the front window facing the TV, even though he rarely watches it. I'm relegated to the lazy boy in the corner but you can't see the TV from there so I often sit on the floor in front of my Mom because she likes to stretch her legs out along the sofa. For some reason, no one ever sits on the couch along front window.

Mom was wearing a loose pleated skirt, the type she favored, when she swung her legs over and put her feet on the edge of the coffee table beside my head. After a few minutes, she started fidgeting around.

"Where's the remote Tommy? My show's almost on."

"You had it. It's not on the table."

"Well, can you look for it? I've got the cat on my lap. Maybe it dropped on the floor."

"I don't see it," I said, turning around to see if it was beside her on the sofa. It's a good thing neither she or Dad could see me because I turned to look right up her skirt, straight at the back of her thighs, and I could see the bottom of her pale blue panties. I just stared, loving the 'S' curve of her leg as it dropped from just above her knees and thickened into her thighs. Her skin seemed so soft. Looking at the underside of a woman's thighs is still something I find intoxicating to this day.

"Well, can you see it?" she said, jolting me back into reality. "Umm, no, just a minute," I said, and made like I was looking around but all the time I was staring up her skirt. Then I spotted the remote; it had fallen on the floor in front of her.

"Oh, there it is," I said, "It's under your skirt." I have no idea why I said that, but I picked the remote up from the floor and snuck it under her legs, being careful not to touch her so she wouldn't realize that I had put it there. Belatedly, I glanced at my Dad, to make sure he hadn't seen me. He wasn't paying any attention to us at all.

"How did it get there?"

"I don't know."

"Well, can you give it to me?" she asked. I'm not sure why she didn't just reach around and get it herself, but she didn't. So I reached in and picked it up. I didn't need to but I purposely let the remote touch her, stroking up the bottom of her leg. She flinched slightly but didn't say anything. I handed the remote to her and turned back to my book. She reached down, tousled my hair and said, "Thanks sweetie."

I didn't say anything, but I casually reached up with my right hand and patted the inside of her left ankle in acknowledgement, and then just held onto it for a moment before rubbing it back and forth a few times, just a few inches. I was about to drop my hand, a little startled by what I'd done, when she spoke.

"That's nice, Tommy," she said as she switched the TV to her show and settled back to watch it. I put my book on the table and said I'd watch the show with her. I kept stroking the inside of her calf. "That's nice, dear," she said again. I stroked her leg the whole time the show was on. She didn't say anything further or react in any other way, but she didn't come back down to watch a movie that night.


When her show was on again two nights later, I sat in the same place. She sat in her usual place too, but she kept her legs on the couch to her side, behind me. I was really disappointed and afraid that she was mad at me for touching her leg the night before. But when the time came, she said "Oh, my show's on," swung her legs over and planted her feet on the table beside my head. After a few minutes I raised my hand and tentatively put it on her leg, rubbed it ever so gently and, like the previous night, she said, "That's nice, dear."

"What?" my Dad said, raising his eyes from his book. "Nothing dear," Mom replied and Dad quickly returned to his story.

I continued rubbing her leg, very slowly and gently. I was very pleased. By the end of the show, I had worked up to long, slow strokes from the bottom of her foot to her knee, back and forth, stopping to gently rub my thumb in a circular motion each time I got to the underside of her knee. Mom's legs parted as she let her left leg lean toward me. Once, Dad dropped his book in his lap and his head fell back in his chair. It startled Mom and she quickly pulled her leg back and I let my hand drop to my side. But her leg came back when he dozed off and I started stroking it again, and even started kneading her calf. Now I knew that Mom was letting me do something that she didn't think Dad would approve of. This made me quite excited and I got very hard.

After her show was over, Mom didn't wake Dad and I continued stroking her leg for another ten minutes until she finally woke him. I grabbed the remote and said I'd see if there were any good movies on since it was Thursday night. Mom said, "I don't know, I'm a little tired tonight."

Bummer! I thought she was enjoying our little game. I found a chick flick to put on anyway in case she did come down, one was about a f****y whose k** got sick and died. A real tear jerker. I waited but she didn't come. I was about to give up and go beat my meat when I heard her come downstairs and go into the kitchen. I called out that there was a good movie on. She came in the living room with a glass of wine in her hand, walked over in her housecoat and sat down where she had been. "Why don't you sit up on the couch or in your Dad's chair, Tommy? That can't be comfortable down there."

