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How my wife tricked me into total submission

I'm Steve white 20 year old guy from Missouri. My wife is Angel shes 24. I am about five foot ten and 160 lbs. I have what I thought was an average cock at 5.75 inches and about 4 inches in girth. Angel is 5 foot 2 120 lbs in great shape. Beautiful ass and 38 d titties.

It all started when I had a week off of work. That saturday was the first day next sunday the last. On Friday we were fooling around when she asked if I wanted to spice things up this week?

I said sure how?

She replied Well since your always wanting me to be more assertive Ill grant you that wish as long as you promise to keep an open mind and be honest about every detail. It will only be between us hun.

I was a little worried but replied sure sweetheart anything for you.

Right then she grabbed my cock squeezed it and started swirling her tounge around my head. Looking up at me she said Cherish this moment as she crawled on top of me. I was confused but to horny to care. She shoved my hard cock in her pussy. She nibbled on my ear and i unloaded inside her pussy. She looked disappointed and said Awe i didnt nut babe.

Will you eat my pussy? she asked.

I sternly said no.

She smirked and went into the bathroom.

When she laid down she said its ok honey You're mine all week. We fell asl**p fairly fast. I had no idea what i was about to wake up to.

I awoke put on my house coat. My wife had breakfast on the table we ate and went to the couch to watch tv. She said lets get naked. So we did and she looked AMAZING. We sat back down she said Here are some of my rules. I will make more as we go along.
1. How far is to far to take the dominant role?
I replied i would let her know when to stop
2. Do you feel you cum to early and could have better performance?
Yes and im sorry
3. Do you promise to be obedient to me sexually?
I said yes.
Good she said, You will call me mistress for the entire week no matter where we go and I will address you as slave, hubby, or whatever comes to mind.
Yes mistress i said. She noticed My cock getting hard she pulled on it and led me to the bedroom. I was told to lay on my back. She Got on top of me in 69 position and said warn me when ur about to cum. I said yes mistress. She started stroking my cock. After about 15 seconds she lowered her pussy to my face and began sucking on my head. As soon as i tasted her sweet pussy I had to pull away.
I'm gonna cum mistress, i said.

She stopped and said wow thats pathetic. She showed me a stop watch that said 22 seconds. Listen slave In order to fix your little things big problem this week is gonna be a punishment for having a quick trigger. If on next saturday you have satisfied me you may cum then.

7 days? I asked.

She said yep sucks for you. Now Im gonna cum she said she sat back down on my face just grinding away. Suddenly she just stood up and said I want to do this myself. She grabbed a toy and went downstairs.

I was confused mad and very horny. Did she mean it when she said i was little? That was kind of demeaning. I decided i'd try to spy on her and sneak a nut as well. I peeked in the living room to find her pounding her pussy and watchin porn. Although i couldnt see what kind. The floor creaked and she spun around super fast.

I told you ur not supposed to cum she screamed.

I'm sorry mistress.

She said i have to punish you and pointed to the bedroom.

We got in there and she threw some of here lingerie at me and said wear this for the rest of the night.

I did not want to but being obedient I just said yes mistress. After it was on she smiled giggled and reached in the drawer and gramed a disposable camera. She snapped a photo. I objected and told her I would not tolerate this.

She laughed and said relax slave boy its just for my memories ill keep it hidden.You trust me right she asked? rubbing on my cock.

Yes mistress Im sorry.

She just laughed and snapped a few more at different angles.

For the next few hours she was takin pictures of me and even talked me into modeling a little. When the camera was full I was told to put clothes on over this and go with her to get them developed. My dick and balls were so cramped in the car and she kept toying with me. When we gave the lady the film she said 30 minutes was our wait time. We sat down and My wife made me finger her to 2 orgasms in public. A couple people noticed. I was embarrassed.

They called our name. I grabbed the pics and got out as fast as i could. My wife quickly took them from me and would let me see them. She just laughed giggled and told me I was wrapped around her finger. I totally agreed.

We got home and had a pretty normal evening until she grabbed an ice cube from her cup and ordered me to get naked. She rubbed it on my cick until it shriveled up and looked like a peanut. From under the couch cushion she pulled out a plastic cage and explained to me that its a chastity device and told me its function.

I straight up told her no.

She said Really? and snickered.

What if I showed your friends these? And showed me a pic from earlier with a bra and g string on posing on the bed.

I reminded her of her promise and she replied That i also promised to obey her.

With no choice I said yes mistress lock me up and keep the key.

She smiled took some more pics and made me eat her to several orgasms.

She was tired and wanted to go to bed. As we laid there she told me I wasnt to initiate anything to do with sex This week.

I told her it wouldnt be a problem.

Good she said as she tickled my balls and rolled over.

My cock ached to get hard for hours until i finally fell asl**p. It blew my mind that it wasnt until wednesday that she wanted to play with me. She ordered me naked and tied me to the bed and blindfolded me. She was stroking my cock thru the cage and biting my nipple.

to be continued

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