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"There is absolutely nothing to do in this hick town," eighteen year old Amy Teller whined from the back seat of her f****y's SUV. They passed the tiny movie theater and one of the two gasoline stations on their way to her Grandmother's house in Winford, West Virginia.

"Hey, over there is a movie rental place that has a video game room," her 19 year old b*****r Jake laughed. He had to take off a week from his studies in order to attend his Grandmother's sixtieth birthday. As he listened to his Ipod, he periodically peeked next to him at his cute s****r's tanned thighs peeping out from under her short denim skirt.

"Don't worry your cousins will keep you two busy while you are here," Annette Teller said back to her two c***dren.

"Elmo and Betsy," Amy chuckled. "Our country cousins who probably don't even have teeth."

"Now please don't say any bad things about hillbillies while you are here," their father Jim said as he turned down a small road leading to his parent's property.

They all sat up as the big car swerved dangerously around the narrow curves. In the distance behind a grove of trees they saw the two houses sitting close together. "Is that Uncle Bill's house?" Jake asked.

"Yes, my b*****r didn't move away from home like I did," Jim smiled.

Five minutes later they pulled up to Jim's parent's house and got out of the SUV. "ANYBODY HOME?" Jim yelled. Suddenly they saw a red headed girl running around the house wearing cut off jeans and a tube top.

"UNCLE JIM!" Eighteen year-old Betsy Teller screamed as she took three hops and jumped up into his arms.

Amy leaned over to her bother. "A real Daisy Mae."

"Nice ass too," Jake whispered back. Amy smacked his arm but then turned to see her cousin Elmo running up to them.

"Hey Yawl," Betsy's older b*****r Elmo grinned. He moved to his Aunt Annette and gave her a big hug.

"ELMO PUT ME DOWN," Annette gasped as she felt her dress being pulled up in the back.

"Whoa Mom," Jake laughed when her pink boy shorts panties appeared. He didn't know his Mom wore sexy undies and he definitely didn't know her ass was that nice.

"Sure," Elmo grinned when he saw Amy. "This can't be my skinny little cousin Amy."

"Yep that's me but not skinny anymore," Amy chuckled.

"Nice boobs," Elmo grinned as he moved over and pulled her into his stout frame.

"Elmo behave yourself," Betsy blushed. She moved over to Jake and watched as he put out his hand to greet her. "Sorry but we are f****y," she giggled as she hugged him into her soft breasts.

"Well looky here," Bill grinned as he came out onto the large porch. "My favorite s****r-in-law." He jumped off the porch and also picked Annette up while he hugged her into his hard frame. Again her dress flew up and again they all saw the pink sexy panties.

"Bill!" She gasped as she tried to reach back and cover her nearly bare ass.

As Bill moved to the others Bill's wife Annie walked out wearing jeans and a tight blouse. The jeans looked as if they were painted on. "Hello," she smiled as she moved down the steps and up to Jim. "How have you been?'

"It's been a while," Jim said realizing that she looked basically the same since he dated her in high school years ago. It was with her that they both lost their virginities. She moved into Jim's arms and leaned up to whisper, "I can't wait to get you alone."

Jim quickly moved away as she welcomed Annette and their c***dren. "Where is Mom?"

"She's down at the store getting some extra food." Bill said to his b*****r.

"We told her not to bother," Jim said. "I noticed you have a few more eating places."

"She likes to cook," Bill answered. "She will be glad to see you."

"Let's go over to the house and get settled in," Jim said to his f****y. "What the schedule for today and the rest of the week?"

"Nothing until tomorrow's birthday party," Bill answered.

Jim looked at his watch and noticed it was around noon. "What is the best place to eat around here?"

"At our house," Annie grinned. "I have some fried chicken and corn ready for yawl."

"Yummy," Jake grinned. Since his mother and s****r were both veggie eaters he normally didn't get a whole lot of meat.

"We can eat corn," Annette whispered to her daughter as they carried their bags to the house next door.

They walked upstairs in the house and Jim stopped by the first bedroom. "I'm sorry but you two will have to share a bedroom."

"Jim they are too old for that," Annette said.

"Na, we can do it," Amy grinned. She noticed her b*****r before checking out her legs during the trip and wanted to tease him some more.

"If she gets bad I'll have to spank her," Jake chuckled. They moved into the bedroom and saw the two twin beds. "Shucks I wanted to share a bed with you," Jake whispered.

Amy smacked his arm. "Just because we are in West Virginia it doesn't mean you are going to get into my panties."

"Are you wearing any?" Jake asked as he reached down and lifted the back of her skirt. All he saw was pink round buns. "Shit you aren't."

"I am so," she said as she reached back and lifted the shirt higher until he saw the waistband of her red thong.

"Jesus you have grown haven't you?"

"Don't say you haven't already noticed," Amy smiled. She pushed down her skirt and threw her bag on the bed close to the window.


"That is a bad idea," Annette said again to her husband as they unpacked their bags. "In case you haven't noticed Amy has filled out recently."

"She's taking after her mother," Jim grinned. He reached under her arms as she leaned over the bed and cupped her 36D breasts.

"JIM STOP!" Annette cried out. She looked back at the door and noticed that it was still open. "The k**s are next door."

"They're old enough," Jim laughed. He pulled down on the shoulder strap on her right shoulder and grabbed onto the bra strap on the way down. Seconds later he cupped her bare breast and pulled lightly on the hard tip.

"OH GOD!" Annette yelled. "JIM STOP!"


Jake and Amy heard their parents at the same time. Amy moved to the wall and put her ear on it. "I can't believe our parents really have sex."

"Well, we know that they did it at least twice," Jake laughed. He moved up behind Amy and lightly pressed his front side into her softness.

Amy froze when she first felt his manhood against her virgin ass. She had touched her boyfriend back in Pittsburg but he seems small compared to what was jabbing her at the moment. "Is my b*****r being bad?"

"Yes," he answered. "What do you think they are doing?"

"I don't know," Amy replied. She pushed her butt back and felt his long length against her butt crack. "I'm not that experience."

"Are you a virgin?" Jake whispered. His hand moved to her waist just above her skirt and below her blouse.

"Maybe," she answered feeling light headed. "Maybe not."

As Jake's fingers moved alone the ridge of her skirt and around to the front she leaned back to give him more room. He found the snap on the skirt and pulled it until it popped open. "Maybe I should find out."

Amy knew it was wrong but not even her boyfriend had touched her bare pussy yet. Hearing her parents and feeling his hardness allowed him to pull open her skirt and glide his fingers downward until he touched the elastic band of her thong. She felt his fingers moving under the silk and then heard footsteps in the hall. "Stop."

Elmo beat his s****r up the steps and made it to the bedroom just as Amy zipped up and reconnected her skirt. He saw her move her ass away from Jake and knew that they had been doing something nasty. Betsy ran up behind him and pushed him into the bedroom.

"Watcha doing?" Betsy asked her two cousins.

"Nothing," Jake said as he continued facing away so they wouldn't see the hard bulge in his jeans. He glanced back at Elmo and saw him wink.

"I need to get out of this skirt," Amy said blushing. "When I get my jeans on maybe you can show us around."

"Can we watch?" Elmo asked as he sat on Jake's bed.

"I don't think so," Jake said before grabbing his cousin's hand and pulling him downstairs.

Betsy closed the door. "OK, now it's just us girls."

Amy had undressed many times in front of her girlfriends but she was nervous doing it in front of Betsy. She pulled out her jeans and faced away as she removed her skirt.

"Wow, is that a thong?" Betsy asked. "God, it looks like your butt is naked."

"Uh..yeah it's a thong," Amy answered. "Don't you wear them around here?"

"Na, sometimes I don't wear any underwear," Betsy laughed. "It drives the guys crazy."

"The guys in your school."

"No Daddy and Elmo," Betsy laughed.

"Oh my God, they've seen you without panties."

"Sure, we are f****y you know," Betsy grinned. She didn't want to mention the County Fair just yet.

"Have....have you seen know...his..."

"Oh yeah, he's hung like a horse," Betsy smiled. She knew that Amy was hot on every word.

"But you've know..."

Betsy moved closer. "Fucked?"

"Uh yeah...that."

"Nope, not yet. I just turned 18 a few weeks ago so we still have time. Have you fucked anyone yet?"

" really."

"Not really....meaning you were close?"

"Not that close," Amy answered. She pulled up and snapped her jeans.


Jake and Elmo moved outside and sat on the porch. "So it looks like you and Amy are real close," Elmo grinned.

"What? really." Jake realized that Elmo had seen more than he had thought.

"Betsy's a prick tease too," Elmo sighed. "She's given me a lot of woodies."

"She's got a nice built," Jake grinned.

"Yeah, I didn't know until her birthday at the County Fair."

"What? You checked her out at the County Fair?" Jake sat up.

"Your dad never told you about the County Fair?" Elmo asked in shock. "My dad said that it was the f****y tradition."

"No, shit man...tell me."

Elmo looked around and saw his father walking towards the house. "Later."

"Annie said the food is ready," Bill grinned at the two young men on the porch. They looked like him and his b*****r growing up years ago. "What are you two talking about?"

Elmo leaned forward and whispered. "He doesn't know about the County Fair."

Bill laughed. "Jim has been gone a while. I'll have to remind him about it later."

"Shit, tell me what it is," Jake begged.

"I think your father needs to tell you," Bill smiled. He had hoped to get Jim and his f****y to do a County Fair but wasn't sure if Annette and the k**s would go for it.


Annette crawled from under her husband's body and hands and pulled her bra and dress back over her breast. "What's gotten into you?" It had been weeks since they last made love.

"Must be the country air," Jim grinned not wanting to say it loud enough for her to hear. He walked over to the door and closed it before unzipping and pulling out his hard seven inch cock. "Maybe you can help me?"

Annette had never seen him this carefree and nasty before. "You're joking right?

"We have time. Maybe just a hand job or maybe you know you could..."

Annette knew he wanted a blowjob but it was something she had only tried once. "I need to get my jeans and blouse on," she said as she turned and pulled off her dress. She knew that he was behind her when she felt her bra being released. "We don't have time."

"Shhh," he whispered after dropping the bra on the floor and then pushing down her pink panties. "Bill got a good look at these today."

"He...did?" she asked feeling him removing them. She kicked them aside and turned showing him her sparsely covered blonde pubic mound.

"Yes and if I know my b*****r he will be trying to get into them this week."

"Are you joking?" She asked as her hand moved down and captured his stiffness. She remembered Bill's strong and hard body from the hug before. "But you will tell him that I'm off limits right?"

"It won't do any good," Jim whispered. He reached down and over to cup and caress her warm and soft titties.

"Ohhh," Annette moaned as she closed her eyes and imagined it was Bill's fingers toying with her raised nips.

"He's always been that way with my girlfriends," Jim said softly. "But I always get even."

" shared your girlfriends?"

"Yes," he answered while pushing his long middle finger down between her thighs to discover her pussy was dripping wet. He heard her moan and knew she was imagining it was Bill finger-fucking her. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Nooo...please keep touching me," she whispered. "I'm so close."

Jim knew they had little time. He quickly rubbed over her swollen clitty and felt her body let go.

"OH YES! NOW!" She climaxed and quickly stoked him faster and faster. Suddenly his cannon exploded and his hot spunk splashed against her stomach.

After cleaning up Jim tossed her back her panties. "Put these back on because I'm sure Bill liked them."

Annette figured he was just teasing. "He won't be seeing them again."

Jim smiled and waited until she was dressed before they moved down for dinner.


Jim's mother Helen walked in when they came down stairs. "My baby is home!" She said running to him for a big hard hug.

Annette had noticed how the f****y liked to hug at their wedding but never thought anything of it until Jim mentioned to her about how he had shared girlfriends with Bill. Now she could see her husband's hands low on her mother's back. And then she saw the lingering kiss on the lips.

"Uh...hi Helen," Annette said feeling nervous.

Helen pulled her lips away and turned. "Well, you've fill out but rather nicely in the right areas." She moved to Annette and pulled their bodies together.

Annette glanced over at Jim and saw his grin. She felt Helen moving her head back and did the same as they looked into each other's eyes. Suddenly Helen's mouth move forward to hers and her soft lips parted just enough to feel the moisture from within.

Jim grinned as he watched their mouths press harder until Annette shifted hers to the side. Helen grinned and moved back. "Well let's get over to Annie's because she has the food ready.

Everyone was in the kitchen when they arrived and Helen greeted Jake and Amy. "Just as handsome as your father," she whispered to Jake while her soft mounds pressed into his chest.

"Jim will you help me get some ice from the basement?" Annie asked as Helen continued to hug Jake and then move to Amy.

"Sure," he said noting that Annette was too busy watching her mother-in-laws body rub against her c***dren's.

"Over here," Annie said leading him to the far corner.

"But the freezer is over there," Jim said as he turned to point. He felt her grab his hand and knew he was in trouble.

"Shhh," she whispered as she turned him and pulled his head and lips down to hers. He hesitated at first but when her tongue dashed out his met it.

Jim closed his eyes but they opened a few seconds later when her fingers found and grabbed onto his soft but growing covered cock.

His mouth moved away. "Annie we can't do this."

"Sure we can. You know that Bill doesn't mind as long as it's you. I've been so horny waiting for you to get here."

He felt her lower his zipper and move inside until her fingers found his pulsating hot flesh.

"Look it missed me. Does Annette give you blowjobs?" She asked before dropping to her knees and engulfing the now swollen tip.

"No...ooooo,' he moaned. It had been so long since Annie had provided him oral pleasures that it only took her twenty seconds to get him off. "OHHHH!" He glanced down at his thick cock in her lips as he filled her mouth with his hot spunk. Her lips locked tight as she sucked and swallowed every drop.

Anne wiped her lips as she stood. "You were never that fast before. That should do it until tomorrow night at the County Fair."

