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As chief of security at the local airport, I don't have to worry about going through the metal detectors. My Walther would set all the alarms off, anyway, and it might raise a few eyebrows if I put it in the little basket before walking through.

However, my immunity doesn't extend to members of my f****y and their friends, so when my daughter and her roommate were boarding their flight to return to college after Spring break, they were required to go through the detector with everyone else.

"Hi Daddy", Karen waved at me as they approached the security checkpoint and saw me standing at the back of the room.

I gave a small smile and half nod, not wishing to appear less than cop-like while on duty. If it had not been for my years of practice at keeping my emotions from being displayed on my face, I would have been drooling over the sight of Karen's roommate, Vanessa. Neither girl was wearing much and both completely filled out the minimal bits that were somewhat covering them. Karen being my daughter, I tried not to think of her in a sexual way, but hot little Vanessa was not even close to being my daughter. Any time she was around, my bl**d pressure rose several points, I'm sure.

Some girls are born knowing how to raise the hackles on every male in the vicinity. Vanessa was certainly raising mine. I tried to keep my face composed while scanning every inch of skin she was exposing. If she had not been there, it would have been very hard to ignore the voluptuousness of my own daughter, so I was grateful for the diversion.

With just a patch of clothing at top and bottom, there was no way either of them could have concealed anything, yet the alarm went off for both of them, much to their embarrassment. It even appeared that they were more than embarassed--more like horrified.

I watched with interest as the security personnel waved their detector wands around the girls' bodies. Each time the wand was near their crotch, the beep would be triggered very loudly. Karen and Vanessa were becoming more and more frantic. Finally, I saw Karen wave a hand at me and pleaded with her eyes for me to come to their assistance. Since I was more than a little interested in what was going on, I sauntered over.

"What's the problem here, Officer Rodriguez?", I asked the young security girl.

"These two girls appear to have some type of metallic device hidden under their clothing, Sir. We must take them to the inspection room for a more thorough search."

"No!", shouted Karen and Vanessa, simultaneously. "You can't!".

"Oh, yes we can and we will", the girl assured her. "Let's go."

"No, please. Wait just a minute, please." Karen was in tears. "Daddy, please don't let her take us in there."

"Well, dear. We are required to perform a more detailed search under these conditions. I could lose my job if we do not follow the regulations."

"Well, at least, can't you do the inspection? Please, please, please, Daddy!"

I thought about it a minute. This would be bending the rules way over, but I could probably get away with it this time. Karen was so frantic, it was hard to imagine what her reason might be to have been caught in this predicament in the first place.

"Do you both assure me that you have not done anything i*****l?"

"Yes, Daddy! Oh yes, yes, yes."

"Officer, I know this is highly irregular, but I will vouch for my daughter and her friend in this case."

"Yes, sir, but they must be examined or we face the possibility of losing our certification."

"Well, girls. It looks like we have no choice. You simply must be examined. You may not even change your mind about taking the flight. Once you have entered the security checkpoint, you will not be allowed to leave without proving that you have no weapons."

At this point, it looked like Karen might faint.

Vanessa piped up with a suggestion. "Sir, is it possible that you could be the one who performs the examination?"

I hadn't thought of that possibility, probably because it would normally be considered unethical for a man to perform the detailed security examination of a female passenger.

"Oh, Daddy! Could you please? Please?"

"We're not supposed to allow male personnel to examine female passengers. The examination is very personal. Are you sure you want me to do this?"

They both nodded assent so vigorously, their tits were almost jiggling out of their halter tops. The aspect of doing a strip search on Vanessa already had my dick in an uproar, then I realized that I would have to perform a body cavity search on both of them. Oh shit!

"Sir, if I may suggest an alternative solution."

"That would be greatly appreciated, Officer."

"Under the circumstances, I am willing to be the Officer of Record for this examination. I will e****t the subjects into the examination room, but will open the side door and allow you to replace me if you wish."

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Officer!" The girls chorused their relief.

"I'm not sure you girls know what you are agreeing to, but if you are willing to sign a release to cover me, then I will work with you."

I thanked Officer Rodriguez for her willingness to help find a solution to the dilemma.

