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Her Father, my younger b*****r, God I love Sex

Like most girls I suspect, we have a fascination with cocks. I dont mean when we pulled our knicker elastic out to let boys see what ours looked like, so we could look at theirs, no I mean when older men asked for those rights and took their's out, in all their splendor, hard, rippled with bulging veins, and dripping a dew drop from the circumcised head.
I sat with my girlfriend at her house, we had been given alcohol by her father and watched some porn, we felt like adults, so when he supposedly excused himself to go to bed, only to walk back in ten minutes later, naked and erect (His excuse for being so), we saw all he was offering and smiled at the new added dimension of seeing him thus.
He sat down between us and encouraged us to touch, feel, and finally perform on him, well I mean on his cock, our tiny hands and tongues, were sufficient to bring forth the hot sticky white stuff, we just saw men in the movie do, even the acrid taste on our tongues, brought squeals of delight, from both us girls now immersed in the pleasuring of a man.
When it was our turn, we were naked and straddling his thigh, one girl on each thigh, sliding up and down on his thigh length, his huge hands holding out bums as we humped his leg, each of us with our arms encircled around his neck, licking his ear, as instructed, our tongues inside as he felt our excited hot breaths, two girls trying to cum on him, his cock trapped between our outer thighs, rubbing him hard again.
It was of no surprise when he eventually let his daughters bum slide from his left hand and gathered mine in both, and lifted me right onto the cock, my downward slide taking all of it deep inside me, I opened up like a spring bloom, my wet labia oiling his shaft as he went right in to the end of my pussy, and as I adjusted myself to a new humping position, I could feel his daughters warm breath on my bum cheeks, her tongue grazing me as she licked his balls, but even though I felt her doing so, I was only concentrating on the fucking I was engaged in, his swollen cock head, grazing my inner cunt, ribbed tightly with extreme pleasure, I started cumming with his total ear in my open mouth, he heard and felt my orgasm explode, a small price to pay for fucking a girl so young.
I went to bed dripping cum from my pussy, and awoke hours later to watch him fuck his daughter in the darkened room, she was a beautiful girl no father could resist, especially since she was so sexually charged, and her kneeling on the edge of the bed, taking it 'Doggie', and moaning, 'Daddy fuck me', added a piquancy to the darkened scene, especially since I found it too hard to resist and began masturbating as I watched and listened.
We showed a willingness as the feelings, thrills, and orgasms hit new heights, all these culminating in having our bums violated, my own opening to his size with consummate ease, his daughters a little more painful to penetrate, but soon we were offering him a choice six pack of holes in various combinations, pussy to pussy, pussy to bum, and bum to mouth, each orifice eagerly swallowing his semen, nothing to clean up, no stains, as we girls carried his loads in our stomachs or to the toilet to be deposited and flushed from existence.
'What do you think about when he fucks you', I asked her once, she looked at me with a kind of dreamy look in her eyes, 'I love his cock', was her only remark, and then she touched herself and began rubbing her clitoris, that was the fascinating thing about her, she never cared who saw her play, she just did when she was horny.
As time passed and I developed, I was sexually experienced and worldly wise, I had developed a healthy sexual appetite for fucking, and we used to laugh at all the boys who put us on pedestals, worshiping our very footsteps, never realizing we were sex mad, we successfully kept both parties apart, losing our virginity to every cock we let in, I mean who was to know it was not our first, we were young and tight, our flesh was blooming in youth, and out remarkable elasticity, allowed for renewed tightness where it mattered.
After showering one day, I admired my form in my full length mirror, turning this way and that, just to see how my figure was changing, my reflection exciting me, as well as my younger b*****r, whom I happened to know was watching through the keyhole on the door separating our rooms. Of course I pretended not to know, but the sudden disappearance of light shining through it told me he was now looking at his naked older s****r.
Of course boys need to be told when they are doing naughty things, something mothers do with stains on the bed-sheets and curtains, yes I know they wipe their cocks everywhere, so I waited until I saw the light in the keyhole re-appear and I rushed into his bedroom to catch him flushed and trying to tuck himself in hurriedly.
I had a bath towel around my body, 'What were you doing', I demanded, while continuing to the adjoining bedroom door, and placing my bare foot on his pool of semen, pretending not to notice doing so.
He flustered at being caught in addition to seeing his s****r standing on his cum, which I could feel oozing between my naked toes, He was stammering for an answer, so I started to belittle him, something every man has experienced from an ovulating s****r, 'You were wanking yourself', I challenged him, his face reddened, 'You were wanking off to me', I continued, noticing his head drop in shame.
I felt triumphant in my domination, like any girl practicing on the b*****rs, for preparation of the men of the world, we never mean harm, just the need to practice, and once satisfied we have won the battle, we relent and become compassionate and s****rly.
'Have you never been with a girl yet', I asked him in a softer tone, he looked at me, slightly confused by my change in tone, he shook his head to confirm my suspicion, that he had not, I smiled and asked him if he would like to fuck a girl.
He looked at me with a mixture of distrust and hope, 'You like Cheryl, dont you', I challenged him, the smile on his face confirmed he did, and he nodded so, 'OK', I said as I moved of the semen and stepped towards him, 'I shall get her to fuck you', and as I stepped closer again, I stopped and looked down at my Semen soaked foot, 'Fucking hell Peter, what a fucking waste', and I sat down on his bed and began wiping my b*****r cum from my foot, using my towel, and exposing my nude body to my b*****r, the very essence of my reason for doing so.
I looked up at him staring down at my nude flesh, my nipples harder than he was, but it excited me seeing my b*****r admiring me, 'Here Peter', I patted the bed and swung both my legs onto the mattress, 'Take your clothes off and join me', my offering to him eagerly accepted, and we both cuddled as naked as the day we were both born, but I was wet and needed him to do what men should do when nude with a girl, so I reached out and took my b*****r cock in my hand and started to play with it.
'Relax Peter, it's alright, girls always wank their b*****rs', and at that started to kiss the nape of his neck. I felt him harden in my hand, and the groan coming from my body was evident, I was no longer concerned for my younger b*****r, I had dissociated myself and f****y bearing on him, his cock and my need for him on that basis, was all I was focused on, and I lifted my leg over his and eased myself on top of him, his cock sliding into me as nature intended, especially in my sexually heightened and wet state, and we fucked, i****tuous and blissfully, having an orgasm on my b*****rs cock so tightly contained in my pussy, added to the emotion and legality of it being there in the first place, the orgasm rippling through my body, wave after wave, my b*****r no doubt thinking he was giving it to me, but my emotions overwhelmed the physical contact we were experiencing, that's what the secret of a good fuck is for me, the dirty mind behind it and the imagery conjured up and executed, I used my b*****r, he was free, available and in the next room, my sexual depravity for the unusual simply knows no bounds.
As promised a asked my friend to fuck him and she did, he grew up fucking both of us, and what does she think about me doing it, she does not, I mean her father started it, and hundreds of men need to end it, so give me a call, I am waiting.

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