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Conversations with Sallee...

(This post consists of random conversations with a girl I used to work with. We became good friends, and talked about sex a lot. We helped each other with advice when we needed it. I was lucky to call Sallee a friend. I wish it could have been more...But she was already married when we met. I apologize for it being such a long post, but it seemed better to keep it together than to try to break it up. Please feel free to comment!)

-----I remember the first time we ever talked about anything sexual. We used to sit at our own picnic table during our lunch break. Somehow we got to talking about how to get chewing gum out of your hair. Peanut butter was a suggestion we had both heard, but I told her the only time I had to get gum out of my hair I had to use scissors. Sallee asked me, "Didn't it look weird afterwards?"
"Not really, since it wasn't where anyone could see it." I told her, "my ex-girlfriend liked to chew gum and one time it ended up in my hair down there."
"And just what was she doing down there?" Sallee asked with a wink.
"What do you think she was doing?" I asked with a smile.
"Did you guys do that a lot?" She asked.
"Actually, no." I told her. "She was different. She wouldn't let me finish like that. Except for one time, but that's a long story. I'd tell you but there's not enough time left in our lunch break."
"Some other time then?" She asked.
"Sure." I told her.
-----A few months passed, and occasionally Sallee would remind me that I owed her a story, but it was a while before we had a table to ourselves for the entire lunch break, but eventually we sat together alone and she told me, "Okay, I've been waiting for this story for a while. Spill it."
"I did spill it. That's what I was going to tell you about." I joked. "All right. I told you how my ex wouldn't let me finish in her mouth, right?"
"But you did once, right?" She asked.
"Technically, no," I told her, "But I'll let you decide if it counted, okay?"
"Okay." She said.
"So one night she brought a shoe box over to my place. In this box were a couple of adult magazines. Not Playboy or Penthouse, but the kind that show scenes from adult movies. They actually showed couples having sex. So she shows them to me and told me she found them in her male sibling's closet after he moved out and asked me if I wanted to look at them with her. So we did, and she asked me about certain pictures and if I liked them or not. Then she asked me if I had any fantasies I wanted to share with her. I told her one time, and it wouldn't have to be that night, but one time I would like to be able to finish in her mouth. I told her she felt really good when we did that, and I hated that we had to stop and that just once it would be nice not to have to."
"So did you get to do it that night?" Sallee asked.
"I'm getting to it," I told her, "Be patient... So we ended up fooling around, and we both got naked and somehow, we were both on our knees facing each other when she took me into her mouth. She sucked on it for a while, but when I told her I was getting close, like I usually would do, instead of stopping, she just started sucking harder and faster. I told her I was getting really close but she kept on sucking so I figured she wanted me to finish in her mouth. I was kind of bent over her, with my head on her lower back and my hands holding myself from falling forward. It was kind of a weird position, and I was kind of helpless to do anything when I started having my orgasm. I was thinking, 'Cool, I'm actually going to get to feel what it feels like to cum into a girl's mouth.' and I remember trying to hold it back as long as I could. But then I just couldn't hold back any longer and so I just started... you know? Spewing. But at the same time I started releasing I felt her mouth move back away from me. I couldn't stop what had already started, so for a while I was just spraying like a fire hose. Then I felt her grab me with her hands and point it downwards."
"So then what did you do?" Sallee asked.
"Well, she was really kind of upset," I told her. "She kept telling me she swallowed five times. And then she said she didn't understand it. I was confused until I turned on the bedside lamp. She was just covered with... well, you know." I told Sallee.
"So what happened?" She asked.
I told her, "Looking back, I think when I started to have an orgasm, a little bit squirted out at the beginning, but I think it took a few seconds before the main uhh... eruption happened and I think she started swallowing right away before I actually started releasing. Then just before I started squirting, she must have thought I was already done so she pulled her mouth back... Just at the worst time for her."
"Was it bad?" Sallee inquired.

"For her, yeah, probably." I told her. "It looked like there were 3 or 4 squirts on her face and in her hair, and then that was when she must have grabbed a hold of it and pointed it down, because there was also some on her neck and boobs, too. It was starting to trickle down her stomach, and she told me she was going to need a washcloth. I told her she was going to need a whole towel to clean up all that so I went and got her one. Then she got cleaned up, and tried to dry her hair, which she was pretty upset about."
"She was mad about it?"
"Yeah, she didn't like it in her hair."
"But did you like doing it like that?"
"I wish I could have watched it. It was dark. But I liked being able to release without a condom. That was nice. Even if she did pull her mouth away."
"But you really wanted to do it in her mouth, right?"
"Yeah... That would have been nice."

"So that was your first blow job, huh?" Sallee asked.
"Well, what do you think?", I asked her, "Does that count as a blow job?"
"Do you think it does?" she inquired of me.
"I count it as a half." I told her. "She tried, anyway. But afterwards she told me that she hoped I enjoyed it, and hoped I remembered it for a long time because she was never going to do that again. And that was the last time. At least with her anyway."
"So you've only had half a blow-job? She asked me.
"One-and-a-half." I told her. There was one other time, in college.
"That one was a full one?"
"Yep." I told her.
"Did you like that one?"
"Oh, yeah," I replied, "That was awesome."
"But that's it, huh? Only 1-1/2 times in over 30 years? That's too bad," Sallee said, "Just so you know, most girls aren't like your ex-girlfriend when it comes to doing that. I don't think they're that bad, but I've never had it on my face before."
"Do you just swallow it?" I asked.
She started blushing a little but she smiled and nodded, "Yes." Then she asked me, "Hey, you don't mind talking about this stuff, do you? I'm not embarrassing you by asking you about personal stuff, am I?"
"Nope," I replied, "As long as you don't mind hearing about it. If you ask, I'm not going to spare you the details."
"Cool." Sallee replied.
And that was the end of our lunch break.

