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Taboo Orgy Part 11

Taboo Orgy Part 11.
This is part two of a two part story.
“Ok then Ann, if you want to fuck your brains out then who am I to say no,” Rick said with a smile.
When he opened the door he saw two men rubbing the front of their pants, two men smiling while having a smoke and two men trying to look through the shaded window. And all of them are big muscled and black.
When Darren told Rick about their orgy and that he wanted to see Ann get gangbanged by a group of workers, Rick was shocked and thought that Darren was joking. After a few more beers Rick decided to go with it and to also surprise him by not telling him that all the men he’ll pick will be black. He didn’t think that Ann would say yes but he really hoped she would do it. He always thought that she would be a good fuck but to be gangbanged was something he wanted to so her do.
“Well boys get ready for the time of your lives,” he told them as he held to door open and led them in.
Ann was surprised to see the first man was black and then shocked when the second and third entered were black as well. By the time the rest had entered she was horny as hell to see six strong looking black men who were going to give her her first gangbang. She rubbed her wet cunt a little harder as she said hello.
They started to undress and Ann removed the rest of her clothing. She had dreams of fucking a black man many times in the night but to see six naked men approaching her made her shiver. When the first man came to her he said, “hi beautiful,” and kissed her. She opened her mouth and accepted his tongue as her hand searched for his cock and found it. She felt it twitch in her hand and then felt someone grab her breast. Soon there were hands all over her body and when her legs were spread apart and a tongue touched her hot wet cunt she surrendered herself to them.
Ann broke the kiss and looked around at all the men and said, “Fuck me boys as hard as you want and don’t hold back on me. I want to be fucked in every hole and I don’t care how you do me.”
Now she had hold of two black cocks and looked over to Darren and Rick and said, “Thank you.”
Darren waved to her and said, “Have fun baby and put on a good show for us.”
She smiled and then said to the men around her, “Lets fuck our brains out boys, and I’m so ready for this.”
Two men helped her down onto the desk and one shoved his cock into her mouth. Another shoved two fingers into her cunt and as she moaned he fingered her as fast as he could. She sucked harder on the cock and squeezed harder on the other as her tits were being pulled. Her legs were held up and apart as she tried to close them but the men were too strong. Pulling the rock hard cock out of her mouth she grunted out the words, “Harder, give it to me harder,” and he did. This gave her a quick orgasm and she screamed, “Oh fuck yeahhhhhhh.”
The men laughed and he pulled his fingers out and said, “Oh yeah baby, now take this,” and shoved his ten inch cock straight into her contracting cunt to its depth. She squealed as her cunt was stretched so f***efully and she lost her breath. He stayed buried deep to his balls and felt her contractions around his shaft. When she went back to sucking a cock he started fucking into her hard and fast. Now he knew she was ready and he also knew that by the time they all finish fucking her holes she would always want to be fucked by a black cock.
Ann swapped sucking between two cocks while both her tits were being sucked like never before. She wanted these men to fuck her as dirty as they wanted and give her as many orgasms as she could take. She would pull back on the foreskins as hard as she could and suck a cock as hard as she could to get it big and hard to fuck. The more she tasted the precum the harder she sucked. Back and forth she went at it as her cunt took on the pounding of her life. The man pulled his cock out and rubbed it over her clit and she demanded that he stick it back in. He smiled and shoved it back in and fucked her with a stabbing action.
“Ohhhh, fuck my horny cunt, give it to me harder,” she said through gritted teeth.
He did and she went back to sucking. The man who was standing behind her head was pulling himself off and was ready to cum. He told the others to move and they knew what was going to happen. “Open your fucking mouth slut and suck it.” Ann looked up and was ready for her first load of black cum to be unloaded down her throat. He moved closer and squeezed the head to hold the load until he was at her open mouth. Blast after hot blast of cum shot down her throat and she tried to swallow every bit of it. She gagged on some and it escaped her mouth but she didn’t mind as there would be more to come from the others. The heat and taste sent her into another orgasm and she begged to be fucked harder.
