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Stealing my best friends girl

My best friend that I grew up in elementry school with and I met this girl in our late high school years. She was so good looking. Brunette hair, blue eyes, the face of a model, 5'9", c cup and 130 lbs. She always turned heads when she walked into a room. We both had a crush on her and he was what the girls called a pertty boy. She ended up being his girlfriend and I was her good friend. That sucked for me because I was head over heals for her and I had to watch him be with her. We all hanged out together and she watched me go through 8 or 9 girls in a year period. I could tell her attraction had started building with me. Some of the girls I had been with told me she was asking questions about me and wanting to know personal details. Well my best friend had been getting on my nerves for sometime now. He was such a mooch. Never had money and I felt he was just a user and not a giver. One day after work we all meet and decided to go swimming in the lake behind my house. I ended up putting on some sweat shorts with no underwear on. When these shorts got wet they would cling to my skin and show quite a bit of detail. My friend and I were jumping off the dock and doing flips and stuff. I remeber I went to do a back flip and I was bouncing up and down to get distance off the dock to flip. I noticed his girl looking straight at my dick and watching it bounce up and down with a daze look. Needless to say I made sure I did that more than once and everytime she would just sit there and stare at my cock. A couple days elapsed and my friend pushed me over the edge and I told him to get the fuck out off my house and had to get in his face and push him out the front door. The next day his girlfriend called me and said she needed to talk to me and if she could come over. I said sure and she showed up about 30 minutes later. We sat down on the sofa and she started talking to me about the day before and how we have been friends forever and I told her he was a piece of shit and I didnt want his friendship no more. We talked for awhile and she was acting so much different that usual. I dont remeber how this came about but next thing you know I had my shirt of and was on my belly in the living room floor and she was massaging my back and shoulders. My cock responded very quick to her touch and I had a full rock hard cock grinding against the floor while she rubbed me down. She was sitting on my lower back and butt area and after 5 or 10 minutes of this I flipped over real quick to wear I was on my back and it couldnt of worked out more perfect. Her pussy landed right on top of my cock and I watched her eyes get big and she gave me the most sensual smile. She moaned a little and started slowy moving her hips back and forth and began to tell me how she got soo wet the other day at the dock watching my cock and giving me detail how it looked so big and she could see the head and the way it was bouning up and down and I was about to fucking cum in my jeans!! I reached up and pulled her head down to mine and planted a french kiss on her. The whole time she was grinding her pussy against my cock. I told her lets move to my bedroom. I had a waterbed at that time and I yanked all the sheets off and grabbed some baby oil and started squirting it all over the bed. She what are you doing. I told her I was about to give a time of her life. We both stripped down and she slid onto the bed... DAMN she was so fucking hott! She twirled her body to get all the oil on her and ended up on her back with her legs spread wide apart. She looked at me and said arent you going to fuck me and I replied not yet and I slid to her on my belly and buried my face right into her pussy. I began licking that sweet pussy and in my mind all I kept thinking was that I have wanted this girl for several years and here I was with my tounge deep in her pussy. I savored her pussy for a while and I got up on my knees which was a little difficult with the oil and grabbed her hips and pulled her to me and I was ready to sink my cock into her. My cock was covered in baby oil and her pussy was more than wet. As I pushed my cock into her cunt she moaned and I could feel her hot pussy swallowing my cock. I remember the rush I had to this day. It was the ultimate feeling. We slid around that bed for hours. I came three times that day with her and I can say without a doubt I fucked the shit out of her. I remeber her telling me she had a hard time walking for several days. We were so damn itchy at the end and it took days to get the oil off us and the bed but what a time we had.
We jumped in the shower together and washed each other off and while we were doing that I asked her what was the deal with her boyfriend and she replied who and then laughed and said my boyfriend standing right in front of me.

We ended up getting married a year later!!

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