-----A while later we got a new employee named Darcy. Darcy was, to put it politely, extremely top heavy. She had very large breasts and she liked to wear lower-cut tops to show them off. Sallee didn't much care for this, and one day, when we had our lunch table to ourselves she asked me what I thought of Darcy.
"She's okay, I guess." I said, "Doesn't seem all that bright to me, though."
"I mean, what do you think of..." she asked while she cupped her chest, "Darcy?"
"Oh, that... I don't know."
"Do guys really like them big like that?" Sallee asked.
"Some guys do." I told her.
"Do you?" She asked me.
"Sometimes, " I replied with a smile, "But honestly, to me it's not the size of them that matters, it's how they use them."
"What do you mean?" Sallee asked, "That's what women say about men's... equipment, not the other way around."
"No, really," I told her. "Actually my saying is 'It's not the size that matters, but whether they're willing to use them.'"
"I don't understand." She told me, "Explain yourself."
So I explained to her, "Sometimes it's nice when a woman squeezes them together and lets a guy put his, uh, equipment as you called it, between them."
"Oh, that..." Sallee replied, "I've never done that. Mine are way too little for that. But you like doing that? Does it make you, you know...?"
"Have an orgasm?" I asked.
"Well does it?" She asked in return.
"Yes." I told her.
"How many times have you done it like that?"
"Six times, actually," I replied, "But never with really big ones like Darcy has. Average size ones, for the most part, but I did do it a couple of times with small ones. And don't think that yours are too small, either, because I've done it with smaller ones than yours, Sallee."
"How do you know how big mine are? You've never seen them." She asked.
"I have eyes. Sometimes I get an eyeful when you bend over to pick something up you know."
"Okay, enough about me and my chest." She scolded, "We were talking about Darcy's chest anyway. Not mine. So, you're single... If you were dating Darcy would you, uh, do that with her?"
"Probably." I told her, "If she was okay with it."
"I bet you'd enjoy having an orgasm between her big boobies, wouldn't you?" She asked me, "I could see you covering them with your, you know..."
"Great. Now you've got me thinking about what it would be like doing that with her. That's not an image I need in my head while at work."

"So then tell me about who you did that with before." She inquired, "We have time left in our break. I'm guessing one was your ex-girlfriend, but you said you did it with someone else, too, right?"
"Yes," I replied, "In college."
She then asked me, "So what size was your ex-girlfriend?"
"What was her bra size?" I asked.
Sallee said, "Yeah. Was she big? Small? Medium?"
"34-C." I told her.
"Those are pretty big." She said, "So tell me about it. How did you guys do it?"
"Well, the first time she kept her top on, actually."
"How did that work?" She asked.
"Well, we were fooling around in her bed one night. She took off my clothes, got me all excited, but then she got out of bed and told me not to move. Then she went in to the bathroom. When she came out she had on this satin top thingy."
"A camisole?" Sallee asked.
"I don't know the name of it. She just said it was satin. And it had these little cups for her boobs."
"A bustier?" She asked, "Or a babydoll?"
"Maybe. I don't know what those things are called, but she was wearing one when she came out of the bathroom and she was carrying a bottle of lotion. I thought she was maybe going to give me a hand-job but then she squirted some lotion into her hand and spread it between her boobs. She set the lotion aside, turned the lamp off and climbed on top of me. She lifted up the bottom of her top, held herself up with one hand and used the other to squeeze her boobs together around me.
"She was on top when you did that? How did that work?"

"Actually it worked just fine. She did that for a while, then she slid up and asked me how it felt. I told her that it felt so good that if we kept doing that, she was going to have more in those cups than they were meant to hold. And do you know what she told me?"
"What?" Sallee asked.
"She told me to go ahead and fill them up. Which was weird. She usually didn't like me to do that on her."
"But you did?"
"Oh yeah," I replied. "She slid back down, squeezed them back together around me and I just kept sliding it back and forth between them until it, you know, started shooting out. And it seemed to go on a long time"
"Your orgasm?" She asked. "Did it make a big mess?"

"Actually, no." I told her. "I think that's why she kept that top on. So she could contain it. But I definitely filled it up, though. She had me hold her hair while she pulled that top thingy off. Then she turned the light on and showed me how much was in the cups. She even had me hold it so I could feel how heavy it was. I remember her asking me why there was never that much inside the condoms when she took them off. I just told her I couldn't feel as much when I was wearing a condom."
Sallee then asked me, "So doing that feels better to you than sex with a rubber?"
"Yeah," I told her. "I really don't like condoms. If I never had to use one again it'd be fine with me."
"I don't like them either. They're smelly." She replied. "I'm on the pill. That's way better."
"Hopefully the next girl I'm with is on the pill. That would be awesome!" I told her.
"Or she has boobs like Darcy and likes to use them right?" Sallee asked with a smile.
"That would work, too, I guess." I said, "But until then I guess I'll just go to the video store and just rent something from the back room."
"You go in that room?" She asked?
"Sometimes," I told her, "When it's been awhile, and I need something to help me... you know, let it out?. That's what I've done for the past couple of years anyway. Thanks to you getting me thinking about Darcy's boobs, I'll probably have to go rent a movie tonight, Sallee."
"I want to hear about it. Sounds like you owe me another story tomorrow." she said.
And that was the end of that lunch break.

-----So the next day we had lunch together again. As soon as we sat down together Sallee asked, "So did you go in that little room last night?"
"Yep," I told her, "And I rented a good movie about what we were talking about yesterday. It was called 'A Dick Runs Through It.' Instead of, 'A River Runs Through It.' Get it? Anyway, the cover showed a girl pushing her boobs together around a guy's... you know... so I had to rent it.
"Was it good?" She asked.
"It was." I replied. "I haven't returned it yet, would you like to borrow it?"
"I don't think I'd be interested in seeing a bunch of boobies."
"Hey, it showed a lot of guys having orgasms, too."
"Did it make you think about having an orgasm with Darcy?" She asked me.
"Maybe once or twice." I told her. "Some of the women in the video had really big ones. I don't know if I'd like to do that with really big ones, though. Small, medium or large would be okay, but I don't know about some of those extra large ones. I think I'd get lost between some of those really big ones."
"Did you, uh... How do I say this? How did you say it yesterday? Did you, uh... let some out?"