"Oh no.....we can't do that," Jim gasped. "Annette will never consider it."

"Let me and Bill work on her," Annie whispered. "And Elmo and Betsy will work on your k**s."

Jim had never considered the possibility of the k**s playing the game. "They can't play."

"Why not?" Annie asked while she moved over to the freezer and pulled out a few bags of ice. "We introduced it to our k**s at Betsy's birthday and they both loved it."

"You did......with your own k**s."

"Jim," she laughed. "Think about what you just said."

"Ah shit you're right," Jim said while grabbing the bags of ice and following her cute butt up the stairs.


Annette noticed that Jim was gone but didn't know he was with Annie until they walked back in the kitchen. It didn't bother her too much except that the zipper in his jeans was down. She stared at him but he quickly looked away.

"Well this is going to be one hell of a week!" Helen said as she stood up to toast. "I might be 60 tomorrow but right now I feel like I'm eighteen again like Amy and Betsy."

Dinner went over well and after two rounds of some local wine they were all feeling a buzz. "Let's take a f****y walk to the Rock," Helen said after the dishes were done.


As the f****y took off down the road the young ones ran off ahead while the older ones hung back. Annette had the wrong kind of shoes on so she ran into the other house to put on her sneakers. When she came out she found Bill waiting for her. "They all walked ahead."

"Oh...OK," she said somewhat nervously because of what Jim had said about Bill coming on to her. After being married for twenty-one years she was rusty on heading off the advances of a man.

"Slow down," Bill said as she took off quickly. He grabbed her hand and held it tight to prevent her from pulling away.

"We...uh...need to catch them," Annette said trying to slide her tiny fingers from his large rough ones.

"Nope, you have to stay with me so we can get to know each other better." He changed her left hand to his left hand which left his right hand free to move around her waist.

She gasped when his right fingers squeezed her upper hip and side. "I know what you are trying to do."

"Is that right? What is it that I'm trying to do?"

Annette felt light headed and totally turned on. The others were out of sight so no one would know if he did anything. "You...uh ..know...Jim told me you shared girlfriends."

He laughed and pulled her hip into his. "Did he also tell you that Annie was his girlfriend before she was mine?"

Annette stopped walking. "She...was?"

"Yes, I wasn't the one who took her cherry. Jim's the only man you've been with..isn't he?"

"I...uh...that's none of your business." She felt his hand drop lower until her right buttock was covered and he was gently squeezing it.

"It's not right.....we are both married and..." She looked up as his face moved downward. Her eyes focused on his lips until they pressed against her own. She tried to pull away for about five seconds until her body went limp. She couldn't remember the last man, other than Jim, that she had kissed.

Bill took his time and teased her soft mouth with tiny nibbles. He bit into her lower lip with his lips and pulled outward until her mouth open and her teeth moved against his upper lip.

Annette's mind went blank and her body took control. It was her tongue that crossed the line and ventured outward to taste him first. She thought of Jim's zipper being down and how Annie was her husband's girlfriend first. She then thought about how Jim had seemed OK with Bill coming onto her. Her hands reached up to grab onto his shoulders which lined up her soft breasts to his chest and his lower hardness into her soft tummy. The wine was the trigger to lower all resistance to this hunk of a manBill's tongue teased and toyed with hers as his two hands now moved and massaged her soft butt. He knew he could go faster but he had always liked the chase as much as the finale.

Small moans of passion emitted from deep inside of Annette's body. Her hands moved around his back to explore and touch as his fingers got very familiar with her rear cheeks.


"I'll get them" Helen said to Annie and Jim as they waited around the curve for Annette and Bill. She moved swiftly down the path until she stopped and froze at the sight before her.

"Well look at that," she smiled. It was apparent from their open mouths where their tongues were and what they were doing and Jim's hands were full of Annette's soft ass.

She let them french for a minute more before she yelled, "OK YOU TWO BREAK IT UP! WE ARE TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOU!"

"OH GOD!" Annette cried when the voice registered in her passion-filled mind. She pulled her lips and tongue away and then moved back while glancing down at the hard bulge that had been pushing into her stomach. She turned and saw Helen walking away. "She.......she saw us."

Again Bill laughed. "She's probably pissed off that it was me kissing you and not her." Bill took her hand and guided her down the path.

"What am I getting myself into?" Annette thought as they hurried to catch the others. When they got there she was going to drop her hand from Bill's but noticed that Jim was holding hands with Annie. She rubbed her thumb over Bill's hand and squeezed it tighter. "I might as well have some fun too," she grinned.


"The Rock is not a good idea," Jim said to Annie as they watched his mother run back to get Annette and Bill.

"I think it's a great idea to get this week started," Annie grinned. "It is where you took my cherry. Don't you remember?"

"Yes of course," he answered. "But Annette and the k**s were not raised here. They won't..."

"They are coming," Helen grinned as she walked back to Jim and Annie. "They were kissing and Bill had two hands full of your wife's ass."

"I don't believe you," Jim said.

"Honey, I told you a long time ago that both men and women want the same thing. It all depends on who cares and who is watching."

"But Mother...."

"Shhh," Helen grinned. "Annette won't be a problem."

"We're coming," Bill said as he held Annette's hand.

Jim saw the hands together and the guilty look on his wife's face told him that his mother was telling the truth. He realized that he was still holding Annie's hand as they turned to walk towards the Rock.


"What's the big deal about a rock?" Amy asked as they hurried to get there before the adults.

"You'll see," Betsy giggled. They turned sharply and headed up a steeper path. "It's over here."

Jake and Amy moved through the bushes and froze when they saw Betsy moving into her b*****r's arms and her opened lips crush into his. Both were standing on a large oval round rock that overlooked the valley below.

"Wow," Amy giggled. "I think I'm going to love the Rock too. Come on." She grabbed Jake's hand and they moved up onto the rock next to their cousins. "Uh hem," Amy said to break up the tongue sharing.

Betsy had not kissed her bother this hot since her birthday party. She had gone to third base with her present boyfriend but he was not as big or as cute as her b*****r. She gave Elmo back as much as he was giving her and felt his hardness against her tummy. She heard Amy and pulled back.

"You tell them," Betsy giggled towards Elmo.

"This is Kissing Rock," Elmo smiled. "Whomever is standing on the rock must kiss and the hotter the kiss the better the luck they will have with their romancing."

Jake looked down at his sneakers on the rock and then at his s****r. "Anyone on the rock has to kiss or..."

"They have bad luck with romance," Amy said as she grabbed her bothers shoulders and pulled his face and lips down to hers.

Wait.." Jake gasped but her lips shut him up. Seconds later her tongue jabbed into his mouth and found his damp tongue waiting. His hands moved behind her back and pulled her pointy titties into his hard chest.

Only panting and moaning could be heard for the next minute as they tasted, teased and flicked their tongues in and out and up and down. They all heard voices of their parents and broke apart. "We better stop for now," Jake said not wanting their parents to see them kissing like this.

"Did I do that?" Amy whispered after they jumped down from the rock.

Jake glanced down at his hard bulge. "Yes."

"Maybe later we can go on the rock," Betsy said to Jake.

"Us too," Elmo grinned towards Amy.

"Come on let's go up behind those big bushes," Betsy giggled. "We can watch our parents on the rock."


"I'm too old to be climbing up to the rock," Helen said as she sat down on a dead fallen tree. "You go and I'll wait."

Jim smiled over at Bill. They pulled Annie and Annette's hands until they stood before the Rock.

"What's so special about a rock?" Annette sighed. "You made me climb up here to look at a big stone."

"Come on let's show her," Annie giggled. She and Jim jumped up on the rock and seconds later their lips and mouths mixed and explored.

"What's going on?" Annette asked still not sure.

"The Rock is a Kissing Rock," Bill whispered. "If you stand on the rock with somebody you must kiss them or have bad luck with romance."

Annette saw her husband's hard-on pressing into Annie's stomach. Seeing him kissing another woman was making her jealous. "I think we need to stop this now."

Jim heard his wife and knew he had to get off. "Your turn."

Bill smiled as Annie and Jim moved off. "Come on."

"Jim this is crazy," she said as she stepped up onto the rock and then next to Bill.

"Honey we don't want bad luck do we?" Jim smiled as his b*****r pulled Annette around and guided his mouth to hers. He noticed that she kept her lips tight for almost thirty seconds but slowly gave in.


"Oh my God. I never would have believed my conservative mother would ever kiss another man like that," Amy whispered to Betsy standing next to her in the thick bushes. Jake and Elmo stood behind them.

They watched and then the girls felt the boy's fronts pressing into their rears. Amy was breathing heavily when she felt his hardness and then his hands on her sides. She leaned back and placed her head on his chest just under Jake's chin.

For the next three minutes the couple continued to french on the rock which drove them all into a high sexual state of desire.

"Do you want to go onto the rock again?" Annie whispered to Jim.

"No, Bill and I can't be on the rock at the same time."

"Oh yeah the homo thing," Annie giggled. "But I can go on the rock."


Annette was lost in lust and didn't feel another person close until something brushed against her arm. She kept her opened lips on Bill as she turned to see Betsy coming closer. Bill pulled back and laughed. "Oops, since you two are on the rock at the same time you have to kiss."

"What?" Annette gasped as she glanced down at her husband. "He's k**ding right?"

"Nope he's right. Everyone on the rock must be willing to kiss everyone else on the rock or have bad luck."

"You two are making all of this up," Annette said nervously. She had never kissed another woman like this before.

"Nope, remember Jimmy Kimble?" Bill asked Jim.

"Yeah, he didn't kiss another boy that night and didn't his girlfriend break up with him a week later?"

"Yes and Tina Savage didn't kiss Emily a few years ago and someone told me that that she just got a divorce."

"Well I'm willing so I won't be the one with bad luck," Annie said with her hands on her hips.

"Just a kiss right?" Annette asked.

"It's got to be a hot wet one to have good luck," Jim answered looking very serious.

"Well OK," Annette said before turning and closing her eyes.

Annie giggled and moved up to her s****r-in-law. She had imagined what she would taste like years ago at the wedding and now would have her answer. She kissed lightly at first and shifted forward until their breasts and hard nipples pressed together.

Annette pulled back. "It's feels different."

"You'll like it," Annie said. She pulled Annette back and took almost a minute before she licked out across her upper lip.

"Fuck," Jim said to his b*****r watching his wife being frenched by another woman.

"I told you," Bill whispered. "Just wait."

Annette's reserve lowered and lowered until her body went limp and allowed Annie to pull their whole fronts together. Annie spent the most time in Annette's mouth but soon it was Annette who was the aggressive one.


Amy felt her b*****r's hard cock pushing and rubbing. She saw the women kissing and looked over at Betsy who was looking her way. She knew that they would be doing the same very soon. Right then her panties were soaking wet as Jake's hands moved up and down her sides periodically brushing lightly against the sides of her titties.

Elmo and Betsy didn't want to go too fast because they didn't want to spook their cousins. When he saw Jake's fingers touching Amy's breasts he curled his hands up under Betsy's arms and covered both soft mounds.

"What took you so long?" Betsy whispered. "My nipples are so hard."

Jake heard Betsy and quickly looked over. She smiled and winked. He felt Amy lift her arms which meant one thing so he went for it.

"Ohhh," Amy moaned feeling fingers on her whole orbs. She closed her eyes as her b*****r found and toyed with her raised tips.


Annette was feeling light headed now and felt herself loosing her balance. She stumbled to the right and was falling off the Rock until Bill caught her and went with her.

"Thanks," she grinned but didn't move out of his arms. She leaned back against the rock. "Does leaning against it count?"

"I think so," Bill grinned. He leaned over and his tongue took the place of Annie's.

"WAIT!" Jim said stopping them. "Where are the k**s?"

"He's right?" Annie said as they all looked around. "They must have been here already."

Suddenly out of the bushes about fifty feet away Betsy walked out with Elmo behind her. "We're here."

"Us too," Amy giggled. They moved down past the shocked parents and walked by. "We saw everything so there's no use in denying anything."

The parents didn't say anything until they were out of sight. "Well, I guess everyone is cool with it," Bill grinned. He pulled Annette up and they all followed the path down the hill.

Jim and Annette walked together back from the others. "Jim, we have to stop this now. Our k**s just saw us french-kissing their aunt and uncle."

Jim smiled and squeezed her hand. He had forgotten about the good times in the mountains and figured it would be good for his f****y to get to know each other more intimately. Besides it was just some harmless kissing and touching. "Just relax. I could tell that you enjoyed the kissing."


Jake and Elmo ran ahead which left Betsy and Amy together on the path back to the houses.

"Did Jake tell you about the County Fair yet?" Betsy asked.

"No, is that where everyone brings pigs, cattle, horses and apple pies to be judged?" Amy asked.

Betsy laughed. "Yeah I guess that's a good description but this one is held in our barn."

Amy stopped. "How can you have a big County Fair in your barn?"

Again she laughed. "It's really the f****y County Fair and we take turns being the different a****ls."

"That will be fun," Amy laughed. "OINK.......OINK!"

"Right," Betsy laughed. "MOO........MOO!" She put her right hand around Amy's waist and pulled her closer as they walked down the dirt trail.


"OK tell me about this County Fair," Jake said to Elmo after they made it to Grandma's house and were sitting on the front steps.

"Well, you know that prize a****ls are brought to the fairs to be judged right?"

"Yeah, I read about it," Jake answered.

"We have a County Fair in the barn and take turns being the a****ls being judged."

Jake leaned back looking disappointed. "What's the big deal about that?"

"Well," Elmo said seeing the others getting closer. "In order to properly judge an a****l you have to really check them out."

"Sure........but.." Suddenly it hit Jake. "Oh...check them out like really check out everything."

"You got it," Elmo grinned. "So are you interested?"

