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Last week I flew to Tucson upon hearing of my father's death. He'd lived a good life, had been a school-teacher, and had been married for fifty-three years and raised three k**s. Our mother had died six years earlier and he'd continued living in their little duplex in Green Valley, Arizona, surrounded by his books and extensive classical music collection. As neither of my younger b*****rs could stick around after the funeral, it fell to me to go through and dispose of his possessions and get the house ready to be sold. I had taken a couple of weeks off of work, so I had the time to carefully go through all of his stuff.

After a few days I had arranged to for Goodwill to come and pick up much of the furniture and salvageable clothes, and kitchen odds-and-ends. This left me with all of the bookcases containing my father's major collection of books, some of which were rare titles associated with his primary love of astronomy. Each morning I would put on some good music on dad's superb sound system, boot up my laptop, and start carefully going through and cataloging each of the books. There were some that I wanted to keep, and some I knew that my b*****rs might want, and others I felt could be sold via on-line booksellers. And this was how I found the leather-bound notebook.

I had carried a stack of books over to the table where I was working and sorted the books into a couple of piles. One of them was a black leather-bound journal-like notebook. I casually opened it up and riffled the pages. It looked to contain approximately 100 pages, or so, in my father's neat, but crabbed, handwriting in black ink. I sat down and started reading from the beginning. After several hours I was done, and my prior perspective about my f****y was now completely stood upon its head. The only way to explain it is to simply share some of my father's story verbatim with you. Obviously, I have changed the names to protect my f****y's privacy. Here is the first part of "The Notebook".


November 1953

I think I truly fell in love with my mother the day I returned home from nearly three years of combat during the Korean War. My mother had single-handedly raised me from my birth in 1930 until I enlisted in the Army in 1950, at the age of nineteen. I never knew my father, and she never talked about him either (well, not until much, much later). All I knew was that I was raised by a woman who loved me dearly and did her very best to give me a good life during the depths of the Depression and the long years of the Second World War. We lived on a small farm in western Nebraska that she had inherited from her father. Between the two of us we managed to raise a few dozen head of cattle, pigs, and farmed a couple of hundred acres with corn, mostly for feed for our own livestock and what was left over to be sold to neighboring farms.

My mother's name was Margaret, but everyone called her Maggie. She was tall, nearly six feet, long-legged, with a mane of long black hair that she typically kept in a braid that went halfway down her back. While I suppose one couldn't say that she was movie star beautiful, she was strikingly good looking. As I grew older I did notice that a lot of men kind of surreptitiously looked her over as she walked past when we went to town. Hell, to be honest, I did too.

Mother was eighteen years old when she had me, and she got the farm where we still lived when she was 24 and I was just a little fellow of six. I do remember that when I was a little boy and really wasn't able to help around the farm, Mother had hired an older man I just knew as "Mike". He came by three or four days a week and worked several hours doing the heavy chores that she couldn't manage on her own. But by the time I was 14 or 15 she was able to let him go as we managed just fine on our own. I had grown into a strapping young man of nearly six and a half feet tall, big, raw-boned and full of piss-and-vinegar.

I enjoyed working with her. My mother was a patient woman, light-hearted, a bit of a practical joker. Looking back on her over all of these years I realize that she was absolutely amazing in how she dealt with the privations of the Depression, the war, and trying to raise a c***d and run a farm all on her own. Talk about independent women, frankly my mother was the perfect example.

My mother had graduated from high school and she was adamant that not only would I graduate, but that I would go eventually to college too. Well, the Korean War kind of put those plans on hold for a few years. When I received my draft notice in the fall of 1950, I thought my mother would completely go to pieces. She was terrified that I was going to be killed and that she'd be all alone for the rest of her life. It was a tough few weeks around the farm before I left for boot-camp and then Korea.

I am not going to recount my experiences over the three years that I was in Korea during the war—it was terrible from start to finish—but suffice it to say that I wrote my mother, at least a few lines, just about every day that I was there. Interestingly enough, she took each one of those letters and home-made cards that I made for her and mounted them in a series of scrapbooks that she treasured for the rest of her life.


