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A Day At The Nude Beach

This is a true story of what happened at the nude beach a couple years ago.

I had been going to the beach almost every weekend that summer and it was getting late in September and the beach weather was coming to an end. I was really going to miss the beauty, peace and tranquility there. I would arrive around 7 am just as the sun was coming over the horizon. Most weeks the water was calm and I would stand knee deep in the cool Atlantic waters looking out over the surf and watching the dolphins moving in and out of the water about 100 yards offshore. It was paradise. On any given weekend there were between 100 and 200 people there, mostly regulars I came to recognize after several weeks. One day while lying in the sun and looking out over the scene I noticed an older woman sitting alone and reading a book. She was sitting about 50 feet from me in a chair and facing me even though her vision was occupied by the book. She had short white hair and very well put together for a woman her age. I kept glancing over and after a while I noticed her scratching herself, or so I thought. After a minute or two I saw that her hand had not moved and I soon realized she wasn't scratching but rubbing her pussy. I assumed she was reading an erotic novel ang getting off on it and couldn't help herself. I enjoyed the view for another half hour as she softly rubbed herself. It was usually a pretty casual attitude at the beach and I had never seen any overt sexual behavior other than the odd couple making out in the water and doing who knows what else under the water. I watched the rest of the show on my belly to hide my erection and soon after packed up to leave.

The following week I arrived and got set up and saw the same woman walking down the beach collecting shells and such. As she walked by me I smiled, said hello and we chatted a bit till she went back to her blanket. After my first trip into the water I walked back up the beach to her blanket and started talking again. During the conversation I thanked her for last week and asked her if the book she was reading was really that exciting. She said no, that she was just feeling horny and wanted to play with herself. She asked me to sit and we continued talking. She told me she was married and her and her husband retired a few years ago and traveled the shore on their houseboat, He had some work to do that day and she was there alone. She told me they used to swing and that he liked to watch her with other men. Her story started to get me hard and she noticed and wrapped her hand around my cock and told me it was very nice. It grew even bigger as she slowly jerked me. I took the opportunity to grab her hardening nipples between fingers and rubbed them to get them even harder. She started to talk about cock rings and how much she liked them and then called over to her friends at the next blanket and called the husband over and asked him to bring his cock rings. I was surprised and quiet and wondering where this was going. The husband came over with several rings other than the one around his cock and she laid them out on her blanket. One by one she tried them all on my cock till she found her favorite and told me to keep it on. After putting the cock ring on me I was hard again and as she continued stroking me I had my hand on her leg and was rubbing higher till I reached her pussy which had just the slightest covering of hair. As I rubbed her lips and clit I could feel her getting wetter. We were lying side by side facing each other but it was probably pretty apparent what was going on to any observers. She suggested we go in the water and I agreed if she would stop stroking me so I didn't have to walk across the sand with a raging hardon, it's just bad form. I took her by the hand and we walked into the shore till the water was up to our chests. She turned to me and hugged me and planted her lips on mine and her legs around my waist. The soft waves were rocking us back and forth and I could feel my again hard cock sawing in between her pussy lips as we hugged. She asked me not to penetrate her as that was the only she wasn't allowed to do. I agreed and continued to grind against her and rub her breasts while her back faced the beach. After a couple minutes she told me to float in front of her which I did gladly. She had her arm around neck to steady me while my hard cock bobbed above the water. Then she bent over and took my cock in her mouth. She didn't have to move much as the surf did all the work in pushing me in and out of her mouth. Even though she still had her back to the beach, anyone with a brain could tell what we were doing, and neither of us cared at that point. If I thought this place was paradise before, I surely thought it was now.

We played for a while longer and then she followed me back to my blanket. We dried off and had a drink and a few hits off a joint and just relaxed. I was lying on my side facing her and she was sitting crosslegged just a foot away. I couldn't help but look at her beautiful pussy and the way it flowered open with her sitting like that. It was making me hard again, which she noticed, and her hand went right to my cock again. We sat there chatting casually with her hand on my cock and I finally had to reach out a finger and dip it into her wet pussy. I brought it back to my mouth and tasted her, which turned her on. She asked me if she tasted good and my answer was to smile and take another dip. It was so surreal to be sitting there on the beach with people all around while we played with each other like naughty k**s. The fact that she was probably 20 years older than me just turned me on more. After a while, we made another trip into the water to cool off and to play some more. After 5 minutes of grinding my cock on her pussy and sucking her nipples I got her to cum. She wrapped her arms around me and shook for a full minute while I held her. We returned to her blanket and rested a bit and had another drink. It started to get late and we both were planning to leave soon. We hoped to see each other there the following week and said goodbye. I did visit the beach the following week but she was not there. That was the last week I went to that beach that year. I've returned a few times since but still have not run into her again. I started to go to another nude beach closer to me last year but I may have to make the drive this summer in hopes to see her again and have some more nude fun.

The End

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