"Oh, yeah." I answered, "Quite a lot, actually. I guess it was time."
"How did you do it?" She asked me.
"I was just lying down on the couch watching the TV."
"So, do you just look at the girls on the screen and use your hand on yourself and imagine you're with them as it's, you know... coming out of you?
"Actually I look at the TV in the beginning, but when it starts happening, I always look down to my, you know... and I watch it shoot out. I have to watch that part. I can't look at the TV while I'm doing that."
"Do you use a towel or anything to catch it with?" She asked,
"No towel. I just let it come out onto my stomach and my chest. There was a lot of it last night, though."
"What do you do with it when you're done?" She asked.
"I just got up and took a shower," I told her, "It all went down the drain."
"That's easy." She said.
"It was." I told her.
"I feel kind of bad for you, being a guy. I don't think I would like having to deal with that." She said.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Every time you have an orgasm, you have stuff shooting out of you. Then you have to clean it up. I'm glad girls don't have to worry about that. I can have an orgasm and not have to worry about cleaning up afterwards."
"Yeah, but you have stuff coming out of you once a month anyway." I told her. "And you don't even get to have an orgasm. Yours just comes out without one. So it's just as bad to be a girl, in my opinion. Besides, I like having stuff shoot out when I have an orgasm. It's part of what makes it feel so good."
"It does?" She asked.
"Yeah," I told her, "Sometimes I'll do it in the bathroom, right after I've gotten out of the shower while I'm standing in front of the sink. Sometimes it gets hard in the shower and won't go away so I'll do that in front of the mirror and watch it come out into the sink. Then I can just turn on the faucet and rinse it all down the drain. It's kind of like when you really have to go to the bathroom? and then you do, how relieving it feels. It feels good in that way, too."
"Hey, that's why I like talking to you. I learn stuff."
"I'm always happy to teach you." I said.
And that was the end of our lunch break.

-----Sallee and I didn't have lunch together for a while. I had started to do field work for the company, so I was gone a lot. It was a year or so until we had lunch together again at our usual table. As soon as we sat down, she asked me, "So hows your love life?"
"Pretty much the same as it was a year ago." I told her, "Occasional trips to the video store."
"You need to get out some," She replied, "Meet someone; get yourself laid."
"I don't know," I said. "I'm not a bar person. I need to find someone decent. Someone who's not a lush. And it seems like all the girls at the bars just want to get wasted. I don't think I would like having sex with an intoxicated girl. I want somebody who can be with me without having to drink a 12 pack first."
"And you want somebody with big boobs, right?" Sallee asked.
"Not necessarily," I said.
"I thought that's what you liked." She told me. "When you go to the video store, do you still get movies about big boobies?"
"Not so much any more," I told her. "Now I basically just watch couples, you know... just doing it. So I remember what it's like, I suppose."
"You can't forget how to have sex, silly." She said.
"I don't know, Sallee, it's been over 6 years now."
"SIX YEARS?" She asked. "Oh, my... You do need to meet someone. I feel bad for you. You should go out and really try to have sex this weekend. Even if it is with someone you meet at a bar."
"I need someone decent, though," I replied, "I don't want to get some disease. Who knows what you'll pick up in a bar?"
"Wear a condom." She said, "Heck, wear two."
"I can't stand condoms, Sallee. I vowed never to wear one after my ex-girlfriend made me wear one every time for over 3 years. I hate them."
"Well, what are you going to do? Even if you find a decent girl, you don't want to knock her up right away, do you?"
"Definitely not." I said. "It'd be nice to find someone who was on the pill. Or someone who was open to other forms of birth control."
"What do you mean, 'other forms'?" She asked.
"I used to be pretty good at 'being careful' at the end, you know what I'm saying? In college I had some really nice times doing that."
"This I need to hear. You haven't had a story for me in a long time." She said.
"Okay," I began, "Did I ever tell you about the night I had to sacrifice my underwear?" And then I told her the story I already posted entitled, 'The First Time A Girl Asked Me To Pull Out'
I finished the story by telling her how I had to clean the poor girl off with my underwear.
"Did you like having an orgasm like that?" She asked me.
"I liked it a lot." I replied, "Even though I didn't last as long as I wanted to, it was so nice to actually be able to feel it sliding in and out of her without being wrapped in latex. It was amazing."
"But did you like having to stop and pull it out before your orgasm?"
"I didn't mind doing that at all," I said, "It felt pretty natural, to tell the truth. I mean, we weren't trying to make a baby, so it just made sense for me not to release inside of her. We both agreed it was much safer for all those little swimmers to go for a swim on her stomach instead of inside her."

"I never thought about that way," Sallee said, "I guess it makes sense, but I thought guys didn't like doing it like that. Don't guys like it better when they can finish by, you know... releasing inside of the girl?"
"Not me," I told her, "I've only done it inside a girl while wearing a condom, but for me, pulling out at the end is way better."
"Even though you had to sacrifice your underwear afterwards?
"Well, I had to clean her up. There was a lot on her. Her stomach, her boobs, her neck, her hair..."
"So what, you went 'commando' the rest of the night?" Sallee asked.
"I sure did." I told her. "I definitely couldn't wear them anymore that night. They were soaked. I just threw them in the woods."
"Wow!" Sallee exclaimed. Then she asked, "Well, did you learn any lessons from that night?"
"Yeah," I told her, "Now every time I go through a drive-thru I remember to save my napkins in the glove box. You never know when you'll need them."
"Looking back, would you have done anything differently?"
"I would have popped the dome light on sooner." I replied, "That would have been nice to see. I bet I released 7 or 8 squirts. I even got her neck and her hair. I think it would have been really sexy to watch it happen."
"Yeah, I like the lights on, too." She said. "So did you ever get to do that with the lights on? And watch it happen at the end?"
"I did." I said.
"Well, then I guess you owe me another story." She told me.
And that was the end of our lunch break.

-----Quite a few months passed before I was home and we got our table to ourselves again. When we sat down together, Sallee said to me, "Hey, before you tell me your story, I have a short one for you."
"Really?" I asked, "What about?
"It's about what you like to do, you know?... at the end?"
"Pulling out?" I inquired.
"Yes. After you told me that last story, I decided I wanted to see what that was all about so I had my husband try it. He mentioned one time that he wanted to see my boobs covered in his, you know... stuff? Anyway, One night when we were in bed I told him he should pull it out at the end and do it up here." She said, gesturing at her breasts.
"So did he?" I asked
"He did." She replied. "I watched it. I didn't know if I would like getting that on my chest, but it wasn't bad at all. It was something different for us, anyway. Hey, speaking of different, come over to this side of the table for a second. I want to show you something I did."
So I got up and walked around to her side. She looked around to see if anyone was looking and then she pulled her shirt up so I could see her stomach.
"Look what I got." She said, and pointed to her belly button. There was a gold ring in it. "What do you think?" She asked.