Jake watched Betsy, Annie, Grandma, and his mother and s****r walking their way. "Is everyone included?"

"Yes, everyone," Elmo grinned. He looked at the huge knockers on his aunt and couldn't wait to check them out in the barn. "Everyone."

"My mother will never do it," Jake whispered.

"Have you forgotten how she kissed my mother and father on the rock?" Elmo asked. They stood when the others arrived and walked into the house for a drink.


They all sat on the porch until around 8PM and decided to go inside once the no-see-ums came out.

"Let's go over to my room," Betsy said to Amy while the others went into Grandma's house. The girls hurried upstairs and Betsy closed and locked the door after they moved inside.

"What's that for?" Amy asked nervously.

"We don't want our horny b*****rs to come in," Betsy smiled. They both sat on her bed. "So how was it kissing Jake?"

"Weird," Amy answered. "But really hot."

"Me too. My panties are dripping wet."

Amy knew that hers were sticking to her damp lips. "I'm so horny that I might not be able to resist Jake tonight if he tries something in our bedroom."

"Maybe you need to take care of it now." Betsy said as she dropped back onto the bed.

"I...uh...don't understand," Amy said as she looked at the tight and very short Daisy Mae cut-offs Betsy was wearing.

"You touch yourself.......right?" Betsy asked with her eyes closed.


"Everybody does it," Betsy said as she moved up onto her elbows. "Even Grandma does it."

"You've seen Grandma touching herself?"

"I didn't actually see it but one night when there was a bad storm I slept with her in her bed and I could hear her doing it."

"Oh God," Amy gasped. "Were you embarrassed?"

"Hell no," Betsy laughed. "I did it too."

"Wow, things are a lot looser around here," Amy giggled.

"So, do you want to do it now?"

"Now?" Amy looked around. "With you?"

"Yeah why not? We are cousins and both girls."

"No.....I don't think I can.." Amy stopped when Betsy reached down and unsnapped her cut-off shorts. She watched as the girl pushed down the zipper and then saw the basic white panties. She started to turn.

"It's OK, you can watch me if you want," Betsy grinned. Her fingers moved down under the panties until she felt the thick bush below. "God I'm so wet."

Amy was breathing rapidly while her eyes traced the movement of the fingers beneath the silky ivory material. She saw the elastic leg bands pulling inward which caused curls of crimson pubic hairs to escape out both sides.

"Ohh, I'm not going to last very long," Betsy moaned. She wanted to remove her shorts but was afraid to scare her cousin away. She pulled her moist fingers out and sat up. "I think you need it more than me."

"No....I can wait," Amy said as she started to stand but Betsy pushed her onto her back. "Let me up."

"Not until you do it too."

Their eyes locked. "I can't..I mean I've never in front of someone else."

"Let me help," Betsy smiled. She reached over and opened the snap on Amy's jeans.

"Betsy.." Amy gasped as she reached down to reconnect her snap. But Betsy was too strong.

"Shhh, just lie back and let me help."

Betsy grinned when Amy pulled her hand away and closed her eyes. She pulled open the jeans and lowered the zipper until she saw the tiny triangle of the purple thong again. "Lift."

"What? I don't want to remove my jeans," Amy said.

"It will be so much better without them." Betsy pulled down on the jeans and felt Amy's butt lift upward. As the jeans moved down the thong did as well but as soon as some blonde pubic hairs appeared Amy quickly pulled the thong back into place.

Betsy moved to Amy's feet and removed her sneakers before finishing the removal of the jeans. She could see the damp spot on the thong. After removing her shorts Betsy moved up onto the bed and turned on her right side facing Amy. "Turn this way."

Amy was trembling from the excitement and fear of doing such a nasty thing. She turned on her left side and looked down at Betsy's fingers which had returned under the white undies.

"Go ahead."

"I don't believe that I'm doing this," Amy whispered as her shaking fingers moved down under the top of her thong until it touched her soft pubes and then lower until her middle finger dove into her dripping pussy. "OH GOD!"

Betsy giggled and looked down under the purple triangle. She could see the pink lips below and Amy's finger rubbing over the raised clitty. She then saw Amy's eyes close and slowly shifted forward on the bed until her lips pressed into her cousin's.

Amy's eyes opened wide but she didn't pull back. Their fingers kept rubbing and playing as their tongues tasted and explored.

Betsy had done the same with her girlfriend Beth after her birthday party and had wanted to do more but Beth was too nervous. She slowed down her caressing as she waited for Amy to get to the point of no return.

"Ah...ah....ah," Amy moaned as she got closer to cuming. She was almost there when Betsy grabbed her wrist and pulled it up and out from under the thong. "No..please...I'm so close."

Betsy giggled. "Let me."

"" Amy gasped when Betsy's hand moved under her panties and quickly resume the attack on her little pleasure button. "AHHH!"

Betsy felt resistance at first but within ten seconds Amy's body relaxed and her legs opened wider. She pushed inside her inner lips and discovered that she was a virgin.

Amy was on overload. She reached over and pulled Betsy's lips back to hers again and as they frenched her hand moved down between Betsy's legs and rubbed over her damp crotch.

"Let me take these off," Betsy said. She quickly pushed down and off her panties and then reached over to remove Amy's thong. As she crawled back onto the bed Amy pulled their bodies together and opened her legs so their moist pussies would touch and rub together.

It was more than Betsy had hoped for. Their kisses became hot and passionate.


Elmo pulled Jake out the back door. "Come on."

"Where are we going?" Jake asked as he ran towards his uncles house.

"You'll see." They ran behind the house and Elmo started climbing a large tree. "Come up."

Jake didn't have that much experience climbing trees and almost slipped off a limb but Elmo reached down to grab him and pull him up until they were sitting on a large branch. "Why are we up here?"


Jake turned and looked at the open window. He saw their s****rs lying on a bed. "We shouldn't......"

"Bullshit......we should," Elmo laughed. "Watch."

Jake really couldn't see much. They were too far away to hear the girls talking but he could see Betsy when she opened her shorts and pushed her hand down under her panties. "Holy shit."

"Ha.......I told you," Elmo laughed. They watched as Betsy fingered herself and then saw her reach over to open Amy's jeans.

"Oh yeah."

"Amy's going to do it too," Jake whispered. Both were sporting huge hard-ons as Betsy stood up and pulled off Amy's jeans. They saw the girls in their panties and then Elmo unzipped his jeans and reached in to pull out his hard six-inch cock.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Jake gasped.

"I'm going to jerk-off," Elmo laughed.

Jake looked quickly back into the room and saw Betsy and Amy kissing.

"Oh baby...Amy has a blonde bush," Elmo chuckled as he peeked under her thong. His hand was moving faster and faster. Elmo glanced over and saw Jake squeezing his cock through his jeans. "Take the damn thing out and do it right."

"Oh fuck why not?" Jake gasped. As they matched strokes they watched as the girls started touching the other one's pussy. "Oh shit."

"Uh oh...the panties are going off," Elmo laughed. As soon as Betsy pulled off Amy's panties both boys pricks exploded. "SHIT!"

"DOUBLE SHIT!" Jake groaned as he pumped his spunk out over the nearest branch.


"Oh God Betsy," Amy moaned in the other girl's ear. Their fingers once again moved across to touch and fondle the damp slits below. "I'm going to cum."

"Me too...don't stop!" Betsy groaned. Their fingers raced until it was Amy who won.


"Ha...ha...ha," Betsy laughed. She toyed some more until Amy pulled her hand away. "Now me."

Amy pushed Betsy onto her back and watched as she finger-fucked her. She too realized her cousin was a virgin before returning upward to bring her off. "Cum Betsy cum."

"OH I AM!........I AM!" Betsy grabbed the pillow and covered her screams. "Ahhh!"


"Let's get down," Jake said. "We can't let anyone catch us up here."

"OK," Elmo said putting away his spent tool. They moved to the ground and back into Grandma's house.


"That was amazing," Amy smiled as the two continued to lie on their backs with their legs still spread open. "I can't wait to show my girlfriend when I get back home."

"I think you will be learning a lot more while you are here," Betsy whispered. "I've heard stories about how my dad and yours shared girlfriends."

"Really. The fucked each other's girlfriends."

"Yes, and I know my mother was Uncle Jim's girlfriend before she was my father's."

"God, do you think that they.....that they...fucked?"

"I'm sure of it," Betsy grinned. "I wonder how long it will take for them to hook up again this week."

"No, not my father. He would never cheat on my mother."

"It's not really cheating as long as she agrees."

"She would never."

"Didn't you see the way she was kissing my father?" Betsy asked.

"Well yes but..."

"Did you ever think that you would be here like this after we touched each other?"

Amy didn't answer. She knew things were going fast...very fast. "Let's get dressed and go back to the house."


For the rest of the night the boys kept smiling at the girls who didn't know why they were smiling. It was around 10PM when everyone decided to head for bed.

"Now behave yourself," Annette said to Amy and Jake as she walked by their bedroom door.

"We will," Jake grinned. He closed the door and turned to see Amy opening her suitcase. "So what are we wearing to bed?"

Amy didn't turn. "I don't know about you but I'm wearing pajamas."

"I normally sl**p in my boxers," Jake said softly. He pulled off his shirt and pushed down his jeans.

Amy pulled out a silky pair and red pajamas and turned to see him standing in his underwear. "JAKE!"

"What? If we are going to share a room we might as well get used to seeing each other in our undies." His cock was semi-hard in anticipation of what might happen.

Amy blushed and turned facing away from him. "You shouldn't look." Her hands pulled off her tee shirt knowing that he was still looking.

Jake stood and watched her bare back and matching purple bra appear. He held his breath as she opened her jeans and pushed them down over her cute round butt. Only the purple thong strap down the crack was visible. "Nice ass."

"You're not supposed to be looking," she giggled. She reached back with trembling fingers and released the bra clasp. Quickly she pulled the pajama top over her mounds and hard tips before lifting one leg to step into her pajama bottoms.

"Ummm," Jake said seeing the puffy mound of her covered pussy when her leg lifted. Now he was fully hard and projecting out about eight inches.

Amy pulled the bottoms up over her cold butt and turned and froze. "God Jake."

"Well you caused it."

Amy had never seen a bare penis before and had only touched her boyfriend's in the dark back seat of his car. "We better get into bed and turn off the light." She moved between the beds and reached for the light switch. After turning it off she turned and bumped into his body behind her. "Jake."

"We should have a good night kiss."

"That's probably not a good idea right now," she giggled remembering his hard-on.

"I'm not going to bed until we kiss."

"Ok," she whispered. "But we have to keep it quiet." She took one step forward and felt his penis push into her stomach.

Jake felt her touch and then felt her trying to back up but he grabbed onto her arms and pulled her closer. His hard-on jabbed into her body as he moved his chest into her soft braless breasts and very hard nips.

In the dark their faces moved together until their lips met. Hands moved around the backs and the lips opened to let the invading tongues through. Time stood still for both because the little bit of clothing did a terrible job allowing their bodies to be close and familiar.

Jake dropped his hands down to cup her soft ass as she opened her legs to allow his thigh to press into her still damp and throbbing pussy. He moved his lips to her ear and suckled. "Let's get on the bed."

As much as her body wanted it she was not ready. "We...can't," she panted. Her hands too were squeezing his buttocks through his boxers. Finally she got enough physical and moral strength to push back. "Good night."

Jake sighed and moved into the other bed. "Goodnight Amy...I love you."

"Me too Jake."


Annette was the last one downstairs. She had finished her drink and was washing it in the sink when she heard the back door open. She turned with soapy hands and saw Bill smiling. "Did you forget something?"

"Yes," he grinned. "I forgot our good night kiss."

She reached for the dish towel and dried her hands. "I think you and I kissed enough for one day."

Bill moved forward and placed his hands on the counter capturing her body between them. "We have just started."

She looked over his shoulder at the empty hallway. "Jim might come down."

"He won't."

"I'm not your little toy," she said feeling hot and excited again.

Bill didn't respond as he leaned his lips forward to hers. He expected her to pull away but she didn't. Their lips touched and their eyes closed.

Annette waited for his tongue but it never came. She was disappointed when his lips moved off and down to her chin. As he nibbled on her face he moved south to her neck. She tilted her head to the side to give him full access at her tender flesh. "Oh we shouldn't do this," she whispered but didn't make any move to stop him.

"Turn around," he ordered.

Annette turned and faced the sink. She felt his hands on her waist after his lips returned to nibble on her neck. "Bill."

"What?" He whispered in her right ear as he suckled the dangling flesh.

"Tell me what you want to do to me."

Bill grinned. "I want to kiss and touch every inch of your body." His hands moved under her shirt and around until they met over her navel. Slowly they traveled north until they pushed outward and upward to completely cover her bra-filled breasts. "God they feel so wonderful."

Annette figured she could stop this madness at anytime. She was so turned on by his advances and since it seemed her husband didn't care she allowed him to massage her titties and to toy with her hard tips. "What else?"

"I want to suck these." He pulled out on the nipples.


Annette pushed her ass back into his hardness and shifted side to side. She wanted to reach back and touch it but was too nervous.

"Then I want to kiss and suck your........." he dropped his right hand down over her stomach and stopped when his middle finger found her covered slit. "Your.......pussy."

"OH GOD!" Her hands moved to the counter to keep from falling. Only the second man ever was touching her pussy.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No please don't," she moaned. He was pushing deeper and deeper finding her dampness.

"Tomorrow night you are going to do the County Fair."

"What?" She asked not understanding why he would say something like that while fingering her pussy.

He laughed. "We are going to enact the County Fair in the barn tomorrow night and you are going to be my pig."

She grabbed and stopped his finger. "What are you talking about?"

"Tomorrow night we are going to do the County Fair in the barn. All the women will be prize pigs and the men will be the judges. As a prize pig you will be touched and probed while being evaluated." He felt her hand relax and continued to finger fuck her.

