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I'm intersex. The medical term used to be “Hermaphrodite.”
They even distinguished a “True Hermaphrodite” from
“Pseudo Hermaphrodite.”
A “True Hermaphrodite has an “Ovatestes,” a gland that's not
a testicle or an ovary but both. Yet neither.
Hermaphrodite is a stupid old term.

When I young I 5was gorgeous.
B cup tits, perfect girlish figure, hips, ass, pretty face,
drop dead legs, everything.

My older br0ther turned me into a prostitute and used his
connection with our f@mily doctor to procure perv -oh, I mean, clients
to fuck me.
But that's another story.

This is the story of how I was r@ped only half against my will.

I was dressed as a slut, as usual.
My ”slut uniform” Open Toe Clear Sandals with 4 inch heels
that showed my feet like they were bare. Fire Engine red toenail polish.
Layer of clear polish, double layer of red, covered with another layer
of clear.
In my little purse I had about $20 and three little accordion shaped
single use lube dispensers with injection nozzles on top.
I had been fucked in the ass without lube before and it HURT.

My slutty makeup. Dark foundation, “stay put” red lip color, purple
eye shadow, mascara, total whore.
I won't bore you with the rest but my face said SLUT!
I wore a pink string bikini top with the lining carefully
snipped out. It was A Cup. On purpose...
My prominent nipples poked through very nicely.
I wore way too tight soft pink cotton shorts that looked like a big
piece of tape wrapped around me.
My empty scrotum looked just like a camel toe.

I had my little balls tucked into the pockets inside
on each side.
Most people don't know testicles can be popped into those
little cavities inside.
The Samurai used to do it to protect them.
I also had my little dick pushed in and propped against the
“shelf” at the top of my pubis.
Even a normal man can make his cock and balls vanish.
Just don't get an erection. Or need to take a p!ss Ouch.

I was out looking for trouble. No, not a fight. I was a gurl.
You know what kind of trouble. tee-hee

I cut through the park, two minutes from my house.

There I found trouble.
Four of them, dr!nking beier.
Neighborhood dudes I grew up with.
They knew exactly what I was and they ALL wanted to fuck me.

:”Wanna berr?” one asked me.
“Sure” I said, coyly.
He held the can between his legs and popped it open.
I took the can and chugged down a long drink.
I always loved berr.
I finished it quickly and he handed me another.
I drank that one at a normal pace.
They were getting antsy to get in my pantsy...

I finished it and I was feeling good.

“I have to go P ” I said truthfully.

I went behind some trees, inch wormed my shorts to my knees and squatted.
My dick was tucked up inside so I worked it out just enough for my P hole
to let out a big stream, then I tucked it right back in.

“Is that really a hermodite??”
“Maybe she got an operation?”

They were spying on me, too dr*nk and too stupid
to be sneaky.

“I'm DONE!!” I announced, to give them a chance to scamper away.
“Guys are so simple” I thought, then I remembered sadly that
I was half guy.

Back at the red wooden park bench I had to sit down.
I was very thin and very dr*nk from those two Buds.

“Are those tits real?”
I was shocked at the suddenness of the advance I knew was coming.
The vulgarity didn't bother me. I was a vulgar little whore.

“Yes they are” I said, breathlessly. I knew I was about to get gang banged.
“Show us.”
I pulled my bikini aside to reveal my two full B Cup boobs and huge nipps
that on my slight frame looked gigantic.

One of them slapped my left tit very hard.

OWW!! I screamed, jumped up off the bench and punched him right in
the “sweet spot” of his jaw as hard as I could, like my br0ther had taught me.

He staggered back but his buddy caught him before he fell.

If I was alone with him I could have walked away.

JERK!! Why did you have to ruin it like that??
I think I said that out loud.

Two of them grabbed my arms.

OMG I thought this is getting REAL.

The jerk I TKO'd was angry and hum!liated.
Knocked out by a “homodite” in front of his friends.

They pulled my clothes off me and I fought for real but
there were four of them.
They even took off my shoes and all I could think was
oh no, I hope they don't ruin my shoes.
You think really stupid crap when you're under stress.

The third one quickly ducked down and grabbed my legs
before I could start kicking.

Now I was helpless. My 'boxing opponent' slapped my left
tit again, then my right, and I started crying and sobbing convulsively.
Then he sl@pped my face as hard as he could and I got dizzy.

“CHILL THE FUCK OUT ASSHOLE!” one of his buddies
finally said, OR I'LL KNOCK YOU OUT TOO.

They threw me down on the grass on all fours.
I submissively held my ass in the air.
This is why I'm here, I thought, this is what I wanted.

“In my purse.” I squeaked. “Look in my purse. I have lube
please don't fuck my ass dry.”
They squirted two in my ass and I told them to save the last one.

:”Who goes first?” asked the jerk I knocked out.

“Knock yourself out” someone answered and they all laughed.

