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Sue and I over the years 2

Over the years Suzie and I became wicked hot and it became wicked horny I use to love to play with her pretty pussy with a cute little toy as I ate her it was so hot doing it to her pussy as I lick the sweet nectar form her I loved it and she did it back too she loved to suck my cock it was always hard and dripping for her and as it was waiting to be played with as I licked her and made her cum all over my face!

She would love to tease me too when we first moved to where we are we were the only house there and we use to prance around naked with the lights on and have or fun out on the deck ! I would be out in the yard doing something and she would knock on the window to look at her and lift her shirt showing me her wonderful tits they were and still are awesome I love playing with them and they respond nicely to my hands and my mouth she is wonderful she loves to have them played with and it is so cool to look at them all the time after 29 years of marriage and I still sneak peaks down her shirt and under the covers to play with her tits as she sl**ps.

I want pictures of her but she will not let me take pictures of her naked or with her tits just hanging out I want to sneak on but each time i try I end up to close where i cannot see anything or too far away and blurry in the shower.
We have always taken showers together it is always hot and it is fun still to be roaming my hands on her to wash her and feel her body react I love making her cum it is so much fun to feel her body cum under me!

Lately it has been lees and less and it is just the same when we do have sex it use to be daily some times multiple times a day then it became weekly then it was twice a month not it is only when she wants it.
May it will be better who knows

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