He fucked into her as hard as he could to give her what she needed. Again she bucked on the desk but he held her down and fucked her deep. Squealing and throwing her head around she still managed to beg for it harder. Now she was screaming through her massive orgasm as it shook her to the core. She had lost control of herself as her orgasm ripped through her body. As her cunt muscles tried to grip his pounding cock he could feel he was going to cum. He stabbed into her and when his balls let loose he quickly pulled out and shot all over her belly. The void made her cunt search to be filled as her hips rose up from the desk. She yelled out when she felt his hot sperm touching her skin but a stiff cock was shoved in her mouth to suck another load that was coming. As hard as she tried to swallow and gasp through her orgasm the man just kept blasting load after load all over her mouth and face. Her mouth was overflowing and she spewed it out and then sucked the head in again as hard as she could. She wanted them all to see how dirty she wanted it and sucked him dry. When she felt him go soft she went back to sucking another cock.
Another big black cock entered her wet cunt and it felt fatter than the first one. With a slow motion he let her get accustomed to his size and was amazed that she took it without any resistance. When he had the full length buried deep into her she cried out, “Ohhhh fuck that feels good.”
“I’ll take it slow for you baby and you just tell me when you’re ready to go for it, ok,” he asked her.
Holding two rock hard cocks in each hand she looked at him and grunted, “I’m fucking ready.”
They all hollered and one of them said, “Well give it to her Jake, what the fuck you waiting for, you heard the lady.”
He fucked into her so hard that she thought she might have gone too far. She felt her cunt muscles being pulled out and shoved back in with every thrust and it began to burn. Hitting her womb was driving her crazy and making her sweat as he slammed her into the desk. She wondered if she was going to be fucked up forever until she felt someone rubbing her hard clit with wet fingers. Suddenly her cunt muscles twitched and surrendered to the fat cock. He fucked harder and faster to make her cum and when he looked down he saw that her cunt juices were now turning milky white around his shaft. Harder and harder he fucked her cunt and you could hear the desk moving on the floor. She couldn’t suck anymore as she started grunting with every thrust. Another orgasm was coming and she was worried about how hard it was going to hit. She decided to go for it and screamed at him to fuck her harder. He was covered in sweat as he kept up the pounding. She felt her cunt start to tighten around his cock and demanded that he went harder. All the men cheered him on as they watched her take it.
“Oh, oh yes, yes that’s it, that’s it, don’t fucking stoppppppp, fuuuuuuck meeeeeee,” she screamed out loud. Her entire body started to tremble and she f***efully squeezed the two cocks in her hands. He held her tight by her legs and kept fucking into her as she kept yelling. Tears were running down her cum covered face as she rode the biggest orgasm of her entire life. She was now a blubbering mess and all she wanted was for him to keep fucking her. When she rolled her head to the side the man being held by her got so turned on that he aimed his cock at her mouth and yelled, “Yeah baby take this.” With her eyes closed she only opened her mouth and let him fill it. She didn’t give a fuck anymore as she enjoyed the pounding her massive orgasm was getting. Sperm filled her mouth only to run straight out onto the desk. When it hit her face she didn’t even flinch. Her mind was only on her prolonged orgasm that the big pounding cock was giving her.
Harder and faster he fucked her uncontrollable cunt. He was nearing his own orgasm and brutally fucked into her with all his strength and she started screaming. He pulled out and aimed his cock at her chest as his body stiffened and then blasted a hot load of cum all over her tits. She pushed past him and inserted four fingers into her cunt to fill the void and prolong her orgasm. Stabbing into herself and rubbing her clit made her entire body tremble as her chest was getting covered in sperm. As her cunt muscles gripped her fingers she began to fuck herself f***efully. This intensified her orgasm and drove her crazy. She felt she could do this all night but someone pulled her hand away and shoved a cock in past her fingers. She squinted to see who it was and saw a tall smiling black man looking down at her cunt. He was not as thick as the cock before and felt the need to leave her fingers in as well.