"Touched and probed?"

"Yes all over. Do you agree?'

"Oh God...all the men?" She thought about Jake and Elmo.

"All the men," he smiled.

The thought brought her over the edge. "Yes.....touch and probed...I'M CUMING!"

Jim stood in the hallway out of sight and shook his head when he heard his wife's agreement. His b*****r always had a way with women but he never expected his wife to break so easily. He hurried back up the stairs and wondered if Amy would also agree. After getting into bed he thought about the County Fair and the bodies he would be touching. Pictured in his mind the most was his daughter's soft ass and firm titties.

A few minutes later he heard his wife come to the dark bedroom and heard her undress. Moments later she crawled next to him and reached over to hold onto his hard cock. "I know you were listening," she whispered as she lowered her head and sucked in his hard crown.

"I should have come back home sooner," Jim smiled as she gave him his second blowjob that day. It had been over twenty years since the last one from Annie.


The next morning Amy pretended to be asl**p after Jake got out of bed. She peeked through partially closed eyelids as he moved to his suitcase and pushed off his boxers. She smiled seeing his hard butt and wished he would turn around but he didn't. After grabbing some clean underwear he grabbed a towel from the pile and turned towards her. She closed her eyes tightly and felt him sit on her bed.

"Tonight's the big night," he whispered. "Moo."

Amy wanted to laugh but kept her cool and heard him get up and walk out the door. She unbuttoned her pajama top and opened it to expose her young breasts. After cupping them with both hands she giggled. "MOO!"


The end of chapter one.

Being an older house only one bathroom was available with a shower and tub. Jake headed for the door and found it to be closed. He tapped. "Anyone in here?" No answer.

Again he tapped and when he didn't hear anything again he cracked open the door and peeked inside. He heard the shower going and saw the pink body through the frosted glass door.

"OH SORRY!" He started to close the door but managed to look into the large wall mirror at the face looking out at him.

"Grandma," he gasped. His eyes roamed down under her chin and saw the two pointy breasts and dark nipples. Damn she looked good for an older woman.

Helen giggled when she saw her grandson's startled look. She had heard the knocks but figured it had to be either Amy, Jake or Annette since none of her f****y bothered to knock anymore. After the door closed she grabbed the soap and lathered her hands for one more sensual pass down the front of her body. She wanted it to be nice and clean for the day's activities. After 60 years she wanted to leave the 50's with a bang.

"Shit," Jake groaned feeling the need to pee. He was wearing his loose nylon shorts and a tee shirt as he hurried to the other house to use that bathroom.


Betsy had awoken early in anticipation of the fun to be had. She was the first in the bathroom and in the shower before Elmo and the rest of them awoke. After her masturbation session with Amy last night her body was still tingling and her fingers quickly rushed to relieve her need. Her eyes were closed when the door cracked open and another body walked inside.

The soap lather ran down her firm freckled breasts and over her tummy while she toyed with the swollen clitoris. With the f***e of the shower pounding on her face she didn't hear the shower door opening or the body slipping in behind hers. It was the first touch on her right buttock that caused her eyes to spring open and her mouth to gasp. "ELMO....GET OUT!"

Bill chuckled when she turned her head and saw him and his long hard cock behind her.


"Hi baby," his eyes focused on her bright red butt and on the side of her left breast and nipple when she turned half-way around. He had only see her body in the dim light of the barn a few weeks ago when they played County Fair for the first time with the k**s.

Betsy turned quickly back to the front. "What are you doing?" She too had not gotten a good look at his hard phallus during the Fair.

"I just wanted to see how much my girl has grown and I can see now that she is not a girl anymore." His right hand moved to the top of her right hip but she didn't pull away.

"What if.......what if mother comes in?" Betsy whispered. Her pussy was still throbbing from the touches before.

"She knows I'm here," Bill grinned. "You have the most wonderful ass." He dropped his hand downward and cupped her right cheek.

She giggled. "You will be touching it again tonight. Couldn't you wait?" She felt his left hand cup her left cheek.

"I wanted to see what I was touching," he grinned. As he squeezed and fondled her soft buns she slowly turned allowing his hands to fall away. Now bent over slightly her firm breasts and rock hard nipples were pointing at his eyes. "Damn."

Betsy giggled and pushed her chest out more. "Am I a girl or a woman?"

"Maybe I should find out." Bill said softly. His hands moved to her sides as he glanced down at the puff of crimson pubic hair over her tiny slit. He waited to go south and instead guided his fingers upward until they brushed over her titties. His large palm opened to completely cover them and to give them a slight squeeze.

"Ummm," Betsy moaned. She saw the red tip of his cock pointing up at her but she didn't make any moves to touch it. "So are they woman's titties?"

"Let me see," he grinned. He pushed his face forward until her right nipple lined up with his opened lips. Seconds later it disappeared inside his mouth. The lips closed tightly and pulled back until the tip popped outward. "Definitely sweet."

Betsy felt electric shivers centering from her nipple for the first time. She looked down to see him once again suck it in but this time flicked his tongue on it. Her hands moved up to hold his head and mouth in place. "That feels soooo good."

Bill took his time on her chest and then moved his right hand between her knees. As he lifted it her legs opened and opened until her virgin pussy was his to touch and explore. He had discovered during the Fair that she was a virgin so he spent most of his time now rubbing over her little clitty.

"Touch me......please......don't stop... touching my pussy."


Jake was ready to let go so he knocked this time and opened the door before he heard the shower. He saw the two bodies through the shower glass and heard a female's voice.

"Touch me......please......don't stop... touching my pussy."

"OH SHIT!," Jake moaned. He started to turn and flee but the shower door opened and Bill looked out.

"Jake what's wrong?"

"I gotta go really bad," he said taking a deep breath.

"Go ahead," Bill laughed. "When you gotta go you gotta go." He pushed the shower door closed again.

Jake felt uneasy pissing in near his Uncle and Aunt but he couldn't stop it. He pulled up the seat and pulled out his hose. He tried not to look through the close-by shower door but he could see the shape of his aunt and even the shadows of her nipples and bush.

Betsy put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. She waited until Jake was almost finished when she pulled open the other side of the shower door and glanced down at his large but still somewhat soft cock. "NICE!"

Jake was looking down when he heard her voice. He glanced up expecting to see his aunt Annie but saw Betsy looking at his hose. "FUCK!"

Bill laughed and pushed the door close. "Let the man take a leak in peace."

Jake was shocked that Bill was showering with his daughter but managed to finish and pull his shorts back up. "Sorry," he said before running out the door without washing his hands.

"We better get out," Bill grinned after Jake left. He pulled his fingers from her moist slit and started to turn.

"Will I get to touch you later?"

"Well if we do the cows and bulls tonight you will get your chance."

"Great," Betsy giggled.


Jim opened his eyes and saw his wife's face only inches away. She was staring at him. "Good morning."

Annette leaned forward and kissed him lightly. "When were you going to tell me about the County Fair?"

He turned and looked up at the ceiling. "I had forgotten all about it because it happened so long ago. I had no idea they would do it again."

She moved forward and pressed her bare breasts into his arm. "Tell me about it."

"Shit, I can't remember everything but I remember we had all come back from the real County Fair and all of us were feeling good from the beer and booze. It was my parents, my grandparents, my aunt and uncle and Bill and our s****r Mary."

"Well......tell me."

He grinned. "I think it was my father who suggested that we should judge the women like we had seen the a****ls judged that day. Our pet pig Herman won the grand prize."

"So you just touched the women and that was it?"

He laughed. "No, at first it was the women standing up fully dressed and facing away while we patted their behinds. We all laughed until we cried."

"Go on."

"Well after my s****r won the best butt prize my mother got jealous and said that we had to check out the boobs too because she felt hers was the nicest."

"Your mother hasn't changed."

"Nope, still as horny as ever," Jim laughed. "So this time we reached under their arms and instead of patting their breasts we gave them a gentle squeeze."

"That's not really that bad," Annette said as she reached over and found his cock at full length.

"Let me finish. As one of us touched my mother's tits they said not bad and then she got upset and pulled up her shirt and down her bra."


"Not quite but they did feel like heaven," Jim grinned. "So the other women also let us feel their naked boobs."

"And that was it?"

"No, after that the women wanted equal pleasure so we faced away and they reached around and grabbed onto our cocks."

"Covered cocks?"

"At first but my mother was the first to pull mine out and stroke it."

"Like this?" Annette giggled. Her fingers gathered his pre-cum and used it for lubrication. She saw his eyes close as she slowly jerked him off. "If we do this later I'll be doing the same thing to Bill."

"Ummm," Jim moaned as he imagined his conservative wife masturbating another man. It was all it took for him to cum. "OH SHIT!"

Annette smiled as she finished him off. She rubbed his spunk on his bare stomach and they again turned to look at each other. "What about Jake and Amy?"

Jim was trying not to think about the k**s. "We can tell them that they don't have to do it."

"You know I have always wondered how it would be to touch and even kiss another man. I would never cheat on you but I have thought about it."

Jim wondered where she was going. "And..."

"And maybe our k**s should experiment now?"

"It will be dark in the barn and we probably won't know who is doing what," he whispered.

"It's just touching right?" She asked.

"You know I'm not sure what they have evolved to. We probably should find out before tonight."

"We better," Annette said wondering about the possibilities. "I think Amy is a virgin and I'm not sure about Jake."

"Let's do some investigating and we can compare notes after dinner."


Amy had her sneakers and running shorts and top on as she ran down the dirt path they had taken last night. She skipped breakfast as she normally did but still had the energy to run up the hill to the kissing rock. Finally she pushed through the bushes and climbed up onto the rock to look down at the valley below. A few minutes later she sat down with her legs overhanging and leaned back to close her eyes. She didn't know how long she had dozed until she heard a voice.

"So how is the view?"

Amy turned and saw her father climbing up next to her. Neither of them thought about being on the rock at the same time. "It's beautiful."

"So are you," Jim grinned as he looked at the small but nicely formed breasts pushing out her shirt and the sports bra below. He sat next to her and looked out. It was Amy who suddenly remembered the kissing rock.

"Uh Daddy we shouldn't be on this rock at the same time." She giggled.

"Oh God you're right," he said while turning to look around. "I'll get off." But she grabbed his hand.

"Too late and I don't want any bad romance luck." She gave him her dare look.

"Me neither," he said nervously. "I've seen a lot of bad luck happen to those who didn't kiss passionately."

Amy moved onto her back again. "I'm ready."

"Are you sure?"

She closed her eyes and waited. "Yes."

Jim tried to think of her as a woman he didn't know. He looked around again to make sure no one was watching and lowered his body and face towards hers.

Amy felt his lips and turned her head towards him. She softened her lips and opened them enough to invite his tongue inside. It took him also thirty seconds before he got the courage. She felt the tip and pushed hers out to meet it.

Seconds turned to minutes as they took their time exploring and tasting. She suckled on his tongue causing a deep moan and when he did the same she too moaned. They turned their bodies towards each other and closer until his hard-on pressed against her flat tummy and her soft titties into his stout chest. After 5 minutes of hot wet kissing she pulled her lips away and whispered in his ear. "I've never kissed like that before."

Jim grinned as she pressed her leg hard into his bulge and rubbed it up and down. "Keep that up and I'll have a mess in my shorts." He pushed open her thighs more until his thigh jabbed into her covered pussy.

Amy gasped. "Kiss me."

Again they frenched and continued to rub together. Their hands moved up and down their backs and even lower to cup and squeeze their buttocks. Luckily it was Amy who climaxed first.

"OH GOD DADDY.....I'M GOING TO...............CUM!"

Jim kept kissing the lips and rubbing against her pussy until she pushed his mouth away.

"Stop," she laughed. "Let me do you?" She reached down between their bodies and grabbed onto his hard rocket.

"Ohhh," he moaned. "You......we....shouldn't."

It was only the second penis she had touched and it was a lot longer and thicker that her boyfriend's. "Let me take it out."

"Amy..." he managed to say before they heard voices coming up the hill. "Shit, we need to hide."

"Where?" she asked looking around.

"Down here," Jim answered. He took her hand and guided her to the side of the rock and then down under the ledge. "Under here."


"I think I saw them heading this way," Jake said to his mother. Both were aware they were heading towards the kissing rock.

Annette followed her grown son up the path and into the small clearing in front of the rock. "They're not here."

"Wow what a nice view," Jake said after jumping up onto the rock. He wondered if his mother would dare to come up with him. "Come and look."

"I don't think so," she giggled. He wasn't going to trick her.

"You don't believe all that nonsense about bad romance do you?" He grinned with his hand extended.

"Maybe I do and maybe I don't," she said taking two steps back. She could see the shape of his semi-hard-on under his shorts.

"Am I going to have to make you come up here?"

Annette took another step back. "I'm not going on that rock with you on it." Suddenly she saw him take one big step and jump towards her. "JAKE!" She managed to turn but he was too fast and grabbed her around the waist.

Jake laughed and easily picked up her 110 pounds. He turned her until she was d****d over his shoulder and carried her towards the rock.

"PUT ME DOWN!" She tried to say seriously but then broke out laughing. She didn't realize how strong he was.

"I am," Jake said as he stopped and gently lowered her ass to the rock. She landed and tried to get away but he moved between her opened legs and grabbed onto her sides. "You are not going anywhere."

She looked down at his feet on the ground next to the rock. "But you are not on the rock so we don't have to kiss."

He looked down. "Not now but I will be." He lifted her up and pushed her back and then crawled up between her legs. When she moved back her shirt moved up over her navel to the bottom of her bra covered mounds. He grinned before kissing just above her navel.

"Jake stop.....oh God...let me get off this rock." She felt his tongue lick into her belly button and then turned and tried to crawl away.