I got off of the bus late in the early fall evening, hefted my duffel-bag up onto my shoulder and began the walk up the dusty county road toward our house and farm just before sunset. I hadn't told mother that I was mustered out and on my way home in my last note to her. I wanted to surprise her.

I reached the house just as the sun went down. I quietly stepped up on the porch and set the duffel down. I peeked in the living room window and could see mother in her robe standing in front of the range in the kitchen. It looked like she was making herself a cup of tea. I stepped back, snugged up my tie, dusted the dust off of my uniform and then lightly tapped on the door. After a few seconds she opened the door, she looked at me for a moment with wonder in her eyes and then she screamed with delight and leaped into my arms!

"Oh, David, David, David, is it really you?" she squealed, as she smothered my cheeks and lips with kisses. I held her weight completely in my arms as she had wrapped her legs around my waist as she hugged me tightly. Instantly I could tell that she was ready for bed as she didn't have any clothes on under her robe, and she smelled so damned good, almost like the soft sweet smell of jasmine on an early spring morning. It was simply intoxicating to be home and to be holding my mother again.

I slowly set her down, circled her waist with my arm, grabbed my duffel and led her into the house. I stopped and looked around taking in the familiar sights and smells, and plopped my bag in the rocker by the door. I kicked the door closed with my heel, looked at her and said, "I'm home, Mother, I'm home for good!"

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she took me in her arms again and kissed me and softly said, "I am so glad, Honey! I have been praying for this day for so long..." she tailed off as she reached up caressed my face and mussed my short bristly hair, "Come along then, honey, let's get you settled."

I grabbed the bag and made my way down the hall to my bedroom. I dumped the contents of my duffel bag on the bed and we both spent a few minutes hanging the clothes in the closet. Mother went over to the tall wooden bureau and opened a drawer. She handed me my old robe, clean and neatly folded and smelling of cedar chips. She smiled and asked, "Do you want to take bath? You've got to be dusty and tired after your trip."

I replied, "Hell yes, Mother, that sounds great! But first I want a whiskey—no rocks, no water, just whiskey."

"Coming up, darling. And I'll go start the bath while you change, and then go make your drink."


With a sigh I slowly sank down into the hot water in the large enameled claw-foot iron tub in the bathroom just off of Mother's bedroom. 'Jesus!' I thought, 'this feels too damn good!' I leaned back, up to my neck in the water, and closed my eyes.

A few moments later Mother tapped at the door, poked her head in and asked, "Are you in the tub, dear? Ahh, you are..." She came in, bringing a small wicker stool that she set down next to the tub.

"Yes, I am, and it feels so good...I think it has been three years since I last actually took a bath."

She sat down on the stool, wrapping her robe around her legs, and handed me the whiskey in a heavy glass tumbler. She had one for herself too. We 'clinked' glasses and each took a slug. The fire raced down my gullet and instantly warmed my stomach. The water, the whiskey, and just being finally home seemed to be washing the past three years away in a matter of moments.

We made small talk and caught up on the doings around the farm, town, and the Army. She told me that the crops had been pretty good this year and that we'd actually been turning a profit for the past couple of years. I asked if my salary from the Army had been making it home, and she told me that I had quite a fat bank account waiting for me down at Farmer's Trust on Main Street.

I laughed, "Mother, that money was always yours and the farm's."

She replied, "Oh, honey, that is your money. The farm and I are doing fine, just fine."

I smirked at her, "Well, if that's the case, maybe I'll use my money and the G.I. Bill to buy myself a farm and house of my own."

A look of horror crossed her face, "Oh, no! Honey, don't do that! This is your home. I don't want you to leave...please, please don't leave!"

I laughed and reached out and grabbed her hand, "Don't worry, Mom, I'm just teasing you. I am so glad to be here with you, here in our home."

"Whew!" she whistled, "I thought for a moment you were serious...I mean I know a lot of veterans are coming home and doing just that."

"Nah," I replied as I sipped my drink, "I just wanted to get a rise out of you. It has been a long, long time since I have been able to tease you, Mama."

