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The Final Task

The Final Task

It is Tuesday; I will meet Gabriella today for the first time. She does not know this. She has been my cyber-sub for almost a year now, her in America I in the UK. She thinks I am on a business trip to India and out of touch for a few days.

I have booked the Parkside Residence at The Inn & Spa at Parkside, Sacramento. The residence is separate to the main hotel complex and ideal for my purposes. Special and expensive arrangements have been made with the owner who understands my particular requirements. Through various ruses I have ensured that Gabriella has no meetings today.

The limousine is booked to arrive at Sacramento Hall, Sacramento State where Gabriella works, at just after 9:00. Paul my chauffeur is experienced in these matters of the heart and has understood my instructions perfectly. He arrives at the Parkside Residence at 8:40 to collect me. The hotel has provided the flowers I requested; a small bunch of long stemmed red roses, just opening in bloom.

We drive down J Street, I am in the front of the limousine with Paul, and we turn right into SAC and drive down to Sacramento Hall and pull up in the car park outside her window. My heart races as I call her on my mobile. She picks up and answers, I note the hesitancy in her voice as I have not used this phone to call her before; she doesn’t recognise the number. I speak.

“Gabriella. My most precious jewel will you honour your contract with me today?”

For a long drawn out moment there is silence.

“Yes” she answers in a quiet, thoughtful and slightly shaky voice.

“Then look out of your window and then come outside.” I hang up.

Paul and I get out and move around to the side door of the limo. Paul opens the door and walks to the hall entrance with the roses and I wait by the car. After a few minutes; that weigh on me like an eternity, she appears at the door and looks around. Her hand goes to her mouth in surprise. Paul approaches, and presents the flowers, she looks at him, confusion on her face. He offers his arm to her, she looks at me and I nod slightly to give assent. She takes the roses and walks to the car guided by my chauffeur.

She starts to talk. I raise my finger to my lips, she falls silent. Paul leaves her in front of me. I take her hand and smile at her, she smiles back.

“Gabriella in the car you will find a dress. Please change into it. In the dress box you will find a jewellery case. Put on what you find in it. We will be going for a short drive of about 15 minutes. When we arrive I want you to put on the blindfold you will also find in the dress box. Do you understand and will you do as I ask freely and willingly.”

Her lips are dry, I can see apprehension in her eyes but after the merest instant it disappears to be replaced by a look of firm resolution.

“Yes I understand and freely and willingly wish to honour our contract.” She says.

“Good, then please get into the car and dress.”

I release her hand and she gets into the car. I close the door. Paul and I sit in the front as we drive back to Parkside while Gabriella changes in the privacy of the passenger area. The dark divider is raised we cannot see her. When we arrive I leave Paul to bring Gabriella to meet me. I go to the wine cellar under Parkside and ready myself. The cellar is large, dark and cool bordering on the cold; it is silent and smells of age mixed with a sweet tang of wine. A few shaded yellowing light bulbs provide a modicum of illumination.

An area around the central pillar has been cleared. The cold stone floor carefully swept clean. I sit on a chair facing the pillar awaiting my prize. After a few moments I hear Paul guiding the blindfolded Gabriella down the stairs. He leads her carefully and slowly. They move into sight, he manoeuvres her gently into position standing between the pillar and where I am sitting so she is facing me and then he leaves. She is wearing the dark blue satin dress I had placed in the limousine. It is slightly shaped and hangs sensuously from her body. Her erect nipples show through the sheer fabric, the curve of her hip defined by its delicate cascade. She is breathing heavily her breath just visible in the cool cellar air.

I stand and step closer to her, she is trembling ever so slightly but she is standing straight and proud. I smile to myself, she is no cowed and frightened little girl, here is a woman standing before me in full control of her desire to do my bidding. Around her neck is a pendent on a platinum chain, she may not yet have noticed the inscription on the back. I circle around her trying to burn the image of her into my mind forever. No camera could do justice to what stands before me now. I brush my fingers up her arm, she gasps and flinches at the unexpected touch but does not panic, for she really has no idea who, or for that matter what, had just touched her. I continue to circle her drinking in every facet of her beauty. I resist the urge to touch her again. I can smell her scent bright in the darkness of the cellars bleak foetid aroma.

I return to my seat.

“Take off the blind fold Gabriella.”

Her hands reach up and slip the black silk scarf off her head. Although it is quite dark she involuntarily blinks as the scarf comes off. She looks around but does not move. A mix of emotions crosses her face as she takes in her surroundings.

“Gabriella. Why are you here?”

With resolution in her voice she replies; “To take my final task.”

“Yes Gabriella that is why you are here.”

“Undress for me please.”

Without hesitation she crosses her arms and lifts the dress over her head and drops it on the floor beside her. She steps out of her shoes. Looking at me she unclips her stockings and rolls them provocatively down her legs and off her feet and drops them into her shoes, she slips the suspender belt off her hips and drops that onto the dress. Naked she stands before me. The cruddy images from the webcam are obliterated by the reality standing before me.