“Have a look boy’s, looks like she’s stretching herself for some extra filling. What say with give this little lady another cock in here at the same time.”
When she heard this she wondered if she was going to enjoy it and how much will it hurt but she wanted to do it. She always wanted to be fucked hard and brutal. It was her only way to fuck.
“Yeah boy’s, give me another cock and another orgasm,” she said. One of them got on his back next to her as two men helped her up and onto his rock hard cock. When she had him in she said, “now shove it back in and fuck me you filthy bastards.”
He liked the dirty talk and slowly entered her as he looked into her lustful eyes. He knew she wanted it so bad and when he squeezed past the other cock and was half way in he said, “Let’s see how you like this you fucking slut.”
She stopped him by placing her hand on his stomach and he wondered what was up.
She looked him square in the eye and said, “If you don’t fuck me like your b*****r just did I’ll rip your fucking nuts off, are we clear.”
He smiled back at her and said, “Oh baby, don’t you worry none, we just getting started.”
She responded with a smile and knew that he was right about her and shoved it all the way down. Her smile quickly disappeared and turned to shock when he slammed into her deep and stayed there. She started panting as her mind screamed from the fullness. He gave her a minute to relax her cunt and when he thought she was ready he started fucking her hard. She screamed and moaned out loud as her cunt was being stretched apart. He fucked her like some street slut and with her mouth opened and gasping another black cock was shoved down her throat.
Suddenly there was a loud bagging on the site office door and everyone froze.
Rick looked at Darren in shock and slowly moved to the door. He was even more shocked when he opened it and he didn’t know what to do.
“What the hell are you doing here?” he said.
It was Jenny, his wife.
“I came to see if you were alright because you normally call if you’re going to be late home. I got in the gate with your spare key and then I heard someone screaming so I came running.”
Rick didn’t know what to do but he had no idea that she knew what was really going on in there.
You see, Darren had told her all about it and said that if she wanted to come and have some fun with her s****r then she was more than welcome. When he told her of the plan Jen got so turned on with the idea that she wanted to fuck him right then and there. She gave her b*****r in-law a great fuck for the invite.
As she stood in the doorway she looked at Rick and said, “Well are you going to let me in or what?”
He blocked the door and turned to look at Darren for advice. Darren smiled and said in a quiet voice, “Let her in and see what she says when she sees this.”
Rick thought why not and moved to the side.
“Oh my god. My s****r is fucking a bunch of black men and you two are watching her do it. How fucking hot is this.”
Rick was quite surprised that she wasn’t angry and it turned him on as to where this could go. He said, “So what do you think of your s****r now Jen?”
She noticed that they all stopped when they saw her and she said, “It’s ok, don’t stop fucking my s****r because I’m here, go ahead because I want to watch this to.”
All the men were thrilled to hear this and were even more thrilled to know that she’s the s****r of the woman there fucking. They knew that it won’t be long before she wanted to join in on the fun soon enough.
As Jen watched the show she asked her husband and Darren if they fucked her ass yet and Rick said, “Not yet.”
She turned to him and said, “Do you mind if I stay?”
Rick looked at Darren and said, “Only if you let me and Darren fuck you while you watch.”
“Warm me up enough and I’ll fuck every one of you in this room including my s****r,” she said.
Rick told her to undress and she did. When she was naked she moved to Darren and gave him a big kiss and said hello. She sat next to him and started rubbing her cunt and told Rick to give her his cock to suck. Rick said, “I want to see you fuck Darren first and then it’s my turn.”
Jen got out of the chair and went to Rick and said before she kissed him, “You have no idea of how horny this is and I can’t believe that you want to see me fuck Darren. Will you fuck Ann for me?”
“I already have babe,” he told her and she moaned as she dropped to her knees and sucked his cock as deep as she could.
