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Subway Adventure


Master has me meeting Him at midnight in the subway. What in the world does He want to do here? I’m dressed like He told me, wearing a short skirt and a button down front blouse, with no bra and no panties. I’m waiting at the appointed place when, Master shows up. He is so handsome, which starts my heart beating fast. He looks me over and smiles with approval at my clothes. He walks me to the subway, and walks me thru each car until W/we reached an empty one.
The subway starts going as Master has me sit down next to Him. He starts unbuttoning my blouse. I’m so excited and embarrassed. Are people looking? What will happen if someone comes into this car? Master puts the clover clamps on my nipples and orders me to close my blouse. As I’m buttoning up my blouse, Master orders me to open my legs wide. As I do this, my short skirt rides up showing my pussy. Master puts something over my clit I feel the coolness of it. Master slides a vib into my pussy and my ass. He makes sure I see the remotes as He puts them into His pockets. I gulp when I see this and start feeling heat on my clit. Damn, Master has heating lotion on my clit.
As the subway goes down the tracks I’m wiggling on the seat with my clit getting hotter and hotter by the second. Master turns on the ass vib and I suck in air. He is going to torture me damnn that is no fair. Master turns off the ass vib and puts on the pussy vib. A soft moan comes out of my mouth, as the subway stops and lets more people in. I wait to see if any come into O/our car. When the subway starts up again I let out a breath of air, no one entered.
Master moves the vibs in and out of me as the subway makes down the track. I’m moaning and grinding my hips now. Master pulls on the clamp chain, a yelp comes from my lips. As I get dripping wet, Master stops moving the vibs then orders me to sit on the floor. I blush and pray no one comes in the car. The subway stops again as I sit on the floor and undo Master’s pants. He has me suck and lick His cock. I forget all about the people and just enjoy the taste of Master’s cock. As I groan with pleasure, I start licking in small circles up and down the shaft slow then fast. I hear Master groan. I flick my tongue up and down, then flicking my tongue sideways on the vein of the cock. Master is getting rock hard now. I suck hard on the head, so hard my cheeks cave in. The subway starts going again. Whew, no one yet. Master must have picked a good car.
Master grabs my hair and pushes His cock deep in my throat and holds it there. I try my best to breath but can’t. I try to relax but I start gagging. Master releases me and I take a big breathe. Master does it again and holds. I can’t breathe and once again I start gagging. Master releases, and I take in a big breath. Master smiles down at me and tells me to stand up. I stand up now. He turns me around and bends me over the rail in front of Him. He lifts up my skirt and moves the ass vib in and out slowly, which makes me moan in pleasure. Master starts smacking my ass with His hand over and over again harder and harder with each smack. I am wiggling and groaning, then off goes the pussy vib. “ohh Master yess ohh Master” I moan. The subway stops and Master has me sit down next to Him as He pulls on the clamp chain again. I am wiggling and moaning as the ass vib goes off now. I have both vibs going off in me.
Someone is heading this way. I can see them. I suck in my breath and try my best to look normal. Whew, they didn’t come into this car they sat in the back of the other car. Master snickers knowing my fear and embarrassment. As the subway moves again
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Master takes out the ass vib and tells me to sit on His lap. As I sit down, Master slides His rock hard cock into my ass. I moan as I feel it slide inch-by-inch in me. The subway train shaking as it goes down the track once again. “Oh Master I can’t take to much more pleaseeeeee oh ppleease fuck my ass Master”, I moan. Master pushes me up and down onto His cock fucking my ass. He moves so slowly I want to move faster but Master doesn’t allow it. Master pulls on the clamp chain and I moan out loud.
Someone comes into the car and looks around. Master just smiles at the person and holds me tight. The person looks at U/us and with a knowing smile leaves the car. I blush so red it’s almost maroon. Master does that evil laugh of His as He fucks my ass again. This time harder and deeper, and turns the pussy vib on high, which makes me grind my ass on His cock. As Master fucks my ass, He pulls on the clamp chain harder and harder as He fucks me. I moan and groan, “Master pleaseeeeeee”. Master whispers in my ear, “when I cum you can my sweet slave”. I feel Master fuck harder now that He is close. “Yes yess ohh Master yyesss!!” I groan. As I feel Master’s sweet seed squirt into my ass, my body begins jerking and shaking. “ohh yess Master ohh yes”, I moan as I cum hard. After W/we both come back to earth, Master moves me to the seat beside Him and hands me some wipes.
I clean myself and Master takes the vib out of my pussy. Master hands them to me to clean with wipes. Master orders me to unbutton my blouse, and then Master takes off the clamps, with a yelp from my mouth, the bl**d comes back into my nipples. Master puts all the toys into His briefcase once again. Master has me bend over and wipe Him clean as the subway stops once more. Master tells me this is O/our stop. He walks me out of the subway both of U/us with a smile on O/our faces. He walks me to the adult movie theatre and W/we walk in. I look up at Master knowing the night isn’t over yet. Master winks over at me. I smile up at Him.

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