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My first time

here is a true story, when I was 18 I had something happen to me and at the time I did not know what to do or say when it happen. I have two s****rs and one was 20y and the other was 17y at the time of this story. It was on a Saturday early morning, and I knew my mom and dad where gone already for a day trip to somewhere. they had told us k**s to be good for my older s****r and that she was to be in-charge of us two younger one and to do what ever she said, and not be mean to her or bad, this was on Friday evening. I'm thinking to my self, "ya-right" haha, just being me, lol.. well that morning being like most other mornings, I wake up having a nice hard on and start to play with my hard dick. I'd cup up my balls in one hand fingering, rolling them around and be stroking up and down on my dick with the other. I was doing this, with knowing my mom had lift for the day and no one would be rushing me out of bed, so I had kicked my covers off me and was really getting in to it and my mind was closed to everything but the moment. I horded something like a snicker, I opened my eyes and there was my older s****r in my door way her shoulder on the door jam her hip cocked out to one side with her hand on her hip and I could tell she had been watching me, she had this sexy smile on her face. Well I was jumping around trying to get something to cover my self up with and the only thing I could do was cup my hand over my now going soft dick and waving my hand at her to get out of my room. Well instead of her leaving, she comes in and turns and locks the door behind her and walks over to the bottom of my bed, looking at my hand covering my dick. At the time I could not utter one word out of my mouth. She started up on to my bed, and finely I tell her to get out of my room or I would tell Mom on her for being in my room. She said, go ahead and I will tell her what I caught you doing, and she giggles at me. Then she says to be quiet before I wake up my other s****r and you know that Mom and Dad said you are to do what I tell you to do. Then she tells me to lay back down and to let her see if she can help me finish what I had started. Well I lay back, still got my hand cupped over my dick and I fill her getting up on my bed, with her hands working their way up my legs. I just close my eyes and can feel my dick start to be come hard again, and she says, well you have a lot of slimy goo oozing out between your fingers. She then starts to licking and kissing at my fingers and takes my hand off and out of the way and licks at my semi hard dick. With this feeling so good and with my eyes shut, I start to forget for the moment that this is my s****r, and start to become very hard again. She starts to rub up and down and squeeze (what I call now per-cum, as we don't know then) more slimy goo out and rubs it all over my dick and licks it off and squeezes more out, doing this many times. Then all at once I felt this very warm filling wrapped around my dick. I had never felt this before ever and it made me open my eyes and look to see what she was doing. WWOww and my head fell back on to the bed, she had my dick inside her mouth and was sucking and I could fill her licking all around my dick, with it deep in her mouth. She was sucking my per-cum as it was coming out and I could feel her tongue trying to pouch its way in to my pee hole. WOW I do not think I will ever forget my first hard cum load shouting in to a girls mouth, as it did with my s****r. She sucked and licked my dick till I could not hold back any longer, my cum came out so much and hard that I heard her gagging at trying to shallow it all down, I raised my head and could see my cum oozing out the sides of her lips and she would go up sucking and opening her mouth as wide as she could to get what cum had leaked out as she went back down. As I watched her finish me off I noticed that she had her arm down between her legs and I was thing she was playing with her self at the same time, because she had started to quiver and moaning and shaking all over and we both just fell limed on my bed. After a little time had went by and we sit up on the bed, she looked at me with a big smile and cum all over her lips and said, tonight, it's my turn to be licked and suck my juices out. With some giggling, she got up and lift my room, leaving me to wounder what the hell just happened, hahaah Well that was the first of many many times we had sex.. I hope you liked my story of my first time. Would love to hear your first time, that is if you want to share. Hope you have or had a great a great day....

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