"No, I like it here," I insisted. We watched the movie for about fifteen minutes before she put her feet back on the table beside me. I didn't wait; I immediately started stroking her leg. When the first commercial came on, she asked me to get more wine from the kitchen. As she refilled her glass, I sat down and pulled her leg over to me, parting her thighs, almost with a sense of ownership. She didn't object. By the time she poured her third glass of wine, I had let my hand stray up above her knee to the soft under skin of her thigh. I was in heaven. She let me continue until my fingers got close to her pussy. Then she stirred uncomfortably so I quickly withdrew before she openly voiced an objection.

"Let me sit in between, Mom, so I can massage your other leg. It's probably tense too," I said, providing an innocent excuse for my ministrations.

"I don't know, Tommy."

"It'll feel good, Mom."

I ducked under and pulled her legs over my shoulders. She accepted the move and settled back to watch the movie. I started stroking both legs, and didn't move higher for quite a while. When I did I found it very awkward to get my hands high enough, and eventually swung my head back under to my former position but continued stroking both legs, turning half toward her to reach. This allowed me to watch what I was doing, and made me get very excited. Mom eventually noticed I wasn't watching the movie anymore and started to close her legs. I gently but firmly pushed them back open, wider than they had been, and started shorter strokes, just on the inside of her thighs now, getting close to her pussy.

"You're being a bad boy, Tommy. What do you think your father would do if he saw you?"

"He never pays attention to your legs, and they deserve it. You're really pretty, Mom. I don't know why Dad ignores you so much."

"He works very hard, and he gets tired."

"Well, I like looking at you. I don't see anything wrong with that."

"I suppose so. But don't go too far, and don't let your father notice. If he sees you looking like that, this will stop. Understand?"

"OK. I won't Mom". She laid back in the couch, ignoring the movie, which was ending anyway, and closed her eyes. I moved my hand straight up and starting stroking in the hollow of her thighs at the top of her legs, right next to her pussy. "You're incorrigible," she said, but she let me do it. I didn't go any farther, afraid to lose this intimate gift. I didn't venture to touch her pussy, but she let me stroke all around it. I was almost scratching, tugging the skin away from her pussy. And that's how I kept touching her until she went up to bed. It seemed to me was walking unsteadily.


The next night I was late getting home and Mom had already started watching her show. Dad was reading some papers from work, and was rustling around. Mom looked annoyed with him. She was already in her night clothes. The robe was undone and the silky material of her nightgown nestled revealingly over her small tits. I could plainly see her nipples through the thin material.

"Come and watch my show with me, sweetheart. Your Dad's working again," she said in a definitely put-out tone of voice. He didn't react at all.

"Just a minute," I said, and retrieved a small comforter from the hall closet. "Here Mom," I said, spreading the blanket over her legs, "It's a bit chilly, tonight." She gave me a funny look as I sat on the floor before her. She raised her feet and planted them on the table, and as I turned toward her I could see that the blanket blocked Dad's view of me. I reached up under the blanket and ran my hand up the underside of her closed thighs a few times, and then pulled her legs apart. Then I sat back and started to watch the show, stroking my right hand up the inside of her left leg, crossing at the knee, and then down the inside of her right leg, then returning to repeat the whole process.

At some point, not on purpose, I started the crossover at the top of her thighs rather than at her knee. When I realized what I was doing, I couldn't help but start edging my hand closer and closer to her pussy. Eventually, when I crossed my hand over, I brushed my knuckles across the front of her panties, ever so lightly. She reached down and grabbed my hair, and then relaxed. I wasn't sure if this was a good or a bad sign, so I did it again on the way back. She clenched my hair tightly, and hissed, "Tommy!"

So I didn't do it again for a couple of minutes but then, defiantly, I did it again. She immediately clenched my hair again, but she didn't say anything. So I did it again every third pass and, when she didn't object, every second, and soon, every time. Soon I was dragging my fingers across her pussy, instead of lightly brushing it, and lingering every few passes. Then I just kept the backs of my fingers on her pussy, rocking my knuckles in it, kneading her mound. I arched my big finger and pressed the knuckle into her panties as far as I could, in the crevice of her cunt. She kept clutching my hair, her grip pulsing in a quickening pace. It dawned on me that my mother was starting to orgasm. An incredible feeling washed over me. I quickened my pace hoping to make her come. It wasn't long before she gripped my hair hard, almost pulling my hair out, and closed her legs tightly on my hand, making it wet from her soaked panties. She collapsed back, and then quickly looked over at my Dad, who was oblivious to it all.

Then she looked down at me sitting at her feet. I thought she might be really furious, but she wasn't. Her face was flushed, and she had an odd look on her face. We had just shared a very erotic experience, my first, with someone else sitting right next to us who didn't even know it had happened. It was a special thing just between us. I liked the feeling and the way she was looking at me. Afraid it might end, I felt I needed to keep control. I had pulled my hand away when she came and glanced at my Dad. Now, I slipped my left hand back between her legs, pushed it right up and cupped her pussy, possessively. I leaned my head down on the couch beside her blanket-covered legs and whispered, very quietly, mouthing the words clearly, "Show ... me ... your ... tits."