"Hey come back" Jake laughed. He was just trying to tease his mother and didn't have any intention of really making out with her. As she crawled away he grabbed her ankles and stopped her before crawling up her back until he was lying on top of her.

Annette felt his powerful body and then his lips on her neck. She tried to turn over to push him off but he was too heavy. It was then she felt his passion pressing into her covered butt. "Let your mother up."

"Nope you have to kiss me first," he whispered. He nibbled on her dangling earlobe and heard her moan. He realized she was really turned on as much as he was. Again and again he nibbled and suckled until she stopped fighting. Her head turned to give him more access. His mouth moved from her ear across her cheek until he kissed at the corner of her mouth.

Annette remembered the conversation with her husband that morning about finding out how much their k**s knew about sex. She figured this was the time as long as they didn't go too far. She turned her head more and opening her lips. When she felt the tip of his tongue she pushed hers out to taste him.

They flicked tongues for a minute until Annette pulled back. "I need to turn over." She waited until he was off and turned facing him on her side. They both saw the passion in their eyes as their lips once again touched and opened. She felt his hard-on against her tummy and opened her legs to let his thigh press into her now moist pussy.


"What are they doing?" Amy whispered to her father as they huddled under the edge of the rock.

"Kissing," he answered. She was facing away from him so he gently pushed his hard bulge into her soft buttocks.

"Ohh," Amy gasped feeling his passion. "Daddy."


"I know about the County Fair tonight."

Jim leaned forward and kissing the back of her neck. "Are you scared?"

"No...I mean...I'm not sure how know..."

Jim moved his hand under her arm and around to the front until it opened to cup her firm breast. "I think it's just touching." He lightly caressed the titty and then toyed with the hard nipple pushing outward. "And kissing."

"Like....this?" She moaned.

"No, you will be naked."

"Oh God," she said softly picturing herself in the barn nude while the men all touched and kissed her body. His fingers moved to her other breast and played. "Will I get to touch you too?"

"Yes baby. I'll be naked too." His fingers slowly moved south over her navel until his middle finger pushed between her trembling young tender thighs. She raised her top leg to give him more room.

Jim rubbed and teased around her small slit until she started moaning too loud. "Shh, we don't want them to hear you."

"Daddy I'm a virgin."

He smiled and then pulled his fingers up. "That's good."

She slowly turned around and looked into his eyes. "I want you to be the first."

Jim was too shocked to reply right away. "We...uh...shouldn't go that far."

Amy only smiled as she pushed her opened lips again into his. Their tongues meshed and both were thinking about him taking her cherry.


Annette felt his hands on her ass and moved her lips back. "What are you doing?"

"I didn't realize what a nice ass you had until yesterday when your dress popped up." He answered. He pushed his middle finger down into her crack and felt her squeeze it shut. "Yesterday when I saw you kissing Uncle Bill I wished it was me you were kissing."

Annette's body was on fire and was losing control. His finger moved further south and was pushing under her ass towards her pussy when she reached back and grabbed his hand.

"I'm going to touch it tonight," he whispered. "Let me touch your pussy now."

"Jake you shouldn't say things like that," she said gasping for air. "Tonight it will be dark and we won't know who is touching whom."

"I'm so hot now," he whispered. "Will you touch me?"

Annette felt his hand move from her ass and then his body turned over facing upward. She peeked down at the huge hard-on bulge waiting for her hand. "I can't."

"Please you made me so hard." He took her hand and guided it down and over until the fingers pressed into his covered shaft. "Feel how hard."

Annette did feel the rigidity of his penis and realized she had never felt Jim's that hard before. "We can't let you go back to the house like this." Her fingers tried to curl around it but it was too thick. As she slowly stroked she moved up to the tip and down to the base. He was as big as his father.

"Take it out," Jake begged.

"No, let me do it like this," she smiled. She watched her hand stroking and stroking until his hips rose upward. "CUM BABY CUM FOR MOMMY!"



"Oh my God," Amy whispered when she heard her b*****r's cry of satisfaction.

"I know," Jim said smiling. "I think she jerked him off."

"Let me do you," Amy whispered. Her fingers once again found and squeezed his covered rocket.

"As much as I want you to do it we need to wait until later," Jim said pulling her hand away. "We all need to think about what we are doing before we rush into things."

Amy smiled and pushed her lips again into his. They frenched for another two minutes until they didn't hear any sounds from above.

"Let's go." He grinned.


"Hurry and change your underwear and shorts," Annette said to Jake as they climbed up onto the wooden front porch. She sat on the swing and closed her eyes until she heard voices. Coming from the path were her husband and daughter holding hands.

"Hi Mom!" Amy grinned after climbing up the steps. "Where's Jake?"

"Er...upstairs I think," Annette answered. She saw that her husband had a hard-on.

"I'll go find him," Amy giggled. She ran into the house and Jim sat next to his wife.

"Are you hard?" She whispered.

"Yes, our daughter is some kisser."

"Oh God," Annette said. "I can't believe that....."

"We were under the rock and heard you jerking off Jake," Jim said quickly to shut her up.

Annette sat up. "I didn't plan for it to happen. We were kissing on the rock and......"

"It's OK," Jim grinned. "We said we were going to do it."

"Yes, but in the barn tonight," Annette said wondering why he was so calm. "What did you and Amy do?"

"Same.....some kissing and touching but not under the clothes. She told me that she was a virgin." He left off the part about her wanting him to be the first.

Annette took his hand. "I'm so horny right now."

"Me too," he grinned. "Where is everybody?"

"I heard some noise down towards the barn so they must be getting it ready for later," Annette answered. "Let's go to the bedroom."


Jake had removed his clothes and had taken a quick shower before walking back into the bedroom wearing only a towel around his waist. He stopped when he saw Amy lying back on the bed grinning. "What are you smiling about?"

Amy saw the shape of his soft penis under the towel. "Dad and I heard everything. We were under the rock."

Jake turned and closed the door. "So what were you and dad doing under the rock?"

"The same but I didn't make him cum," she giggled. "Was it good?"

"Yeah real good," Jake grinned. "Do you want a touch?"

Amy sat up. "Sure, show it to me first."

Things were going too fast for Jake. "I don't want to scare you."

"Before you came out of the shower I was doing this," Amy smiled. She reached her right hand downward until her fingers moved under the shorts. "I didn't get to cum like you did."

"Wow," Jake grinned seeing the shape of her hand under her shorts and the movements over where her pussy was.

Amy rubbed her clitty and opened her legs. "Take off your towel."

Jake's fingers pulled to open the towel when they heard their parent's voices and footsteps in the hallway. Amy quickly pulled out her hand and they both turned to see if the door would open but it didn't. They heard another door close and then giggles from their mother.

"Oh God they are going to fuck again," Amy said as she quickly stood and moved to the wall between their bedrooms. She put her head to the door to listen and felt Jake move up against her backside again.

"We made them hot," Jake grinned. He shifted forward and put his hand on her hip. When she didn't acknowledge it he slid his fingers upward until he cupped her soft boob.

"Daddy told me that we will be naked tonight when we are being judged," she whispered. "I've never been naked in front of a guy before." Her head fell back onto his shoulder while he caressed her. "That feels so good."

Jake's free hand moved down and released the towel. He shifted back to let it fall at his feet. "Your turn."

Amy heard her mother giggling and then the bed starting to squeak and bang against the wall. She took a breath and pulled off her shirt. Without turning around her shorts fell at her feet and then the bra and panties. Now both naked they continued to listen until his hard cock jabbed into her nude butt.

"Turn around," Jake whispered. She did as he said as their eyes dropped to see naked breasts, a long hard penis and a soft bush covering her pink slit. "You're so beautiful."


"FUCK ME!" Annette commanded while she wrapped her legs around her husband's hips.

Jim was shocked that she said fuck because it was not a word she normally used. Her pussy was wetter that he could remember and he knew it was because of the foreplay with Jake on the rock. "You're so wet."

"I know," she said pulling his ass harder with her hands and legs. "Don't stop.... Don't stop!"


Jake and Amy stood naked but were unsure what to do next. "Can I touch you?" Jake asked.

"Yes," Amy answered while biting her lower lip. "Touch me anywhere you want."

Jake brought his hand up to her shoulders and rubbed softly.

She giggled. "That's not where I thought you would go."

"I'll get there," he grinned looking at her soft white breasts and light pink nips. "How about you?"

"I think I'll go for it," she smiled. Both hands moved upward and together to grab onto his hard and throbbing cock.

"Oh Shit," Jake groaned. His fingers quickly lowered to her titties and massaged them.

She giggled again. "You and Daddy are about the same."

"Did you jerk him off?"

"No I just touched it. He wanted to wait until tonight." She reached underneath and gently cupped his balls.

Jake moved his right hand outward and then down her side until he guided it between her thighs. He explored into her soft down until he found her wet slit and swollen clitoris.

"Oh Jake," she moaned. Her legs were weak. "Let's get on the bed."

Jake followed as she pulled his penis to the bed and waited until she was lying down. As she lay on her back he tried to go between her legs but she stopped him. "We can't fuck."

"Ok," he sighed. He moved onto his side next to her and pulled her softness into his hardness. Their lips met and opened while their hands and fingers searched and probed.

They forgot about their parents fucking next door and continued their foreplay. Jake's mouth moved to her nipples and spent almost five minutes on each while his fingers rubbed over her pleasure button. Amy was very close.

"JAKE.......JAKE..........JAKE!" She cried out not caring who might hear her.

He quickly covered her mouth and pressed his lips tight while she climaxed.

"ARRMMORPHHH!" She grunted. Finally after another minute she pulled his fingers out and pushed him onto his back. "Your turn."

Jake closed his eyes and felt her slowly touching and stroking him. Her fingers gathered his pre-cum for lubrication. "Umm you do that so nicely."

"I'm glad you like it," she giggled. She thought about kissing it and maybe sucking it but decided there was time to experiment later. She saw his eyes closed. "Who are you thinking about? Mom or me?"

"Both," he grinned. Her lips moved to his ear and nibbled as she jerked him off.

"Cum Jake...I want to watch it spurt." Her hand moved faster and faster until his hips rose.


Amy kept stroking as the white fountain splattered up over his stomach and thick pubic mound.

"OK," Jake said pulling her fingers away. It was starting to hurt from the two hand jobs he had received that day. "I need to save some for tonight."

Amy grabbed some tissues and helped him wipe of his spunk. "Do you think there will be just touching and kissing or do you think that........that there will be some fucking?"

"I hope there is some fucking," Jake grinned. "It's about time I..." He realized that he had not told her about his inexperience.

"You're a virgin," she giggled. "Good."

"Well by the way things are going so far it won't take us both very long," he grinned. "This morning I saw Grandma's tits in the shower and then saw Betsy taking a shower with her father."

"She told me that she's still a virgin," Amy commented.

"You should know since you touched her."

Amy turned. "How did you know?"

"Shit," Jake said. "You must have told me."

"No, I didn't tell anyone." She turned and looked at him.

"Elmo and I watched you two last night through the window."

Amy leaned back. "Elmo saw Betsy touching me."

"Yes, and you might not believe this but we jerked off while we sat in the tree last night."

"Did you see his.....his..."

"Cock? Yeah, it must be a f****y thing because he's hung too."

"I guess I'll find out tonight," she said as she stood up and redressed.

"Where are you going?"

"Down to the barn. I want to see what's up."

Jake smiled and turned over to sl**p.


"Where are the straps?" Annie asked her husband after they cleaned and cleared out the five a****l stalls.

"Are you sure about this?" Bill asked. "Annette and their k**s might not go for being tied up."

"I think they will," Annie grinned. "We will make them loose enough for them to get out but I don't think anyone will try."

"Here they are," Bill grinned. He opened the box and pulled out the twenty or so lengths of soft rope. Afterwards he took the ladder and tied them up on the overhead supports.

"A little higher," Annie grinned. She stood under the ropes and tied one to her right wrist. "Perfect." As she was about to untie it the stall door opened and Amy walked in.

"What are you doing?" Amy asked looking up at her uncle on the ladder and the ropes hanging down by her aunt.

"Getting ready for tonight," Annie said removing the knot from her wrist.

"Oh God are we going to be tied up?" Amy asked.

"Uh...I'll go and do the other stalls," Bill said jumping down and grabbing the ladder. He hurried out the door closing it behind him.

Annie held up the ends of the two ropes. "Why don't we do a dry run so you will see how much fun it will be?"

Amy looked back at the closed door. "That's probably a good idea." She moved up to her aunt and let her tie her wrists upward.

"You will then be judged by the men," Annie said looking at the smaller but well formed breasts of her niece.

"But I have my clothes on now," Amy giggled.

"Do you want to really try it?" Annie expected the girl to jerk her hands out and run but was surprised when she smiled.

"What if Uncle Bill comes back?"

Annie smiled and walked to the door and pushed a bolt to lock it. "He won't."

"OK," Amy said nervously. She stood frozen as Annie moved up to her.

"Have you ever been with another girl?"

"No...I mean only know fooling around. She didn't want to tell her about touching Betsy."

"Can I kiss you?"

Amy nodded and closed her eyes when Annie's face came closer. She felt the softness and then the nibbles. As Annie's tongue licked across her lower lip Amy's mouth opened to let it in.

In the next stall Bill hurried to put the ladder up on the side wall. He hurried to the top and looked over and saw his wife and niece kissing. "Damn."

As they kissed he unzipped and pulled out his hard-on. He watched Annie's hands cup Amy's butt and then grab onto the waistband to pull down on the shorts. "Oh fuck."


Amy's eyes opened when she felt her shorts being lowered and the cool air on her buttocks. Her aunt's lips moved down to her chin and then her neck. As Annie nibbled down to her chest Amy felt her shorts and panties moving over her thighs and knees.

