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It seemed to Marlene that she had worked there for decades, but it had been only 3 months since she had accepted a transfer from her hometown of Boston to head the marketing section of Wesley’s, the beauty salon chain, in New York City. The tall blonde in her early 50s had been successful in her career but her love life had been disastrous from the start. A long-drawn affair with a married woman had finally ended by itself when she moved to New York. Since her arrival in the Big Apple, she had been lonely and had found it difficult to meet people. She was also getting very horny. Wesley’s offices were located in a tall building in Manhattan and shared the floor space with a small law firm. Both offices kept to themselves. One morning Marlene shared the elevator with a black woman her age. The woman stood near the door while Marlene leaned against the back wall. She couldn’t keep her eyes off the woman’s rather narrow and pear-shaped buttocks hugged by a tight dark-blue woollen skirt. The woman moved back a step when the elevator stopped at a lower floor to let someone in. Anticipating her move, Marlene moved forward and the two ladies bumped slightly, the black woman’s ass bouncing against Marlene’s right thigh. The woman turned her head slightly and apologized.
“No problem”, answered Marlene, trying to catch the woman’s eye. The woman remained close to Marlene, so close in fact that Marlene’s breasts were practically touching her back. Marlene moved forward and made contact, her bra-covered nipples brushing against the black woman’s bra strap. She was probably dreaming but Marlene could swear that the woman had shuddered at the contact. The woman turned her head slightly and asked:
“Are you working on my floor ?”
“I work on 18”, stammered Marlene.
“That’s the one”, said the woman who turned right around to face her, as the man in the elevator got off.
The two women faced each other, only inches apart. Their rather full cleavage touched. The two women were very different looking. Marlene’s lips were thin with crimson-red lipstick; her eyes were deep blue and her hair rather short and blonde with streaks of white. The black woman wore blue lipstick, had large brown eyes with long eyelashes and her hair was as black as her skin and wavy.
“Helen”, whispered the woman, Marlene feeling her warm breath on her neck.
“Marlene”, answered the blonde, both women still standing face to face, neither extending their hand.
“Hope to see you soon”, said Helen as her companion turned around and left the elevator, walking into the law office only a few yards away.
As Marlene walked by on her way to her own office, Helen stopped and turned so that the two women could have a last look at each other through the firm’s glass partition. Helen smiled and fluttered her eyelashes. Marlene smiled and bit her lower lip.
Marlene walked into her office briskly, closed the door, and sat down on her soft swivel chair. She closed her eyes and felt moisture between her legs. She took off her high-heels and rubbed her hose-covered thighs together. “Oh no…”, she said to herself. She had a meeting in a few minutes and didn’t want to walk in with wet panties.
At lunch, she walked by the law office to the elevator and then back to her office, making a theatrical gesture of someone who had forgotten something, only to walk past Helen’s workplace again. Helen was nowhere to be seen. In the building’s first-floor restaurant, she looked for Helen in vain, perking up every time a black woman walked in. Her elevator ride back to her floor was as boring as the last one had been exciting. When she reached her office, her secretary handed her a folded note.
“A secretary from the law firm dropped this”, she said.
“Black ?”, asked Marlene.
“No..white”, answered the secretary frowning at the question.
Marlene quickly read the note as she leaned against her desk.
“6 PM parking B2 ” said the note.
Marlene usually left just after 5PM but today she knew she would work a little late.
The afternoon seemed interminable. Marlene waited until her secretary had left to take off her pantyhose and bra. She stuffed them in her drawer. She felt strange feeling her breasts against her white blouse and her bare legs sliding against her skirt. At 5:45 Marlene took the elevator down to B2. Most of the cars had left the basement parking. She looked all around but the cars were all empty. She swallowed hard thinking that Helen had already left, or that she had played a trick on her. A few minutes later, she heard the sound of high heel shoes on the pavement. It was Erika, one of her employees.
“Marlene…what are you doing here ? Did you buy a car ?”, asked the talkative girl.
“Ha ha…no…no car…just…just …waiting for someone”, answered Marlene feeling herself getting very red in the face.
“Oh…ok…have a nice evening”, answered Erika smiling as if she knew more than she should.
