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Crissie Fucks the Neighbor

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was all alone in the apartment as my roommate Kelly had gone home to visit her
mother for the weekend. I hadn't had a date or been more importantly been laid in several weeks. Needless to say I was very horny.
I quickly flipped through the TV channels and as usual there was nothing worthwhile to watch so I clicked the off button.
I'd already read the days newspaper and even completed the crossword puzzle.
The weather was fairly warm so I was dressed in tight cut off jean shorts and a snug fitting ladies t shirt. Underneath i was wearing
a skimpy leopard skin thong and a matching push-up bra. The hormones had obviously begun doing their job as my
breasts had grown quite a bit over the past year and what not to long ago were tiny barely noticeable little titties had blossomed into a fairly respectable
pair of b-cups. I rarely wear shoes around the apartment and so was comfortably barefoot.
I going slightly crazy looking for something to occupy myself when I heard someone knocking at my door.
I figured it had to be tenant of the building but I hooked the chain lock on the door before i opened. It turned out to be
our neighbor so I smiled and said hello then briefly closed the door so i could unhook the chain and open the door properly.
Our neighbor is a tall, good-looking guy in his late forties or early fifties. He is still physically fit with just a smattering of gray in his hair.
I invited him in and asked "What's up?"
He replied that his cable reception was screwed up and he was just wondering if we were experiencing similar
I told him that I'd had it on a little while ago and didn't notice anything wrong. I walked over and picked up the remote
handed to him and told him to check it and see. He switched it on and it seemed fine. He switched to a channel that
was showing a golf tournament. "Hmmmm??? yours seems OK. This was what I was hoping to watch but if call the cable company
they no doubt won't get it fixed in any kind of timely fashion."
"You can watch here if you want. Kelly is out of town and I'm so bored I might just watch it with you."
he laughed and said "I don't want to bother you. I'm sure a young girl like you have some plans on a Saturday.
"Ha don't I wish? I haven't had plans in weeks." I said. Again he laughed and said "You sound like me. A
pathetic divorced guy whose girlfriend just dumped him."
I laughed and said "Sit down and I'll get us a couple beers."
We spent the next hour watching golf and drinking beers. I discovered he was very interesting to talk to and
had a great sense of humor. His job enabled him to travel all over the globe and he had numerous stories
about the places he'd visited. I was enthralled with his tales of his experiences in exotic places I'd only read about. I sat with rapt attention as he told of his encounter with a Ladyboy while in Thailand.

We wound up paying less and less attention to the golf as the afternoon progressed. I finished my fourth beer and had a pleasant little buzz going
when I went into the kitchen to retrieve another. As I bent down to reach another beer from the lower shelf of the refrigerator I suddenly felt a hand
cupping my left ass cheek. I stood up abruptly and whirled around. He immediately placed his hands on my waist and pulled me up against him.
"Don't worry Chrissie I know your little secret and believe me it's quite alright." he whispered in my ear.
I was apprehensive at first, wondering if I was hearing him correctly. I asked myself "Does he really know about me?"
But by now the marvelous sensation of his body pressed up against mine and feel of his strong hands holding me were overwhelming my senses.
My brain might be telling me "No Chrissie be careful." but my body was saying "Yes Chrissie Yes."
He bent his head down an began to kiss me. Soft, sweet, light and wonderful kisses that soon became more
passionate and deeper. His tongue darting around inside my mouth playing a game of sensual tag with
my own. His hands had slipped from my waist to cup and fondle my ass, cupping, squeezing, caressing each cheek in turn.
Then as his one hand slowly slide up and down my ass crack he slide the other hand around the front and slightly
brushed it against the front of my shorts. I spread my legs a bit and his hand cupped my crotch as he rubbed my
little "clitty" through the fabric of the jean shorts. He pushed me back against the refrigerator and slipped his hand up under my t shirt.
He began to cup, squeeze and knead my still bra encased breasts. He leaned down and whispered in my
ear "Such sweet little titties Chrissie." I moaned as he squeezed my breasts and lightly pinched my nipples.
I placed both my hands on his chest and pushed him away from me. I dropped to my knees and began to fumble with his belt
and zipper. Once i freed his stiff cock from his pants I took hold of it with one hand and wrapped my lips around
the head. I slowly let my lips slide down the shaft until nearly his entire cock was in my mouth. I proceeded to
stroke his long hard cock with one hand while my lips circled the tip while sucking it in out of my mouth.
I continued to suck his stiff cock while his hands held my head as he slowly fucked my face. His big dick
threatened to gag me as he f***ed it deeper and deeper down my throat. He began to moan lowly and he
murmured "Oh Fuck Yes! Chrissie. Suck my cock! Suck it like a Ladyboy." I continued taking his cock deep down my throat.
My head bobbing back and forth and up and down as I sucked voraciously.
All at once he quickly withdrew his cock from my mouth and jerked me to my feet. He dragged me across the
kitchen and had me face the place my hands palms down on the counter top. I was bent over with my ass
sticking out. He reached around to the front of my jean shorts and quickly unsnapped them. He tugged the zipper
down, a bit of a chore due to the tight fit of the shorts. He roughly pulled the denim fabric off my ass and tugged them down my thighs.
Once off my hips the shorts easily fell to floor. I stepped out of the little puddle of fabric at my ankles and kicked them away.
Face down, palms on the count top, legs spread and ass sticking out still covered in the skimpy thong I
was prepared surrender myself to him. I felt his hand pull the nylon thong to one side. He bent down and
quickly spit into the entrance of my tight "pussy".
When i felt the tip of his stiff cock at the door to my "honeypot" I strained my head to gaze over my shoulder
hoping to catch a glance of his face as his cock entered my "pussy". His eyes were closed as he slowly began
to f***e his dick into my love hole. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH....." I let out a little scream as he
gradually pushed his stiff member deeper into my ass. "Oooooooooooooohhh Baby yes !! " he said as his cock slipped deeper and deeper.
"Oh Chrissie you're so tight! So nice. Oh baby yes what a great little ass." He started his thrusting
and I pushed back against him, taking his cock as deep inside me as i could. His thrusting increased and
soon I was unable to match his intensity and was f***ed to just lay across the counter and accept each
violent thrust. After submitting to his pounding of my "pussy" for many minutes I finally said "I want you cum
inside me. Fill me with your cum."
He just muttered "Yes Chrissie I'll cum in your ass" I just moaned and said "Yes baby, fill my Ladyboy pussy with your
sweet cum." He let out a low moan and I knew he be cumming soon. "That's right baby fuck your little Ladyboy's
cunt. Cum in me!! FUCK ME BABY! OH MY GOD FUCK ME!" He let out a louder moan now and began to spurt
his cum deep into my "pussy". I screamed out "OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"
After showering together we retreated to my bed and fell asl**p in each others arms. That night we fucked again
and then one more time the next morning.
I had the pleasure of neighborly fucking sessions with him many more times over the next two years.

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