Annie lightly kissed and nibbled on the hard buds on her niece's titties before kissing down her shirt to the soft skin above her soft bush. When her knees landed on the straw-covered floor below Annie reached back and grabbed onto Amy's naked ass. It had been a long time since she had gone down on another woman but knew that she knew exactly what was needed. Her face moved into the young girl's crotch and kissed the slightly damp pussy lips.

"OH GOD!" Amy gasped feeling a mouth on her pussy for the first time. She tried to open her legs but her panties and shorts were wrapped around her ankles. "Aunt Annie stop."

Annie was about to lick and taste the girls nectar but her words stopped her. She looked up thinking the girl wanted to stop but saw the passion.

"My shorts and panties.....please take them off."

Annie grinned and pulled off the clothing. She saw Amy's legs and pussy pedals open and moved in for the kill. Her tongue dashed into the young pussy and quickly showed the girl what she had missed all those years. As her tongue discovered her tight hole she peeked up the side wall and saw her husband looking down at her and Amy's young ass. She knew he wanted to see her naked front but she wouldn't let him.

"That feels sooooooo good," Amy gasped. A few minutes later Annie lifted up. "Please don't stop."

"Sorry but I want to give equal time to these." Annie pushed the girl's shirt and bra upward until her soft treasures popped out.

"OHHH!" Amy moaned when her nipples became the oral attention of Annie's lips and tongue. A few minutes later Annie dropped down again. This time Amy pulled her hands free and held Annie's head in place. "Please."

Annie licked and suckled on the budding clitoris until Amy's body exploded. "OH AUNT ANNIE!"


Elmo and Betsy had to go into town with their Grandma to gather the food and stuff for the party later. They didn't want to go but she made them. Both wanted to get back and mess around with their cousins. They finally made it back to the house after noon and ran down into Grandma's house. Since no one ever knocks they pushed into the bedroom and saw Jake naked and asl**p on the bed.

"Holy shit," Elmo grinned. "Too bad it isn't Amy."

Betsy smacked his arm and looked at Jake's naked butt. "I wish he was turned over."

"You two shouldn't be in here," Annette said from behind them.

"Oh sorry Aunt Annette," Elmo said moving aside. "We just got back from town and were looking for Jake and Amy."

Annette saw her naked son. "Let's let him sl**p and go look for Amy."

They closed the door and moved downstairs. Elmo had to help his grandmother unload the car and shuck some corn.

"Come on and I'll show you the barn," Betsy said to her aunt.

They hurried down the hill and into the barn. They heard some talking and then someone moan. "This way," Betsy whispered.

Annette followed the girl up to the stall where the moaning was coming from. "That sounds like Amy."

Betsy leaned down and peeked through a small knot hole in the wood. "Oh my god."

"What is it?" Annette asked as Betsy shifted to the side. She peeked through the hole and saw her daughter's hands tied to ropes hanging down and her lower half naked. Between her legs was Annie's head moving up and down.

"That's what the men will be doing to us later," Betsy whispered as she moved up close behind her aunt.

Annette was frozen as she watched her daughter's pussy being eaten so masterfully. She felt light headed and closed her eyes. "I've got to lie down."

"Over here," Betsy said as she helped Annette to her feet. They walked into the stall across from them and Betsy closed the door. She locked it and turned to see Annette lying down on her back. She moved down next to her. "Are you OK?"

Annette was breathing heavily. "Yes, give me a minute."

"I've never had my pussy licked like that from another woman," Betsy whispered. "Have you?"

"What? No of course not," Annette answered. Her body was so hot and on fire. Her eyes were closed as she tried to gather her breath and wits.

"You know it's not fair," Betsy whispered after turning towards her aunt.

"Fair? What's not fair?" Annette asked.

"My mother is kissing Amy's pussy. To be fair maybe you should.."

Annette gasped. "Oh God you want me to..." She looked down at Betsy's hand which was unsnapping her shorts.

Betsy giggled and pushed down the zipper showing her new light blue panties. "It's only fair."

Annette was frozen as she watched the girl lift her hips and pushed both her shorts and panties down over her flaming red bush and glistening pussy lips.

"I...can't....I mean I've know.." Annette fumbled.

"Me neither so it will be OK to experiment," Betsy said as she took Annette's hand and pulled her closer.

Annette's body pressed into Betsy's while the younger girl's hand moved behind her neck and pushed downward. "Oh God," Annette whispered when her face moved over the girl's bare navel. She saw the crimson pubic mound and turned her face to lightly kiss the tender white belly with freckles.

"That tickles," Betsy giggled feeling the tiny kisses. She pushed lower and felt the kisses moving into her thick curly forest. As her aunt's lips traveled through the thicket and then down into her wet slit Betsy's reached under to cup Annette's left breast. She opened her legs wider and moaned when the lips pressed against her raised and ready clitoris. "OH AUNT ANNETTE!!"

Annette had never gone down on another woman but had it done by Jim in the past. She suckled on the clitty and then licked and tasted deeper into the girl's moist crevice.

"Kiss it.......kiss my pussy," Betsy cheered.


Amy climaxed first and pulled her hands from the loose ropes. "I'M CUMING!" Her fingers curled into Annie's hair and held her face against her until she finally was finished. "That was so...GOOD!"

"OH SHIT!" They heard from above and both looked up to see Bill's face drop downward. They heard a crash on the other side of the wall and ran around to see if he was hurt.

"Are you OK?" Annie asked her husband who was lying on his back in the pile of straw.

Amy started giggling. "Look he is still hard."

"God Bill," Annie said. "Would you put that away?"

"Maybe you two would like to take care of it for me?" He grinned.

"Maybe later," Annie said taking Amy and pulling her out.

"Where are we going?" Amy asked.

"I heard some noises." The two moved down the aisle until they stopped at the stall across the way. "In here," Annie whispered. They both moved to the crack in the stall door and peeked inside to see Betsy on her back with her legs spread and Annette's head jammed between them.

"My mother," Amy gasped.

"I know," Annie smiled. "Let's go back to the house and leave them alone."


Annette was getting the hang of it now because Betsy was moaning louder and louder. She concentrated on the pleasure button until she felt the girl's body lift upward.

"OH YES ...... NOW.......NOW!"

Betsy's body shifted side to side and up and down as she climaxed. This caused her dripping pussy to rub all over Annette's face. She laughed and pulled back after Betsy settled down.

"Wow," Betsy grinned. She sat up and pulled up her panties and shorts. "Do you want me to do you?"

Annette wanted her to but had heard some voices. "Maybe later." She was tired so she rolled over onto her back and closed her eyes.

"OK," Betsy's grinned. "I'll see you later at the house."

Annette heard the door open and a few minutes later felt her again moved next to her. "I said you could do me later."

Bill grinned and looked at his s****r-in-laws sweet body. "I'd rather do you now."

Annette's eyes popped open. "BILL!" She tried to set up but he put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down. "Let me up."

"Shhh, we are all alone and have some time to get to know each other better." His fingers moved gently to her neck and then lightly up to caress her earlobe.

Messing around with Betsy was different than with another man. "I won't cheat on my husband." His fingertips were sending shivers up and down her body.He laughed. "We both know that Jim doesn't care what we do." His fingers moved down to her top button and slowly released it.

She knew what he said was true. "I can't...I mean I've never with..another man...and..."

"Shhh," he whispered after opening another button. Her light pink bra was now exposed and the rise of her plentiful mounds. Again he opened another button and then the bottom two. Her eyes closed when he pulled open her blouse and exposed her rapidly rising and falling chest. " lovely."

"You will be touching them tonight," she whispered. "Can't you wait?'

"It will be dark. I want to see them in the light." He pulled her bra strap down over her shoulder and arm and watched as the cup moved teasingly over her very hard and pointy nipple.

"I've never seen one so long and hard," he grinned before lowering his face and engulfing the pinkish brown tip.

"Ohh," she moaned. As he licked and sucked on her nip she lifted towards him and reached back to release the bra clasp.

Bill grinned when her bra quickly disappeared. He took turns on her hard nipples and then reached down to press between her thighs.

"Bill.........Bill!" She moaned opening her legs wider.

He knew that she was his and all he had to do was strip her and fuck her. "Tell me that you want me to fuck you."

As much as she wanted it she couldn't say it. "Please..."

He pushed into her damp slit and rubbed. "Please what? Say it."

"I can't," she moaned as she reached down to open her shorts. She thought that he would remove them but instead he teased her pussy some more. "I do," she whispered.

He grinned and leaned to gently nibble on her earlobe. "Say it."

"Just do it," Annette moaned. "I want it......I want your...your cock inside of me." She lifted her hips and pushed her shorts over her panties to mid-thigh. She felt his fingers now pressing into her thin panties. Her fingers reached over and unzipped him.

Bill grinned. He looked down as she fished out his hard pink shaft. She stroked him and explored him before she pulled it towards her covered slit. "I can't fuck you with your panties on."

"Shit," she groaned. She let go of his cock and quickly pushed her panties and shorts down and off her feet. Now buck-ass naked she moved back onto the pile of straw and completely opened her legs. She was a wanton a****l in heat. " pussy is yours."

As much as his cock wanted to dive into her depths he held out. "Say it Annette."

"You fuck," she said. "Yes dammit. I want you to fuck me with that big long cock." She reached out to grab it again but he jerked back. "What are you doing?"

He laughed and stood up. "Saving myself for later."

"You asshole," she growled. Her legs closed and she sat up while she reached for her panties. "Maybe I won't let you fuck me later."

Again he laughed. "Actually all four of us will fuck you later. You see your husband doesn't know how far the County Fair game has advanced."

"You're crazy," Annette said pulling up her shorts. "None of us women will agree to all of you fucking us."

As he walked out he said, "We'll see."


The whole f****y was sitting around the table when Annette finally made it back to the house. The dinner was almost ready and everyone wanted to get it over so they could start the County Fair. Annette waited for Jim to walk outside before she hurried to be alone with him.

"Jim I think this is going too far," she said after they were alone.

"I thought you were OK with the County Fair thing."

"I was......I mean I am but......but I think Bill wants to take it all the way."

He laughed. "I told you that he wanted to get into your panties."

"He wants to get deeper than that," she whispered. "Listen I know that you have fucked Annie in the past and I want know with Bill but..."

"Good, it's settled," Jim smiled. "So what's the problem?"

Annette moved closer and took his hand. "He wants all the men to fuck all of the women."

Jim shook his head to try to understand. "What?"

"He told me that all of the men would be fucking all of the women tonight."

"Shit, that would mean that......"

"Yes that you will fuck Amy and Jake will fuck me," Annette whispered.

"That's crazy," Jim said. "It will be dark in the stalls but no one will fuck unless it is agreeable."

"Since it will be dark no one will know who they are with."

Jim looked at her. "So if we don't know who we are with then it will be OK to do whatever we want."

"Oh God," Annette gasped. "This is crazy."

"I know," Jim said looking into the kitchen window at his daughter's face. He remembered that she had said she wanted him to be first. Before they could continue the door opened and Bill leaned out.

"Come on you two. Dinner is ready." He grinned at Annette before giving her a wink.


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" They all sang as the sun sat that evening. She smiled and made a wish before blowing out the six candles.

The women and men all pitched in to clean the dishes and table and by the time they were done it was dark enough outside.

"Well," Grandma grinned. "I think its County Fair time." They all moved out onto the porch and looked down at the barn which had a few lights on. "So since it's my birthday I get to select who gets to be judged first."

"The men," Betsy giggled.

"Just what I was gonna say," Grandma grinned. "OK men, down to the barn and undress to your undies. Slip your hands into the loops and don't take them out no matter what happens."

Jake looked at his mother and smiled. The men all stood and headed quickly down to the barn.

"So what are the rules?" Amy asked. "I mean what can we do to them?"

Annie laughed. "I'm sure they will let us do anything we want so this is your chance to really have some fun."

"Amy, are you OK with this? I mean if you don't want to do it we understand," Annette said.

"Yes, I'm very OK with this," Amy grinned.

They sat for another ten minutes before Grandma stood. "Well we have a problem. There are four men and there are five of us."

"Amy and I could pair up," Betsy grinned. She looked at Amy.

"I'd like that. I'm kind of nervous," Amy replied.

"Let's do it girls," Grandma said before leaping off the porch.

They stopped at the entrance and Grandma turned off the light. The full moon gave enough light for them to see their way. "When I ring the cowbell you must stop immediately and then move to the next stall. They are in the four stalls to the left so when you get to the last one you will have to move back to the first one when you move next. You will have about ten minutes with each a****l."

Annette saw the pile of men's clothing at the entrance and looked down the dark aisle at the row of a****l stalls. Grandma led her to the first door and smiled. As the women continued down the row Annette's trembling fingers lifted the stall latch and pulled the squeaky door open.

Inside the stall she could barely make out the figure of a man in the middle of the space. After closing the door behind her she took baby steps closer and closer until she could hear his breathing. Her two hands were stretched out directly in front of her so when her fingers touched him she immediately jerked back. A few seconds went by as she got enough courage to touch him again. She felt his arm and touched down to this fingers and then slowly back up to his bare shoulders. His body was not as big as Jim and Bill's so she figured it had to be Jake or Elmo.

Jake stood upright and felt the fingers on his right arm. His cock was already hard in anticipation but he wished he knew who was touching him. She seemed nervous about going straight to his loins so he figured it was his mother or s****r.

Annette's fingers moved over his chest finding no hairs and since Jake and Elmo were the same size she didn't know which one he was. That was until she reached her fingers up the side of his neck and felt his short hair. She smiled knowing it was her son. It was then her fingers dropped faster down over his chest and navel to the top of his boxers.

"Amy?" Jake asked.

Annette tried to not make a sound but had to giggle.


She didn't acknowledge her identity as she pulled out on the tight elastic and reached her right hand and fingers underneath. Her pinkie pushed against the tip of his moist crown and then the rest of her fingers followed until she held his throbbing seven-inch hard cock in her fingers.