After Erika had driven away, Marlene saw the back door of a black SUV suddenly open. She looked around making sure nobody was watching and walked briskly to the SUV. She had a glimpse of Helen in the dark interior as she closed the door behind her. As soon as she sat sideways on the back seat, Helen’s lips were on hers and the two women tongue-kissed with passion smearing lipstick all over each other face. Helen had the blonde’s head pinned to the seat until Marlene gathered enough strength to turn her lover around and get on top of her. Both giggled as when they found out that bras and hose had disappeared. Heavy breathing and grunting had replaced words. Both women quickly unbuttoned their blouse and began to suck hard on each other’s erect nipples. Marlene felt Helen’s hands cupping her asscheeks through her skirt. The blonde who was still on top slipped her hand under the black woman’s skirt and rubbed her fingers against the panty-covered mound. Helen turned so that her back was against the vertical part of the seat and Marlene turned on her shoulder to face her lover. The two lovers kicked their shoes off and simultaneously reached for the other’s crotch, first feeling through the skirt, then under the skirt. They both stopped for a few seconds to slide off their panties at least part way down their thighs. The two experienced lesbians resumed their kissing as they explored each other’s vagina with their fingers. The doors were closed and the tinted windows gave them privacy. The sounds of their lovemaking could not be heard outside the car.
“oh God..”…”fuck”…”rub my clit”…”Deeper…ohhhhhh”…these sounds and others were uttered through kissing and tongue-lashing of each other’s face. With fingers up each other’s love canal, both women looked into each other’s eyes.
“You want to do it that way ?”, asked Helen suddenly as she pushed her panties down further with her foot.
“Suck ?”, answered Marlene covered in sweat.
“Fuck yes”, cried Helen as she lifted herself from the seat and straddled Marlene in the 69 position. Both women pushed the other’s skirt up and moved their face between the parted thighs. After some positioning, both had reached their goal. Marlene rubbed her nose against Helen’s bush and felt the black woman’s tongue enter her cunt hole.
“Salty”, muttered Helen with a mouthful of blonde cunt hair. “Salty”, managed to say Marlene as her lips closed around Helen’s erect clit. They both giggled as they enjoyed tasting the other’s stray drops of pee. Clasping each other’s asscheeks as best they could, the ate each other’s vagina for a few minutes. Marlene came first smearing Helen’s face with her juices. Helen’s orgasm quickly followed, her hips bucking against her lover’s face. Both women paused to catch their breath and lick the other’s love juices. Marlene remembered how Helen’s buttocks had excited her in the elevator. She let her fingers slide up and down the black woman’s firm asscheeks. Helen turned her on her side so that she could also begin to play with Marlene’s round buttocks. Fingers eventually found their way into the crack separating the asscheeks. The playful exploring had stopped and given way to a continuation of the sexual game. Marlene’s fingers brushed against Helen’s puckered pink hole. Helen circled Marlene’s butthole with her fingers.
“Want to ?”, groaned Marlene
“Fuck yes”, giggled Helen.
“Can we”, asked Marlene who was shivering with excitement
“Let’s try baby”, answered Helen as she began to arch her back to give Marlene access.
Helen’s ass moved closer to Marlene’s face and the blonde imitated her lover who had obviously done this before. After some pulling and pushing, the two lesbians managed to have the other’s asshole within reach of their mouth. Marlene starting licking first sending shivers down Helen’s spine, then the black dyke made her tongue hard and began to tongue-fuck her lover’s bum hole. Marlene was surprised that they could pull-off this special 69 since she had tried it with her old lover and could never succeed.
“Wanna go ?”, asked Marlene
“Let’s do it”, answered Helen
The two lesbians began to lick each other’s hole as quickly as they could while masturbating each other with their fingers. It didn’t take long before a second orgasm racked the ladies covering their tits with juices.
Finally the two half-naked women sat up on the slippery leather seats to catch their breath.
“I better get going”, said Marlene
“You’re probably wondering why I didn’t take you to my place”, said Helen
“Oh well…I’m sure you have your reasons…Married ?, finally asked Marlene not looking at Helen on purpose.
“…God no…”, laughed the black lesbian, “It’s just that my niece is staying with me until she finds a place of her own”.
“Oh…your niece…I see”, said Marlene inquisitively. “How old ?.
“She’s 19..”, answered Helen mechanically, then looking at her lover “Oh you fucking dyke !”, she screamed.
“Hey…I was just curious….19 …mmmmm nice age”, laughed Marlene,”Is she cute ?”.
“Of course she’s cute”, answered Helen as she put her arms around Marlene’s neck and kissed her on the lips.
“Yes”, answered Helen to the question Marlene was dying to ask. Then she pulled Marlene’s skirt up around her waist and managed to plaster her wet bushy cunt against Marlene’s.
Marlene wondered about the taste of a black teenage pussy as Helen’s hard clit ran up and down her furrow.


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