She shook her head, slowly, from side to side, "No."

"Yes." ... "No." ... Yes!" .... "no." ... "YEESSS!"

No response.

"Go ... to ... the ... kitchen."

Incredibly, she got up and walked to the kitchen. "I'm getting some wine. Did you want some tea, Harold?"

Dad of course, didn't answer but I got up, "I'll make us a snack, Mom," and followed her out of my father's sight. When I got to the kitchen she was leaning back against the counter. She didn't move to put the kettle on. Her robe was open and a damp spot was evident over her crotch. I moved directly to her and started pulling the laces apart that kept her nightgown closed over her chest.

"There's nothing there to look at," she said in a hoarse and excited voice.

She had to be k**ding. So many women think guys are gaga for big tits. Hers were fantastic little pears with a little sag and long, very erect nipples riding high and poking up. I closed my hand around each tit and circled each nipple between thumb and forefinger, gently tugging them up with a slight squeeze.

"Stop it Tommy. That's enough! Your father could walk in any minute. Now quit it," she said, pushing me away. I lost hold of her tits, but she didn't close her nightie, and I kept looking. Her nipples were really hard, and stood way up.

"OK, Mom but I still want to look at you. You're beautiful and it makes me feel really good," I said, trying to salvage something.

There was a long pause. "It's not right."

"C'mon Mom. I love you." I leaned in and kissed her on her forehead, then her cheeks and up to her eyes. "I love you, Mom. C'mon."

"Well, maybe. We'll see. But not too far, not like tonight. Now be a sweetie and put the kettle on before your Dad gets up." She closed her robe and cinched the belt around her.

I'd won. I'd kept her from freaking out and cutting me off completely.

However, Mom wouldn't put her feet on the table after that if I was sitting on the floor in front of her and nothing else happened for two weeks. But she still tousled my hair whenever she walked by me, and she hugged me a lot, as if she needed to re-establish our mother/son relationship. I didn't try to grope her or anything. And she began to relax, letting me hug her longer and longer, even kiss her neck. Once I pulled up and quickly kissed her on her lips. She tensed up but let it pass. I took this as tacit permission and started kissing her on her mouth every time we hugged, briefly at first, but eventually I was enjoying long kisses. I never tried to put my tongue in her mouth or anything but I worked her lips as much as I could, and she seemed to enjoy it. She also liked being nibbled in the hollow of her neck. I loved it. What a fantastic game.

If I moved in small steps, I realized I could keep pushing the envelope. I praised her whenever she wore something that showed her figure or made her secret parts more available. It wasn't long before she almost always wore sleeveless blouses or dresses. She had wonderful arms, soft, neither fat nor too muscled. And skirts or dresses that showed her bare legs were great. I hated nylons, pantyhose, and pants. I preferred loose skirts or dresses that fell just above the knee, that swirled about her legs, and that could fall high up her thighs if she was in a mood to tease me with the odd peek, like when she'd tuck her feet up to her bottom when reading a book on the sofa, or doing her toenails when I was nearby. Once, she even asked me to paint her nails for her. As long as I'd been good, she'd treat me. I was constantly aware of her, and I think she liked it.

Seven weeks after making my Mom come she hadn't let me see or touch her tits, or rub her legs or pussy again. But I was regularly kissing her several times a day and she'd let me brush her breasts outside her blouse and sometimes slide my hands down onto her ass, as long as I didn't linger. Sometimes she'd get lost in what we were doing and I would take advantage, tipping her head back as I worked her lips, or grinding my boner into her. Oh, yes, she had started letting me do that a little over a week ago. But she would only let me do anything if my Dad was in the house, or would be home within a few minutes. It was almost as if she was relying on his presence or imminent arrival to keep me in check. It was time to start pushing harder.


One night, I came down from the shower in my running shorts, drying my hair with a towel. She was watching TV but seemed bored, flipping the channels. I bounced down on the couch at the opposite end and said, "Why don't you read instead of watching TV, Mom? You watch it too much."

"I know, but I don't have anything good to read."

"I've got a book you might like. Try this." I tossed her a book.

"Oh" she said. "What's it about? Running?" She swung her feet up and stretched them out toward me.

"Have a look," I said, taking her bare feet and pushing them back toward her so her knees were bent high in my favorite position letting me see the backs of her thighs. She gave me an exasperated little look as if to say, 'OK a little bit naughty, but keep it reigned in'. Perhaps she felt safe because I was up on couch, not partly out of sight on the floor, and the pleated skirt she had on was long, sweeping almost down to her ankles.

