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I Have The Hots For My Son!

I am a normal happily married woman. I do get on from time to time when my husband is not around so I know I am some what attractive. I have a son that I think the world of. To tell you the truth, I am so sexually attracted to him it makes me crazy.
After he hit puberty he just so good looking. I would try to walk in his room when I knew he would not be dressed, make it look like an accident, just to get a glimpse of him naked. I would even flash him a little to try and get his attention. I would even pretend my son was fucking me when I was having sex with my husband. I had become obsessed with him and wanted so bad to make llove to him and teach about a woman. I just could not think of a way to make that happen nor could I get any sign from him that he might feel the same way about me.
One night, when my son was sixteen, I had invited a longtime girlfriend over as our husbands were both out of town. We could drink and talk girl talk. My son wanted to invite some of his friends over also and I allowed him to. He had four friends over, a total of five boys at the house. The friend I invited over was Karin, we had been friends since fifth grade and have gone thru alot together. Karin is one of those free love almost hippie kind of girls. Good looking, tall blonde with nice tits and ass. She gets fucked alot and cheats on her husband often. I like having her over as she tells me all about her sex adventures, she does some crazy stuff.
On this night we were drinking and Karin was telling me about sexcapades, making me all horny as hell. We allowed the boys to have drink also. They came into the kitchen and were flirting with us big time. My son flirting with me and Karin made my pussy so wet I thought I would have a wet spot on my pants. Somehow the boys decided to question Karin about her boobs and if they were real or not. Karin being the way she was had no problem taking her shirt and bra off and showing the boys that her boobs were real. Then the boys wanted to know who had bigger boobs, me or Karin, so I removed my top and bra and we had a little side by side to see who had the bigger set. Karin and I are both "c" cup.
Then the boys being horny from the boob show and feeling pretty confidant, asked if we are shaved of natural. Of course they did not believe our answer so they demanded we show. Karin said that if we show ours they will have to show theirs, agreed! Karin dropped her shorts showing a very nice high and tight "landing strip" and very wet pussy. I dropped mine showing my bush that was also trimed into a neat "landing strip". The boys looked us over as if we were used cars and they were going to buy. It turned me on so much.
We told the boys that they had to follow through and they did, they removed their pants. We had them line up and proceeded to inspect their hard-ons. Karin and I were having a blast! I had never been around more than one man naked before. I was so proud of my son as he had the biggest cock of the boys. I was trying not to look at him as I did not want any body to get the wrong idea. I was following Karin's lead, she walked around the boys then she was fondling their balls. I did the same. Their balls were so heavy and full, and I was so turned on by their cocks, so hard with pre-cum dripping out the tips.
Karin then asked the question, have they had sex before. The boys all answered no, they had not had sex before. Then one of the boys asked Karin how many men had she been with? Karin replied that she had been with two hundred men, they looked at me-I said fifteen. Then Karin asked what they wanted to do now, they all giggled and said they would like to have sex with us. I thought we had gone too far but Karin said okay and got on her knees and started to suck one of the boys cock.
Two of the boys started to play with Karins pussy and tits and two of the boys did the same to me. I had a hand on each tit and two hands trying to get into my cunt. I took a young cock in each and start to stroke. I watched as my son fingered Karin and explored her body, I wished it was just me and him. The k** in Karin's mouth could not last and exploded filling Karin's mouth with is semen, she swallowed it all. Then Karin moved to be on her hands and knees, the other k** went to her mouth and my son went to her pussy. I watched as he slid his cock into Karin's pussy. It was his first ever fuck and I wished so bad that it could have been my pussy. I laid on my back and took one of the boys into my cunt, I had never been with a virgin. His super hard small cock felt really good inside me.
I turned just in time to see my son face as he had his first orgasim inside a woman. Just as he finished the boy inside of me exploded with such f***e it caused me to orgasim also. Then the other boy got on me and he blew his wad in a matter of seconds also. The last boy blew his nut deep into Karin. The boy who had the blow job wanted to fuck and I took him, he lasted a little longer but not as long as the men I had been with. He filled my cunt with his hot semen.
We asked the boys what they thought about pussy and they said they wanted more. And we took them on, we swapped so everyone could be with everyone but my son stayed with Karin. I wanted him so bad. After we fucked some more, Karin went to one bathroom to clean up as five boys can make alot of cum. I went to my bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and could not believe how much semen was between my legs. My bush and inner thighs were covered. I took a wash cloth and cleaned up. Then my son came into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. I asked him if he had enjoyed his first time having sex? He said yes but he had always wanted to be with me. He then pushed me back against the vanity and kissed me, his cock pushed against my cunt. I reached down and guided his cock into my aching cunt. He thrust in and out of me hard. His hard young cock felt so good inside my cunt. I had wanted him inside me for so long. I could not hold out much longer, I wanted to feel his cock explode deep inside me, I wanted him to fill me with his cum. My cunt gripped his cock and he made one more thrust and buried his cock and then exploded filling my womb with his sperm and causing me to orgasim. I orgasimed so hard I thought I was going to black out.
We stayed there holding each other, his cock deflating inside my cunt. He told me he had been wanting to do that for so long. My son said he watched as the other boys took turns draining their balls into me and he wanted to so bad. I told him he could fuck me any time he wanted and he said I could do the same with him. But we had to keep it a secret. He went back with the boys and I cleaned up.
We all fucked the rest of the weekend. I had to watch my son fuck Karin several more times and he had to watch his friends take turns filling my cunt with their seed. Everyne left Sunday morning giving my son and I several hours to fuck like crazy before my husband got home. After that weekend my son and I fucked every chance and even to this day when he brings his f****y to visit, we will get some alone time and fuck like crazy.

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