"Ohhh," Jake groaned. He still had no idea who was touching him but the giggle could have been his mother's.

Annette took her time exploring and squeezing his hardness. She cupped his taunt sac and his mushroom head at the same time. It was then she realized that she had to taste him.

"Ahhh," Jake groaned when he felt her soft wet lips on his cock. Both of her hands held him tight and upright while she licked and flicked her tongue gathering his pre-cum.

"I hope I'm the first baby," she thought when her mouth opened and the top four inches of his manhood disappeared.


Elmo smiled as he waited for the woman to touch him because he had removed his boxers and was standing naked and hard ready. On Betsy's birthday he had been nervous as the women touched and even licked him but now he was ready for more. He heard some giggling and a few sounds of walking. It puzzled him until more than two hands moved over his body.

"Shit how many are you?" He asked into the darkness.

Amy smiled as her fingers moved up the nearest thigh. She didn't wait after she realized he was naked to find his rigid shaft. After hearing his voice she knew she was holding Elmo's cock.

"Suck it," Betsy whispered into Amy's ear. She moved behind the girl and led her forward.

"Betsy?" Elmo asked.

"Yes b*****r now shut up and don't cum," Betsy whispered. Her hand pushed Amy's head lower until it stopped.

Amy licked the moist tip and felt his cock jerk. She giggled and slowly moved her tiny tongue around the ridge.

"Fuck," Elmo moaned. He felt his s****r's lips move to and kiss his earlobe.

"Now don't cum in Amy's mouth," Betsy whispered. "I'm sure there are better places to cum later."

"Better places?"

She smiled. "A nice hot damp pussy."

Amy heard them talking while she experimented. Her soft lips engulfed the huge crown while her right hand slowly stroked up and down his length.



Meanwhile in stall three Jim knew it was Annie right away. Once she found his hard-on she knew it was his and immediately moved to her knees. Her long tongue slowly licked up the underside of the pink lollipop while her fingers lowered his boxers to his ankles.

In the last stall Helen took her time moving to the shadowed figure. She circled around behind it until she could reach for his waistline. Before he knew she was there she found the waistband of his briefs and jerked them down and off his feet.

"Whoa," Bill laughed wondering who was so brave and brazen. Now totally naked he waited for her to continue touching him but instead he felt her whole naked front press into his backside. "Ummm."

Helen missed touching her whole body against a naked man. Her breasts were not as firm as in her younger years but they were still nice and soft with huge hard nipples. She rubbed them against his back while her hands moved around his waist and lower until she found his manhood.

Bill thought it was his mother but wasn't totally sure. It really didn't matter as long as the fingers kept stroking him and her hot softness continued pressing into him. The night was young so he tried to not concentrate on her experienced fingers bringing his cock to life.

Five minutes later Helen kissed his shoulder and moved away. He heard the door open and then the cowbell.

A naked Helen moved quickly past the other females who were moving to the next stall. She hurried into the first stall and didn't waste any time finding and touching the young hard body she found.

"Shit," Jake gasped feeling the naked body pressing into his back. His mother had brought him close to cuming so he didn't know how long he was going to last with this woman.


Annette didn't waste anytime either searching for the next hard body. More time meant more exploring and experimenting. She quickly discovered a young thin body which meant it had to be Elmo. Instead of moving her lips to his cock she leaned upward and kissed his mouth. Their tongues hurried to mix as her hands slithered around him to cup and squeeze his hard buttocks.


Jim heard the giggling and figured at least two females were coming through the stall door. He could see the shape of two bodies heading his way and seconds later felt one pressing into his back while the other pressed into his front.

"Who is it?" Betsy whispered. Her right hand met Amy's right hand at the same time on his hard-on.

"I'm not sure," Amy answered.

Jim grinned but didn't make a sound. To have two 18 year old girls fondling him was more than he could ever have imagined.

"Who are you?" Betsy asked softly while she leaned up and over to find and suckle on his left nipple.

Amy really didn't care. She had experimented with oral sex with Elmo and now had another one to lick. Her waist bent until she guided his cock head into her young lips.

"Hey, I get to taste it too," Betsy complained. She too leaned forward until her tongue pressed against Amy's lips. Amy pulled her mouth off so their tongues could swirl and flick against the round mushroom head.


Annie knew it was her husband since she had just left Jim. She teased her hand around his manhood while she leaned up to whisper. "I'll take it easy on you since I know you want to fuck Annette."

"I can't wait," Bill grinned. "Do you think she will go for it?"

"Oh yeah, she is ready. I saw her before going down on Betsy."

"You're shitting me," Bill said.

"Nope, she's ready for this." Annie grabbed his cock. "And we both know that it's ready."


The cowbell rang again and the women again moved. Helen took her time with Elmo while Annette discovered her husband hard and ready for her. Betsy and Amy took turns licking and sucking Bill while Annie moved up against Jake's throbbing cock. The women teased but wouldn't allow the men to cum. By the time the last cowbell rang the four penises were rock hard and pointing straight outward.


Annette smiled as she walked into Bill's stall. It was hot touching the young studs but she was really looking forward touching and kissing her b*****r-in-law. She knew it was set that she was going to fuck with Bill so this would be a great lead in.

Bill too knew that Annette was the one walking into the room. He quietly slipped his hands from the hanging ropes and moved to the side as she fumbled around trying to find him. Finally as she moved towards the door again he moved behind her and grabbed her from behind. "Where are you going?"

"GOD YOU SCARED ME!" She gasped. She felt his naked body pressing into her back and tried to turn but he stopped her. "I'm supposed to be touching you."

Bill grinned and brought his two hands up her front until he cupped her braless boobs. After rolling her nipples he gently kissed her neck. "God, I want to fuck you so bad."

Annette leaned back against his rigid cock. "I can tell."

"Tell me that you want me to fuck you," he whispered.

"Maybe I don't," she teased. She felt his right hand moved down over her navel to the top of her shorts. She sucked in her tummy when he reached under the elastic and then down into her pubic hair. Seconds later, only the second man ever was fingering her very moist pussy lips.

He laughed. "I think that you do. Now say it."

"Ohh, feels hot and tingly." She twisted around until she was facing him and his hand continued finger-fucking in and out of her wet depths. "Yes, I want you fuck me." Her lips found his and her hand curled around his hard-on.

Bill knew they had a short time but had to see if she would let him fuck her then. He pulled his hand out of her shorts and pushed them down and off her feet. "Let's get on the floor."

"Bill.....we don't have enough time." However she sank down next to him and then moved onto her back.

"I have to feel it inside of you." After she opened her legs he moved between them and rubbed his hard tip up and down her dripping slit.

"Hurry," she begged while reaching up and trying to pull him inside. "I want it."

Bill lined up the crown into her inner lips and slowly dropped downward. They both felt the tip enter and then another three inches disappear. "Oh baby."

Annette pulled as hard as she could and felt his whole length bury inside of her. Their pubic mounds met as she pulled his mouth back to hers again to prevent screaming.

As much as he wanted to pound her he held back and slowly pulled out and then pushed it back in. She squeezed him with her inner-muscles which almost made him cum. "Don't."

Annette moved her mouth from his and whispered. "What's wrong big man? You've wanted to fuck me and now that you are you can't handle it."

He laughed and started fucking her faster. "I can handle it. Can you?"

"Ohh," she moaned as she held onto his hips. Both were ready to cum when the cowbell sounded. "OH NO!"


Helen knew from the process of elimination that her last stall had her oldest son Jim inside. It had been years since the first County Fair so she was nervous as she reached for his rocket.

"My first baby," Helen said as her hand cupped over his knob.

"Always," Jim smiled. "That feels so good."

"Do you think your f****y will be up for anything when the women are the next a****l?" She squeezed his shaft as hard as she could.

"Ahhh, anything...what do you mean by anything?"

"I think you know," she laughed.

"I......uh am not........sure," he groaned. "Amy is a virgin and..."

"Why don't you leave that decision up to Amy?"

Helen dropped to her knees and teased his hardness with her soft lips and tongue but again would not allow him to cum.

A few minutes later she walked out and picked up the cowbell. After the women moved out of the stalls she led them towards the outside. "Get dressed men and meet us on the porch!"

After arriving at the porch Helen smiled. "OK the next round we will be the ones judged. They will touch and kiss us anywhere they want and how far they go is up to each one of us."

"Do you mean that we.......that we decide if they can know?" Betsy asked.

"Yes dear," Helen grinned. "As far as you want but they cannot f***e you if you don't want." She looked at Amy.

"Good," Amy grinned. "But can we make the time a little longer?"


Bill was the last to make it out of the stall. "Man, that was something. Let's go and see what Ma has planned for the next round." The men quickly dressed and almost ran up the hill to the porch where the women were waiting.

Jim walked onto the porch and could see something different in his wife's eyes. She glanced at him but then turned away. Then he looked at Bill who was smiling towards Annette. He realized that the two had already fucked. "So what's next?" He asked.

"We females will be prize pigs so when you come into the stalls we will be on our hands and knees," Helen grinned.

"Oink....Oink," Annie giggled.

"Same rules?" Bill asked wondering if fucking was going to be allowed or not.

"The women will only be wearing panties but if they are not wearing any it means anything goes."

Jake and Elmo both broke out into huge grins. Finally they were going to lose their virginities.

Jim glanced at Amy who smiled back at him. He knew what the smile meant. He just hoped she wouldn't give it away to someone else before he got there. Bill and Betsy were also in the same thought pattern.

"OK, you guys wait here for ten minutes to let us get situated. Since there are five of us one of us will have to miss a turn." She turned and took Amy's hand and led her and the women down to the barn.

Bill moved over by Jim as the two youngsters stood at the base of the steps ready to run down the hill for their first piece of ass. "You fucked her already didn't you?" Jim whispered.

Bill smiled. "Yes but it was just a warm-up as to what I'm going to do to her next."

"I'll have Annie screaming louder," Jim chuckled.

"We'll see," Bill laughed.

They looked at the clock and when ten minutes were up they hurried down to the barn. At the large door lay the women's clothing. They all noticed that only three sets of panties were there which meant two of the females were still wearing them. "Must be Amy and Betsy," Jim commented.

"Who wants the first stall?" Bill asked after they turned off the entrance light.

"I do," Jake quickly said jumping forward to open the latch.

"Slow down until we all are ready to go in," Bill laughed. They moved to the next one.

"I want it," Elmo jumped to the door.

"Take this one and I'll take the fourth one," Bill said to Jim.

"We might as well strip right here," Jim grinned. They quickly undressed and Bill grabbed the cowbell. "CLANG....CLANG!"


Annette was unsure about taking off her panties but after fucking with Bill before she didn't want to pass up another chance. Fucking doggie style wasn't her favorite but it didn't matter because she knew that four men would soon be fucking her. She heard the bell and braced herself on the floor after hearing the stall door open up.

Jake moved cautiously to the middle and could barely make out a figure on all fours. His cock was rock hard as he lowered himself behind the figure and reached forward to touch her backside. When he fell the bare flesh and no panties his cock head sprang up harder than ever. His hands discovered her ass was bigger than both Betsy and Amy's so it had to be Annie, Helen or his mother. It really didn't matter to him or his cock as his middle finger parted her buttocks and rubbed down over her small anus.

Annette squeezed her butt cheeks when her rear hole was touched. She wanted him to know that anal sex was not an option. When the finger moved south to her moist pussy lips she opened her legs wider. Neither wanted any foreplay so when the head of his cock pressed forward under her butt and against her moist slit she reached her right hand underneath to guide it into her sex.

"This is it," Jake thought as he shifted his hips forward. He felt the somewhat tight resistance but then the water gate opened and he pushed into the warmest softest hole he could ever have imagined. "OH MY GOD!"

"Jake," Annette said out loud when she heard his voice.

"Mom?" Jake asked as he pushed the rest of his length deeper inside of her.

"Yes, I'm glad it's you," she whispered. "I wanted to be your first." Her ass pushed back until he was completely inside. "Don't move just feel how great it is."

Jake wanted to fuck forward and back but did as she said. He reached under her stomach and upward until he cupped both of her dangling titties. "I'm glad you are my first too."

She giggled when his cock jerked. "Go ahead and fuck me."

"OK...." Jake pulled about half-way out and pushed all the way back inside. "OH GOD."

She knew he was about to cum. "Do it Jake cum inside of mommy."

"OHHH!" Jake screamed when his hot juices cannoned out the tip deeply inside of her. He leaned back to be able to pump in and out while his gun continued to empty its chamber. Finally a minute his soft cock fell outward and downward. "I never thought it would be so wonderful."

Annette smiled and turned around to hug and kiss him. She reached down and fondled his prick which didn't stay soft for long. "Are you ready to go again?"



As luck would have it Elmo also pushed his hard-on against his mother's wet and ready pussy. They too had hoped for this combination. But they didn't know for sure until Elmo spoke.


"Yeah baby," Annie giggled She reached back and opened her cheeks. "Push it in deep for Mommy."

Elmo didn't hesitate and rammed his pole quickly into her hot oven. His body went into hyper-drive as he fucked back and forth over and over.

"SLOW DOWN!" Annie cried as her face fell down against the dirt and straw on the stall floor. Never had she been fucked this hard and this fast before.

"UH...UH...UH...UH...UH...UH!" he grunted each time his belly smacked against her soft butt.

At first Annie was shocked to be violated this way but a minute later her body was on fire wanting more. "GIVE IT TO ME!"


Jim too was hoping that his daughter was in the stall. He moved closer to the dark figure and touched until he felt the panties. "Amy?"

Betsy giggled. "No Uncle Jim. It's me."

"Sorry," Jim said somewhat disappointed. He started touching her soft ass when he heard the stall door open.

" my daughter in here?" Bill asked.

"Yes daddy," Betsy answered before Jim could reply.