She whispered to me, "You do realize that you must perform a full body cavity search, don't you, sir?"

"Uh, yes, Officer", I swallowed hard, thinking about it.

She whispered again. "If you find that you are unable to complete the examination, I will be just outside the door."

"You are being very helpful here, Officer Rodriguez. No doubt it will do you no harm at review time."

"No doubt, sir. My memory is very good."

I smiled at her clumsy attempt at blackmail. She would have to be my next subject for a full body cavity search. The thought was enticing, but at the moment, it was hard to concentrate on anything else other than the thought that I would have a finger in two very tight pussies in just a couple of minutes.

"Carry on, Officer Rodriguez."

Karen and Vanessa followed her obediently into the examination room, in full view of the rest of the security crew. Their testimony would come in handy if there was ever any flak over the incident. As far as they could tell, two frantic young girls had finally been calmed down enough to proceed with the proper flow of things.

I waited a few beats, then told my second in command that I needed to make a phone call and casually slipped out the back door before racing around to the examination room.

Officer Rodriguez responded to my light tap on the door by coming through and closing it behind her. "Sir, you and I both know that I cannot abandon my responsibility here. I am in violation of the rules for allowing you to make the examination, but both subjects did sign a full release. However, I must observe the examination for my own career protection. I will watch from the viewing room to spare your daughter and her friend any additional embarrassment and to be able to testify later on your behalf if the occasion should arise."

The knowledge that she would be watching me stick my finger in my daughter's pussy was both irritating and exciting. "Thank you again, Officer Rodriguez."

"Oh, there will be plenty time to thank me later, Sir." She swished away to her viewing post with a certain sway of her hips which could have been a promise of more to come or she could have simply been luxuriating in the knowledge that she would be in a position to demand favors in the future.

When I entered the room, Karen and Vanessa were huddled together as if awaiting a lashing.

"Ok, girls. Let's get to the bottom of this." I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud at my unintended pun. I would be getting to the "bottom" of things, all right. "Do you want to tell me what's going on?"

"Oh, Daddy. It's so embarrassing."

"You just think it's embarrassing now. I am now required by law to ask that you take off all your clothes and place them on that table."

"Daddy! You can't mean that!"

"I'm afraid I have no choice, Dear. It's not like I never changed your diapers."

"You never changed mine, Mr. Long", the sultry Vanessa was stepping out of her hot pants and reaching down to grab the edge of her halter. She looked like she might be enjoying this.

I watched in awe as she slowly revealed the most delectable set of jugs I had seen in a very long time, then bent away from me to roll her thong down her tempting ass.

"Don't look, Daddy. I'll take mine off now."

"Honey. I am required to look. I am also required to perform a full body cavity search of both of you. Didn't you know that?"

"Daddy! How could you?"

"It's my job, Honey. Except for you, I never perform the examination on females. Officer Rodriguez and I are putting our careers on the line by my doing so now, but you were so insistent that we are trying to help you."

"You're going to put your finger in me?"

"Front and back, Dear."

"Front and back? Oh! Oh no!"

"Oh, yes. Whatever you have done has put you in this position. Now that you are here, your only choice is to proceed in the normal manner by allowing Officer Rodriguez to perform the examination or I will do so at your request. You don't seem to realize that breaches of security are an extremely serious act and must be dealt with severely."

"You can examine me now, Mr. Long." Vanessa climbed up onto the examining table and spread her legs wide for me.

I almost choked. All my fantasies were coming true at once. My hands were shaking so hard it was very difficult to get them into the rubber gloves.

When Karen saw the gloves, she realized at last that it was actually going to happen--to her, and all of her wiles she had practiced for so long were of no use in this case. Her shoulders slumped as she began to mechanically remove the few items that enclosed her gorgeous body. I spread the lubricating lotion on my gloved finger while trying to look at everything in the room at the same time. If only it were my dick I was spreading it on!

Vanessa raised her ass and actually spread her pussy lips for me to begin my examination. The taunting look in her eyes was a powerful deterrent to my almost overpowering desire to watch my finger part the velvet lips of her obscenely displayed pussy.