"You big k**der," she said softly as she reached over and rubbed my shoulder and arm. I slid my toes up out of the water and slowly turned on the hot water to just a trickle to warm up the tub. She said, "Hmm, I'll get that for you, baby," and as she leaned over the tub and reached for the faucet her robe gapped open and I was treated to the sight of my mother's large, pendulous breasts with their large brown nipples.

It is worth mentioning that Mother and I had always been relatively casual about nudity around one another for most of my life. I can remember having bathed with her as a c***d, and it wasn't all that uncommon to see each other naked as we changed clothes, bathed or washed up as I got older.

Well, familiar or not, but I'd not seen a woman's breasts in some three years, and it was all I could do but to not just reach up and grasp and caress my mother's beautiful breasts.

Almost instantly my penis began to harden, and I tried to shift deeper into the hot water. The problem was that mother was leaning on the edge of the tub talking to me and the water was gin-clear and she could certainly see my stiffening manhood.

I guess I've always known since I was a teenager that I had a pretty big dick. Even in the Army I never really saw too many penises that were larger than mine. I haven't actually measured it, but it took two hands to completely cover my shaft when I was stiff and jacking off. I still have my foreskin too, as my mother, just after I was born, chose not to have my penis circumcised.

I also share my mother's dark-hair color and have a thick pelt of hair on my chest, belly, back and legs. I was sometimes accused of being a Neanderthal by my fellow soldiers when they'd see me in the latrine or barracks with my shirt off.

I took another sip of my drink and tried to will my cock to relax, but to no avail. I was rock-hard and the bulbous tip was just breaking the surface of the water. Feeling embarrassed, I just leaned back and looked at mother.

Her eyes were glued to the tip of my penis bobbing in front of her, the glans half protruding from the foreskin. Her hand slowly slid off of my shoulder and she began running her fingers through the thick, curly patch of hair on my chest.

She whispered, "I'm so glad that you're home safe and sound. I've missed you so much, baby. I was so worried about you every moment that you over there in that awful place. It scared me to death. I really didn't know if I'd ever see you again."

Quietly I said, "I know, Mom, I was pretty scared too. I am so glad to be back here with you, and I want you to know that I'm not gonna leave you again...ever."

"Do you mean it, David? Do you really mean it, baby?" she asked her voice quavering.

I looked up into her dark eyes and reached up and cupped the back of her head in my hand and pulled her face to mine. We both paused for half a second and then we kissed each other on the mouth. I slid my tongue deep into my mother's mouth and moaned as I kissed her. She brought both of her hands up and held my head as she kissed me in return.

I reached up and took her hand and brought it down to my damp chest hair and then slowly slid it down my hairy belly into the bath water and then into my crotch and placed her fingers on my hard cock.

She lifted her mouth from mine and whispered, "Oh, David, are you sure? We can never go back from this, baby...Are you sure? Please, please be sure?"

"Mother, I love you, I have always loved you, and I will always love you. I am yours now, Mother," I said softly as her hand slowly moved up and down the shaft of my dick under the water.

I handed my drink to her and then slowly raised up from the tub and asked her to bring me a towel. I stood in front of my mother naked and watched her as she looked at my body, the large erect penis that was jutting up from my hairy crotch, and large testicles hanging low in my red, dangling scrotum.

She picked up the towel and opened it up and beckoned me out of the tub, "Jesus, David, you are truly a beautiful man! I can't believe how beautiful and sexy you are! I can't hardly believe that I gave birth to such a beautiful creature," she said as she began to dry me off.

I stood on the bath mat and watched my mother as she knelt down and gently dried my legs and thighs, and after she had dried my crotch and belly, she leaned forward and nuzzled my erection with her nose and lips. She began kissing the hairy shaft of my cock and then my balls, her hands clasping and pulling my buttocks to her as she buried her face in my crotch. I moaned with desire as she took one of my hairy balls into mouth and sucked and licked it, nipping at it with her lips.

I reached down and began to undo the thick braid of her raven-colored hair. After I'd finished, I ran my fingers through it massaging her scalp as she continued kissing my sex organ and thighs.

