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Asian Boy / twink

So recently I met a 18 year old Asian guy at the gym , He looks like he is much younger but he is 18.
One day he comes up to me and starts asking me for advice on working out and which supplements he should take . Now lately I notice every time I am working out he cant take his eyes off of me and the more I look at him I have noticed just how cute he is . I am not into guys , never been with one and never even thought about being with one .
One night leaving the gym together I noticed he was walking so I asked him if he needed a lift home , he accepted and we made some small talk then he asked me if I get a lot of girls cause I have such a great body I responded with "Nah not really" He said "damn if I was a girl I would be all over you" I must admit I was taken back by his comment and I just kinda ignored it , I dropped him off and the other night I ran into him while in the gym and I noticed just how cute he was , I started thinking what it would feel like having him suck me off or pounding that cute little ass of his . I really could not get his off my mind , I noticed he was leaving so I cut my workout real short to run outside and ask him if he needed a ride home. He looked kinda shocked but he accepted it , I asked him if he was serious about being all over me and he said yes if I was into that , with that I kinda smiled and watched as his hands started rubbing my cock thru my sweat pants , he reached in to kiss me but I pulled away and told him this is my first time and kissing was not my thing . He undid my sweats and started sucking my cock and I must admit he was fucking real good at it , I started rubbing the beck of his neck and his hair. We then went to his place, he lives with his parents but has his own entrance and we started fucking around, He took off all his clothes and his body was so tiny I really think could break him in half. Eventually while he was sucking me I noticed he was stroking his cock and it was turning me on so bad , I got up and bent his tiny ass over and stuck my cock in his tight hole , it was so tight and hot inside his hole It felt so good I felt like cumming asap , I started fucking this little bitch harder and harder I told him I was about to cum and as I tried to pull out I just couldnt his hole felt so damn good I just left it in there and busted so much cum inside his asshole . I apologized and e asked for what and told him that I came inside you but he said not to worry that he knew this was my first time and that he was clean and only been with 2 guys but was recently tested.

This is gonna be perfect when I need ass or a blow job I can just run to my asian boys house and unload my load on him .

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