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The Adventures of Lil Miss Good Pussy 5/25/12

Let me tell yall. Friday should have been called old school party night. This dude from up on here that we’ll just call Charlie from Baltimore finally hooked up with me. We’ve been going back and forth for about two years now. Chatting online, phone sex, whatever. I just played him to be another no show all talk nigga. Well he hit me up after my post about getting back into game and asked if I wanted to finally meet. I never had a problem with this. So he got some tickets to see Al B. Sure and Tony Tony Tony. Who the fuck are these old heads? Look it ain’t costing me nothing so I’m game. He was very clear that all I was to wear was a nice dress, no panties, no bra. Easy enough. He picks me up and we head to dinner and I must say nigga had it going on. Nice light brown complexion, facial hair trimmed up tight, gray suit, didn’t look like he was in his 40s. So we get to the restaurant downtown and he asks for a booth so we can sit next to each other. He plays with my pussy under the table the whole time. After dinner we head down 95 to the casino for the show. Al B. Sure came on first. He was all right. Tony Tony Tony then came on. At some point I had my legs crossed leaning into him with his arm around me playing with my pussy again. I don’t know how this nigga pulled this shit off but he had the nigga on the other side of me playing with it too while his girl was right there. This shit got me so wet I could smell my own pussy before the show was over. After the show we headed back to his hotel which wasn’t far from the casino. One of those one story joints right off the highway. He pulls up outside the room and says if you don’t want to come in let him know now and he’ll take me home. Shit I wasn’t the one talking shit for the past two years.
So we get into the room and Charlie again tells me that we both know what we are here for and if I want to go home to say so now. Such a fucking gentlemen. I’m in it to win it. So to get to the parts yall want to hear about he tells me to take off my dress which I did immediately and to come sit on his lap. This dude still has his full suit on and I am butt ass naked. He tells me to breast feed him my baby’s milk while grinding my pussy into his lap. My titties are so full that they are starting to hurt and this dude did his best to empty them. The harder he sucked the harder I pushed my pussy down on his lap. I loved it when he would wrap both his hands around a titty and squeeze it while sucking. He could tell this shit was turning me on. He then started fingering my wet pussy and he was digging up in me deep. He had me going so good that I was bouncing up and down on his fingers like I had a big ass dick up in me. I was working for my first nut of the night and I got a good one off. This nigga then pushed my head down on the floor while lifting my hips up and started to eat me out. This is why I love my old heads they know their way around a pussy. I don’t know how long he ate me ate for but I wanted that dick and he must have wanted my pussy cause this dude didn’t even take his clothes off. He unbuttoned his pants, pulled his boxers to the side and let out his great big fat juicy dick. He kept me upside down and pushed it into my pussy. Every motherfucking inch and I was loving getting stretched open. He pushed until he had that shit buried balls deep up in me and I was panting like I couldn’t breathe. He twisted it around a little bit to make some room up in there cause I knew I was full and squeezing on him hard. He fucked me real good. Lifted me up so I could ride him. At one point I thought that I was a giant pussy put on this earth to go all the way up and down on him as fast as I could. He just cheered me on by telling me to fuck my pussy and bust that shit wide open. I did my best to impress him. We fucked for at least an hour ending up with both of us on the bed. Me with my legs stretched wide open and him pounding the shit out of my hole til he had me screaming from pain and pleasure. I don’t know how much I came but every time he stroked out I could feel shit just running down past my asshole. He started asking me where I wanted him to cum and I told him in my mouth. Now this nigga knew that I was not on any bc and was trying to catch a baby with my fiancé. He just kept coming at me with that where did I want him to cum and I kept saying in mouth. So he said that I wanted him to cum in my pussy and I said no. He kept telling me that I wanted him to cum in my pussy til he wore me down and I said yes. He then made me say it. Cum in my pussy. This mother fucker took and swung his arm all the way back and smacked me across my face and my head snapped around til the side of my face was touching the bed. Before I could make a sound he grabbed the side of my face and straightened my head holding my head with one hand while slapping the other side of my face with his other hand. You nasty, fucking slut. He slapped me with each word. He then put both hands around my neck and started pulling my body back and forth on his dick as he was slamming it into me. I was looking up at him and was scared that he was going to choke me to death. The look on his face was pure evil. He then threw his head back and was ramming me violently as he screamed that he was coming. I felt his dick swell up inside of me as this look of pure pleasure came over his face. I felt his nut bust up in me as he growled and cried at the same time. He kept coming as he started to kiss me. I couldn’t help myself, I told him to empty those nuts inside my pussy. When he stopped cumming he asked me if I was mad at him for cumming in me and I told him no. This dude fucked me 3 more times over the next 24 hours. I can’t type anymore right now cause I am too turned on thinking about it. The baby is sl**ping so I’m going to bust out my dildo and put some work in on this pussy. I wonder if any of my friends are online for some phone sex. Part 2 soon.

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