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Travel for work

Three years after Dave’s table dance fling, he had the opportunity to go back to Mexico on business. He thought it might be a good time to catch up on some pussy and see what other delights might be found. In every large city, clubs can be found, exotic massages or girls that will meet at hotels and such. Dave thought he might check out a massage place this time.
He checked into his hotel and then grabbed a taxi. To Dave’s amazement his taxi driver was new and didn’t know anything. They drove around for a while and then the driver found another older guy who knew the low down. The noob driver then took Dave to a place only a few blocks from the hotel, off a back street. It was Saturday afternoon and pretty quiet. The cabbie got out, range the bell, and a brutish ugly guy looked out the door at the cab with Dave inside. He said, “Ok. He can come in.” Dave got a bit nervous and wondered if he was going to get jacked up. Everything is an adventure when looking for pussy… as we all know.
Dave went in and out onto the patio where two girls were watching TV and playing UNO. Both looked good. One was a bleach blonde and the other a dark brunette and taller. Both were very light in skin color. The bleach blonde was kind of perky so when it came time to decide, Dave chose her. With sex… enthusiasm is everything.
She took Dave back to one of the massage rooms and began to explain services and pricing. Dave wasn’t paying much attention until she said… “And you can have me for anything you want for $75.” It was her shy, blushing demeanor when she said it that had him hooked. He said, “Ok, here you go,” while opening his wallet and pulling out the bills. Her eyes got big with the realization that she was going to get her brains fucked out real quick like. She said, “How about you shower and then get on the table.” She did a thorough dick and nuts inspection to make sure no diseases were present. Only clean, healthy dicks get to be stuffed up her pussy. From the shower, Dave saw her strip off her blouse. Then, her shorts hit the floor revealing a sexy white thong. He asked her age and she said… “old enough!” Her tits were absolutely perfect and firm. Her belly was tight and had no stretch marks. Her only tat was a dolphin off the side of her belly button. Her ass was typical Spanish with a plump curve but no sagging at all. She was in her early 20’s at a best estimate, no k**s which classifies her as a virgin in Dave’s book! He told her that a flat clean belly is the sexiest thing about a woman. Once lost, it can never come back.
Dave knew it might be a bit out of line but he asked her if she would mind if he licked he pussy for a while. She dropped her thong revealing a little strip of pubic hair cut way short with the rest shaved off clean. She was a pro and had her pussy in perfect shape. She got on the table, laid back and let him go to work. With just a hint of fresh pussy smell, Dave ate away and she seemed to enjoy it, nibbling on her thighs and sucking on her clit and lips. She was a bit worried Dave was going to fuck her by surprise, without a condom, as she saw he was hard and ready. I mean why not? How many guys wouldn’t try to pull a fast one while she is relaxed, coming and her guard is down? He told her that he was completely trustworthy. He would never hurt a girl like that. She has boundaries and they are to be respected.
After a few minutes of warming up, she made Dave stand and then she dropped to her knees. She slipped a condom over his cock and began to vigorously bob up and down with a full hard suck. This girl knows her shit. She started to giggle and pull on his balls. Then both hands grabbed at each of his ass cheeks as she worked on suffocating herself with more cock than she could eat. Seeing from above- her ass parted, tits bouncing and mind focused on her work made Dave’s cock rock hard.
She said, “Lets put the mattress on the floor and do this right.” She laid down, naked as the day she was born, and gently spread her legs. Her body was flawless, her pussy wet and a smile on her face. It was a go. He slid towards her letting his chest barely touch her tits and he let her guide his cock into her pussy. All girls are different in the way they wiggle it in. She held his whole shaft with her hand and worked it in like a stick shift transmission. She was very tight and somewhat shallow. She shuddered when he hit bottom and there was still 2 inches of cock left to go. He asked her if she would like to come while he fucked her. She said “Sure!” As Dave plunged it in and out she would spasm when he hit bottom. This was one shallow pussy! She began rocking her hips methodically and every 15 seconds or so she would come. Her breathing was fast and Dave had his left arm under her neck and right had down low squeezing her ass cheeks as hard as he could- thrusting his cock in like it was the end of the world. He tried to not go in too deep but every so often he couldn’t help but bottom it out hard. Her spasms were what made him come. It was just too much. During his orgasm he knew he was filling her up and everything was up to that condom to hold it together. This girl was not on the pill and that latex was all there was holding her between heaven and hell.
Dave collapsed and just lay there for a bit. Cock inside, her tits pressed hard on his chest and both trying to catch their breath. His cock was shrinking and it was time to get that rubber off before something leaked out. She said surprised, “ We didn’t even do it doggie or cowgirl!” Oh well. She held his cock by the ring of the rubber while he pulled in out. She smiled at its full white load. She then slowly pulled the condom off his cock with the care of a c***d holding a small bird. She stared at it all the way to the trash marveling at its contents. He thought, “Girls who have not had k**s yet, must be amazed at the power of come.” She looked at it like it was some kind of trophy.
They got cleaned up and played some UNO. The other girl had a bit of a dissed look on her facing knowing what had just happened in the massage room over the course of the last half hour or so. Her time would come. If Dave had the cash he would have fucked her too. Some day Dave will go back. It was that good.

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