"Wait! What's this?" My finger had touched something hard, metallic and round, deep inside her hot cunt. "What have you girls been up to? You're not trying to smuggle d**gs, are you?"

"No, Daddy", Karen answered with a defeated sigh. "I guess we can't hold back any longer. Might as well tell you everything. It's just so damned embarrassing."

Meanwhile, my probing finger had crooked around the submerged object and was pulling it to the front of Vanessa's slippery lips. As Karen began to explain, two shiny metal balls fell into my hand, leaving a small hole as they emerged, that quickly closed over as those delicious lips recovered their usual shape. I wanted bury my face in her cunt and lick until there was nothing left to lick.

"Well, we each dared the other to try these Ben Wa balls last night, but we didn't know you have to be very careful to keep the string hanging out or they can get lodged so far back that you can't get them out. I guess your fingers are longer than ours. We tried and tried to get them out before we left the house, but we were about to miss our flight, so we came on down. I forgot that the metal detector would pick them up. I'm so sorry, Daddy."

"You may be sorry now, Karen, but you sure got off a lot while we were trying to get them out before."

"Vanessa! This is my Daddy!"

"Right now, he's just a man with a finger in my pussy. It feels pretty good, too, Mr. Long. I've wanted you to do that for a long time."


"Oh, hush, Karen. He's still got to get yours out so we can get on the plane. If you don't climb up here and let him dig it out, we're going to miss it."

My daughter looked like she was about to get a beating. Her shoulders were slumped forward and her face was hidden by her hair falling forward over her downcast eyes. Nevertheless, she did climb up on the table and spread her legs wide for me, as she had seen Vanessa do.

"Close your eyes, Baby. Maybe it won't be so bad if you don't have to see what I'm doing."

As my finger sunk to the hilt in her tight box, she giggled. "If I close my eyes, Daddy, I won't get to see you standing there in your uniform with your finger in my pussy. That would be missing the best part of the whole deal." She wriggled her hips and two shiny balls plopped out into my hand with no effort on my part.

"Why you little bitch!", I thundered. "Do you mean to tell me that you planned this whole thing? You could get me fired."

"Relax, Daddy. Don't you like feeling my pussy? I've seen you looking at my body ever since I grew tits, maybe even before. You know you were cumming in your pants all this time, just thinking about doing a full body cavity search on your own daughter and Vanessa. Doesn't she have a tight pussy, Daddy? I just love to lick it. Want to watch us?"

I stood dumbstruck. The nerve of my own daughter pulling such a stupid prank! "Both of you! Get your clothes on this instant! You are both under arrest for creating a false security alarm. Come in here at once, Officer Rodriguez and take these persons to the holding cell. I must write up my report."

The girls were still standing naked with a dazed look on their faces when Angela came back in.

"Get your clothes on, girls. We have to walk past a lot of people on the way to the cells. Makes no difference to me, but you might prefer to have something on."

"Daddy! You can't do this!"

"You should have thought this thing through better, Honey. It's out of my hands now. You will have to go to the holding cells until the U.S. Attorney can get here to proffer charges. I will put up your bond afterwards, of course, but you must remain in custody until the charges are filed."

"But can't you do something?"

"Sorry. Hurry up, now. Officer Rodriguez has to get back to the security area. I'll come down to see you later. Carry on, Officer." I left through the side door, hoping that nobody saw me slipping the rubber gloves covered with pussy juice into my pants pocket. ======================================================= "Well, girls, are you beginning to appreciate the seriousness of the situation?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy, and I'm so sorry."

"Me too, Mr. Long. What happens now?"

"Has the U.S. Attorney been here yet?"


"We will have to wait to see what he has to say, or she, as the case may be."

"Isn't there anything you can do to make it go away?" Karen was really in tears now.

"About the only thing I can hope for is to ask if they will not file it as a criminal record. You would both lose your scholarships if they do."

"Lose our scholarships!", they chorused.

"Now are you beginning to see what your little game has done?" I gave my most ferocious glare at them and we settled back to wait for the person from the U.S. Attorney's office.