“Your cock is ready honey and so am I, so fuck me now,” she demanded and he picked her up under her legs and she guided his cock straight into her wet cunt. He moved her up against the wall and fucked into her like never before as she begged for it harder. With her arms wrapped around his neck she whispered in his ear, “I wish I was here to see you fucking my s****r. Can you feel how hot and wet my cunt is baby? Drive that cock in me deeper, make me cum on it.” Pinned to the wall Rick drove up and into her with long hard stroked as he held her. They swapped spit as they kissed and Jen’s breathing was getting heavier as her cunt juice smeared down his shaft.
“Harder baby, harder, I’m about to cum,” she begged him. He started grunting as he hammered into her.
Darren was watching Jen getting a hard fuck and Ann taking two black cocks in her cunt at the same time as he stroked himself.
Jen told Rick to cum in her but he said no, he wanted to see Darren eat her out when they were finished.
“No baby, I’ll show you something that will get you hard real quick so unload in me baby, I’m going to cum real soon,” she said.
“Ok Jen whatever you want,” he told her as he fucked her faster.
With every thrust into her wet cunt she gasped and threw her head about as she demanded him to fuck her harder.
“Give it to me, yes that’s it I’m, oh fuck I’m cumming, yessssss, fuuuuuuck meeeeeee,” she squealed in a high pitched voice when her orgasm hit. He kept fucking her as deep as he could and started grunting louder as his own orgasm took over. He jerked into her with the first blast and then again with every other blast as his hot sperm filled her contracting cunt. His legs trembled as he held her weight and she kissed him deeply with her opened mouth.
Panting heavily she said “Oh fuck baby that’s so good. Can you feel that baby on your cock,” as her cunt muscles contracted around his shaft.
Rick told her he loved her and that he had to put her down and she said, “That’s ok.”
She slid down his body to her feet and said before she kissed him, “Now I’m going to show you something that’ll blow your mind. Are you ready?” “Whatever my dear, show me what you have in store,” Rick said.
With wobbly legs she headed towards the group of black men who were fucking her s****r and Rick thought that she might have wanted to try a black cock and watched her leave.
When Jen got to the desk she went to her s****r who was sucking two cocks as two cocks were buried deep in her wet cunt. Ann’s face was covered in sweat and cum and Jen asked someone if they could help her get up on the desk. All the men watched her getting up and above Ann’s head and waited to see what was next.
Jen stood on the desk with her hand covering her cum filled cunt as she looked down on her s****r. She started lowering herself down and aiming towards her s****r’s face. On the way down she told the two men beside her to move their cocks away and when they did she planted her cunt right over Ann’s open mouth.
“Suck my husband’s cum from me s*s and suck it all out.”
Ann opened her eyes to see the cheeks of her ass as she stuck out her tongue and tasted Rick’s sperm oozing into her mouth. This drove her insane with lust and it triggered another massive orgasm in her. She tried to scream but Jen kept grinding her cunt harder onto her face as she was also about to orgasm.
Cheers were heard from the men around them and it was too much for one of the men in her cunt as his lost his load and shot it into her with hard f***eful thrusts. This intensified Ann’s orgasm even higher as she felt the extra heat in her cunt. She sucked Jen’s cunt and had her tongue in as deep as she could get it as Jen starting to tremble on her. As Jen’s orgasm ripped into high gear she felt someone rubbing a wet finger over her ass hole and she demanded he shove it in her. With one thrust it entered her ass and she screamed out, “Oh fuuuuuuck, yessssssssss,” and then she collapsed onto Ann’s stomach.
Rick was amazed at the show and said to Darren, “Our lives are never going to be the same again after this.”
Darren smiled and said, “Yeah your right Rick, now it only gets better, trust me.... It only gets better.”
Jen was in an uncontrollable spasm as the finger fucked her deeper and her cunt juices filled her s****r’s mouth. She knew she was going to be fucked hard today and she was ready for it. When the black man pulled out and away from Ann’s cunt she looked up to Rick and was happy to see him smiling and give her the thumbs up to indicate he was ok with this. This made her hotter than hell and she decided to add more pressure on her holes by telling the finger fucking man to fuck her ass with his big cock.