"Oh, God, Mother, I love you...I love you so much...don't stop, don't stop...please..." I groaned.

She looked up at me, her face flushed and her dark eyes flashing as she replied, "Baby, we've crossed a line here, but God help me I crossed it long ago. I have wanted this—no, I have wanted you—ever since I knew you were leaving for Korea. I have needed you, David, my love, I have needed you so badly..." She leaned forward again and gently kissed the head of my throbbing cock.

I reached down and cupped her chin in my hand and said, "Stand up, Mother, come here...Come here, Mother."

She slowly rose to her feet, and I led her out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. I took her to the edge of the bed where she slowly sat down. I then turned and went and drew the curtains closed and lit the candles on her dressing table and nightstand.

Neither of us had spoken a word since entering her bedroom, but then we didn't need to. We both knew what was next for us—what was going to happen. It was inevitable, my mother and I were going to make love to one another. Any other person on the planet would look upon us in disgust probably, it was i****t that we were going to engage in, but I knew then, just as she did—and just as I still know now—that this was the purest form of love-making that could ever exist. A mother and son were going to love one another—my mother and I were going to love one another.


She was still sitting on the edge of the bed as I returned and stood in front of her nude in the soft yellow flickering candlelight.

"God, Baby, you are so beautiful," she said breathlessly.

I slowly reached down and undid the tie of her robe at her waist, opened it and then slipped it off of her shoulders exposing her naked chest to my view.

Mother's breasts were large, not firm and perky like a young woman's, but sagged full and lush on her chest. These were the breasts of a mature woman who's given birth and nursed her c***dren. Her large dark areoles surrounded her thick and erect nipples. I reached forward and gently touched the nipple of her left breast. She gasped sharply never taking her eyes from mine as I caressed her. I weighed her breast in my hand, reveling in its softness and heft. I continued to gently pull and pinch her thick nipples. Mother reached up and began to run her hands up and down my chest and belly, her fingers seeking my own nipples in the forest of my chest hair. She stood up and I pulled her into my arms. We kissed one another deeply whilst wrapping our arms tightly around one another as we hugged and continued to kiss. I rubbed my chest against her nipples and boobs as we held each other, and she moaned into my mouth. Her robe slithered down her legs in a pile around her feet. My mother was now as naked as I was!

I pushed her back onto the bed. She slowly fell backwards across the comforter, her legs spread wide in front of me as I stood between them at the edge of the bed looking down upon her nakedness. Time seemed to stop as my eyes wandered over her body, from her beautiful face, down her chest and quivering belly, to the dense patch of dark curly pubic hair framing her sex, and then to her long, sexy legs hanging over the edge of the bed.

I got down on my knees between her legs and ran my hands up and down her thighs, spreading her legs even wider apart. Mother moaned as I touched her. I ran my hands up her belly, gently squeezing the sides of her waist and caressing the slight pooch of her belly. I reached up and tweaked and pulled at her big rubbery nipples causing her to groan even more.

I leaned my head forward and stopped when my nose was just an inch or two above my mother's hairy sex. I slowly breathed in the rich, fragrant, and incredibly heady scent of a woman's cunt—but not just that of any woman. This woman was my mother. This was my mother's cunt that I was looking at and smelling! I was so goddamned turned on at this moment that I could've pounded nails with my dick! In retrospect, I have come to realize that this moment was arguably one of the most erotic of my life.

I glanced up for a moment and saw my mother, propped on her elbows, looking at me. We smiled at each and then I leaned forward and buried my nose and lips in her hairy wet slit. She groaned and flopped onto her back on the bed and convulsed as my tongue began to sluice up and down her wet sex. Her warm and juicy cunt lips seemed to swallow my tongue and lips. The salty taste of mother's cunt was as intoxicating to me as her scent, and I wished that I could just somehow become completely enfolded back inside my mother's sex again. I know it sounds crazy or cornball, but it was my only thought at that moment in time and it has since never left me.


I licked and sucked my mother's pussy for the first time that night for probably a quarter of an hour until she was screaming and writhing on the bed. She had grabbed the quilted comforter in her hands and had pulled it up into a nest on either side of her as I orally made love to her pussy. Her legs and feet were d****d across my shoulders and back as I feasted on her wet sex.