When he came, I breathed a sigh of relief. Scott Adams was one of the younger and least hard-nosed of the people who might have responded.

"Could I have a word with you, Scott, before you begin?"

He agreed and we went out into the hall.

"Scott, I'm not going to ask you to relax any rules, but I am going to give you the complete, embarrassing truth and hope that you can find an appropriate punishment level that might be less severe than someone with less sensitivity might do."

Scott merely grinned at my pathetic attempt to ask for a favor and cocked his head to listen.

"These two idiots are my daughter and her college roommate. They were experimenting with some sex toys and failed to realize that the metal detector would pick them up. There was never any security breach or an attempt at one, but I think they need to be taught a very memorable lesson. Don't you?"

"Well, Wyden. As head of security, I'm certain that you are able to tell the difference between real security breaches and silly school girl pranks, but since one of the subjects is related to you we cannot rely entirely on your unsubstantiated judgment, now can we."

"You're absolutely right, Scott. I can only hope that your opinion supports mine. If not, I will of course support your decision in every way."

"Thanks, Wyden. Now let's go scare the shit out of two cute girls."

His choice of words encouraged me as I followed him back into the room where they were.

"All right, Miss Long and Miss Williams. I am recording this interview. Please state your names for the record after I announce the date and time."

After the preliminaries were over, he began by asking them to describe their version of what had happened. At first they were too embarrassed to do so, but he convinced them that there was no alternative.

"Well, Vanessa and I were shopping and we went into this sex shop and she dared me to buy these Ben Wa balls."

"Please describe these items for the record, Miss Long."

"They are small metal balls that are supposed to clink together as you walk and excite you sexually."

"How do you use them?"

"Uh, you insert them."


"Uh, inside."

"Inside where?"

"Uh, in your vagina. I mean in my vagina." Karen was visibly agitated at having to admit this to Scott.

"You may relax a moment, Miss Long. Now, Miss Williams. Did both of you insert these items in your vaginas before entering the security checkpoint?"

"Yes Sir."

"Did it not occur to you that the metal detector would pick them up?"

"No Sir. We were too excited by the clinking to think very much about security."

"Did they, in fact, cause you to be sexually excited?"

"Oh, yes. Very much so!"

"May I see them?" Scott held out his hand and I took them from the evidence case for him.

He jiggled them casually in his hands, feeling them clink together. I imagined them in my daughter's pussy, clinking away when she walked. I imagined that Scott did, also. I stole a glance at the girls' faces and thought that they were having pleasant memories of them, too, until their discovery.

"You both put these balls into your vaginas?"

"Yes, sir", they agreed.

"Don't they fall out when you walk?"

"No, they fall down in the back part."

"Show me."


"Show me how you insert them."

"Uh, do we really have to do that?"

"Do you want to walk out of here today?"

"Oh, yes sir!"

"Well, then?"

By this time Vanessa had seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and it was a flashlight on the end of Scott's dick. She realized that his request couldn't possibly be legal and it must mean that he was toying with them before giving them a slap on the wrist. She quickly took the balls from his hand and leaned back in her chair to show him exactly how she inserted them.

Scott was doing a good job of keeping his professional face on, but he didn't miss a detail as the beautiful coed spread her pussy lips and wet the balls in her mouth before slowly slipping them between the wet lips of her widespread cunt.

I was very glad that nobody was paying any attention to me. The fatherly prick was at full stand in my pants and would have been impossible to hide if they had looked in my direction. Luckily, all four of us were locked onto the incredibly sensual actions of Vanessa as she pushed the balls deeper and deeper within the recesses of her inflamed pussy. Their lack of awareness of me allowed me to openly rub my prick through my pants, but I soon had to stop to keep from flooding my pants.

"Now, Miss Long. Please do the same."

"But you already saw how they work."

"I am entering into the record the fact that Miss Williams was very cooperative in this investigation."

"Oh! Ok, ok. Here! Look all you want!" From her earlier comments and actions, I doubted that Karen really embarrassed, but was probably continuing to play the game she had planned in the first place. Making a great show of trying to hide her pussy, she nevertheless managed to get them inserted to her satisfaction after a great deal of poking and twisting. I suspected that she could have popped them in as easily as she popped them out, but was working Scott's attention for all it was worth. She certainly had mine.