"Good then switch with me," Bill said. "Amy is waiting for you in the next stall."

"Thanks," Jim said after bumping into his b*****r on the way out.

"I'm glad you switched," Betsy whispered back to her father. "You can take off my panties."

"With pleasure," Bill chuckled. He remembered that he had forgotten the cowbell in the other stall but it didn't matter because he wanted this to last a while.

Betsy turned over onto her back and lifted her legs to make taking off the panties easier. She was about to move back to all fours when her father stopped her.

"Stay like that," Jim whispered. He touched both knees before pushing them out as wide as possible. "Are you wet enough?"

"Oh yes," Betsy giggled. "I'm wet and ready."

"I promise I'll take my time," he said as he shifted forward on his knees and dropped his hands to the sides of her head. "Take it and rub it all around."

Betsy did as he said until she was too horny to wait. "Please daddy I'm ready."

Jim let her hold his pink invader at her gate and slowly dropped downward. He felt the resistance and started to pull back but she curled her feet up around his hips. "Do it....don't stop."

Seconds turned to minutes as his cock bore through her hymen and then slowly with purpose until he was all the way inside of her. "Are you OK?"

Betsy took a deep breath. It hurt at first but she was getting used to it. "Yes, but give me a minute." She smiled in the dark barn knowing that she was now a woman.


"Where are you?" Jim asked the darkness.

"Over here," Amy said from the corner where a thicker pile of straw lay. "Let's do it over here." Her hands were stretched out in the darkness for his to take. The fingers touched and then she pulled him down between her tender young virgin thighs.

Jim lowered his lips to her tiny nipples and then down into her damp pubic mound and lips. She was already wet but he wanted a lot of lube before he entered her. After sucking on her clitty leaving behind a load of spit he shifted upward until his cock head was posed at her entrance. "Are you ready baby?"

"Yes Daddy," she purred. "Fuck me. OHHHHH!"

Jim also took his time hoping that the cowbell would ring. She was so tight but she managed to take all he had. "I'm in."

"You are filling me up!" she grunted. "Don't move."

"I won't," he whispered as he kissed her forehead, eye lids and then her soft mouth.


Helen was on all fours for over fifteen minutes. Her knees were hurting as she scrambled to her feet and then out into the aisle. She could hear the fucking noises coming from each stall and was pissed off because she was not getting any action. "HEY WHERE THE HELL IS THE DAMN COWBELL?"

She waited but the sexual noises didn't stop and actually became louder. It was twenty minutes now and her patience was at an end. She pushed open the fourth stall and heard fucking grunts in the corner. "Is the cowbell in here?"

"Shit Ma......give us a few more minutes," Jim complained as he pulled his almost squirting cock half way out before pushing it back inside.

As Helen turned to walk back out she kicked the cowbell on the floor causing a small ring. "THERE IT IS!" She hurried out into the aisle and held the bell up before ringing it. "TIMES UP!"

"Sorry baby," Jim said to his daughter after pulling out. "Maybe later at the house we can finish it?"

"Thanks Daddy," Amy giggled. "I think I'm ready now for the others."


Jim moved to the next stall kind of nervous because he knew it was his mother that he would be fucking next. "Are you sure about this?" He asked after moving up behind her raised ass.

"Yes," she said frustrated. "It's my birthday and everyone is fucking but me."

He grinned and guided his hardness into her depths somewhat surprised how tight she was. "I thought you've been seeing Old' Bob."

"I have but even Viagra doesn't make the cock thicker," she giggled.

"Happy Birthday Ma," Jim said as he started pounding her pussy.

"Thanks son," Helen said. It had been so long since she felt one so big and thick. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO......ME!"


Jake moved to stall number two and saw his aunt holding a small flashlight. She shined it on his hard-on and moved to the doggie position. "I just like seeing what is about to enter me," she said as she reached back and spread her cheeks. "Now don't be as quick as my son."

"I won't," Jake grinned. He grabbed a hold of his penis and guided it up under her ass. Since she had turned off the flashlight he didn't realize he was pushing into her anus until she told him. "I didn't know you were an ass man."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Jake said as he started to move lower but she reached underneath and pushed his prick back at her small hole.

"It's OK. I like it that way sometimes."

"Are you sure?" Jake asked. He just had his first piece of pussy and now had an ass being offered.

"Yeah but wet it up for me with my juices," she giggled.

Jake shifted his penis down and up a few times until her bum hole was as wet as her slit. He pushed forward expecting a lot of tightness but found he slipped in easily.

"It's your uncle's favorite," Annie gasped after he was all the way inside.


Elmo moved into the stall and heard his s****r's voice. "Whoever you are I just want to say that I'm sore so you have to take it easy."

He laughed. "So I don't get your cherry but I get seconds."

"You're lucky you are getting anything," Betsy said as she moved onto all fours. "Come on but if you hurt me I'll kill you."

"I promise," Elmo said taking his position. He had pounded his mother but knew he had to take his time now.

"Easy!" Betsy moaned feeling his thickness pushing inside.


Next door Bill and Amy knew their identities so they didn't fumble around. "Are you too sore?" Bill asked as he moved between her thighs where Jim had been only moments before.

"A little," Amy grinned. "I'm glad you are next Uncle Bill."

"Me too," Bill said as he rubbed his penis up and down her tight slit.

"Wait......can I get on top this time?" Amy asked.

"Sure," Bill grinned. "My back is kind of sore anyway." He moved onto his back and helped her on top. "It's all yours."

Amy grinned and held onto his tower while she gently dropped her one time experienced pussy downward. "I think you are bigger than my dad."



Annette figured she was the odd woman out as she sat on the floor on her bare ass thinking about what was going on. Never when she left her home last week that she would ever imagined that she was going to be fucked by four men including her own son. She could hear the others fucking and was more than ready when the cowbell finally sounded. She scrambled onto all fours and waited.

Jim opened the door and since the first stall was near the opened barn door there was enough light for him to recognize his wife's bare butt pointing his way. He smiled and moved up against it.

Annette closed her eyes as the man's fingers explored around her very wet pussy lips. She thought about talking to him but decided it would be more exciting to be fucked by an unknown man. But, instead of pushing it into her he continued to touch and tease. Finally she reached underneath and grabbed his cock.


"Yes," he answered. "Bill told me that he has already fucked you."

"Yes, it's what you wanted right?" She said waiting for him to enter her.

Jim remembered his son going into stall one first. "And Jake fucked you too."

"Yes. I was his first." She said proudly. "Who have you..."

"I took Amy's cherry," Jim said shifting forward allowing his cockhead to enter her moist depths.

"Oh God Jim what are we going to do when we get home?"

Jim pushed deeper. "I wonder if your little s****r might want to play County Fair."

Annette thought about Dina her 20 year old s****r. "She wouldn't." He was pushing in and out of her now.

"I didn't think you would ever do it either and look at you now."


"You like other cocks inside of you don't you?"



Jake took his time fucking Betsy in stall number three as did Elmo with Amy in stall number four. Helen had Jim in her hot pussy in stall number five. After ten minutes Helen rang the bell and waited for the first of her grandsons to arrive.

"Over here," she said when the door open and the shadow walked in. "Don't talk.....just fuck me."

Elmo didn't want to talk to his grandmother. All he wanted was to sink his shaft into another wet and hot hole. Amy had almost caused him to cum but he had held out until the last one. After rubbing and getting it all wet again his knob shoved into her wetness. He thought about his girlfriend who had held him out for so long.

Helen too had not climaxed yet and knew she still had one more. Her fingers rubbed over her clitty while the young stud pumped in and out of her. Her birthday was coming to an end when she climaxed. "OH YES......I'M CUMING!"

Elmo laughed because it was good to know that he had pleased an older woman. He decided to let it go. "ME TOO GRANDMA....ME TOO!"


"What took you so long?" Annette whispered to Bill after they met in the middle of the room.

"I was just warming up for you," he said grabbing her ass and pulling it back against his hard-on. "I was thinking about the next way I was going to fuck you."

"You were. And, what did you decide?" She giggled as she pushed her moist pussy back against him.

Bill rubbed up and down her flowing river and then aimed his cock into her rear hole. It took her a few seconds to realize what he wanted.

"," she gasped as she tried to squeeze her cheeks together but it was too late because he was rammed up against it, "I don't like that."

"Have you ever done it?" Bill asked holding back.

"No.......but..." She said. "I know I won't..."

"Can I try something first?"


"Just relax." He pulled his prick out and reached under to wet his middle finger. "Relax."

Annette took a deep breath and did as he said. She felt the finger pushing in and squeezed it once but then opened up. It was so nasty allowing this man to finger her butt. He pushed in and out a few times until she relaxed and opened her legs more. "That's not so bad is it?"

"No..I guess not're too big."

"Annie said the same thing and now she enjoys it," Bill whispered. "Let's try it and if it hurts too much I'll stop."



Next door Annie waited for Jim to push it into her moist pussy.

"Bill is fucking Annette next door," Jim whispered. "I wonder why they are so quiet."

Annie giggled. "He's probably talking her into letting him fuck her ass."

Jim laughed. "That's not going to happen." He had given up hope that he would ever open that door.

"It's his favorite and you know Bill can be persuasive." She reached back and spread her cheeks. "You can do me if you want."

Jim listened to hear anything but it was quiet. "Are you sure?"

"We gave each other our cherries years ago so now I want to be the first to give you an ass."

Jim didn't want to pass it up so he took the position and guided it slowly into her tight puckered hole. "Geez it's tight."

"It will loosen up," she said feeling him dive deeper and deeper.

"AHHH," Jim groaned.


"Was that my husband?" Annette asked as Bill pushed his prick into her rear.

"Yes, I think he's literally getting his first piece of ass with Annie."

"Oh...wait...go slow," Annette grimaced. The mushroom head disappeared but was held tight by her defensive mechanisms.

"Let me know when you are ready."

Annette took small breaths to relax and a minute later opened up again. "I'm ready."

Bill grinned as he pushed another inch and then another. He had bet his wife that he was going to fuck Annette in the ass and realized that he had won. She did not tighten up again which made it easier for him to push all the way inside. "Do you like it?"

"Well, not really but as long as you do," she giggled.

Bill moved back and forth. "I'm going to cum inside of you but I really need you to moan and scream."

Annette laughed. "You made a bet with my husband." Her hands were back holding open the cheeks.


"OH BILL! FUCK MY ASS!" She yelled.

"Good girl," Bill smiled. He did fuck her ass and she continued shouting until he grabbed her sides and pushed deep. "NOW! I'M FILLING UP YOUR ASS!"


"Shit she let him do it," Jim said as he got closer to cuming. "And she must really like it."

Annie laughed. "She doesn't like it that much. She must be yelling to let him win the bet you made."

"What bet?"

Annie laughed again before she started yelling. "MY ASS IS YOURS JIM! GIVE ME YOUR BIG FAT COCK!"

Jim chuckled and felt his dam about to burst.

"OH YEAH! OH YEAH!" She cried as his hot spunk sent chills up and down her spine.


Amy was really sore when her b*****r moved his body against hers. "Jake, I can't do it anymore tonight. I'm sorry."

"Do I get a rain check? He asked as he sat next to her. They listened to the other adults yelling and shouting.

"Definitely," she whispered as she leaned over and stroked his cock. "Actually you can have as many rain checks as you want. Especially after we get home."


The last switch put Elmo fucking Annette, Bill and Annie resting, and Jim fucking Betsy. Amy was happy to be the odd person out while Jake finished off Helen. After the final cowbell rang the naked bodies moved into the aisles and smiled at each other.

"This has been one hell of a birthday," Helen smiled.

"The birthday celebration is all week," Jim grinned. He turned on the light and glanced at his daughter's wonderful naked body as she hurried to get dressed. Afterwards they all walked back to the house and headed to bed.


"I can't believe you let Bill fuck your ass," Jim said after turning off the lamp by the bed.

"You were doing the same to Annie," Annette said feeling totally exhausted. They both lay there thinking. Ten minutes later Annette turned towards him. "I think that Dina might do the County Fair."

He laughed. "You've been thinking about Kevin doing it too haven't you?"

Annette had thought about Dina's fiancée. "Well maybe a little."


Down the hall Jake and Amy lay naked under their sheets. Both were wide awake and looking up at the dim light reflecting on the ceiling. "I think I might feel better now." She whispered.

It took Jake almost three seconds to get from his bed to hers. He lifted the sheet and saw her legs spread with her right middle finger rubbing over her raised wet clitty.

"Whoa slow down," she giggled. "I want to make love."

"Isn't that what we all did in the barn?" He asked as he lifted up above her.

"No we fucked. Now I want to make love." She pulled him down next to her and pulled his hot lips to hers. They frenched and lightly touched and caressed for fifteen minutes.

Jake was more than ready but waited and waited until finally she pushed him back and climbed on top. "Uncle Bill showed me how," she smiled as her fingers found his hardness and held it upright as she lowered down onto it.

Up and down she rode the saddle horn until they were both ready to cum. "Are you ready?" She asked.

"Yes for a while now," he grinned. "NOW?"

"YES NOW!" Amy pounded up and down until their bodies exploded into tiny pieces. "NOW JAKE NOW!"


A few days later after more experimenting and swapping the f****y drove back to their home in the city. Annette and Jake sat in the back for the first half of the ride kissing and touching while Jim and Amy did the last half. The first night back in their home the four all slept in the same bed but it took them a while before they were ready to go asl**p. It was a month later when Jim came home from work that Annette surprised him.

"Go upstairs. I have a surprise for you."

"A surprise?" Jim hurried up to the master bedroom and opened the door. He froze and had to lean against the door when he saw his young s****r-in-law's naked body on the bed. She was on all fours with her legs apart showing him her completely shaven pussy lips.


Dina giggled and turned her head to look back at him. "BAAAA!"


The end.

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