I buried my tongue as deeply as I could in her vagina and probed and licked as she moaned and thrashed beneath me. I licked up the slit of her cunt and then slowly captured her erected clitoral bud in my lips. I nipped and pulled at it as I swirled around it with my tongue, her belly and pelvis pulsating and rippling up and down as I licked her sex. God, she tasted and smelled so good!

Mother clutched my head in her hands as I continued licking her pussy. I spread her labia, and while still sucking her clitoris, I slowly slid two fingers into her well-lubricated vagina, and began moving them back and forth. She groaned huskily, "Oh, God, yes, baby...just like that...Yes, don't stop, don't stop!"

"Mmmm," I responded, and reached up with my other hand pulled on one of her rubbery nipples as I continued sucking and fingering her wet sex.

Mother's body began to tense and her groaning raised in pitch to a steady keening sound as she began to orgasm. She clenched my head and f***ed my face even deeper into her wet slit, as I began rapidly pistoning my fingers in and out of her as I licked and sucked her clitoris. She began bucking her pelvis up and down off of the bed as she came.

"Oh my God, baby! Yes, David, yes, I'm cumming, baby! Mmmm, cumming, baby! Oh, God, yes, yes, good...Ohhhh, God, yes, baby!" she moaned, thrashing back and forth under my oral attack.

I slid my hands under her buttocks and lower back and pulled her crotch even tighter to my mouth; almost in an effort to swallow as much of her hairy wet sex as possible into my mouth. As she shuddered through the final throes of her orgasm I gently began kissing her clitoris and labia and gently rubbing my lips up and down her slit, listening to her breathing slowly returning to normal.

She touched the side of my face and whispered, "Come here, honey."

I slowly climbed up on the bed and kneeling next to her I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips, "I love you so much, Mother! I have wanted to do that to you forever it seems. God, I'm so glad to finally be home with you again."

"Look at me, mother. Look at how much I want you," I said as I knelt next to her, my erect cock standing up thick and tall from the forest of black pubic hair covering my crotch. I reached down and grasped the shaft of my cock and leaned over her and slowly bent my cock down until I was rubbing the purple head against her cheek, leaving a little smear of precum in its wake. She moaned and turned her face until her lips encountered the head of my dick and she kissed it, her tongue flicking out as she licked the slit and underside of the glans.

"Oh, baby, you have such a beautiful dick...a big beautiful big, so big, baby," she whispered.

I leaned further forward over her head and lowered my cock and balls until I was gently rubbing my dick and balls on her face. She reached up and grabbed my cock in one hand and my ball-sack in the other and began stroking and pulling on my sex organ. Her nose and lips exploring the shaft and curly pubic hair as she fondled my testicles with her fingers.

"Lie down next to me, David," she said, "Baby, I want to taste you."

She scooted herself around, pulled her sweaty hair back behind her ears and then carefully straddled my head with her legs and lowered her crotch onto my face as I reclined on the bed. At the same time, she leaned down and took the head of my cock into her mouth and began to slowly swallow my thick shaft into her throat. God, to this day, I don't know that I have felt a more exquisite feeling in my life—the feeling of my cock slowly sliding into my mother's wet mouth and throat!

I wrapped my arms around her ass cheeks and pulled her damp cunt into my face and began to lick and suck her again. My mother and I were now one being—two bodies joined mouth to sex, mouth to sex—joined in body and soul with love. We moved together, moaned together, and sucked together. The quiet wet sounds of licking, sucking, and muffled breathing the only sounds in the soft candlelight of mother's bedroom. The reality of being joined sexually with my mother like this was an absolutely overwhelming emotional experience!

I could feel mother's nose and lips nestle in my crotch hair as she slowly swallowed the entire length of my cock, and then she'd withdraw squeezing her lips as she raised her mouth up off of the shaft until she reached the swollen head. She tongued the slit of the head and tugged at the coronal ring with her lips, and then she sank back down, taking my length deep into her throat again. I slowly bucked up against her face each time, groaning into her wet bush as I tongued and sucked her sex.