I held onto to her feet as she started to read the book I had handed her. I could see her surprised expression as she read the story line on the back cover. It wasn't quite the romantic, chick book it appeared to be at first glance. It was a little different. It was a romantic story about a mother and son. She glanced at me again, reproachfully, but started to read. A few minutes later, while she was engrossed, I gently pulled her feet apart a little, pushed mine between and spread her legs wide, affording me a open view under her skirt. She gave me another reproachful glance but quickly turned back to the book. I was thrilled. I was being allowed to play again.

I slid my bare feet forward until they rested at the bottom of Mom's thighs where they widened out to form the cheeks of her ass. She didn't react. I applied very slight outward pressure to put a strain on her pussy lips, hopefully stretching them apart under her panties. Subtly, I moved my feet slowly in and apart. Eventually, I could tell she had come to the first seduction scene, where the son starts to casually expose his cock to his mother. He did this when his father was in the same room, much as I had fondled her pussy with my Dad sitting in the next chair. Her breathing shortened. I slipped my right foot down and to the left, firmly pressing it directly onto her pussy. I held her feet so she couldn't pull them away but she didn't even try. If anything, I think I felt her push her cunt against my foot and even rub against my sole. Soon she was definitely rubbing against my foot while I struggled to get the toes of my left foot under the leg of her panties. I finally managed to get it in and pushed my big toe into her cunt lips. I couldn't move much but I managed to wiggle my toe around in the crevice of her pussy. Before long I felt her legs tighten. Her fluid washed over my foot and she sagged back into the couch.

When she moved to look at me past her leg, her eyes widened. She looked quickly over her shoulder at Dad. Hidden from Dad behind her raised knees, I had pulled my cock out of my shorts. Her expression turned angry but she looked back at my cock. I looked her in the eye, and slowly moved it around for her. "Go to the kitchen," I mouthed. "No way," she emphatically mouthed back.

There was no way I was going to wait another seven weeks before touching her. The very next day, at breakfast, I made my move. My father was reading the newspaper and when she brought some juice to the table, standing beside me while filling glasses, I put my right hand behind her and grasped the inside of her left thigh. She was startled, but didn't move away and Dad didn't notice. That was all I was going to do, but then I starting bunching her dress up in my hand until I could reach under the hem and slide my hand up to her ass, sliding my fingers between her legs, reaching for her pussy. She finished pouring my glass without spilling a drop and then, amazingly, she leaned forward across the table and started to pour Dad's, but very slowly. I quickly took advantage, rubbing my fingers back and forth under her pussy and ass. When she straightened up I reached up and dragged her panties down over her ass, enough for me to slip my hand inside and down to touch her bare pussy. I pressed my thumb between her ass cheeks.

Dad looked up. I froze, but he couldn't see what I was doing. Mom remained calm. "Would you like some coffee too Harold?" He nodded and went back to his paper. She went and retrieved the coffee pot, and leaned right into me when she came back to the table. I slipped my hand back under her dress and quickly regained my position under her ass. Her panties were far lower on her legs giving me free and open access to her pussy. Had she scrunched them down while getting the coffee?

She was wet. I pushed two fingers in her cunt while she fiddled with the coffee pot, and ground my knuckles in a twisting motion several times before she leaned forward to pour my Dad's coffee. I pressed my thumb against her little rosebud and tried to push it in. She jumped a little, spilling the coffee and quickly walked away to the sink. My breakfast adventure was over.

I tried to act sick and stay home but she insisted that Dad give me a ride to school. I could hardly wait to get home. She wasn't there but she'd clearly been looking through my room for the book. She didn't come home until after Dad arrived. He went to his chair to watch the news and I headed straight for the kitchen to hang with Mom while she made dinner. But she wouldn't let me near her.

I retreated to my room, put my pajamas on and returned to the kitchen with the book in hand. Mom had dinner under control and was just waiting for things to cook. I sat down at the kitchen table and started to read the book, at the part where the son first took his Mom in the kitchen while his Dad was watching a football game. When she saw what I was reading, she came over and looked over my shoulder, reading along. I pushed the book further out into the middle of the table, and she leaned forward to read it. I pushed my chair back, reached over, and pulled her so she was standing in front of my chair.