My prick was so hard, it felt in danger of bursting, and I suspected that Scott's was, also.

Both girls still had their skirts around their waists, with their partially shaved pussies on display.

Scott left them sitting in this position for a few minutes before announcing his decision. "Have either of you been in legal trouble before this?"

"Oh, no sir!" It seemed that they always answered in unison.

"Since this is your first offense, I am inclined to dismiss the more serious charges, but feel obligated to uphold a minor charge that can be discharged through community service."

Again, Vanessa picked up before Karen. Perhaps she sensed his meaning, perhaps she saw the size of the log in his pants. At any rate, she realized that the scare was over. "What sort of community service, sir?" She was languidly caressing her pussy as she asked.

"I have a certain amount of latitude in the actual form of the community service I can apply for such offenses. You will be advised at a later date. You are free to go now. I hope that you have both learned a lesson from this experience. Security is a very serious business. Those who fail to grasp this fact are asking for trouble. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you sir.", they chorused again.

Scott took one more quick glance at the two beautiful pussies displayed before him and gathered his things to leave. "Mr. Long, I assume that you will take care of the remaining details." When his back was to the girls, he gave me a wink and showed me that there was no tape in the recorder. The entire interview had been a scam, but he had gotten a good look at two luscious twats and had probably gotten their attention, as well. "I will be in touch regarding the nature of the community service requirement", he said as he left.

While everyone had been absorbed in the Ben Wa insertion process, I had taken advantage of the opportunity to slip their panties in my pocket. The two thongs could have been hidden in a tooth cavity, but I got a kick out of having them and knowing that they would be wearing nothing under their short skirts as we left the building.

Nothing was said about the Ben Wa balls that I was extremely aware of.

"What happens now, Daddy?" Karen appeared to be somewhat chastened, although I was beginning to understand just how much of the time she was playing a role.

Two could play that game. "Your mother must be told that you have missed your flight. I will call her and let her know that you are ok and make up some story to explain the reason for missing it. You can stay in town tonight so you can catch the first plane out in the morning, so you don't miss any more classes than necessary."

Again, the chorus. "But we don't have any money for a hotel or for food."

"Relax", I assured them. I'll stay with you and take care of things for you, like always."

"Oh, thank you, Daddy! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"Have we learned a lesson here today, girls?"

"I don't know if you have, Mr. Long, but I certainly have. Can we go now? Where are our panties?"

"The two of you can look for your clothes while I make arrangements to get you out of here." As soon as I was out of the room, I hurried to the surveillance room next door. When I entered, Officer Rodriguez was there as I had suspected, with a hand just clearing her crotch area when I burst into the room.

"Oh! Sir! You startled me. I was just witnessing the proceedings in case there was a need for backup later on."

I was quite aware of her reasons for witnessing the proceedings and none of them were for my benefit. From the quickness of her breath and the flushed look on her face, it appeared that Scott and I were not the only ones who enjoyed the sight of a couple of neatly-trimmed pussies. I wondered if Officer Rodriguez was gay, or merely reveling in the sensuality of the moment.

"I'm sure you realize that it was quite unnecessary for you to witness this interview, Officer, uh, Angela?" I resisted the urge to ask her what the other one was named. The 'Angela' nameplate was proudly attached to her left breast and held at a good distance from her chest. It seemed like a good time to put things on a more personal basis.

"Sir! Yes, sir. Perhaps I was a little overzealous, but it seemed better to err on the side of caution, if you know what I mean."

"Caution, Officer Rodriguez, or voyeurism?"

"Sir! You can't think that I enjoy watching beautiful young girls exposing themselves to two lustful men who are using their positions to blackmail them."

"Blackmail? We were merely trying to teach them a lesson", I huffed.

"Yeah, and I'm the Queen of bl**dy Sheba. Sir, begging your pardon, but you don't have to do all that to get what you want. Watching those girls has me as hot as a stove. I really hope you don't mind, but I need something fast."