The sight of her stomach mesmerized me. I really like flat stomachs.
"Wow." I told her. "That is one sexy stomach. But you shouldn't have shown it to me. It makes me think about, well... stuff I shouldn't be thinking about at work; and with a married woman too. Put your shirt back down, Sallee."
"But what do you think of the ring? Do you like it?" She asked.
"I don't know," I replied, "I think it'd be kind of hard to clean out if I, you know... pulled out? I've filled up a few belly buttons before. That's sort of where I aim, you know?"
"My husband already got it all full of, you know... his stuff? Not from pulling out, but one night during my period we were just fooling around in bed in the dark and I was stroking him and it squirted right in there. It wasn't hard to clean out, though. I just took a shower, like you said you do afterwards, and it washed right out."
"That's good." I told her.
"So tell me about the time you did that with the lights on." She said, "Was this when you were still in college?"
"It was." I replied and told her the story I already posted entitled 'The 4th time I pulled out'
"So having her legs up on your shoulders really did it for you, huh?" Sallee asked with a smile. "And then you got to watch. Was it a good one?"

"The best I've ever had, so far." I told her. "I counted seven spurts. It was awesome to watch it come out and land on her stomach and her boobs. I like that she told me it was okay to do that, too. It was just a wonderful night. Magical... I vowed right then and there that I was never going to have an orgasm into a condom ever again."
"So that girl, Rachael, started your addiction to pulling out?" Sallee asked me,
"She didn't start it, since I already did that 3 times before her, but I would definitely say she played a big part in it. Especially since we had all the lights on. That was just amazing to watch."
"I'll bet it was," She replied, "Seven squirts, huh? That must have been quite a mess to clean up."
"At least seven. But I had a bath towel in my closet. That worked just fine."
"Did she mind that? Getting all messy like that?" She asked me.
"I don't think she knew how much she was in for, but before we started she asked me to be careful at the end, so I'm sure it wasn't unexpected, either. If a girl takes a guy to bed, and she knows he doesn't have a condom, I'm sure she realizes there's going to be somewhat of a mess at the end."
"And we know you like it messy, don't you?"
"One of my mottoes is, 'Sex is like pizza', Sallee." I told her, "It's usually better when it's messy."
"Hey, I like that." She said, "I'm going to remember that."
And that was the end of our lunch break.

-----We had a few more short conversations in the next few years, mostly about my trips to the video store. Her husband got a vasectomy, and she told me about that. She was happy she didn't have to remember to take her pills every day anymore. She asked me if I had ended my dry spell yet.
"10 and a half years," I told her, "but who's counting?"
"Hey, you should get a computer." Sallee said. "Maybe you could meet someone online."
"I've thought about it." I told her. "I can't seem to find anybody decent around here. I don't even go to the bars anymore, unless it's to see a band, but there are never any sober people there."
So I got a computer and a wonderful dial-up connection. (remember those days?)
I ended up getting involved in a forum, and getting introduced to a girl named Ricki who seemed wonderful, but lived 1000 miles away. We hit it off, though, and 6 months later I was ready to take a trip to go visit her. I turned to Sallee for advice.
"Do you have any suggestions for me? I'm kind of nervous about meeting her."
"You've seen pictures of her, right?" Sallee asked. "And you two hit it off online, correct? Just go see her. If something happens, it happens. When you get back, you can tell me all about it, okay?"
So I went to see her for 4 days. When I got back, Sallee and I had lunch together the next day. She seemed really excited.
"So how was it?" She asked me, "Did you and Ricki, you know... do it?"
"She wanted to, but believe it or not, I was the one who stopped us from actually going all the way."
"Why didn't you do it?" She asked, "You need to be with someone sometimes. You can't spend your whole life going to the video store to satisfy your needs. So you two didn't even do anything? That's disappointing."
"I didn't say that." I replied with a smile.
"Well what did you do? Tell me about it, then. I need details. Tell me a story, like old times."
"Okay." I told her.
"Wasn't she pretty?" Sallee asked.
"She was more than attractive enough for me." I said. "The only reason I stopped us from going all the way was that I didn't want to get her pregnant on our first date."
"And you still hate condoms, right?" She inquired, "You still could have used one that time, if only to get you out of your rut."
"We talked about that," I replied, "She couldn't use them anyway. She says they really irritate her down there."
"So why didn't you just do it without one and just pull out at the end? You said you're really good at that."
"I didn't want to risk it," I told her, "It's been 11 years now. I wasn't sure I'd be as good at it. And I definitely didn't want to release inside of her. I didn't know where she was in relation to her monthly cycle. I just couldn't put it in. She wanted me to, but I just couldn't take the risk of getting her pregnant."
"So what did you two end up doing?" She asked.
"Well, it was the morning after I got there. She said I could stay at her place instead of a motel to save money. I offered to sle*p on the couch, but she said there was plenty of room next to her on the bed. We didn't do anything that night, but the next morning we started kissing, making out, touching, etc... And the next thing I knew, we were both naked, I was on top of her, and she grabbed my shaft and started guiding it between her legs. I was close, Sallee, less than 2 inches from ending my dry spell, but I just couldn't do it."

"So I grabbed it away from her hand and climbed up and straddled her stomach. I told her we couldn't do that. I didn't want her to get pregnant. She said the same thing you just did. She said I could pull out, but I told her it had been way too long, and we needed to plan it so we could do it, but when it was at her least fertile time."
"So what did you guys do? I bet she used her hand on you and you still got to, you know... release onto her stomach, right?"
"Nope," I told her, "Even better. Here's a hint. Her bra size is 36 and she wears a C or D cup, depending on the bra."
"Oh, I know what you did." Sallee said, "You got to do it between her boobies, didn't you? Was it good? Was it messy, like pizza?"
"The first time was really neat." I said.
"You did it more than once? That's great." She said. "Go ahead and tell me about it."
"Well, after I stopped her and straddled her stomach, she just kind of pulled me by my shaft and put it between her boobs. Before we met, when we were still writing, I told her that was a form of birth control I really liked, so I guess that's where she got the idea to do it that morning. She told me I was going to have to teach her, since she had never done it like that before. I explained that there wasn't much to teach. I just placed her hands on each side of her boobs and had her push them together."