We languidly moved together on the bed, our bodies gently bucking and heaving against one another as we explored each other's genitals with our mouths. I could feel my own impending orgasm and in a muffled voice said, "God, Mom, I'm gonna cum soon...I want to make love to you now...I need to make love to you..."

She slowly raised up off of my cock, holding the wet shaft in her hand and replied, "Mmmm, yes, baby, I want that too."

Raising her crotch up off of my face she lay down on the bed next to me, still stroking my cock up and down in her hand and fondling my furry balls; she pulled her hair back from her face and looked into my eyes.

"David, you know that we have crossed a bridge tonight, and one that we probably can't ever return over. I just need to know—once and for all time—that you are, that you will always be okay with what we have done, and with what we are going to do. I couldn't bear it if this ever came between us...I love you so much, baby!"

Even before her words of concern had left her lips I'd reached up and lovingly caressed her face and said softly, "Mother, my one true love, my darling, nothing could ever change how I feel about you—what I feel for you—what I've always felt for you. Somehow I think we have been on this path for a long, long time, and now that I am finally home with you we can go down this path together. Mother, I love you, I am your son, but I am also your man from this point forward, and I'll never, ever leave you again." Tears filled both of our eyes as we looked at each other. I leaned forward and kissed her passionately on the mouth, my hairy chest pressing against her soft breasts.

"Come to me, David, make love to me, my darling baby, make love to your mother now, David," she whispered.

I moved between her splayed legs and taking my rock-hard dick in my hand I slowly rubbed the swollen glans up and down her wet groove for a moment and then pressed forward. Slowly, ever so slowly, I sank my cock into the warm clasping wetness of my mother's cunt. We both groaned at the sheer ecstasy of the moment, never taking our eyes from one another, as I slid the entire length of my cock into her until our genital hair was conjoined.

As I kissed up the side of her neck I breathed into her ear, "Mother, I am inside of you...My cock is inside of you...My cock is inside your cunt, Mother! Mmmm...oh God, I'm fucking my mother, I'm fucking you, Mother!"

She wrapped her arms around my neck and back as I moved in and out of her and moaned, "Oh, yes, baby, yes, Mmmm, so good, feels so good. Love feeling your dick in me, baby...My baby is back inside his Mama...Mmmm...yes, fuck me, honey, fuck me...Mmmm...feels so good, baby!"

It seemed like forever, but it was probably something like fifteen minutes that mother and I reveled in the experience of making love to one another, my cock slowly sliding out and then slipping deeply back into her wet cunt, feeling my balls gently slap against her ass cheeks as buried myself in her sex. It felt like every nerve in my body was now attached to the head of my cock that was now burrowed so deeply in my mother's cunt. I had no idea that love-making with a woman could be so all-consuming. It seemed that nothing, absolutely nothing, could ever have hoped to top this experience.

All of the sudden I realized that I was rapidly shuttling my cock in and out of her pussy, our pelvises noisily crashing together wetly, her legs wrapped tightly around my buttocks as I banged in and out of her.

I licked and kissed my mother's face as I thrusted in and out her, the sweat dripping from my face and scalp, my chest hair rubbing back and forth against her pillowy breasts as we writhed as one on her bed.

Her arms were clasped around my neck as she grunted, "Yes, baby, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your mother! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me! Nnnuh, yes, Mmmm...yes, baby, fuck your mama..." Her pelvis rising up to meet mine as I crashed back into her steaming wetness time and again.

"Love you, Mama! Love you, Mother! I love you so much! Oh, God, yes, Mother! you...feels so good, Mother!" I moaned as I pounded in and out of her.

She cried out, "Oh, God, yes, I know, I know, I know, baby! Baby, yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, baby...Oh, God, David, I'm gonna cum, baby...I'm gonna cum...Fuck me, baby! Fuck me, fuck Mama!"

She tightened her grip on my neck and wrapped her legs even tighter around my ass as I pounded my cock into her pussy. She bit my neck as she began to wail with ecstasy and her body began to shudder and quiver as her orgasm washed over her.