Before I fully grasped the import of her words, she had knelt before me and managed to pull my still rigid prick from my pants. She must have been very, very hot and very certain of my probable response to make such a move. I watched as her mouth devoured my pretty good sized prick in one lunge. It felt so damned good to have it embedded in a warm place after the hour or so it had been pinched in my pants, begging for release of any kind. A blow job from the staff was completely unexpected, but just what the doctor advised.

As a mature man, I am not accustomed to blowing my nuts within seconds, but time served must have counted in this case. Almost as soon as her nose hit my pubic hair, I began unloading what seemed like gallons of hot, viscous cum down her throat.

Angela did her best to swallow it all, but as soon as the spurts decayed to dribbles, she pinched my prick between two fingers to keep from dripping onto the floor and bent over the counter, offering her ass to me. She must have had her pants unzipped when I came into the room, because they dropped to the floor as she turned around.

My prick was still oozing cum when she backed onto it and began to fuck herself, using me only as a warm dildo. I knew neither of us would last long when we looked into the interview room through the one-way mirror and saw my daughter and her hot-bl**ded friend fingering each other's pussy as they kissed, deeply and hungrily. The sound of their voices came through the surveillance intercom quite nicely.

"Are you going to fuck your Dad tonight, Karen?"

"Yeah, I think so. What about you? You want to fuck him, too?"

"Yeah. Let's put on a show for him, first. He won't be able to resist. He didn't think anyone was watching him when I was putting the Ben Wa balls in my pussy, but I've seen it before, so I was watching him. He had this tremendous hardon and was rubbing it like crazy."

"He was?"

"Yeah. He thought nobody was watching him, but you should have seen him when you spread your legs. I thought he was going to blow a gasket."

Their conversation and plans were too much for me and my fuckmate. We reached orgasm simultaneously. I'm not sure I had ever finished the first one and the second caught me off guard. It had been a very long time since I managed twice in one day. Twice in five minutes? No way! It must have been the extra stimulation that did it. The problem was, I had just been told that two beautiful young horny chicks expected me to fuck them both tonight. Was I able?

"Oh, sir. That was fantastic! I love your big cock. It stretches me more than anybody has ever done before. Do you think we can continue this relationship in the future? I get so horny sometimes and my husband's cock is so small."

"I think we can manage something, Angela. You're a pretty hot fuck yourself. Your husband must not stretch you very much."

"I'm not sure his fist is as big as your cock, sir, and I've never had a baby, so my pussy stays pretty tight. I hope you don't mind my asking, but are you really going to fuck your daughter tonight?"

"Under other circumstances, I would stoutly deny any such accusation, but you've seen too much for my denial to have much value. While I admit that the idea is very exciting to me, I must remember that she is my daughter and such an act is impossible to take back. She may think she wants me to fuck her now, but might look back on it years from now and remember it quite differently."

"What about the other one? She looks pretty hot to me."

"She looks hot to me, too. Does that mean you are bisexual, Angela?"

"Bi, tri, quad, whatever. All I know is that I enjoy sex and don't get enough. I've never done anything with another woman, but those two in there could turn me in a minute."

"Hmmm. Perhaps you should accompany us tonight, Officer Rodriguez. In a strictly professional capacity of course." I punctuated the last few words with quick thrusts of my hips, so she would know exactly what I meant by them.

"I always follow orders, sir."

"Good. Then you will accompany us to dinner and the hotel. I'll book a suite with a separate room for myself so they won't suspect anything. As much as I would love to fuck that hot Vanessa, I think the best plan is to put it off until another time."

"I agree, sir. Will you be coming to my room, then?"

"You can count on that. Perhaps you can listen to them at the keyhole while I fuck your sweet ass."

"Ooooh! I've always wanted somebody to fuck me in the ass, but my husband thinks it's dirty. With his little dick, it would be the best place."

When the girls learned that Angela would be going with us, it dampened their spirits considerably.

I responded to their glum looks by telling them they were still under security surveillance and would be accompanied by two security personnel until they boarded their plane. It appeared to have taken the wind out of their sails and they were very quiet all the way into the city. The knowledge that they were naked under their short skirts, with Ben Wa balls clinking in their pussies was never very far from my mind.