"Did you guys have the lights on?" Sallee asked, "Did you get to watch?"
"It was morning," I explained, "There was plenty of light coming in through the window. The only problem was, and I was probably just being too nice of a guy, but the problem was, her boobs were so big that when I pushed my, you know... when I thrusted forward, I was pretty much at her chin and pointed right at her face. Since we had just met for the first time the day before, I wasn't sure she would like me erupting all over her face. Remember, it had been 11 years. So I made her sit up against the wall. That way when I slid back and forth, it just pointed at her neck instead of her face. I was more comfortable with that arrangement.
"So then what did you do?" She asked.
"Well, it didn't take very long, that's for sure. It started feeling pretty good so I asked her if she wanted me to finish like that. She told me I could if I wanted to. I warned her that it was probably going to be messy, since it had been a long time for me and she told me that was okay - she was going to get right in the shower when we were done."
"So was it good?" Sallee inquired.
"Well, after she told me she was okay with it, I just started thrusting harder. It felt really good to do that with her big boobs, and it wasn't long before I felt the eruption starting to happen. She has long black hair, and I had to look down through it to watch, but I could see the tip when it started happening. I ended up getting most of it in her hair and all over her back."
"How in the world did it get all over her back?"
"That was the neat part. When it shot out, it came out so strongly that it shot out up over her shoulder and onto her back and in her hair. She had a lot on her neck, too, don't get me wrong, but it was cool to watch it shoot out over her shoulder and into her hair."

"And she didn't mind this?" Sallee asked me.
"She said 'wow' a lot, actually, but she seemed not to mind. I thought it was incredible. And do you want to know something interesting?"
"That morning was exactly 11 years to the date, heck even the hour, from my last time pulling out back when I was in college. How's that for karma?"
"That is pretty cool. " She replied. "So you two did that more than once?"
"Yeah," I answered, "But the next night she woke me up in the middle of the night with a blow job."
"Cool, you finally got another one. How was that?" Sallee inquired, "Did you get to, you know... let it go into her mouth?"
"Yes I did. And it felt wonderful." I said, "Then the next night we did it between her boobs again, but she was lying on her back again, so instead of letting go all over her face, I just took it in my hand at the end, and just pointed it first at one nipple, then at the other. That was neat; I never did that before."

"That sounds pretty good, actually. So are you going to see her again?" She wanted to know.
"Yes." I told her. "She's going to come visit me here for a whole week in a month or two. I'll stop by one day and bring her in and introduce you to her, if you'd like."
"Sure." Sallee said. "Oh, hey, one more thing..."
"What's that?" I asked.
"Next time you two get together, I have an idea about birth control for you. I'd tell you now but we both had better be getting back to work."
And that was the end of our lunch break.

-----So a month and a half go by. Ricki's flight was due in the next the next day and Sallee asked me during lunch, "Hey, remember how I said I had some advice for you?"
"Birth control advice?" I asked.
"Yes. So have you ever used spermicidal foam? It's supposed to work pretty well." She told me. "You said you two were going to try and time it for her safest time, and I just figured if it was the best time, and you used that foam, and you pulled out at the end, then that should be as safe as you can get, with your circumstances, anyway."
"That's a good idea," I told her, "Thank you. Where can you get it? Do I have to go to a pharmacy?"
"You can get it at W-Mart" She said, "I've seen it there."
"Cool," I replied, "I'll pick some up. I'm really looking forward to doing it with her. She's excited, too, but it's been over 11 years for me. I can't wait."
"I'm excited for you," Sallee said, "You seem really happy."
"I am," I said, "I really am."
So she arrived the next day. I brought her by the office the next day during lunch and introduced her to Sallee. When Ricki excused herself to go to the bathroom, Sallee pulled me aside and told me, "Wow, she does have nice boobies. I can see why you would find her attractive. But she's so short! I bet she's not even 5 feet tall."
"Five feet exactly." I told her.
"Did you try the foam yet?" she asked.
"Not yet," I told her. "She's almost done with her period. We did our research and figured her safest time is the first three days after that. That's why we booked her flight this week. Hopefully tomorrow it'll be time."
"I'll keep my fingers crossed," Sallee said, "You'll have to tell me about it afterwards. You know how I like your stories."
"Of course." I replied.
So if you've read my two stories and
you know how that week went. After Ricki went back home, I had lunch with Sallee the next week and she asked for the details. I told her the stories and then she asked me, "So I'm guessing that first time didn't take that long, huh?"
"Less than 3 minutes, but we kind of expected that."
"That was a good idea you had, doing it in the shower. I was thinking about you this weekend. Considering it had been so long for you, and from what you've told me, about times in the past, you probably squirted and squirted on her at the end."
"Not as much as I would have thought." I told her. "There was like 4 or 5 spurts. But not an overabundance of it. I think I was too nervous. Plus it only took me such a short time from when I first put it in until I finished."
"Does that make a difference for you? How long you do it before you pull out?" She asked.
"I think it does." I told her. "The second time, when we were in the tent I was able to last about 10 or 15 minutes, and I released so much more that time. But maybe I was less nervous, too, so who knows?"
"Which time was your favorite? In the tub or in the tent?"
"In the tent, definitely." I replied, "That was so cool that she wanted me to let her know when I was about to pull out so we could both watch it happen. And there was so much of it. I'll remember that one for a long time. Plus the next morning when I got to do it between her boobs and watch it come out all over her face? That was priceless. And amazing."
"I'm glad you finally got to have sex. I couldn't imagine going 11 years without it."
"Well, thank you for being there for me along the way, for your encouragement, and most of all for your advice. Thanks for the suggestion about the foam. Hopefully it pays off."
"What do you mean?" She asked.
"Hopefully she gets her period again in the next few weeks."
"Did you do a good job at being careful? You didn't release any of it inside of her, did you?"
"No, I definitely pulled out in time both times. I know for sure 'cause I watched closely when it happened. I was all the way up by her belly button before anything squirted out, that's for sure."

And then...

"Then you shouldn't have anything to worry about." She told me, "I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. It sounds like you did everything you could. Are you going to try and time your next visit around her safest time again?"
"I think so." I replied. "Neither of us wants to be parents, have I told you that?"
"You should go get a vasectomy then," Sallee said, "Then you wouldn't have to worry about being a parent ever."
"I'm thinking about it." I told her. "Now that I actually have a sex life again."
And that was the end of our lunch break.

