This is a print version of story It started w/the neighbors wife then her husband. by MyaTranny from

It started w/the neighbors wife then her husband.

About 5 yrs. ago on new years I was invited over by the neighbors to party, they had some friends over; we were getting plastered and eating food celebrating the New Year. When out of the blue in front of her husband and friends the wife starts kissing me, I gently pushed her away not knowing how the hubby would react, much to my surprise, his reaction was almost as if he didn't mind to the point where it looked like he was turned on by it.
That night after everyone had gone, the husband had been long passed out, we went to my house next door, & I ended up fucking her. I remember her saying how much she enjoyed it & had wondered what ever possessed me. I thought the same of her. As the months went bye I continued to fucking her on a regular basis while the hubby was gone. When I would ask about the husband she would say "Don't worry about it he doesn't mind" I thought that as being kind of odd. One night she asked if I would dress up like girly? I said sure & explained to her that, I had a fetish for dressing up as a female, and how it turned me on, so I started dressing 4 her and would fuck her like that. About the third time she told me about how great of an ass I had and if I would ever consider having sex w/ another guy? I told her I had thought about it but didn't know if I could.
She then asked if I would ever let her husband fuck me, I didn't know what to say, and then I said maybe?
She then had a revelation, a confession that same night. Apparently her husband had been secretly watching from a peep hole in the closet, and enjoying every moment I was froze stiff. She called for him to come out I felt weird and kind of turned on at the same time, he was not a bad looking guy. He told me how he enjoyed watching my ass pound his wife and how it was his idea about the cross dressing, I started to feel at ease, then she started to kiss me and he slowly started to rub me. I then thought to my self how turned on I felt then just went with it. It was just us enjoying each others body having fun. The wife showed me how to give head, so I gave it a go and was pretty good at it I must say, it was fun and it felt good going in & out of my mouth. I told them next time we get together the husband can fuck me; I wasn't quite ready that night. So wk end came and I got my self ready 4 anal sex, dressed up real hot, a hot little thong and lube. I came over we had a couple drinks and talked then eventually we headed to the bed room, I was so exited, nervous, horny, my heart pounding. So the wife & I went at it as he rubbed us both, then she was on top of me then it came time for him 2 stick his cock in me, I bent over, she licked me, then he did, then started finger banging my asshole lubed me up the slowly shoved his warm huge cock in me. I pushed my self up against it as I felt it penetrate all the way in, I let out a YES! As he continued to fuck me good and hard, I almost didn't want to share him w/ the wife. I wanted him all for my self. So she would spread her legs in front of me and I would eat her out while I got it good from behind. The best night ever. We got together maybe 5 or 6 times more before they had to move. Hadn’t talked to them since. I would Love that to have that experience that again!

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