Karen sat up front with me and seemed to never miss an opportunity to flash her pussy at me. Whenever I glanced in the back seat, Vanessa always had her knees spread wide for me. It was very hard to concentrate on keeping the car on the road, especially when Karen turned sideways in her seat, facing me and kept up an animated conversation with Vanessa while swinging her right knee back and forth to make her pussy wink at me. I suspected that it caused a bit of clinking, also.

They brightened a little when I rented a three-bedroom suite at the hotel and they realized the potential for mischief. The wheels started spinning in their heads again.

"Officer Rodriguez will occupy the bedroom on the right, you girls can use the one in the center and I will be in the other. If you need anything, let either of us know. Just in case you have some silly idea of going out on the town and getting into more trouble after we turn in, I will keep your bags in my room and Officer Rodriguez will keep the clothes you are wearing, until morning. Clear?

"But what will we sl**p in, Daddy?"

"The bed, dear. Now hurry and get into something a little more formal. We're going out to eat. What would you like?"

No more was said about the Ben Wa balls, so I could only surmise that they were still doing their duty as we left for the restaurant. Karen and Vanessa sat on either side of me in their evening frocks, with Angela across the table, looking a bit uncomfortable in her uniform. I would have enjoyed seeing her big tits in a low cut gown, too, but our charade was aided by her remaining in uniform.

My twin seductresses sat very close on either side of me and never passed up an opportunity to lean into me so I could get a glimpse down their cleavages and rub against the swelling of their tits. Occasionally, a hand on one side or the other would lightly touch my thigh. Sometimes, the hand would linger a bit, causing my breath to stop until it was withdrawn.

Back at the suite, I took their suitcases into my room and left Angela to strip the girls of the clothes they were wearing. I figured she would get a kick out of it.

"It's getting late and you have an early flight, so I suggest that you get some sl**p. That's what I intend to do." I excused myself and went to my room.

As arranged, Angela called me when she was finished with the girls.

"Did you lock their door?", I asked.

"Well, sir. I made a great show of pretending to do so, but you and I both know that they could get out if they wanted to."

"You and I know it, but maybe they won't suspect that they have an avenue of escape besides through our rooms. After what I have learned about those two vixens today, even nudity might not stop them from going out on the town."

"Are you going to come to my room, sir?", wistfully.

"Later, Angela. First, I want to see what they get up to. They aren't likely to stay up all night. When they seem resigned to their fate, I'll come around and we can have a quick fuck or two. Ok?"

"I suppose so, sir, although it would be nice to fuck you all night long, if it were possible."

"Trust me, this won't be our last time. They will be gone tomorrow and we will have all the time we can get away."

She grudgingly agreed that this was our best course of action and hung up. I tried to nap a bit, but was still too excited from the day's events to drop off.

I must have dropped off eventually because I was aware of being awakened by a weight on the edge of the bed. The room was very dark, so I couldn't see anything, but I heard a tiny, muffled giggle or two. Somebody raised the covers on one side and somebody else raised them on the other.

One hot mouth swallowed my rapidly lengthening prick and a very wet, juicy gash was rubbed across my chin. There was no way I could tell who was who, but it was fairly certain that I was either eating my daughter or she was eating me. Likewise, the other choice was occupied by an extremely beautiful, sexy girl of the same age. Either one would have been enough to raise the dick of a dead man. Both of them together could have raised the Titanic, although I was thinking of applying that name to what they were raising at the moment.

The one that was sitting on my face was rubbing her clit furiously, to continue an orgasm that she probably started having when we were in the car, and dribbled a steady stream of juice down my throat. When I rammed my tongue as far as it would go up her snatch, I felt the balls with the tip and managed to rattle them a bit, which only intensified her ecstasy.

The other one must have decided that her preparation of my prick was complete and climbed up to sit on it. Her cunt was on fire! It was the hottest, wettest, slickest pussy I ever imagined myself in. Added to all this was the realization that it might be my own daughter. Most people would be inhibited by the notion of i****t, but the forbidden nature of the act only added to my excitement. This was one taboo that went out with birth control as far as I was concerned..

