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At the movies

One night me and the slut decide to go to one of the local porn shops,she gets all slutted up,you know short skirt g-string
we're looking around checking out videos and shit, then I suggest we go into the theater,as we walk into the dark room we scan the place and pick a seat across from some dude and of course he's checking us out as much as the screen. I tell her to take my cock out,no sooner than she gets it out our friend moves a little closer,without missing a beat she takes me into her mouth making sure that he can see my cock disapear,I look around and their is a couple in few rows behind us,I couid see her tell her husband or boyfriend ″look she sucking his cock~ and I just smiled. All of a sudden the place gets empty, I notice that there is a table against the wall,so I put her up on the table and I pull her g-string aside and to eat her wet cunt,it was such a rush knowing that someone could walk in and see us fucking and sucking right out in the open.

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