I kept my hands on the outside of her thighs over her skirt, but didn't do anything else for several minutes. When she turned the page in the middle of the seduction scene, I reached down and pulled her dress up, baring her backside. I pulled her panties down until they were close to her knees. Still no reaction so I reached around the front of her thighs and plunged both hands in between her legs beside her pussy. Pulling her legs apart, I used my fingers to pull her cuntlips open. Holding them with my index fingers, I used my middle fingers to gently poke in and out of her cunt, alternating with a poke into her hole with one and a slide up and down her slit with the other.

I kissed her cheeks and then stood up, pressing my cock against her ass. She started to push back against my cock while I fingered her. The potatoes were boiling furiously! As she started to come I pushed her forward onto the table, her face right on the book, leaned on her back and hunched my cock against her ass. Shove, shove, shove. I burst against her, in my pants, and collapsed on her back. After a moment, I went to look after the potatoes which were boiling over on the stove. When I turned back she was gone, and so was the book.

Dinner was a quiet affair, neither my Mother or I speaking. My father was surprisingly animated, going on and on about his upcoming trip to secure a big contract. Mom and I just nodded along, not looking at him or each other. I mentioned that I'd rented one of my Mom's favorite movies but she said she wanted to get to bed early. Strangely, my father insisted she stay up because he needed to get a good night's sl**p, that she should get changed right after dinner and maybe even sl**p in the guest room. Inexplicably, he was pushing her right into my waiting arms, and eager cock.

We all went upstairs after dinner. My parents to their room and me to mine. But I went back to their room when I heard my Dad go into their bathroom. Mom was standing by the bed with her blouse open and her skirt unzipped at the back. I lounged in the doorway and watched. "Keep going," I said.

"Get out of here!" she shot back. "You're not doing anything else tonight. And you're certainly not going to watch me get undressed."

"All right, but when you come downstairs don't wear any panties."

"Don't you talk to me like that. I'm your mother!"

Her vehemence crushed me, and it showed on my face. "Oh, Mom, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me," I said as I walked over to her.

For some reason, it was suddenly OK for me to be there while she was partly undressed, and to even take her into my arms and hug her. She hugged me back, and I could feel the tension leave her. "We're all a little tense. We've just GOT to get back to normal, sweetie," she said.

"OK, Mom. Let's just watch a movie together."

"Alright, but no funny business. Just a movie."

"Absolutely, Mom." I hugged her to me but took the opportunity to gaze down at her pert little tits. God I wanted to fuck her. And after an hour or so of being good, maybe I'd get the chance.

When Mom came down there was a full glass of wine and a bottle waiting on the table at her end of the love seat. I was sitting at the other end. When she sat down, I immediately started the movie, put a pillow between us and leaned against her. No attempt to look up her nightgown, or fondle her legs. Just an innocent movie experience.

Of course, she eventually got a stiff hip, twisted around from her side to put her back more squarely into the end of the sofa and took the pillow from between us to put behind her back. I nestled in between her legs and laid my head on its side on her stomach, intently watching the movie all along. But that's not where my attention was. I changed position a few times, gradually moving down farther until my head was on her lower tummy and my right shoulder was between her thighs nestled right below her crotch. She had her hand down over the side of my head, absently toying with my hair and my neck. I kept making little adjustments in my posture, supposedly to get comfortable, but always bumping, or scr****g or rubbing her tummy with my head or pushing against the top of her thighs with my shoulder. I also managed to get my right hand under her right leg, up against the cheek of her ass with the thumb splayed up between her legs toward her pussy.

It suddenly dawned on me that I couldn't feel any panty line. I rubbed my chin against her, searching for the telltale ridge of a panty elastic, but I couldn't feel one.


"What Mom?"

"Be good."

"I am Mom. I'm just trying to get comfortable. My face is itchy." As I said this, I rubbed my chin into her lower tummy, very close to her mound. She seemed to accept this, so every few minutes I rubbed my chin against her, lower and lower, until I was actually rubbing it against the top of her pussy. My jaws were getting sore, I was chewing so much. I worked my hand further under her ass, so that my thumb could easily nestle in the crevice between her thighs along the line between her pussy and her ass. I started to move it gently from side to side. I had worked my right leg under her knee, and my cock, hard as a rock, was pressed against her calf.

She slowly raised her knees up. I raised my head to make room. Her nightie slipped down her leg, laying her bare to her hip. I lowered my head to get my chin back against her pussy. There wasn't room to lay it sideways between the V of her legs, so I turned my face down. I was looking right at her bare, shaven pussy!

I lowered my head and engulfed it in my mouth. I slipped my tongue into her and started to gently lap her like the extremely grateful puppy I was. "Tommy ... oh ... Tommy". I licked her for several minutes and then, with no need for further pretense, I pulled her down farther into the couch, raised myself up and pushed her thighs back against her little tits. I pushed my nose and mouth back into her. Several moments later, I pulled up and lewdly spread her legs wide. She was looking up at me in super flushed excitement.

