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The night I turned Bi.

It all started with a group dare, and led to so much more.

(F/F/F/F/F, First time Lesbian sex, sex toys.)

There were five of us in total: Myself, Amy, Grace, Lynne, and Jenna.

The time was nearly 11:00 at night, the sun having set a few hours earlier in the night, leaving us all slightly buzzed sitting around Jennas apartment. We had been talking about men for the good part of an hour, and by the time we all were sobering up, truth or dare had begun. The truths were small things at first, though the dares soon began to heat up. Eventually we were all half naked when the dare that changed my night came up: Drive with Grace to the sex toy store and buy dildos for everyone.

I couldn't believe what I was getting myself into as Grace and I hopped in my car, buckling up before making the ten minute drive to the store. We talked the entire time, that familiar tingling sensation bubbling in my stomach, a mixture of butterflies and curiosity as we pulled up. A few minutes later we were in the store, being helped by a rather forward woman to the toys section. I had never seen so many in my life, dildos, vibrators, strapons, dolls, and was feeling a bit overwhelmed. She unpackaged several different types of dildos, letting us grab and feel them up, until she finally showed off something that caught my eye.

It was long and flexible, a two-sided dildo that was as long as my forearm with tiny bumps all over it. That settled it, we purchased two of the dual-sided dildos, and five standard dildos of varying sizes and lengths. With my cheeks flushed, and a hefty chunk on my credit card, we made our way out of the store, quickly driving back to Jennas. What we saw when we got back got my heart pounding. The three of them were naked, sitting side by side helping each other masturbate. I was mesmerized, standing in the doorway watching them,my nethers practically clinging to my panties. They all smiled up at me, while Grace took the bags from my arms.

Soon enough the door was closed and locked behind me, and I was sitting on the floor in front of them all. Their fingers slowly worked over eachothers netherlips, gently prodding their clits as the game of Truth or Dare picked up again in earnest. Soon enough I was naked as well, my puffy nethers exposed as the toys were brought out. It got to the point where we were showing off our oral skills on the dildos, laughter working to ease the tension that I was feeling before the latest dare was pushed upon me. Amy and I were dared to blow the same double-dildo at the same time, while Jenna and grace each rode individual dildos, massaging each others breasts. Lynne in particular enjoyed what she was doing: Her lips wrapped about the nipple of my left breast, tongue toying with the small, hardened nub, dancing about it as she suckled gently.

Two minutes of sucking passed on that double-dildo before they all teamed up on me. The dildo was taken from my mouth while I was told to lay on my back, legs spread. Soon enough Grace was between my legs, kissing up my thighs as her fingers gently tapped against my nethers, slowly working her lips up towards my sex, while Amy and Lynne suckled upon my breasts, hands massaging my flesh while Lynne moved over me, straddling my face. My vision was taken up with her body, staring up at her as she lowered her sex to my lips, to which I gave first a gentle lick, experimentally tasting another womans sex for the first time. It wasn't bad, which lead to another lick, then another, until soon enough my nose pressed against her clit, head rising up and down as my tongue flicked about, trying to pleasure her with my inexperienced mouth. Not two minutes passed before a wave of pleasure exploded through my body, a gasp escaping my lips as my hips bucked slightly, stomach quivering as as her tongue pressed inside my sex, lapping up the small amount of fluids that escaped me.

I'm not sure when exactly, but Grace pulled her head away while I was lost in ecstasy, soon enough gently pressing that double-headed dildo into my sex. I clung tightly to it, accepting the first few inches into my body before she stopped pushing. I wasn't sure what was going on, simply hoping that my already excited body was going to be pushed even further through the waves of pleasure with a dildo-fuck. I felt flesh against my thighs then, grace pressing forward to push the dildo a little bit further into me, while she took the other end into herself. IT was then that I felt her sex pressed against mine, to which we both started rocking our hips, grinding against each other as the dildo filled our bodies.

The rest of the night was simply a haze of pleasure, with myself as the main target. Lips moved from my breasts, Amys head moving to between both mine and Graces legs, licking against our clits, back and forth, while Lynne straddled Graces face. Through the next three hours they all kept switching positions, the taste of girl-cum upon all our lips, and thoroughly engrained in my memory as quite possibly my most pleasure filled night of my life. I don't know when we finally called it quits, but in the morning I was pleasantly sore, the five of us all cuddled up together with the air conditioning going.

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