-----So I sort of had a sex life for the better part of a year. But the long distance part of the relationship soon proved to be too much and I found myself single again. I kept looking online, and had a few dates, but nothing became of them. Sallee kept encouraging me that I would eventually find the right person for me. I renewed my occasional visits to the local video store and let her know if I rented anything from the little room. One day we sat down to lunch and she asked, "So what's new? Rent any 'good' movies lately?" 'Good' was our code-word for adult movies.
"I did, actually," I told her. "I found one I liked."
"Aren't they all pretty much the same?" She asked, "Guy meets girl, guy and girl get naked, close up video of graphic sex, guy pulls out and squirts it all over the girl's face, blah, blah, blah... then move on to the next couple and repeat repeat. At least the ones I saw went like that."
"Did you watch them with your husband?" I asked.
"No, a bunch of us girls watched a couple of them at a bachelorette party."
"Was it fun?"
"I could see where a guy might like to watch them. We mostly just made fun of them. So what about them do you like, anyway?" She asked. "I bet you like the part where the guy points it at the girls face, don't you?"

"Actually, no, Sallee," I told her, "I like it way better when the guy just points it at the girl's stomach."

"I guess I'm just old-fashioned."
"I'm glad you're kind of old-fashioned," She told me, "If I had to be in one of those movies, I'd rather get it on my stomach than in my eye, anyway. I bet that would sting."
"It does. Trust me on that one."
"You got it in your eye before?" Sallee asked me, "I hope it was your own and not somebody else's."
"It was mine, don't worry. It's happened more than a few times, actually."
"What, do you aim there on purpose?" She inquired with a smile. "Or are you just so excited watching those movies that you forget where it's pointing?"
"I don't think that's happened while I was watching a movie, Sallee," I said, "That usually happens when it's been a while for me, and I'm just lying on my back in bed doing it. I always try to make sure it's pointed straight up towards the ceiling when the time comes, but if it's been a while since the last time I did that, it sometimes shoots out like 4 feet or so and sometimes it comes down on my face, or on the pillow. I've gotten the headboard a couple of times as well."
"Sounds like maybe you should go to the video store a little more often."
"A lot of times that happens when I'm staying in a motel. I tried watching those cheesy soft-core movies some of the hotels have, but they're just a waste of money." I told her. "And when I'm doing field work I'm usually too busy to go look for a magazine so I usually just rely on memories. Like the stories I've told you."
"Ahhh, I see," She replied. "Hey, speaking of you doing that, can I ask you a couple of personal questions about guys and their orgasms? Or at least you and your orgasms anyway."
"Sure." I told her, "No pun intended, but fire away."
"Good one." She said. "So I was wondering, how important are your balls when it comes to, you know... cumming?"
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Do you like them stimulated when you're doing it yourself, or getting a hand-job or a blow job, or how about during sex? Can you feel contact with them, and does it help you have an orgasm? Inquiring minds want to know." She asked with a smile.
"As far as blow jobs go, not that I have much experience there, but I don't think it matters much." I replied, "At least not to me. I do remember a hand job once where she lightly caressed them with one hand while stroking me with the other one. That felt pretty good. And as far as during sex, remember that story I told you about the first time I pulled out with the lights on? In college?"
"Was that when that girl put her legs up on your shoulders?" Sallee asked.
"Correct. I'm surprised you remembered. Anyway, when I'm in that position I can really feel them bouncing against the girl's ass every time I thrust. I'm not sure how much of a difference that made, maybe it helped the blo*d flow down there or something, but that orgasm was really intense that night. It seemed to go on forever."
"I remember," She said, "What was it, 7 squirts?"

"Something like that." I replied. "So I guess they're kind of important."
"Okay, so my next question is, how often do guys need to, you know... have a release?"
"That depends, Sallee, on whether they want quality or quantity." I told her with a smile. "And if they're with someone, or they're alone I guess."
"Quality or quantity?" She asked, "What does that mean?"
"Well, when I've been single, I usually ended up having one once or twice a week. That kept me from getting too 'full' as I like to call it, and I never had to worry about having a wet dream that way. If I went two weeks without one, then I had to start worrying that it was going to come out in the middle of the night and I hate when that happens. And when I finally did have a release after two weeks, it tends to get pretty messy. So once or twice a week works for me."
"What about when you were with someone?" She asked.
"It's about the same, but you have to deal with the uncertainty of the female mind. Two or three times a week would be best, but women aren't always in the mood at the same time guys are. So sometimes it ended up being two weeks or more between times. Then you women get upset when we don't last very long."
"I've experienced that," Sallee told me, "You wait too long and then it's over too quickly."
"Exactly. I remember one time with Ricki, and this wasn't her fault since we lived so far apart, but one time I went 20 days without having a release. We had made plans to be together and she told me she was looking forward to us being together and especially watching at the end. So I let myself get really 'full' for almost 3 weeks. But then when we did it, it ended up being early in the morning, like 5am, and we were in a dark motel room, and I put it inside her and like 5 seconds later I had to pull out already. I thought I might be experiencing premature ejaculation, and tried to hold it back, but then I had this really powerful, really fast orgasm. It was too dark to watch, Sallee, but I could actually hear splashes as it shot out so powerfully. It must have been splashing against her boobs and back down to her stomach. Afterwards, when I turned a light on, her stomach and boobs were covered in it, and there were two big wet spots on the bed, one on each side of her."
"All that, from just 5 seconds of sex?" She asked.
"Kind of sad, huh? So that's why it's good to keep it regular. And that's why I end up going to the video store once in a while. Usually if I go there, I'm going on two weeks."
"Nothing wrong with that, if it helps you, you know... let it out. But isn't it better doing that with someone than watching a video?"
"It is, and I need to get out and find someone again. I've been talking to a few local girls online. One looks like she might have potential. We have a 3rd date coming up"
"Ooohh, 3rd date! You know what that means."
"No. What does it mean?" I asked her.
"That's usually when the girl has sex, if she likes the guy. That's like dating etiquette 101"
"I never knew that." I told her. "Well, Saturday is our 3rd date. I'll let you know how it went next week if we have lunch together."
"Cool, another story." She replied.
And that was the end of our lunch break.

