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Gloryhole found in Highschool (True Story)

It was only until my final year in school that I discovered a gloryhole in the girls changing room toilets. It was a tiny hole in the last toilet booth. I looked around it and decided to put my finger into the hole. I managed to go through, but it was pretty tight. I knelt down and tried to peek through the hole, and make out what was on the other side. Funnily enough, I saw toilet paper, so I looked a bit too the right and I could make out a toilet. I assumed it was the boy’s toilets. The girls and boys changing rooms were adjacent to each other in my school.

I knew about gloryholes before from porn and you hear about it etc, but I never knew they actually existed. I’m guessing one of the boys did that, and eventually gave up. That night I was pretty horny and decided to watch some porn, in particularly gloryhole porn. I watched these amateur girls suck a random guy’s cock until he exploded in their mouth, this got me wet! I fingered my pussy to orgasm. The thought of sucking a random guys cock, without knowing what he looks like, was somewhat very hot! I believe most woman fantasise about this, however there is a big difference between reality and fantasy.

The next day, after school, I went into the girls changing rooms and into the last toilet booth and locked the door. I poked around it and through it again, this time however some of the plaster managed to fall through and the hole became bigger. I got on my knees and looked through the hole, I was right! I saw a toilet; it was the boy’s toilets for sure. I realised girls coming into this toilet booth would realise a change in the size of the hole, and the boys from the other toilet booth would also realise. Luckily I had a piece of paper in my school bag and managed to cover it with some blue tack – the paper matched the colour of the wall. I could only hope the boys wouldn’t poke through it or the girls would rip it off the wall to see what was there.

That night I watched gloryhole porn again, my pussy was extremely wet over it, it was becoming a strong fantasy of mine. Seeing those girls suck the cum out of those hard cocks and swallowing every drop made me think about the gloryhole at school and how only I knew about it.

I was very excited to go to school the next day thinking about the gloryhole. The end of the day bell went and I walked to the girls changing room, into the last toilet booth and locked the door. The paper was still intact, I smiled with relief. I took in down, and peeked through again. I took my panties off and sat on the toilet seat. By now I was very horny, and started rubbing my clit while staring at the hole. I imagined a cock coming through that hole as I fingered my dripping wet pussy until I came. However no cock had showed. I masturbated everyday in that toilet booth after school; it was what I looked forward to.
After a while I realised no boys were coming to that toilet booth, or even coming to the toilets. This was weird, so I thought it was because of the time I visited the gloryhole, no one would use the toilets after school that much. So the next day I decided to go the girls changing room toilets at lunchtime. I went into the last toilet booth and locked the door and took down the piece of paper. While fingering my pussy, I heard someone in the toilets. I quickly looked through the hole but no one there. I realised he used a different toilet booth, I was disappointed but it got me really wet knowing that a boy was in the toilets. I decided to visit the gloryhole at lunchtimes from now on.

I’d been going to the gloryhole for four days now and I only heard a few boys enter the toilets but none visiting that particular booth. However, while masturbating the next day in the girls changing room toilets, I heard someone come into the boy’s toilet. I heard his footsteps get louder. He entered the last toilet booth, and locked the door and coughed. In my mind, I was saying ‘Oh my God’ I got so excited, my pussy started to soak, and my fingers slide in while I peeked through the hole. I heard him unzip his trousers; I could see the guy’s waist and a bit of his cock. I then heard him pee, and my pussy started dripping, I rubbed my clit listening to him piss. I wanted to suck his cock soo bad, was my fantasy actually going to become a reality?