Trying to prolong my own orgasm, I slowed down and moved my cock in and out of her more deliberately. I took my throbbing slippery shaft in my hand and rubbed the tip against her swollen clitoris as she shivered and shook beneath my body.

I looked into her eyes and asked her, "Mama, do you want me to cum inside of you?"

"Oh, baby," she replied, ", don't cum inside me, I could still get pregnant...Mmmm...I'm so sorry, baby, not yet...Oh, God, I want you to cum inside me, but we need to be careful...Don't want to get pregnant..."

I silenced her by leaning down and kissing her on the mouth, my tongue swirling with hers as we sucked each other's mouths.

"Mama, it's okay...Mmmm...okay...Mmmm...don't want to make you pregnant either...Mmmm...I won't cum in you, Mama. Love you, love you, I love you so much, Mother. Love fucking you, Mama!" I groaned.

Staring into my mother's eyes I fucked her hard for a few more minutes and then suddenly withdrew my dick from her cunt. I rolled her onto her side, sidled up behind her and slid my cock back into her steaming wetness and began fucking her again. In and out, in and out, my belly wetly slapping against her jiggling ass cheeks. I reached around with one hand cupping her labia and began fingering her clitoris as I fucked her. With the other hand I pinched and pulled her nipples, squeezed her breasts, and stroked and caressed her neck and face. I loved this gorgeous sensuous naked female that I had my cock buried in. Yes, she was also my mother, but she was now my woman, I was her man, and I would be for all time!

After several more exquisite minutes of fucking my mother I moaned, "Mama, I'm gonna cum...Mmmm, God, gonna cum, Mother...God, love fucking you, Mama, love fucking you, baby...Gonna cum, Mama!"

I rolled onto my back pulling her with me, keeping her on top of me as I rapidly pistoned my cock in and out of her squishy wet cunt. At the very last moment I grabbed my pulsating dick and pulled it out of her and laid it against her hairy sex and began to ejaculate. She reached down and stroked and rubbed my slippery squirting penis with both of her hands as my sperm and semen shot up and onto her belly and pubic hair. She squeezed my balls as my cock pulsed and throbbed with each ejaculation of my cum. The combined scent of her wet sex and my sperm seemed to instantaneously permeate the entire room as I writhed in orgasm beneath my mother's body. I wrapped my arms around her chest under her breasts and hugged her close to me and kissed the back of her sweaty neck, her damp hair covering my face, as I groaned and shuddered.

I gently slid her body off of mine and to the side and then leaned over her belly and licked up some of my sperm and moved up to kiss her. I felt her tongue swirl around my lips and tongue as she tasted my sperm and semen. I reached down and rubbed my fingers through more of my ejaculate on her lower belly and thick pubic hair and gently began massaging my sperm and semen into her soft sweaty skin.

Mother quietly groaned, "Yes, baby, rub your cum into my body. I have my baby's cum on me...My son's sperm...son's sperm...I love the taste of your sperm, baby! God, I wish you could cum inside of me...I want your sperm inside me...Oh, baby, I love you, love you so much..."

I cuddled up to next to my naked mother and kissed her again, brushing her dark hair back from her face as I looked into her eyes, "I love you too, my darling mother. I love you with all of my heart and soul and always will."

Never taking her eyes from mine, she reached her hand up to my chest and lightly ran her fingers back and forth through my chest hair and said, "I know, baby, I know. David, I feel the same way, and I am so happy!"

We lay back in each other's arms and gently caressed each other, each lost in our own intimate thoughts. After a few minutes, I rolled onto my side and looked at her in the flickering candlelight and quietly said, "Mother, I can't begin to tell you how glad I am that tonight happened—that you and I made love—and that I never want to stop; but I honestly never thought it would be as simple as it was to convince you to 'love' me like this.."

She didn't say at anything at first, and then a wry smile came to her lips and her eyes sparkled as she replied, "Well, baby, I guess...I guess that since we have come this far—'in for a penny, in for a pound' they say—you deserve to hear a story; a story that I've never told anyone else. It's about your father and I..."

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