-----A couple of weeks later, Sallee and I had lunch together again. It wasn't long before she asked me, "Hey, I never asked you... How did your 3rd date go?"
"Oh yeah," I replied, "I never got to tell you about it. Hope you're ready for a story. This one's a weird one."
"I really like your stories." She said. "Have I mentioned that?"
"I'm glad you enjoy them. So anyway, we go out to dinner, and a few times during dinner she kept suggesting that she was looking forward to dessert."
"Was she a bigger gal?"
"No, just the opposite." I said, "I doubt she even weighed 100 pounds. So anyway, after we finished our dinner, I asked her what she was going to order for dessert. She told me she was thinking we could go somewhere else for dessert. So we got in the truck and I asked her where she wanted to go. She said she wanted to go back to her place - that she wanted to get something there."
"You're right." Sallee said. "This already sounds weird to me."
"So we get back to her place, she goes inside for a second and then comes out with car keys. She hops in her SUV and tells me to get in. Then instead of driving out towards town, she headed back farther down her driveway through this sand pit and ended up driving back down this trail in the woods for about a mile. When she pulled off to the side of the trail and stopped, I asked her what we were doing there. She told me she thought we could have dessert here where there was some privacy. She told me she was temporarily living with her parents and they were home."
"So by dessert she meant what... Sex?"
"I guess. We started kissing, we made out for a while, then she let me put my hand up her shirt."
"Of course." Sallee said. "You like boobies."
"But she didn't have any." I told her, "I doubt she was even an A cup."
"If it's less than an A then it's a training bra."
"That's probably it. There wasn't much there."
"Oh, no." She exclaimed. "So what did you do?"
"I still like sex." I told her. "And it had been a while, so when she suggested we go in the back I couldn't help but agree. So we got out, and she folded the back seats forward so we'd have a space to lie down, and we got in. We got back to kissing, caressing, exploring, etc... and before you know it, we were both naked. I asked her if she was using any kind of birth control and she told me she went to the doctor every three months for a shot. I asked her if she was okay with it if we didn't use a condom and she told me it would be just fine."
"Weren't you worried about diseases?" Sallee asked.
"I know I should have cared more about it, but she seemed like a decent girl. And I didn't have any condoms anyway. You know how I feel about them. Besides, I really wanted to feel myself inside her at that point. It had been a while. I was ready."

"So you did, didn't you?"
"Of course. Before I put it in I told her I couldn't guarantee how long I would be able to last. She said that was okay, but it turns out I didn't really have to worry about that."
"Wasn't it good?"
"It was different."
"How so?" she asked.
"She has two little ones." I told her, "So it was... how do I put this, her opening was a little less snug than I was used to."
"Oh, no," Sallee said, "Was it really that bad?"
"Like putting it in a warm glass of water at first." I told her.
"That's terrible. I never thought about that. So what did you do?"
"Well, I kept at it." I told her. "But eventually I started to lose my, you know..."
"Yeah. So as a diversion I asked her if we could turn on a light so I could see her better. She reached over and turned on a side light in the back compartment and asked me if that was better. I told her it was. I kind of had to use my hand to get it stiff again, but when it was, I put it back in again."
"Was it any better with the light on?"
"It was a little. At least I could watch." I replied. "She was completely shaved down there."
"So am I - Bet you didn't know that." She said with a smile.
"Really? Well, that was a first for me. So it was really neat to watch as I slid in and out of her. So I kept doing it, and kept watching, and eventually I got to that magic moment, or point of no return, so I reached down with my hand, pulled it out, pointed it towards her belly button and started letting go."
"Let me guess," Sallee said, "Another huge mess?"
"Well, this is where it gets weirder. As soon as I pulled out, she told me, 'That was NOT necessary!' but about the time she said NOT I was already letting go. The first squirt landed on her shoulder, and she said, 'Oh, wow! You got me way up here.' Then the second one landed between her boobs, and the third, fourth, and fifth squirts landed on her stomach."

"Only 5?"
"5 or 6. It was a pretty good one. I mean it felt pretty good to me, but she was definitely not happy."
"Why not?"
"She asked me why I did that and reminded me she was getting birth control shots. I told her I just liked doing it that way. She said I ruined it. I asked her what she meant and she just told me to never mind."
"Really. You're right. That sounds kind of weird. So then what happened?"
"Well, she had some paper towels and baby wipes in the back, so I used them to clean her up."
"That was nice of you."
"Hey, I always clean up my messes." I told her. "Anyway, then we drove back to the house and I got in my truck and went home. We talked the next day and she still seemed kind of upset. She asked if I would consider not pulling out the next time we had sex and I told her I'd have to think about it."
"Would you do that?" Sallee asked.
"I don't know. I doubt it. I like the extra insurance against pregnancy. Anyway, it's a moot question, since last week she told me she didn't think we should go out again."
"That's too bad. Are you sad?"
"Not really," I told her. "I think maybe she was trying to trick me. I don't think she was on birth control in the first place. She told me she wanted another little one before."
"I agree. She probably was trying to trick you. So you're lucky you like pulling out! Imagine if you didn't. It's good that you did, though. And at least you got to watch, I know you liked that. That part was good, wasn't it?"
"Yeah, it was..." I said.
"I'm sensing a 'but' here." Said Sallee.
"Well... you said your husband got a vasectomy, right? Was it painful for him?"
"Why, are you thinking of getting one?" She asked me. "Personally I think you should. It's not painful getting it done at all, except you're a little sore afterwards for a few days. Insurance pays for the whole thing, did you know that?"
"I'm thinking I should get one." I told her. "That's good to know about the insurance. How about the next time we have lunch together, could you get me the number of the clinic and tell me how to go about setting it up?"
"I'd be glad to help." She told me.
And that was the end of our lunch break.

-----So I got the information from her, made the appointment and had the procedure. It was two weeks after that when we were able to sit down to lunch together again.
"So how did it go?" Sallee asked. "It wasn't that bad, was it?"
"You were right about the procedure not hurting," I told her, "But afterwards I was so bruised and sore. I was dark purple down there for a week and a half."
"Talk about blue balls, eh?"
"Not just those, though, almost my whole, uh, shaft was purple too!"

