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My Dad's Boss Part 1 -True Story-

I allways went to see my dad at work as a k**, I loved when he used to take me around the offices he worked as a bank manger he'd been working there for 16 years.
When I was born my parents didnt have alot of meny so my dad had to get a job and fast he had tried everwhere and finally got his job at the bank.
I didnt know what my dad actually did and I still don't quite understand it now but it didn't stop me loving the visit's to the office now and then.
My Dads boss Nicholas was also a f****y friend well my dad had known him for 16 years so I'm sure you can develop a friendship in that lengh of time but the one thing I allways remember about Nicholas was he allways looked at me differant I never understood it then but now I do well since that day I do.

I remeber it like it was yesterday the car journy the entrance to my dads office Nicholas there to greet me with his firm hand shake.
I wasn't a weak person but he was very musculare and strong so he had a very firm grip that almost hurt.
My dad was there to greet me aswell, my mum had some errands to run and being the protective mother she is It was not safe and out of bounds for her 16 year old son to stay home alone so I had to go to the office and stay with my dad the day, Nicholas said he didn't mind so there I was.

My dad, Nicholas and I were all having slight conversation when my dads phone rang, he and answerd and me and nicholas stood in silence for a while and then my dad put the phone down turned around and explained to nick how it was some he the meeting with I really didn't know what it was about because basically I wasn't listening but in the end Nicholas agreed to watch me, I rolled my eyes at the way they treat me like I'm a little 5 year old you needs to be looked after.

My dad kissed my forehead and rushed out before he was late for the meeting,
Nicholas decided we should go to his office and "hang out" there, you could easily tell he was trying to be young and impress me and act like my best buddy but I wasn't buying it.
On the way to his office he started again explaing why my dad had left and about this big meeting that could set off a huge deal but again I wasn't listening so I can't really explain what was going on myself.

We arrived at his office were he offerd me a seat on the big black leather sofa in his office with was the biggest room in the building with huge windowns looking were you could see most the city but starngley he shut the blavk velvet curtains and the room suddenly went pitch black I heard Nicholas walking across the room and suddenly there was light, he had switched them on but then dimmed them so the was and now I realise why romantically dark.
He started moving slowly towards the door and after locking it slowly walked towards me with grin on his face.
Each step he took I got more and more confused until finally he sat next to me I was to his right and he put his right on the back of the sofa and moved as close me as he could practically sitting on my knee,
I look up at him the confused expression not leving my face "ummm Mr-" he cut me off "shhhhh call me Nicholas no wait call me Nick" he said it in a deep and I admit sexy tone but he did not sound like himself, I continued "ok Nick ummm why have you shut the curtains and locked the door and dimmed the light?" He didn't reply he just smirked wich freaked me out even more what was palying on his mind?

A couple of minutes later he was still smirking at me and I was getting really uncomfortable but trying my best not to show it.
I decided not to make eye contact with him but I could see him in the curner of my eye and his expression was not changing wich got me even more nervous cause I have no idea what to do right now so I continue to look at at my lap,
Then I heard movement and Nicho- sorry Nick was moving even closer to me wich I thought was impossible since the man looked like he was glued to my side allready and then all of a sudden his left hand was on my leg as he was running his hand up and down my thigh then it stroked past my "area" I froze as his hand went over for that 1 second, he chuckled obviously noticing my reaction and whisperd in my ear in that sexy deep town again "Relax, I won't hurt you" For some reason and I admit it, that turned me on a bit but I was still frozen and unable to move, maybe it was with the shock or maybe it was cause I didn't want to leave but who knows?

His hands were now rubbing my innner thigh, I looked up at him the look of confusuion and shock still hasn't left my face.
For a split second I looked in his eyes and felt something like how could I say it spark prehaps and then I knew for a fact what was coming next,
Nick started slowly leaning in and for some starnge reason I was leaning in also so many things were running through my mind the main think was that little (big) voice screaming in my head for me to get the hell out of there and never look back but I obviously didn't listen for my lips had now met wit Nicks and we were in deep make out.
he wrapped his srog arms around my smaller frame as my arms automatically wrpped round his neck.
I felt nicks tounge run across my bottom lip and nick was begging for entrance and slowly I opened my mouth as yu shove his tounge in with full f***e and started twirling it around exploring my moth it didn't take long til my tounge was exploring his, after awhile we were both breathless and pulled away still in eachothers arms.

The little (big) voice inside my head must of grew stronger cause I realised I had just kissed my dads boss.
I pushed him away and head to the door trying to quickly unlock it but before I could her grabbed my arms and roughly pinned me to the wall, he smirked and whisperd in my ear "your not getting away from me that easy Joseph" he started placing gentle but very wet kisses down my neck.
He pulled back over to the sofa and lay me down while climbed on top of me he continued to kiss down my neck and at this point I actually started to enjoy it the gentle kisses felt nice and I suddenly found myself moaning softly ad nick must have noticed this also as he started adding more pressure and roughness to the kisses he was placing on my neck.........

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