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Dark Room Fuck

Last night, I was feeling a bit horny, so I decided to pop in to my local sex club. Luckily for me, it's only 2 blocks from my place, so whenever I feel the urge, I can always find relief!

Anyway, I walked down the stairs, and headed straight to the dark room, as I always do. I love that you are completely blind, so all your senses are concentrated on the smell, the touch, and the noise of 30 other men fucking...

The room was high with amyl, and it was so full, it was almost impossible to walk through the tangled mess of hot, horny men. So, I decided to take the only course, and head straight for the centre of the action - I wasn't going to be left out of this orgy!

No sooner had I found my way to the centre of the room, and there were hands all over my body. One was all over my chest, tickling my nipple. Another went straight for my jeans, and had already found it's way down the front and into my jockstrap.

I was no totally hard, my throbbing cock desperate to escape, but I was here to be fucked. I dropped my jeans to the floor, and waited for a wandering hand to notice my bare ass.

Soon, while still being jerked off at the front, another hand had found my ready and waiting ass, primed for a good pounding. First, there was a grab, then a slap. I groaned appreciation, and received another, then another. I started grinding my ass so he'd get the idea, and next thing I knew, his finger was running down my crack.

Now was my time. I lent forwards. "Do what you like" I said "it's waiting for you!". I felt his spit on my asshole, then his finger playing, tickling the edges of my quivering hole. Another load of spit, and his finger slid in, followed by a 2nd, slowly in and out. He tickled my gspot with his fingers, and i groaned in delight.

Then, I heard a whisper in my ear "get ready - you might need a sniff of this". I took a good couple of whiffs of the amyl he was holding in front of me. But still, it couldn't prepare me for what came next.

My next sensation (apart from my intense horniness) was an intense pain. It felt like he was trying to shove a coke can up my ass. It started with the head, slowly working its way in. My hole was already stretched, and my groans became stronger and louder.

He lubed up his giant cock a little more, then went for re-entry. This time, my ass was a little more prepared. I felt his long, thick cock move inside me again. He started to move it slowly, back and forth, easing it further and further into my tight hole, until I felt like I was about to be impaled on a fence post.

Once I was used to this monster cock stuffing my ass, I began to enjoy the sensation. I was completely powerless to do anything as he pounded me silly, my body rocking with his as it slid slowly and hardly in and out of me. By this stage, I was groaning so loud, we had drawn the attention of many in the room.

Hands began to fondle every part of my body. Someone released my cock from the jockstrap and started sucking my already precummed tool. Someone else shoved their cock in my mouth and I sucked like there was no tomorrow, so totally overwhelmed by being in the middle of this hot tangle of sex.

It was not long until the pounding in my ass became stronger, and I could feel the first quivers in his pelvis, smashing against my butt. The cock in my mouth was starting to cum, coating my face in his sticky white fluid. I was close as well, and that mouth just kept on sucking. But my primary sensation was that giant cock, pounding me harder and harder.

Then I came - my cum squirted into the anonymous mouth and down his throat, and he kept on sucking, leaving me groaning loudly, and in absolute fits of pleasure.

The cloud of sex hung over me, and then I felt the giant cock shoot its hot load deep inside of me. He kept on pounding, deeper and deeper as he orgasmed uncontrollably inside of me. I orgasmed again as well, it was so incredibly hot.

"well done, you took that like a man" came the voice from behind as his cock withdrew from me.

I pulled up my jeans, and wiped the cum off my face with my tshirt.

As i walked home, I felt completely violated, but in an absolutely great way. The cum was dripping out of my ass, and into my jeans, my crack sticky with his fluid.

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