"No more saying no, Mom." And I dove back in. Minutes later she came really hard, and the wash I got this time made the others seem like a trickle.

I grabbed her ankles and twisted her around until she was in front of me in the doggie position. "Put your head right down into the couch." She did, lifting her beautiful little pear shaped ass up toward me. I used my thumbs to spread her cheeks, pulling her rosebud into an open little hole. I slid my thumbs down and pulled her lips apart, opening her cunt. I scrunched forward, pressing my cock to her and slid it in. I fucked her slowly for several minutes, every once in a while pushing hard and holding it in, then got up onto my feet on the couch and really started to shove it to her.

Slam, slam, slam, hard press and grind, slam, slam, slam ... increasing my pace to a furious rate until I came, gushing my load into her. I slumped back on my knees pulling her with me, grasped a handful of her shoulder length hair and tugged back until her head was pulled up like a thoroughbred horse. Fuck she looked gorgeous. I ground my cock into her and found to my surprise that I was staying hard. I kept hold of her hair and slammed up into her, pounding furiously until I came again.

I pulled out and stood up and she collapsed forward onto the couch. Looking down at her I said, "I'm going to fuck you again tomorrow, before Dad goes to work and again when I get home from school so don't wear any panties." I left her there and went upstairs to bed.


My parents bedroom door was open the next morning when I got up. I could hear their shower running. I went downstairs to the kitchen. Mom was making breakfast. When I came in she turned and said, "Don't you even think about it. Your Dad will be down any minute."

I started toward her. She picked up a knife. I ignored it and walked right to her, put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees and then further until she was squatting on her haunches. She still held the knife limply in her hand. I grasped her chin and tilted her face up to look at me. Her eyes were closed. I fished my cock out of my pajamas and pressed it down against her lips. She wouldn't open her mouth. I slid my cock around on her face and again pressed it to her lips.

"Dad will be down soon," I said, and pushed harder. Her mouth opened and my cock slid in. I held it there for a minute, then started to slowly fuck her face. I pushed it in far and even though I'm not big, she gagged and coughed drool onto my cock, making it very slippery. "That's right, let me slip it in, let me fuck your mouth". I started sliding it back and forth fast, then slow. Every so often I held it in deep, forcing her to gag and cough more drool onto my cock. I'd pull out and rub it around on her face, then feed it back in. I came, pulling out just soon enough to spurt some onto her face. I'd marked her.

I heard my father's steps coming down the stairs so I stuffed my cock back in my pajamas and went to sit at the table. When Dad came in, Mom had her head in the sink. I thought she was getting sick but she was just washing my spunk off her face.

Of course, she insisted that Dad drive me to school. But I dallied at the door and while he was getting the car out of the garage, I slipped my hand up her skirt and fingered her by the open doorway. She hadn't worn panties.


Mom wasn't there when I got home from school and didn't arrive until after Dad got home. Same old trick. That night, while Dad was dozing in his chair, I dropped a blanket on her lap and sat down in front of her. "Well?" I said when she didn't move. She swung her legs off the sofa and put her feet on the table. I reached up and started to manipulate her pussy. She was wet. I pulled down on her legs urging her to bring her ass forward to the edge of the sofa. I pushed several fingers into her until the wide part of my hand was twisting in her cunt. I worked her for several minutes like this. Then I twisted around and lifted my left hand up, palming its contents into my right hand, before putting it back near her cunt. Carefully, I slipped my vaseline-covered middle fingertip into her little hole. She stiffened right up but I kept working my finger in while I gently massaged her pussy with my other hand. After a few minutes she relaxed and I slowly worked my finger further in, then started fucking it in and out of her ass.

After a few minutes of this I pulled both hands away, got up and walked to the stairs. I turned around and, in full view of my dozing Dad, pulled my cock out and waved it at my Mother, beckoning her. Mom got up and came toward me. I went downstairs, past the laundry room to the spare bedroom. I stood just inside the door as she passed through the doorway and walked as if in a daze straight to the bed. Without stopping, she climbed up on the bed, pulled a pillow toward her and laid her tummy over it with her head on the mattress. She reached behind with both hands to pull her skirt up and over her behind and I shuffled up behind her.

"Spread your cheeks." She did and I rubbed more vaseline onto her rosebud, put my cock straight up to it, and pushed. It slipped in easier than I expected. Like I say, I'm not big and she was already greased up and ready. Very ready.