He was fully erect and pulled his finger out then spat on his hand and spread it around her ass and again on his cock. Finally he aimed the tip to her ass hole and slowly pushed the head it. He waited for her to respond but when she didn’t stop him he pushed further.
Jen’s ass cheeks trembled more and more as his cock entered her and when he was fully buried she ordered him to fuck her.
One of the men had an idea when he saw how she loved it in the ass and told his mate to pick her up in mid air. He did and with his cock still deep in Jen’s ass the man came around facing her and shoved his cock into her wet cunt. Jen grabbed him by the neck and started screaming as the double fuck was hard and deep. When she got used to the size she started tongue fucking the man who was fucking her cunt.
“You like this bitch don’t you,” he said to her. As she bounced between them she said with a lustful grin, “Oh fuck yeah baby, we both do. Fuck me harder and make me cum on your big cock, come on, fuck me.” With a hard deep thrust into her she said with gritted teeth, “Harder,” and again he did and she kept saying it until her orgasm took her over the edge. Harder and fast they fucked her as she cried out in ecstasy.
Rick could not believe how hard his wife was taking the fucking of her life as he stroked his hard cock.
Ann had two cocks in her cunt as a cock blasted hot sperm into her open mouth. She swallowed what she could while hearing her s****r having an orgasm. Her jaw was getting saw and she now wanted to do the same as Jen. When she cleaned his cock she said, “I need a cock in my ass fellows, please.”
The man under her lifted her hips and she guided his cock into her ass. When she was slowly lowered all the way down she moaned and said to the one above her, “Now give it to me you horny fucker.” And he did. With every thrust she yelled until another black cock was shoved down her throat to shut her up. She managed to squeeze her hand to her clit and started rubbing it hard to bring herself off. When he felt her hand he pulled out and watched her fill the void with four of her fingers as she moaned in anger. He liked this and wanted to see how much she was prepared to do. With her fingers buried in herself and a cock in her ass he decided that she needed it in her ass. As he pressed against her and the other cock she pulled her head away from cock in her mouth and said, “Go on, do it you fucking cunt.” She watched him with a twisted face as he fed more and more cock into her until she moaned and collapsed back down. She wanted to enjoy the feeling of two big black cocks fucking her ass hole but the man f***ed her to keep sucking him off. She sucked him harder to bring him off so she could concentrate on the feeling she was getting. It didn’t take him long and she let him spray her face as she started fist fucking herself towards another orgasm. With lust in her eyes she looked straight at the man in front of her and said, “I’m going to cum so fucking hard that I want you both to fuck me as hard as you can. Don’t hold back because I need this so fucking bad, ok”
“You go for it baby doll and don’t you worry about a thing,” he said.
Jen was still being double fucked and felt that she could take this all day as her body surrendered to the pounding she was getting. With every thrust into her holes she moaned. The man in her ass was the first to cum and was stabbing into her with every blast. Jen squealed, “Yes, yes, yes, in a high pitch voice from every hot blast she felt. “Fuck me harder, don’t stop, please, please give it to me.” When he was spent he pulled out and Jen farted his cum out as her cunt was getting pounded. As her anus contracted uncontrollably she felt another cock wanting to enter it. She didn’t care. She cried out, “Oh fuck yeah, fuck me boys.”
Ann finger fucked herself faster and faster as the two cocks in her ass pounded away. She let out a little squeal and then held her breath as her orgasm ripped through her again. They fucked into her harder and faster as her whole body trembled. She stiffened her body as she held her breath and f***ed her fingers to continue fucking herself. This was the hardest orgasm she has ever had and wanted it to last. She may never have this chance again she thought and she was prepared to do whatever it takes to prolong it. Her contractions were trying to push her fingers out but she pushed against them. Finally she breathed and then let out a loud long scream and aimed her fingers for her g-spot. She found it and her legs wanted to close tightly around them. Her body wanted to escape from the two cocks in her ass but the men stayed true to their word and kept fucking her hard. She had no control of herself anymore and didn’t care what was being done to her. She slumped to the side and her head fell on the desk as sweat ran into her eyes. Spasms kicked in when she felt the first load of hot sperm fill her ass. She could only push against her g-spot as her body jerked in time with his pounding. Then she felt another hot load of cum and more jerking from the second man. She was so in tune with her own body that she didn’t even hear the grunting and moaning coming from the two men. The one above her pulled out and squeezed out what he had left in him all over her hand. When the other rolled her off he was relieved to feel the coolness of the air on him. He was spent as he lay there and Ann kept on fingering herself. Her entire body was trembling through the longest orgasm she ever thought was possible to have.
