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I met a shemale online called melisa and we had been talking over msn for afew days, mainly having saucy chats about sex and getting off. She asked me to meet her on the coming weekend which excited me as i was a virgin to cock.

We arranged to meet in a bar that was a stone's throw away from my flat, As i entered the bar it was pretty dark and i waited for my eyes to ajust to the dim lighting, then i noticed her sat at the bar wearing a skin tight, dark red dress that was knee high, she looked amazing. I walked over to her and straight away i was struck by a beautiful smile as she turned to greet me. we had afew drinks then decided to go back to my place as we both knew what we wanted. Entering my place we headed upstairs straight to the bedroom, Melisa then told me to unzip her dress and i did what she asked. Melisa was wearing a crotchless thong, she stepped out of her dress and turned around to me and immediately i was greeted by a 6inch soft cock staring me in the face and OMG my mouth watered looking at this delicous masterpiece.

Melisa noticed my reaction and said "I see You like my big b**st then?" I looked up into her eyes and she smiled as she saw my mouth hanging open. Melisa then comanded me to fill my mouth, so i locked my lips around her cock and began to suck, it started to harden witch turned me on even more so i started rocking my head back and forth, her dick became every wet and slippy and she then started to thrust slowly into my throat. This felt amazing giving my first blowjob i told melisa to fuck my face and without thinking thats what she did, hitting the back of my throat and forcing me to swallow her huge length right down my throat. My eyes were watering and my mouth was leaking all over and i loved every minute of it, Melisa then told me "I'm going to cum baby, where do you want it?" I looked up at her and grabbed the back of her thighs and pulled her towards me shoving her cock down my throat, She knew what i wanted so she slowly fed me the rest of her 10inch monster making me swallow it all down my throat until i had her delicous balls resting on my chin, i then stuck my tongue out and started licking her lovely lady balls. I then felt her butt cheeks tense and her cock spasm, i knew what was "cumming" and then felt a warm stream down my was incredible!! Melisa then loosened up and i pulled her from my mouth licking and cleaning all the leftover love juice from her amazing cock. We then fell back onto the bed and fell asl**p me resting my head just above the monster that filled me.

Next morning we exchanged numbers and Melisa left, i will definatly be calling her soon!

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