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First time sucking a cock (Real)

This story is true and is about my first time with another guy. I was about 20 years old at the time.
The names are changed to protect the innocent.

Jeff had Come over that night to have few drinks. My wife was out of town, so it was nice to have some company.
He says lets call those 2 chicks we met the other night, (other friends of mine)
They came over and drank for few hours, at one point they even pretended to get it on together. This only help make us 2 d***k guys even more turned on. I looked over at him and he just said be right back, gave me a wink.
He came back with a dildo from my wife's stash. The girls just giggled and started to blow the toy together.
Things were starting to look promising, but they sid they were getting picked up to go to this other party. Bummer...
My buddy asked my if I still "puff"? Pulled out 2 joints.
I was little shocked because I used to smoke up alot, he never touched it. Now years later I slowed down and he is offering it.
"What the hell" I said. We went out to the balcony to smoke.
We only had the one and with in minutes we were feeling a good buzz.
He said those 2 girls got him all worked up and wished my wife was home, so we could get a release.(We have had a 3some with my wife a couple times, But thats another story).
He asked me to put some porn on, so I did.
After a half hour or so we both had our cocks out our flys slowly stroking. I have to admit, I was still buzzed but now VERY horny. I caught a few glances at his cock before and it is nice and thick, maybe little longer than mine.
We had joked a few times about, a mouth is a mouth, and some how this became the topic.
He surprised me when he leaned over saying lets get this over with. moved my hand from my swollen cock and sucked it into his mouth. Damn he sucked it better than most chicks!!! I sat there shocked, buzzed, and extreamly turned on, for few minutes getting my first blowjob from another guy.
He sat up and said "now, You do me". Exposed his cock for me, I was so turned on I didn't argue.
I dropped to my knees in front of him and grabbed his dick.
He was thick and throbbing. I could barely fit half in my mouth. But when he layed down on the floor. I turned so we could 69 each other.
I felt so dirty when he grabbed my head and started to trust into my mouth. He stopped sucking me and said he was close, did I want it?
That set me off and the relization that I had sucked my first cock almost to orgasm was enough. I didn't say a word but rather started sucking him harder and grabbed his balls, while stroking his massive hard on.
He exploded in my mouth and I swallowed all of it.
I rolled over and stroked my cock till I blew a huge load all over my chest and neck.

I enjoyed it so much that when my wife got home I told her about it. (like I said we all joked about it before but she never seen it).
So I told her one day we will have to prove it.........

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