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Confessions of a serial swinger: Origins of a sex

Chp. II


"Aunt Nancy are you sure this is ok?"

"Don't worry, everyone is asl**p, it will be fine. Just keep rubbing my pussy. Now slide two of your fingers in and slowly twist and rotate them in and out of me," she said. I complied with her instructions working my fingers in and out while slowly twisting. "Mmmmm that's good sweetie now take your other hand and jack yourself off, good keep doing it, don't stop," she told me.

She was undulating now, rotating her hips and pumping her pussy toward my hand. I was stroking my cock steadily and wondering still if this was really happening. There was just enough moonlight coming through the window to illuminate her silhouette. I could smell a mixture of the musky scent of her sex and perfume. It was intoxicating. She reached up and pulled her night gown over her head.

"Have you ever kissed a girl Thomas?"


"French kiss, or just on the lips?"


"ok, good I want you to give my pussy a kiss. Just like if you were giving a girl a french kiss."

She laid on her back, with trepidation I moved my head between her legs. She was whispering to me now telling me where to concentrate my efforts and when to switch motions. "Now use your fingers at the same time," she said. She was moaning quietly and beginning to writhe more rapidly. After awhile I told her my tongue was getting tired, she told me not to stop, I was almost there. At the time I remember not knowing exactly what she meant by that. By the end though I had been giving a thorough lesson in the female orgasm. "That's it sweetie, faster, harder!" Her body began to twitch and tremble. She was starting to get kinda loud. She grabbed a pillow and covered her face to muffle the sounds.

Slowly her gyrations subsided and she curled next to me. "That was wonderful, now Im going to show you what every man wants," she whispered to me. My raging hormones had kept me hard through the whole experience. In one motion she engulfed my dick with her mouth. It was just big enough to make her gag. She was slurping and sucking. Working her hand and mouth in the most exquisite motions. I could feel an orgasm building deep inside. I could feel a great churning in the pit of my loins. With a dizzying white light release I exploded in her mouth. I had masturbated before and had orgasms, but not like this! I was lost in sweet euphoria.

I laid there for several minutes tingling. I still couldn't believe what had just happened. She got up and slid her night gown back on. She grabbed my T-shirt, using it to wipe her mouth and hands. "I'll see you in the morning at breakfast," she whispered. She kissed my forehead and quietly left.

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