Without warning another cock eased its way into her ass and made her grin. The feel of it sliding against her fingers through the thin wall of her cunt made her happy. She needed the void filled and started scr****g her fingers against her g-spot again. He moaned through the tightness of it all and started fucking her in a slow motion and Ann just enjoyed the ride.
Jen’s holes were filled with cum as they fucked her time and time again. When they all unloaded in her they placed her on the deck next to her s****r and started shoving their filthy cocks into her mouth. She rubbed her cunt as she sucked one after the other. When she felt a cock grow hard she knew that it wasn’t going to be long before it was shoved in one of her holes. She tried sucking harder to show that she wanted it big again and they got the massage.
Ann rolled onto her back with the cock still in her ass and when the first hard cock was ready for Jen the man picked up Jen and placed her in a 69 position over her s****r. Ann looked up to see cum dripping from both of Jen’s holes as a cock was shoved into her mouth. When it was nice and wet he stabbed it into Jen’s cunt which made a long stream of cum ooze out of her and onto Ann’s lips. As he fucked her harder she could hear the sloppy noises coming from Jen’s cunt. It turned her on and she started pumping her fingers a little faster in herself. When the man pulled out and shoved it in Jen’s ass and Ann saw cum running down the inside of her leg she reached up to lick it up. Ann was now going crazy and found that she was ready for more filth. Watching her younger s****r being fucked with an ass full of cum right in front of her was too much for her to stop now.
“Fuck me harder baby,” Ann said. He pulled out and grabbed Jen by the hair and guided it to his cock and said, “Suck your s****r’s shit off my cock bitch,” as he shoved it down her throat. Jen squealed and did what she was told. She fucked his cock with her mouth as deep as she could and when she pulled away she said, “Now fuck her good and hard and watch this.”
He smiled and pushed into Ann’s ass to the end of his shaft as Jen removed Ann’s hand away and replaced it with her own fingers. Feeling how wet her cunt felt she decided to fist fuck her instead. Slowly she pushed her fist into Ann’s cunt until and when it disappeared she started pumping it into her. Ann only moaned and said, “Oh yeah s*s, fuck me,” as the man felt it against his cock. “Fuck yeah girl, fuck her cunt faster because I want you to make me cum,” he said to her.
As Jen’s ass was getting fucked hard Ann had hold of her hips and was lifting her mouth to her cunt and sucking it for all the juices. Jen started moaning as she fist fucked her s****r as fast as she could. She was amazed at how deep her fist and arm was going into her cunt and was expecting her to be screaming. She turned into an a****l and wanted to give her an orgasm so she twisted her fist and pumped it down against the cock in her ass as hard as she could.
That did it and Ann was now yelling at her not to stop as she fucked up with her hips into the fucking fist. Squealing in time to every thrust she waited for her orgasm to come.
The black man was fighting his cock against the pounding fist and trying to keep it in Ann’s ass as it wasn’t going to be long before he lost his load. He grunted with every thrust as harder and harder he fucked her ass until it hit him. “Ahhhh, fuuuuck, yesssssss,” he yelled unloading into her. Ann felt it and it was what her orgasm needed. She was screaming so loud that Jen could feel her screams through her cunt. She kept fisting her and when the black cock pulled out and Ann tried to escape she f***ed her fist deeper to keep her down. “No, no stop, stop,” Ann cried in a trembling voice but Jen was having none of it. She pushed into even deeper and now started roughly rubbing her clit. Ann tried to grab Jen’s arm to pull it away and knew that it was of no use. Instead, she decided the only way to make her stop was to give it to her just as rough.