It took much longer this time for my balls to gather themselves and flood the tight box that enclosed my prick so hotly, but flood, it did. Apparently, my ability to cum was greater than I was accustomed, given my normal incentive. In fact, my dick remained hard after the third orgasm of the day for me, which was something I had never experienced. Perhaps it was the thought that I was still unsure whether I had fucked my daughter and wanted to stay in readiness in case they changed positions. Then I would know for sure.

My dreams came true in a couple of minutes. The pussy I had just fucked was planted over my mouth and the one that had been cumming so continuously was rammed down on my still stiff prick. Now I knew for certain--I just had no idea which was which, not that it mattered. My own cum leaked out of her cunt and into my greedy mouth. As a test, I tried to reach the balls in her cunt with my tongue and was rewarded with some very energetic bouncing.

My final orgasm of the day took much, much longer, but I'm not complaining. Neither were the girls. They switched off several times and one of them even had it up her ass when I went off for the last time. I knew it was the last time because I was utterly drained and there was no way I would be able to get it up again for at least several hours.

When I awoke the next time, it was daylight. Karen was sucking my dick. Vanessa was nowhere to be seen. Waking up to a blow job had always been one of my favorite fantasies, but my wife would never agree to it. In fact, getting her to give me a blow job under any circumstances was difficult enough.

As it turned out, Karen was very good at her work. She kept a hard suction all the time, while tightly closing her mouth around me and rubbing the full length of her tongue along the sensitive underside of my prick. Her hand tickled and massaged my balls and occasionally she explored my asshole with the tip of her finger. Any worries I had about not being able to perform were answered before I was awake for ten seconds.

I raised up on my elbows to watch my darling daughter perform such an act of love on her old man. My dick disappeared obscenely between her greedy lips with occasional smacking noises as she sucked too hard.

I smiled at her. "Good morning, baby. Do you like sucking dick? You're very good at it."

She took her mouth off my prick long enough to answer before continuing. "Thanks, Daddy. I used to hear you begging Mom to give you a blow job before I even knew what they were and made a vow that I would give you the best one there ever was when I learned how."

"Well, this is certainly the best I've ever had and I'm willing to bet that it couldn't be much better. How did you hear your mom and me?"

"I used to sneak into your room at night and listen to you fuck. I would lie on the floor beside your side of the bed and pretend you were fucking me. It wasn't easy being quiet when I came, but I usually timed it so I would come when you did. You make lots of noise, Daddy."

She went back to her blow job and was soon rewarded with a flow of hot juice from my overworked balls.

As we relaxed and snuggled together, I asked, "Where is Vanessa?"

"Come with me", she crooked her finger at me and disappeared into the next room.

When I caught up with her, it was in Angela's room. She and Vanessa were in a hot 69, greedily slurping pussy juices.

Angela looked up to see me standing naked by the bed, with my daughter holding my dick. It was hard for her to talk, considering what Vanessa was doing to her pussy, but she managed to stammer out that Karen had loaned her Ben Wa balls out for a trial run and Vanessa was kind enough to try to get them out with her tongue.

Karen bent over the bed and alternated kissing Vanessa and helping her lick Angela's cunt. For my part, I had a beautiful, well rounded ass sticking in my face so I fucked it.

"Well, sir. I suppose we now know the answer to the question of whether you would fuck your daughter."

"We probably knew all along, didn't we Officer Rodriguez?", I smiled as I slammed the meat to my baby.

"I think we did, sir. All along. Any regrets?"

"None that I can think of offhand. In one day, my sex life has gone from barely there to woweeee! If you are as horny as you say, my wife won't be bothered with my attentions much longer and I plan on visiting my daughter quite often if she will have time for her old decrepit Dad when she gets back to school."

"Daddy, you can cum see us any time you like. You fuck lots better than any of the boys at school. The only problem will be to keep the other girls in our house from draining your balls before we get a chance."

"If I'm dreaming, please let it go on forever."

Angela and I saw the girls off on the next flight and began planning our sex life for the future. Stay tuned for the further adventures of Angela and Wyden.

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