She moaned. More of a grunt really. I started fucking her, but not the furious doggy slam, slam, slam, and grind of the night before. I worked the pace up slowly, until I was on my feet pounding down on her but I soon slowed and pushed her flat on the mattress, laying along the top of her body. I preferred the close contact with her whole body, gently raising her head with my left hand on her throat, whispering fuck words in her ear. She liked this better too and I was rewarded with an incredibly passionate fuck. When we went back upstairs more than an hour later, Dad had gone to bed.

The very next morning, when I entered the kitchen, Mom turned around at the sink and sunk down to her knees. I pulled her up to her feet, kissed her gently for several minutes using my tongue, turned her around, lifted her dress and shoved my cock up her wet cunt. I started grinding into her. I could tell she loved the grind, as did I, and minutes later I finished with intense spasms against her rear.

"I want your ass again," I gasped into her ear.

"Tonight," she whispered back.

I couldn't wait that long. I took her as soon as I got home from school. I sucked her beautiful, long-nippled little tits and then spun her around onto the couch by the front window and took her ass. And yes, I had her again that night. She was waiting for me by the stairs in a new nightie that was cut very low front and back.

Mom stopped using Dad's presence to block me. If anything, she was more aroused if he was nearby so I had many stand-up kitchen and laundry room fucks. Mom would get up in the middle of the night and come to my bed and many times crept into my room to give me a blowjob, or get her pussy eaten, while Dad was in the shower.

In the summer, when Dad was away, she gardened in overalls with nothing underneath. I waited until she moved to an area hidden from neighboring eyes and fucked her on the grass. She teased mercilessly me for the rest of the summer, crouching in needlessly wanton ways, and not moving to "our spots" until she really wanted it and I desperately needed it.

We went on holiday together when Dad was away on business and encountered another woman and her son home for college break. They were close to each other but not in a sexual way. At the end of the second day together on the beach, the woman asked Mom why she always wore a summer dress instead of a bikini. She was shocked when Mom casually told her that I liked her to be naked underneath, and that she should try it too, that it felt special to do things like that for your son.

The next day the woman wore a summer dress and, lying on her side facing her son, exposed the back of her legs to me right up to her ass. She seemed to enjoy the secret tension from displaying herself to me. When her son went swimming I told her, point blank, to twist forward onto her tummy a bit and spread her legs so I could see her cunt. This clearly shocked her but when Mom quietly told her to do as I said, she simply did it. By the end of the day, I had fingered her several times.

That night, we introduced her son to maternal bliss. We had invited them over to our room to watch a movie and we all sprawled on the king size bed. I and the other son, Glen, lay on the outside with the two women between us. Before long, I began to lightly caress Mom's arms and legs, carelessly stroking her waist as I moved between, sometimes accidently slipping down over her bottom which was barely covered by her bikini.

The other k** tried to act like he didn't notice but there was no question where his attention really was. Mom said and did nothing except twist to give me better access when needed. The woman, Sally I think her name was, focused on the movie but my close attention to her breathing convinced me she was aware and quite excited to see me caress my mother in front of her and her son.

But the kicker came when I stretched my hand past Mom and stroked Sally's thigh. She was clearly shocked but she made no move to stop me. She stared at the movie, and her son stared at my hand as I lazily dragged my fingertips up and down her thigh. I returned to Mom's legs and stroked them on the inside, pressing her legs to open them for better access, and leaning down to kiss her shoulder when she accommodated me.

I switched back to Sally's thighs, stroking them for several minutes before pressing her knees apart. When she too allowed me improved access, I leaned across Mom and kissed her in the inside hollow below her shoulder. I trailed my fingers up and down Sally's inner thighs for some time, scratching my fingers up to that softest of places just beside her pussy. When I pulled my hand away, I told Glen to stroke his mother's leg while I attended to Mom.

You should have seen Sally's face when her son first touched her leg, scratching along her inner thigh like he'd seen me do. She was rigidly still and looking away from him at the TV but her face was a picture of ecstasy and extreme excitement. Mom was really aroused too. The heat emanating from her pussy was tremendous and her whole body trembled. Everyone seemed shocked when I let my hand continue at the top of Mom's thigh onto her bikini bottom, dragging through the 'V' of her pussy. Twice more I repeated that exquisite move to stunned silence.

If that was considered shocking, my next move tripled the ante. I moved back to Sally's body and stroked the inside of the thigh nearest me, matching Glen's own caress for several passes up and down her leg. Then, just as I had with Mom, I dragged my fingers into the 'V' of Sally's pussy and onto her mound, flipping my hand and stroking back down her leg. I took one more pass like that and then returned to Mom. Immediately, I stroked right up onto her pussy and, pausing with my hand cupping Mom's quim, spoke softly to Glen.

"Do it like this."