“Put your arms in the Japanese position.”

She puts her arms behind her back and with each hand grasps the elbow of the other arm.

I stand up and take the riding crop from where I had secreted it earlier behind the chair. Her eyes widen as she comprehends what she has seen but she does not flinch. I move and stand in front of her. I place the crop between her knees and press outwards she shuffles her feet apart a little wider than her shoulders. I graze the crop up and down the inside of her thighs. Even in this feeble light I can see dew forming on the lips of her cunny. I draw the crop up and into her cunny. She bites her lip at the sudden and harsh touch of the stiff leather as it invades her sex. I pull the crop through her labia; she winces as the hard leather knots snag her aroused clit. I circle around her, running the crop over her exposed flesh; across her breasts and nipples. I place the crop lengthwise across her mouth she opens her mouth and grips the leather as if it were a gag. I raise my hands and treasure the touch of her breasts in them. I look into her eyes. I see only lust. But this is her test and I must disburse her of any idea that this will be easy. So with no pleasure I grip her nipples between my thumb and curled forefinger. In an instant she realises this will be no lovers caress but a gaoler’s pain. She shuts her eyes as I crush and stretch the tender flesh. She moans a little through her obstructed mouth. I release her having done just enough to show her this is a serious game. I take the crop from her mouth and take a step back.

“Release your arms and kneel before me.”

Without a murmur she follows my instruction. Her head is down. I slip the crop gently under her chin and raise her face towards mine.

“Gabriella will you face this one final task now?”

Gabriella’s eyes fix on mine and with the smallest of nods signal’s her acquiescence.

“Then begin. “

She shuffles backwards to the pillar, her toes touch it. Just as she is about to roll up into the final position I speak.

“Stop. Wait. Look at me Gabriella.”

She looks up.

“Now is the moment to stop if you do not want to end our contract.”

She can’t even bring herself to speak, she simple shakes her head once and rolls back up onto the pillar. So kneeling naked on the hard stone floor in the cold dark cellar with her hands clasped behind her head she awaits the pain. I switch off all but two of the lights, one above her that illuminates her hair and the other off to the side that throws the curves of her body into an abstract silhouette.

We wait. There is no ticking clock to melodramatically carve away the seconds. There are just two people awaiting the end of a journey together. My heart is breaking as I watch her. I hear her breathing quicken as the pain starts to grip her. Time passes and the slightest of sounds issue from Gabriella’s lips, an almost inaudible moan. Even now I can see that the cold is getting to her and shock is setting in. She starts to shiver. It won’t be too long now. I silently plead with her to end it. An hour passes. She has done enough. Another hour. She has done enough. But still she won’t give in. Silent tears now drop from her chin. And then I see the tiniest of motions and in an instant I am on the floor in front of her as she collapses into my arms.

Her limbs straighten out as if in slow motion as the muscles try to regain their normal positions. She is shivering. I take my jacket off and wrap it around her, it helps a little. I help Gabriella to her feet. She still has not looked at me. We go up the stairs to the villa above the cellar. It is warm up here and light. I take her into the master bedroom and lay her in the bed and pull the covers over her. I kneel down beside the bed so my face is level with hers. I stroke her hair back. She does not look at me. My stomach knots with fear; have I asked too much of her? Will she ever forgive me?

I go and run a bath for her. When I come back she is sitting up with the covers pulled around her. She looks at me but there is no smile and I can’t read her eyes. I sit on the bed facing her.

Gabriella asks “Did I do enough?”

“Yes. You did enough.”

She smiles. We embrace.

We bath together saying very little as very little needs to be said. I massage her tortured muscles gently working the knots out of them. I wash her hair and body and then lying in the warm soapy water with her I run my fingers over her skin. Kissing and stroking her. We get out and dry each other off. Still slightly damp we clamber into bed next to each other. I am blessed beyond measure. We kiss and fondle each other exploring each other for the first time. Beyond our bed the world ceases to be. There is only the now of us. All that we were and all that we will be is either history or conjecture. The now, this moment, is all that matters.

She lies on her back and I look down into her now sparkling eyes. We kiss again. My hands search her body. As they cross her nipples she fidgets at the discomfort they recall at my last touch. I kiss around them licking them and even blowing on them to coax them into erection. My ministrations succeed and they rise to the occasion. It’s too hot now so I throw the covers back and work my hand down to her pussy. She is sopping wet and hot as hell. My fingers dip into her honey pot. Looking into her eyes I watch her reaction as I explore her sex. With two fingers I straddle the hood of her little pearl drawing the hood back and forth; I see her attention start to drift. Her eyes are closed now which is good as the inane grin on my face would probably scare her more than the task.