"That didn't happen when my husband got his. He was sore for a few days, and I remember him putting ice on them afterwards, but in the end, he said it's worth it."
"Well, it's mostly healed now."
"And it still works just fine?" She asked. "Have you, you know... had a release yet?"
"Not yet," I told her, "The instructions say I should, though. I'm supposed to do that 6 times in the next 6 weeks. Then wait a week or two and go in and submit a 'sample'."
"I remember that." She said, "But look at the bright side. Won't it be nice not having to worry about knocking some girl up and then having to make 18 years of support payments?"
"Yeah. The other day I was on a plane and the baby in the row behind me would not stop screaming. And I was thinking how nice it was that I wouldn't have to ever hear that sound in the middle of the night, either."

"Isn't that nice? Well hopefully everything works for you down there. Are you worried?"
"Not really. I'll probably, you know... give it a test tonight. See if it still comes out the way it used to."
"Are you here tomorrow?" She asked me. "You'll have to let me know if it still works like it used to."
"I am. And I will."
And that was the end of our lunch break.

-----So the next day we sat down to lunch and she asked me, "So how'd it go last night?"
"Just fine." I replied.
"Did you go to the video store?"
"Nah, I didn't feel the need. Actually I just kind of thought about that last time, and how nice it was pulling out, even if she didn't like it."
"So do you still, uh... how do I put this?... The surgery didn't affect your, uh... volume did it?"
"Oh, no." I told her. "I did it into paper toweling last night, actually, and it was pretty heavy afterwards."
"Did it feel the same? And why a paper towel?"
"It felt really good. Quite a bit came out. I had to use a paper towel, well actually 3 paper towels, because the instructions said to check for traces of blo*d from the surgery."
"Ahhh." Sallee replied, "Was there any?"
"Nope. It was all white." I told her.
"That's good." She said. "So you said six weeks until you know if the procedure was a success?"
"I have an appointment the end of next month." I told her.
"It should be fine. It was for my husband. And then, no more condoms or pills to worry about, right?"
"Right." I replied.
And that was the end of our lunch break.

-----The next time we were able to have lunch together was the next day after my appointment with the urologist. "I had my appointment yesterday." I told her.
"How'd that go?" She asked. "Did you have to give them a sample?"
"I did, but they let me do it at home."
"That's what my husband and I did. I remember holding that little cup on my stomach for him. He just pulled out and did it there."
"I wish I could have done it like that. That would have been nice." I said. "I had to go to the video store last night. But it was kind of like I had a prescription to go there."
"Did you find a good one?" Sallee asked me.
"Oh, yeah," I replied, "I found a 4 hour long one that was perfect for me. It just showed the 'grand finale' at the end. It was a compilation of like 500 movies. Each shot was only about 30 seconds. 15 seconds of whatever the couple was doing to get to the 'magic moment' and then 15 seconds showing the guy releasing it all over the girl. I couldn't have asked for a better one for my 'prescription'."
"4 hours?" She asked. "Did you watch the whole thing?"
"Not at first," I told her. "But I made myself watch at least 2 hours before I let myself, you know... release. It was like 2 hours of foreplay. I had to keep that little cup under the tip of it, though, since I had a lot of that 'lubrication' dripping out during those two hours."
"You even saved that? I wouldn't have thought of that."
"I wanted to give a complete sample. So anyway, about two hours into the movie, there were three clips in a row that I liked. All three of them showed the guy pulling out and erupting on the girls stomach like I like to do."

"So I watched those three a few times. Then I could feel myself starting to get close, even though I wasn't even trying to do it yet. So I backed up the DVD, watched those three one more time, and by the time the third guy finished unloading onto that girl's stomach I was at the point of unloading too. Then when it happened, well, that was probably the most difficult time I ever had."
"What do you mean, difficult?"
"Trying to get it all in that little cup." I told her.

"The instructions said to only go a week or two, but I went more than 3, since I was traveling anyway. Then I did it sitting up, so I could aim into that cup better, but it was opening up a garden hose into a shot glass."
"That's a nice visual." She said, "So how did that work then? I'm guessing you overshot it a few times? My husband didn't have to worry about that. He only shoots a couple of inches at most, His usually just flows out instead of shoots."
"I got it all in the cup, Sallee, but it wasn't easy. I knew it was going to really shoot out, so when I got to that point where I couldn't hold it back anymore, I switched hands, grabbed the cup in one hand, and pointed my shaft with the other one, and just put it all the way in to the bottom of the cup and started letting go."

"I saw the first couple of squirts come out, but then the cup filled up to the point where I could only see it getting fuller and fuller. It finally stopped about three-quarters full."
"Holy crap! You filled that thing up three quarters of the way?" Sallee asked?
"I didn't spill a drop." I told her. "But I think I embarrassed the lady at the lab counter this morning."
"And how did you do that?" She inquired with a smile.
"Well, the instructions said to write the date and time on the cup and put it in the fridge. I forgot to write anything on the cup. And this morning I just took it out of the fridge and put it in my jacket pocket. When I got to the counter, I gave her my name and told her I was supposed to drop off a sample and asked where was I supposed to put it. You should have seen the look on her face when I pulled that cup out of my pocket and handed it to her."
"Why?" She asked, "Wasn't it in a paper bag?"
"I didn't know I was supposed to put it in a bag, Sallee. No one told me that. So then she took the cup, and she actually said, 'Oh my god.' Then she set it down and put on rubber gloves. She asked me if it was fresh or refrigerated and I told her refrigerated. Then she asked me how long it had been in the refrigerator and I told her since about 7:30 last night. She seemed really embarrassed as she wrote that stuff down on the cup. I told her I was sorry for forgetting to do that, but I never had to do that before."
"You should have asked her out." She told me. "Heck, she already saw a pretty intimate part of you."
"She was married." I said, "I noticed her ring."
"Bummer. Oh, well. So when do you get the results?"
"She told me the lab would call me in a week or so."
"I remembered when my husband got his results. We celebrated by burning my pill case in the fire in the back yard."
"Any other celebration activities?" I asked.
"Oh yeah, that too." Sallee replied with a smile.
And that was the end of our lunch break. The next year I met somebody, and the year after that I got married, and Sallee and I never really had any long conversations anymore. Then I moved away from the area and got a new job. I haven't found anybody at this new job that I can talk to like I could with Sallee. I'll miss her.

The End.

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