I knelt down on my knees and moved my mouth towards the hole, I softly whispered ‘hi’ but no reply. ‘Hello’ I said a bit louder, I heard him shuffling around ‘What the hell’ He replied, ‘who’s that’. ‘Do you want your dick sucked’ I replied. ‘How do I know you’re a girl’ he said. I put my two fingers through the hole so he could see my girly hands and with longish nails and nail varnish. He felt them slightly; I then pulled my fingers back. ‘How old are you?’ he said. I was getting bored of his 21 questions ‘do you want your cock sucked or not?’ I replied more loudly than previous. ‘Yeah okay’ he replied in a soft quite nervous tone. I peeked through the hole and saw his soft cock just there ‘put it through the hole then’ I replied. I heard him come closer and saw him put his cock in the hole. I opened my mouth in surprise as I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. It was a nice white soft uncut cock. I got on my knees while rubbing my wet pussy lips and touched it and looked at it. My mouth was getting really moist and hungry so I put my mouth closer to his dick and opened my mouth and took his soft cock in my warm wet mouth. I heard him sigh in pleasure and moan slightly. His dick gradually grew in my mouth as I moved my head back and forth sucking him hard. His moans got a bit louder as I sucked his cock faster. I licked his dick slit and then kissed it. I could hear him whimpering so I knew he was close. ‘I’m gonna cum’ he said while moaning faster. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, by now I was wanking his cock on my tongue. This warm wet thick load exploded in my mouth and onto my tongue. I continued to stroke him until the last drop. He moaned in pleasure, as I slurped his cum from his dick. I finally kissed his wet cock head, and let go of his dick. I could hear him panting as I saw his dick twitch slightly. He withdrew his cock from the cock. I leant towards it ‘Hey don’t tell anyone about this okay’, ‘I won’t’ he replied. Even though the thought of sucking random cocks was very hot, for some reason I didn’t want everyone to know about the gloryhole.

I got home that day and couldn’t believe what I did, every time I think about it I get soo wet, I feel so dirty but it was so hot and I’m glad I did it. The next day I went into the girls changing room toilets and into the gloryhole booth. I took the piece of paper off, and looked through but no one was there. I started masturbating anyway. I heard someone run to the last booth and just stuck their cock through the hole. I could immediately tell it was a different guy, as it was a brown cock and cut. I assume an Indian/Paki guy. Guess the other guy couldn't resist but tell someone. ‘Suck my dick then bitch’ this guy replied. His cockiness and dominant nature turned me on. I opened my mouth and got on my knees and took his cock all in my mouth. Thrusting his cock hard in my mouth, in and out, in and out. The salvia in my mouth built up and I pulled out and spat all over his cock, I then grabbed it and stroked him off for a bit, before I put him back in my mouth and sucked him dry. ‘Ohh you dirty little slut’ he replied while moaning, my pussy was so wet at the time. I sucked the cum out of his dick, and he withdrew his cock. ‘You wanna fuck sometime’ he said. I didn’t reply, I heard him leave after. I finished off until I came and covered the hole and then left. I can’t believe I was becoming a gloryhole slut.

I encountered the white guy again this time the next day and asked him why he told people. He told me he couldn’t help it and that he only told his friends. I didn't believe him though. Three weeks had pasted and I had sucked quite a few random boys’ cocks. The hot thing about this was, I never knew how old they were or what year they were in since all years shared the same changing rooms for both boys and girls. On the third week, a big black cock pushed though the hole and I was gobsmacked. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I grabbed it and looked at it for a while. I loved his cock - the best out of all the ones I sucked. My interest for darker cock becomes more apparent after I sucked him dry. So I told him to come at a certain time after school so I could suck his cock and taste his lovely thick warm cum every day. I would of course still continue to suck cock at lunchtime too. I couldn’t believe how much of a cumslut I was becoming but I loved sucking random boys off through the gloryhole.

I use to masturbate about it every night, my pussy would get soaked if someone just said the word gloryhole. It was a shame that I discovered it so late in my school life, as I only had it for a month before I left for holidays and never to return to high school again. I can only hope another undercover slut removes that paper one day and discovers that amazing hole and suck loads of cock, and eats their delicious cum. Best thing was, most people assumed I was this innocent quiet girl, but deep down I was a cocksucking, cum slurping whore. So, if you guys ever put your cock through a hole one day, who knows I might be the one sucking the sperm out of you...

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