He was surprisingly gentle, he had a huge cock and he could have ripped me open if he wanted to.
It still hurt though. Not pleasurable at all.
He cummed in my ass, pulled up his pants
and left the park.

One had his blue jeans down to his ankles, the other two were
wearing shorts and had them completely off.

Blue jeans dropped to his knees in front of me and poked my lips
with his cock so I took it in my mouth.

One of the others stuck his dick in my pussy and I screamed in pain.

Blue Jeans told him not to push too hard, just work his dick around.
His precum was flowing heavy.
Nice and salty and good like salty skim milk.

Without warning he pulled out, jacking and cumming on my face.

I got a good squirt or two in my mouth and that nice satisfied warm
feeling came over my body

I orgasm very easily from stimulation of my vulva so I was having
small orgasms the whole time I was sucking Blue Jeans off.
The smell and taste of his cock, the salty precum magnified
the sensations of the cock in my cunt by ten.
When Blue Jeans splooged in my face I had a shuddering,
gasping orgasm that scared both of hem.
I growled, I'M CUMMING.
My dick popped out just then and I could feel my spermless
semen gush a little then drip and ooze. That can last an hour or more.

The last guy pulled me to my feet by my right nipple.

I stood there with spunk dripping down my legs from my pussy and
my gaping ass and felt a drop of goo ooze and drip from my chin

I was defeated, hum!liated and disgraced.
And I loved it.
I'm ashamed to admit it but I loved it.

He still held my nipple tightly.
I was hoping, begging he'd grab the other one.
Then he did, squeezing, twisting, pulling.
He had found my weakness. My nipples.
I started to orgasm again and I rasped, “i'm CUMMING.”
I dropped to my knees, unable to stand but he sadistically
lowered his hands only slightly, hanging me by my nipples.

The extreme stimulation and pain made me orgasm as though
I was dying from a seizure, writhing like a snake jabbed by
a lit cigar. My little cock went fully erect and ejaculated
f0rcefully like a normal male. Better, in fact.
All three assholes marveled and laughed.
“I didn't think that little dick could do that!”
“All you have to do is grab this bitch's nipples and she goes
crazy and cums. LOOK AT HER GO.”
Now everyone would know how to control me and use me
but I didn't care.
My life sucked anyway, my own br0thers used me as their bitch
and my older br0ther pimped me out to perverts with a lot of money.
Everybody used me. Dammit, now I swore I would enjoy it!
And he called me 'her' and 'she' and 'bitch.' I was a girl after all.

Let's go for a walk, bitch.

I still don't know why they suddenly became so cruel. After
they started being nice.
Guys just do fucked up things like that when they're in groups.

Hey Danny, grab her other nipple and let's walk her around.

I was crying and sobbing in total hum!liation trying to
convince myself I was enjoying it. I really did start
to like it, then I LOVED it. I was till crying hysterically,
humil!ated and ashamed but dammit, I ENJOYED it.

I was cumming constantly now, moaning and yelping,
gasping and spasming in release but they thought it
was just pain and hum1liation.

They walked me all over the park by my nipples.
It was one of the most extreme events of my life.
They were very careful to avoid other people.

My reputation? WHAT reputation?

I was a whore and everyone knew it.

Then they brought me back to the bench.


then the last guy to cum stuck his cock in my pussy and
worked it around perfectly just to impress his friends

I rewarded him by moaning loudly.
I was only faking a little bit.
I made a lot of noise though.

Then I felt another huge orgasm coming.

My hips started bucking, my toes curled, my legs went stiff
and shook and I screamed I'M CUMMING!!!

I wasn't faking this time.

The pain in my abused nipples was enough to make me
orgasm by itself but now I had a big cock in my pussy
and he was fucking me right.
I don't even know if my dick squirted again.

I was just lying there with my legs spread, my
knees slightly bent with my feet facing each other,
my arms were thrown back in complete surrender

I was limp, defeated, satisfied.

All of my dignity was gone

I kept having little orgasms from the agony in my nipples
and from the fuckings I had gotten.

My nipples and tits would be bruised for a week and a half.

He was sexually experienced because he hadn't cum yet.

So he jerked off for a few minutes then cummed on my belly

Blue Jeans pulled his spent cock from his fly and p!ssed on my
pussy, my dick, my ball sack.
The other two downed two or three more beirs each.
They waited a good long time for their bladers to fill
then they climbed up on the seats ad carefully p!ssed
all over me, especially in my face.

I submitted, I did nothing to resist .
I was beaten, I was theirs.

I fell asIeep.

D0gs were barking. I woke up to a d0g barking nearby.


It was getting dark and I ran all the way home, totally
naked and barefoot.
I think a couple of people saw me but it was dark and I
was ducking behind things and moving fast.

My clothes were thrown on my driveway.

My shoes were in perfect condition.

I never reported them.

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