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My Hot Son

As we pulled away from the house I was happy that my husband was not going with us. It was just my sixteen year old son and I making a trip across the country in the car to see my s****r. My husband and I have not been getting along for some time now and I really needed a break. My husband and I had not had sex in months and I was hoping to get a little at some point on this trip. I feel asl**p thinking of cock and had sweet dreams. I awoke a few hours later horny as hell and looked over at my son who was driving. He had grown into a very fine young man and I was very proud of him. I found him to be very attractive and even wondered how good he would be at sex. He turned me on, made me wet. I was getting wet just thinking about him right there in the car.
We started to talk and soon got to talking about sex and I was very surprised to find out he was still a virgin. I had hoped that he would tell me about all the girls he had been with and tell me about the hearts he had broken. But he was a virgin, he said he was not sure enough about himself to have sex. He was afraid. As we talked I thought more about his fear of girls and sex and wondered how I could help him with this problem. My pussy ached at the thought of me taking him in and showing him how to fuck and please a woman.
It was my turn to drive and we switched. My son feel asl**p and drove and thought about his hard hot cock thrusting in and out of my pussy. Pounding away on me and then filling my hungry cunt full of his hot young cum. The feeling of his young cock throbing in me as he pumped sticky cum deep into my womb.
We made it to our first hotel for the night. My pussy so wet. We went and ate and made it back to the room. I told my son that I wanted to shower. I showered quickly and made sure to leave the towel w****d around me in such a way to show off my neatly trimed cunt. I acted like I did not know my snatch was on display. I was glad to catch my son getting an eye full when he thought I was not looking. I noticed his cock getting hard and making a tent out of the sheets. At one point I bent over giving him a real nice shot of my naked ass.
We were going to be sharing a king bed and I dropped the towel to put on my sl**p shirt. I acted like I did not mean to telling my son I was so used to having him around. He said he liked looking at my naked body and I was welcome to be naked around him all I wanted on this trip. I told him he could be naked also that we had nothing to hide from each other.
Then I asked if he had ever seen a naked woman before and he said only me. I laid there and told him he was welcome to look me over. I was glad that he took me up on the offer. It made me wet having my son looking me over. He asked if he could touch me and I told him yes. He touched my boobs and then went to my bush, and then to my pussy lips. He told me I was very beautiful. He said he liked the way my pussy looked and smelled. He then asked me about sex and how it felt. Then he wanted to know how it felt for a woman. He then asked if I would touch him, as we had nothing to hide from each other. He had taken off his boxers and I touched his rock hard cock.
We talked about sex as we explored each others bodies. I felt like I was in high school again. He said he wanted to taste me so we got in a sixty nine and I took his cock in my mouth he explored my pussy with his tounge. I loved the taste of his precum and the hardness of his cock. I was good at blowjobs and soon enough I had him on the edge and pushed him over. I wanted him to fill my cunt but decided it better to get what I could now. His hard cock swelled and then spurted rope after rope of young hot sperm down my throat. I worked him till his balls were drained and swallowed every drop. I knew I had him hooked now and would be able to have him any time I wanted. After he caught his breath he started back on my pussy and I ground it into his face. As soon as I saw his cock getting hard again I was happy. It got to rock hard straight away and I mounted my son like a bitch in heat. My sons cock slid into me easily as I was so wet. I worked him good with my pussy and he could not hold out and filled my cunt with a large hot load of his spunk. I loved feeling his young cock throbbing deep inside me and the feel of his cum flowing into me. I laid next to him and we held each other and fell alseep. I awoke the next morning with my son pounding away on me. A few more thrust and he was filling my cunt full of his spunk. He said that was the third time he had done that to me. I could not believe I slept thru the other two but I have slept thru sex with other men.
We fucked like high school k**s thru the rest of the trip. Every chance we got to fuck we did. After we got back from the trip my husband and I worked things out but I kept fucking my son. My son said it was okay for me to be fucking my husband and him. My son said I could fuck other men also but he had to approve of it.
The first man I fucked was a guy I met at the pool. My son was there and this guy came up and hit on me. My son told me to fuck him in the changing room, and he wanted to watch. The three of us went to the change room and I took off my suit. The man and I quickly went at it. He had me on a bench and was fucking me good and hard. I looked up and my son was right there stroking his cock and watching. My son and I made eye contact and I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out. The stranger fucking me came too filling my cunt full of his cum. He pulled out and my son mounted me and quickly blew his wad into me also. The stranger thanked us and left. I felt so good having pleased two men.
This became a regular event for my son and I. We loved fucking stragers in front of each other. Our second adventure was with a couple we met at the mall. We went to a motel for a swap. The room only had one bed so as I was getting fucked from this strange man my son was pounding this woman. As this man filled my cunt with his jizz my son filled the strange woman full of his. Then I had to clean the man, my son, and the woman all up. I loved sucking my son's cum from this woman's pussy. This became a regular event for us, I can not enough of watching my young son fucking these older women and filling them full of his seed.

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