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First time

We have been messaging and in contact for a while now and It’s finally arrived time, to meet for the first time. I know you like all my outfits but its hard choosing one to wear that I know will have the most instant effect on you, going through all my outfits has taken a while but its helped keep me distracted from looking at the clock as the time ticks down, stood here in my towel with water running down my skin I shiver with anticipation at the delights I know my body will receive when we get together. Finally picked the outfit I need and hope you will be happy with my choice, you know I will be wearing something sexy but don’t know what yet. I hope you are as excited about this as I am, I can feel the flutters of excitement from within my tummy travelling down to my pussy, its twitching knowing the pleasure it will soon receive. I rub some moisturiser in my skin to enhance the smell of my own aroma, Shea body butter is the best smell to add to natural aroma mmm I can feel my pussy getting wetter as I rub this in all over my body, I check the clock 20 minutes and the fun begins, I’m nervous but excited too. I dress and hope that it will impress as soon as you see, as we all know first impressions last. I definitely want this first impression to last a long time and be remembered as I don’t know when the next encounter with you will be. I check around and everything I have planned is in order. I have thought and planned for hours and hope it all goes well.
My phones goes off, I rush over and its you texting to say you are five minutes away, the excitement builds and my pussy is soaking at the thought of all about to happen, I’m nervous and these 5 minutes are dragging. Finally I hear a car pull up outside, I peek through the window and watch you exit your car. WOW! even better than I thought my pussy is twitching like crazy and my senses are heightened . You check you are in order without knowing I’m watching you, I can see you are slightly nervous but don’t look as nervous as I feel right now. I quickly check in the mirror that I am looking ok as you press the bell and wait…
I open the door slightly just enough for you to enter, I don’t really want my neighbours seeing me dressed as I am. You walk in and as you turn to see me behind the door, a big grin spreads across your face. Yes! You like my choice. I can see from the slight movement in your trousers, I’m happy with the effect I have caused. All is going well so far. I step towards you and kiss you gently on the lips, as we agreed to do this and not have a prolonged awkward longing from both of us wanting to make a move but being too polite to take that first step. The gentle kiss starts progressing I can feel you growing more as you press yourself against me exciting me as much as it is exciting you. We step back and you stand there looking me up and down slowly taking in every inch of my body. The way the white lace clings to all my curves and accentuates my ample bust. Which is rising fast with the deep slow breathes I am taking to try and control myself cos I just want to rip your clothes off and feel you deep inside me but wait that comes later. Control is what is needed at present there is no rush we have all night! You turn me around to see the whole thing slowly taking in every bit burning it to memory for future recall. The way the thong sits comfortable just over the curve of my ass and trails between my cheeks disappearing down to a little piece of heaven which you know will be available to you at some point. How the silky stockings cling to my legs and feel so soft to touch and the heels which lengthen my legs and give them better shape as all heels do.
I lead you up the stairs to my room and stand with my back to the four mirrored door wardrobe, in doing this you can see the front and the back with the flick of and eye. You rub your hands down my back as you pull me in close to you using the mirror to see where your touching and how your hands look against my body, I like the feel of your touch. I lean in as you are caressing me and feel the heat coming off your body, the smell is very arousing and making my pussy even wetter. I lead you back so you can sit on the bed in doing so your face is eye level with my breast, you release one of them from confinement and gently lean in to kiss it, my nipple instantly becomes erect wanting more of your touch. Your tongue flicks around the nipple which excites me beyond belief as I feel the excitement rush down through my body to my pussy, god I want you so much, its taking all my restraint from throwing you back on the bed and having my way with you but I want this to last a long while. I let you have your little play with my breast as I take your top and pull it up to remove it from you, but just as your arms are up in the air wanting to remove them I stop and lean in to kiss and caress your chest. I whisper keep your arms up, and as I’m kissing I gently run my hands around your body exciting your senses with my touch, running my nails over your skin. I love the control I have over you at present. I open the button and zip of your trouser to release you from the confines. I hear you take a deep breath in anticipation of whether I am going to touch you, knowing it’s what you want me to do I hold off, I slowly kiss my way down your chest and work my way lower, as I do I lay you back on the bed and completely remove your top and throw it to the floor. You have your visual senses back and your eyes are darting everywhere to see what is going to happen next
I remove the remainder of your clothes and get you comfortable on the bed, you’re feeling vulnerable but I reassure you with a kiss you will love all that follows, as your laid there I climb on top of you and continue to caress and touch you, working my way around your body, as I work my way up and down you feel my hair tickle your skin. I sit up and release my breast from the Basque so they sit pertly just on top, your eyes light up at the size of them and instantly you bring your hands down to caress them but I stop you. Your only allowed visual stimulation, no touching not yet.i caress them in front of you and can feel you grow that little bit more as you watch me play with my breast rubbing and squeezing the nipples almost licking them but not quite, I can imagine the thoughts running through your brain right now. I move my way back down your body so I can see your man hood stood proud wanting, demanding my attention, I lean in gently and kiss the very tip and hear you take a sharp intake of breath, every bit of you is feeling so sensitive right now and the slightest touch makes you twitch with pleasure. I run my tongue around the tip and over the top tasting the little the precum that is slightly oozing out, mmmm you taste nice, I slide my lips slowly down over the end of your cock letting you feel the wetness of my mouth, I hear you moan with pleasure as you enjoy the feeling of my soft wet mouth slide up and down the shaft of your penis, I run my tongue up the length of your shaft and around the top. I lift my head and look at you, your laid there with your eyes closed enjoying the sensations

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