I pulled my hand through Mom's legs, rubbing over her mound, then backed down her leg. I looked at Glen's hand, willing him to follow, to copy my motion. Slowly, his hand stoked up his mother's thigh, and paused, waiting. I returned my hand up Mom's leg, reaching the same spot, and continued up to rub her pussy. Eyes never leaving my hand, Glen followed.

Sally's mouth was open and she was breathing quickly, her breath coming in small, quick pants. I kept my hand on Mom's mound and started shaking it like a small vibrator. Within seconds, Mom's legs opened wider. Again following my lead, Glen began shaking his own mom's pussy and soon her legs too opened wider.

I didn't let go of Mom's pussy after that. I moved my fingers around in a small circle, rubbing, pressing, sliding sideways across her panty covered lips, then up and down through her cloaked slit. Glen was a good student, following my every move. Both women endured the onslaught in silent appreciation, save for their raspy breathing.

I relinquished Mom's pussy to lift her knees, then reached down to grab her damp bikini and pull it up her thighs, around the bend and down her calves. Mom lifted and pointed her feet to help me get them off. Looking over, I waited. Glen responded, pushing his mother's knees up with greater resistance than I had faced but prevailing nevertheless. Sally lifted her feet to help him too and then, like Mom, flattened and spread her legs.

Both women waited, chests heaving, legs open. I placed my hand on Mom's knee, cupping the inside of her thigh. Slowly, I moved toward her damp, musky treasure. Glen paralleled my path down his own soft road. Soon, our fingers were grazing pussy hair. Stretching two fingers out, I negotiating between a pair of nether lips, looking to see that Glen did the same. I pushed my fingers into Mom's cunt and knew from the matching gasp that Glen had done so too.

I concentrated on frigging my mother well. The squishy, wet sucking sounds, clearly too much for one pussy to produce, informed me that Glen was trying as hard as I. I couldn't resist reaching over to slide my hand once more up Sally's thigh. Glen pulled out as I neared her honey pot and let me push my fingers inside her for a nice little frig.

I pulled my hand back. I was ready. I slipped between Mom's legs and pushed my shorts down, freeing my hard boner. Mom pulled her knees back and opened herself. I looked over to see Sally doing the same for her son. Grasping Mom behind the knees, I pushed her legs back even farther, lined my cock up with her soaking wet pussy, and shoved myself into her cunt.

It was a fast and furious fuck. All four of us were really horny and we came as a foursome. As soon as we recovered our breath, we started again. Glen and I both took a leak after that. I finished first and returned to the bed to find the women turned on their sides facing each other, holding hands, smiling and whispering.

When Glen came up behind me, I proceeded to the bed and nestled in behind Sally, moving close to spoon her behind. Glen paused, looking uncertain, then did the same behind my mom. I removed Sally's top and Glen did the same with Mom's. We lay there, caressing each other's mom's tits, and nuzzling their neck and bottoms. Soon our hips were rocking against the motherly behinds and it wasn't long before we both had our cocks inside each other's mother.

We fucked gently that way for awhile and then I got serious, pulling Sally away and turning her flat on her stomach. Straddling her hips, I dug my cock into her and began an intense and frenzied fuck.

Over the next two days we had some awesome sex, seldom leaving our rooms. We spent all of our time together, periodically fucking whoever happened to be nearest. I'm sure I had Sally just as often as I had Mom. When we left, we never saw or heard from them again.

I fucked Mom for three more years until I left home to live with my new wife. It was the best sex of my life. Every time I came home for a visit, we fucked. She let me fuck her any way I wanted, but not always when I wanted. She could be a merciless tease, and once opened her legs to display her open cunt while other people were in the room but only I could see. I managed to arrange a run to the store with just Mom and me. Less than two blocks away I pulled over to the side of the street, in broad daylight, pushed her back to the bench seat of the van, and shoved her onto her tummy. I was so worked up my cock began leaking on her ass before I could get inside her. When I finally did, I fucked her mindlessly, both of us grunting and moaning loudly. I stayed in her until I hardened again, and ground into her for another intense fuck. Fortunately, no one saw us.

Years later, when my wife was killed in a car accident, I moved back home with my son because Mom needed help with Dad, whose was now senile and in failing health. Dad died soon after.

About a year later, sitting in my Dad's old lazy boy chair, I woke up from a nap. I quietly surveyed the dimly lit room. Mom and Timmy were watching a movie. Mom's head was leaning back toward me and her face was flushed. Tim was sitting on the floor in front of her, under her raised knees, and I could plainly see movement under her skirt! When I looked back at Mom's face, her eyes were open, and she smiled. She mouthed a few words to me.

"Go upstairs and wait for me."

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