As she squealed she managed to say, “Fuck you bitch, take, take this,” and shoved four fingers into Jens cunt as hard as she could. Jen was shocked at how brutal it felt and as she screamed she pushed her arm deeper and squealed out, “Fuck you cunt, fuck you.”
The cock in Jen’s ass pulled out and sprayed his load all over the place. In his jerking state he tried to aim it in Ann’s mouth but he didn’t care where it went.
The rest of the men watched two s****rs brutally fucking each other through massive orgasms.
Darren was shocked at how hard it was and by the look on these fellows’ faces it said it all. “There was going to be no more fucking these women anymore.”
Rick felt a bit sick as he worried about the damage they may be inflicting on each other but he also found in arousing. When he saw Ann use her knee to knock Jen to her side he saw not only did she have her fist buried all the way into Jen’s cunt but she had at least three fingers pumping into her ass.
They were yelling and screaming at each other through it all and everyone was amazed.
When Jen screamed she stopped pumping her fist into Ann but when she got her breath back she would give Ann’s cunt a fast thrusting as deep as she could. This made Ann scream and cum rum out of her ass.
The workers never took their eyes off the show as they got dressed and ready to leave.
The girls were amazing as they kept fucking each other and all the men thanked Rick and Darren and one said, “Good luck separating them fellows.
The two of them never heard them leave as they brutalized each other. Each one took and gave back what the other did to them but harder. The show looked like it was over when Ann pulled out of Jen and sat up and said in a dry voice, “Had enough yet?” Jen responded by shoving three fingers into Ann’s ass and said with tears in her eyes, “What the fuck do you fucking think you fucking slut.”
With a fist still in her cunt and now three fingers in her ass Ann managed to move in position to shove her hand in Jen’s mouth. Jen gagged and chocked and f***ed her head away. “I’m gonna fuck you up for that and f***efully pulled out from Ann and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off the desk and onto the floor. When she had her down she placed one foot on her hair and the other on her throat and said, “Take this you sick bitch.” With that she tried to release her bladder and Ann knew what was coming.
“Empty yourself on me you filthy slut, go on give it to me.” A small trickle started and then stopped and then the first blast came out which she used to aim at Ann’s face. When she let herself go Jen saw Ann raise her hand up and felt three fingers enter her cunt. It brought her down as her legs gave way and Ann pumped into her as fast as she could. Piss was shooting everywhere as her thighs trembled and she started yelling. Ann was getting covered in piss as she finger fucked her s****r harder and harder. When Ann felt that Jen was done she decided to give her the same and said, “Now It’s fucking my turn you filthy slut. Stick your fucking tongue in my ass and don’t you dare take it out.”
When she was over Jen’s mouth she felt her tongue and she tried to pee. When she finally started she raised her hips and grabbed Jen by the hair to keep her from moving away as she parted her pussy lips and lowered her cunt over her mouth. Jen was chocking on it and trying to push her away as she swallowed some and made the rest run down.
“Drink it all slut,” Ann yelled. Jen needed to breath and Rick saw it to. As he started to move closer, Ann stood up and sprayed the rest of herself all over Jen’s body. When she was finished she looked down on her s****r and said, “Next time you fuck me that as hard as that I’ll shit down your fucking throat, you hear me bitch?”
Jen wiped the piss from her face and looked up at her s****r standing above her and replied, “Yeah, I like to see how you’re going to do that after I fist fuck your filthy ass.”
They looked at each other for a while and then they both smiled and Ann held out her hand to help her s****r up. When she was up they hugged each other and Ann whispered in her ear, “That’s sounds interesting s*s and kissed her.
When they turned towards their husbands they saw them smiling back and Ann said, “Thank you boy’s for this. Now who else have you got for us to fuck?”
Rick looked straight at Ann and said with a beaming smile, “Well I do have our guard dog out there.”

To be continued.

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