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so the next day after fucking a sucking my dad the phone was ringing i thought dad would get it,but he was not home.i said hello,this is and so i'm your fathers THEr****t.He has missed 2 appointments with me.I said THEr****t what the Hell.he said com down i need you to check and see if he has been taking his meds.i said we picked up some sl**ping pills last night.he said these are not sl**ping pills.look for some thing called PROZAC,they are probably in a medicine cabinet or night stand.I found them,now count them.its 30 i said.what are they for.he said PATIENCE CONFIDENTIALIY.tell you what go to WEBMD.COM and type in the medicine.have your father been acting different,i said no he is very calm.good tell him to call me when he gets that moment the locks on the door was walked in a i was in my night gown(ashort see thru teddy)he looked at I was hoping he remembered last night.but he had this puzzled look on his face.he dropped the the grociers,and said came back to me,i knew you would one day.he picked me up and said i'm so glad to see you.this is the happiest day of my life.he started crying he said i've been so lonely,deppressed since you left.he said im sorry for every hurting you,i will do anything you want to fix this.i love you,i will always love you,you are my first love B (holly shit he called me my mom name)he put me down and we can start a f****y,wait he ok ok ok i know i'm pushing you.i missed you so much please dont leave again B at first i was a little scared,i was thinking of callin his Dr.but then i realized that my dad was heartbroken from my no good mom leaving him.he always said i looked like mom.he has not been taking his meds,so that means in his mind i'm mom the woman he aways loved.i looked in his face and wiped his crying eyes and said im here and im not going said you will do anything for me. he said yes yes what ever you want.I said i want you to fuck me now.he lifted me up like i was a pillow and place on the bed.I took my gown off and spread my leggs he started licking my pussy damm that shit was feeling so go good.he licked my asshole to.I told him to take offhis clothes.i open my leggs wider and to him to fuck me with tha big dick of his.he got the head in the rest would fit.he stopped for a minute and said i forgot how tight you are,he reached in the night stand and pulled out a jar of vaseline.i reached in and stroked his dick with it and put some on my pussy.I lean back with my leggs wide open.this time it felt better.he was stretching me.he was long and thick,it did hurt a little but i did not care.with every stroke he was going deeper and pussy is farting from his thrusts.his pace started quickening,i looked him in his eyes and said give me a baby.he pushed all of that big dick in me and laid on my CERVIX and shoot his load in me.PLEASE READ f****y SECRETS PT 3

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