With each cycle of movement I push a little further into her; just a fraction further each time. Gradually I am now palming her clitty and pushing two questing fingers deeper inside her. I start to curve my fingers up searching for her golden trigger. I find it. She jerks and fidgets as I hit the spot. In and out my fingers go as she melts in my arms. Now I add a swirl to my movement as I reach her inner self. She both shudders and squirms under me, at once trying to avoid the unbearable intimacy of my touch and at the same time insatiable for the stimulation it brings. Now I add the scissor fingers as I pull out, opening my fingers as I pull out gradually stretching her ever more open and exposed. She moans and brings her hand to her mouth. She surreptitiously bites down on her knuckle attempting to stave off the inevitable. Now I have her. I can keep her here on the edge for almost as long as I want to. Into her, round the golden trigger, open the fingers as I pull out, close them around her clit and then in again. She realises I have her. She opens her eyes and I see her primeval lust pleading for release. I slow the cycle; her mouth opens in shock as the different sensations wash through her. Still I drive her on to the climax, each thrust of my fingers drives her closer but there is still no end in sight, the closer I push her the farther away release seems. She pleads with me to let her cum. But not yet, she has not felt the ultimate frustration yet. With her free arm she tries to take charge but regrets it as I pull out and move her intruding arm back up under the pillows. Pinned down her body and mind are in turmoil desperate for release but denied stimulation. She stops trying to fight me off.

“Please may I cum, please, please make me cum!”

The words are feral from deep in the a****l within her.

“Please make me cum, please let me cum.”

I let her regain a fraction of her senses.

When I release her arm it stays under the pillow. She is trembling now. I move my hand back down and again dip my fingers into her slick and boiling cunny. She stiffens as I start to replay the rhythm in her. In, around, stretch and out. In, around, stretch and out. She doesn’t last long, soon her face creases in an agony of ecstasy as she arches up to meet the thrust of my fingers. She cums and cums hard. She looks at me with smiling eyes and says in a tiny shy voice.

“Again please.”

This time is different I just move my fingers over her golden trigger and start to massage it firmly. Her mouth opens in a silent scream of shock as the sensations overwhelm her already shredded mind. She arches herself off the bed. Fuck Me! Her bastard claws dig deep into my back. I can feel the bl**d trickling down my side. I drive on ignoring the discomfort. She hangs on, I slow down and ease off the pressure, she whimpers with frustration.

“Please may I cum, please, please may I cum.” She asks.

My answer is to stop my hand and gently extract my fingers from her. She moans and her face contorts as she hangs between frustration and release. Minutes pass without contact, her breath is fast and ragged but slowly it starts to return to normal. Very slowly I start again. She registers every movement of my fingers as I push inside her. But now there is no movement, no friction, no rhythm, just the touch of my fingers deep, deep inside her. Her eyes plead for release more eloquently than any mere words could manage. I start to move my fingers; she hangs on the edge of oblivion for a fraction of a second longer and then plunges head long into the little death.

I watch over her as she recovers; feasting my eyes on the beauty before me. Everything about her is woman. This is a moment to treasure forever; my submissive is no longer my submissive she is now my lover. My equal and she has given herself to me through desire, not through compulsion. When she has recovered there is an evil glint in her eye.

“Let’s see how you like it!” She says!

She rolls me over onto my back. Now it is I looking up at her and her looking down at me. I relax, exposed to her wishes and desires. I trust her now. She sees I am comfortable and it pleases her. She starts to stroke my already erect cock; teasing it with her finger tips and nails. She explores me for the first time. My balls tighten as she gently scraps her nails across their wrinkly sack. She draws my foreskin back and runs her fingers over my dry cock end. She sees the tiny frown at the mild discomfort. Her hand leaves me for a moment and returns coated in her own juices. She continues to tease me. My mind narrows, now there are just her eyes, her hand and my cock.

She moves down the bed and releases my cock. Now it is just her tongue that I feel as she moves it over the tip and shaft and balls. Oh sweet Jesus! She takes me into her mouth and sucks hard working her lips and tongue over my glans. Under and around she goes the sensation numbing my mind. I can’t look away as she works her magic. Her mouth devours my cock, her hand plays with my balls rolling them around in their sack. She starts to jerk me off; slowly at first varying the rhythm to excite me but not yet start down the road to ejaculation. But gradually the tension builds and the inevitable conclusion looms in the distance. I fight my desire to cum. I fight to prolong the moment; to live here in excitement for as long as possible.

Now she changes tack scr****g my knob with her teeth while keeping a steady rhythm on the shaft. Balancing the discomfort and pleasure perfectly, holding me on the edge of climax, prolonging my satisfaction. More of my mind gives up to being cock. My body takes over I bite my lip in a futile attempt to stave off the inevitable. But still she works my cock. Oh Fuck! Not long now. She must be able to feel my tension and anguish. She stops with her teeth and continues the instant rhythm with her tongue. I can’t stop now just delay the moment for a few seconds more. No! Fuck! Jesus Christ! Release comes in a torrent of sperm into her mouth. She takes it all and turns to face me. With a wicked grin she swallows my load.

She points to the cabinet beside the bed. I look over. The clock reads 13:32 and we haven’t even fucked yet!

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